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tv   The Papers  BBC News  August 6, 2018 10:45pm-11:01pm BST

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stricter sentences. that is the beginning of this debate. police chiefs have said there has to be a national debate about whether men who have viewed these images should face prosecution or be given counselling. i think they should face prosecution and sentences. this is the solicitor general who has come out with this. yes, and this story is a difficult balance between police time on this, if it is an effective use of time, but clearly as the solicitor general made clear, the government is shifting its position and it does feel that those who are downloading should be treated is not equally, certainly on a par with those who are caught engaging in abuse. the figures are astounding. only a quarter of those sentenced over child pornography we re sentenced over child pornography were sent to jail which is down by just under half from a decade ago. there is something going on here and there are going to clamp down on it but the question is how it works in
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practice. and does it get to the root of the cause? there is always this balance between trying to re—educate or punish and most people would probably feel it is such a heinous crime that it requires swift and sharp punishment which is what i think mr buckland is focusing on.|j was good to ask if you would be confident that the public support would be for the line being taken?|j think so, i think they would want to know that the police have the resources they need to be able to intervene. this is a crime which is about the police having the right skills as well as resources. i think the police chiefs have to look at how they develop those kind of skills amongst the forces so that it does not overwhelm them when they try to bring in the right kind of prosecutions. you can't bring prosecutions. you can't bring prosecutions if you don't have the correct and necessary evidence. and in the times, this is the story of
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the russian poisoners as they had it with a plan to get them extradited. this is the story that britain is making plans to request extradition of two suspect they think might be responsible for the salisbury attacks. there are big echoes from what happened with the litvinenko murdera what happened with the litvinenko murder a decade ago when britain tracked down the suspect and requested an expedition and russia told us to go away and vladimir putin said at that point it was an obvious message of colonial thinking andl obvious message of colonial thinking and i can imagine he will say the same thing again. since those attacks we have not had too much from government about who was responsible and what has happened but clearly they have made a lot of progress and both the times and the guardian have had details on it, having had two suspect tracked through cctv footage from entering the country possibly under false identities and they want to track them down. but if we do request expedition gone what is the point?
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mr putin is not to descend those people. russia denies any involvement and as raised all sorts of false flags and they can use about britain holding the skripals against their will, about britain holding the skripals against theirwill, being about britain holding the skripals against their will, being involved in the attack, so it will probably make relations worse between the countries because russia will not play ball and it is in the constitution, it forbids citizens being deported to another state. russia has consistently refused to engage on these sorts of issues but it is important to note firstly that this is evidence of extremely fine intelligence work, that these two individuals have been tracked down and there is strong evidence that russia was involved which is an important point. i also think it is important point. i also think it is important to note that this is early stages. officials from the cps were believed to be drawing up papers but
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they say this is just one option and no final decision has been made about whether this is the only way to pursue it. russia has been in credit and on international relations, withdrawing from the icc after their final relations, withdrawing from the icc after theirfinal report relations, withdrawing from the icc after their final report on crimea annexation —— has been intransigent. and the other point the stronger the evidence looks to other countries who are allies of the uk in this, the stronger the argument continues to be by the british government to have their backing. and what the government will have to have is a clear diplomatic pathway for actions that are going to achieve something. if we request this warrant and russia says no we are back to square one and, not incorrectly, britons wa nt one and, not incorrectly, britons want to see some recourse from this horrific attack on citizens on british soil. something needs to happen, russia cannot go on acting like a rogue state in this matter.
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the traditional thing would have been to work with our allies in europe and the us to try to enforce sanctions and diplomatic measures to penalised russia for its actions but of course with donald trump in the white house he is less keen to do that with russia and also the key point with brexit, a lot of minds are elsewhere for other dramatic action. the key thing for whitehall is to have a plan is that what it can do here and notjust fly a flag towards russia. going to the financial times, interesting to contrast because we have a story with reference to donald trump and iran where russia and the uk are still on the same side. yes, washington has reimposed economic sanctions on iran. donald trump has confirmed he has been making noises in this direction, but he will reinstate the sanctions which were listed as part of the 2015 nuclear dealfrom which he
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listed as part of the 2015 nuclear deal from which he withdrew in may. this would prohibit iran from using us currency and from trading in cars, metals, minerals and other goods. obviously this is completely out of step with the position of the uk and other european allies who maintain the position that they want to preserve the iran deals even without us participation because they believe that this is the way to ensure that the iran programme remains exclusively peaceful, it is confirmed by the iaea and it is key to nuclear nonproliferation. if we go down this route it will mean that european companies are going to struggle if they want to deal with iran and that is at the moment protector... this is one of the big question is, if a european company continues to do that, or does the american administration do about those european companies?m american administration do about those european companies? it is an entire mess because this deal was entered with a group of countries
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which is the uk, france, germany, out which is the uk, france, germany, our combined foreign policy was through this deal and the idea was that if you had iran inside the tent it is easier to control what is going on within the regime but donald trump has said consistently it isa donald trump has said consistently it is a rubbish deal, i'm going to do something about it and he has done that. but where is it leading? the key point is that in november even tougher sanctions will come in targeting their oil and that really is the key point about where its economy is at. on the other side of the coin, he said he would meet mr ruhani if the situation arises. having taken the other tack with north korea, hugging them close and see if it works as a diplomatic strategy and spectacularly failing, he is waving a big stick with iran to see if it brings them to the table and rouhani said no, as long as the sanctions are in place they will not enter into discussions. the daily express has a secret plot to
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oustjeremy corbyn, daily express has a secret plot to oust jeremy corbyn, taking daily express has a secret plot to oustjeremy corbyn, taking various labour mps to oustjeremy corbyn, taking various labourmps toa oustjeremy corbyn, taking various labour mps to a luxury holiday estate, it is claimed. it is a cracking bit of westminster in crete —— intrigue. no idea how much substance behind it, but mr corbyn has had a turbulent couple of weeks and they are revealing information about this plot which has some very fine that a group 12 mps would get the 7:18am train to go to a farmhouse in sussex, £144 per night to stay there if you want to check it out. it is people who are consta nt it out. it is people who are constant critics of mr gordon, chris leslie, chuka umunna liz kendall. it is about saying that mr corbyn will not be labour leader at some point and when that happens they want to be ready to try to take back control of the party. what i don't quite get is how they intend to do it. he has
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got complete control over the labour machine from the nec, membership... under the system as it stands. exactly, so if they want to get the party back to or centre—left direction, how do they do that? there is no detail about that in the story but if they were worried about potentially being targeted for deselection by mr corbyn, their heads have been put above the parapet whether they liked it or not. the level of detail is tantalising. it is not a very secret plot! as sebastien says, these are well—known critics of mr corbyn, they have good reason to be critical of him. he has had a very bad few weeks. the ongoing running sore of the parties regarding anti—semitism gets worse and worse and no matter what corbyn said in response to it, he cannot just what corbyn said in response to it, he cannotjust come out and condemn the anti—semitism within the party
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and actually move on from the debate. which is always going to be a problem for him to be prime minister, when one community within the country cannot feel safe with him as their prime minister. that is a reason to want to replace him as the leader within the party but the problem is, as sebastien said, that he has, in a very effective way, embedded corbynism within the party also i don't see how anyone who is not a left leaning leader can replace him. those are not the individuals represented in this plot. and one thing worth noting, this last away date was in may so it is not directly linked to the anti—semitism row at the moment but more general discontent about mr corbyn's leadership. a brief opportunity to acknowledge doomsday on the front of the metro. clearly we have seen some extraordinary
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temperatures in the uk and across europe, wildfires which have already been deadly in portugal. it is obviously time that this warning was taken more seriously by governments across the world. there have been calls, action has not been as forthcoming as the words and treaties that have gone with them. it is about the temperature going up and how quickly it will also the paris climate accord essentially said that writers have to be kept below 2 degrees but this is now saying that it needs to be more drastic. there has been that general sense that people are waking up to this and we will see if anything changes. we will come back and do this again shortly. that's it for this hour, we'll be back for a longer look at tomorrow's front pages at 11:30. for now nicola blackwood and sebastian payne — goodbye. we have been having some pretty
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spectacular sunsets, this was one picture sent in from dorset with the sun illuminating a layer of cloud and that cloud was tied in with this weather front that has been moving across northern england and wales and overnight it could bring the odd spot of rain, not much but the potential in parts of cumbria and northern and western wales along with some mist and fog. to the east, a hot and humid with some mist and fog. to the east, a hotand humid night, with some mist and fog. to the east, a hot and humid night, temperatures only coming down to 18 degrees in london and slowly. this is choose dates and the last of the hot days in central and eastern areas, plenty of sunshine also that week weather front barely moving, not much wind pushing it through. the highest temperatures, 31 or 32 on the cards
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in eastern counties of england but further north and west, claudio with a risk of showers particularly in scotla nd a risk of showers particularly in scotland and temperatures in the high teens —— cloudier. there is derisk of some thunderstorms in south—east england and east anglia on choose the evening and overnight. but they should push out of the way and what will follow is much fresher aircoming in behind and what will follow is much fresher air coming in behind this front. it will move across eastern england through the next 2a hours. by wednesday we have that fresher feeling, the wind coming from the west and temperatures dropping significantly. 0n west and temperatures dropping significantly. on wednesday, many eastern areas at a price start with sunshine, some heavy showers in the west, some thundery. 0ne sunshine, some heavy showers in the west, some thundery. one or two could push into eastern areas of england and scotland but by and large it should be dried with temperatures 8 degrees low in east anglia and south—east england and on thursday there might be some thundery rain clipping east anglia
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and south—east england, not sure if it stays in the north sea or not. heavy showers in north—western parts. and more showers on the way for friday with more general outbreaks of rain in northern ireland on friday afternoon. that heralds the arrival of some u nsettled heralds the arrival of some unsettled weather on saturday, something we have not been used to this summer. this low pressure will bring wet and windy weather, not sure where the heaviest rain will be but we will all get some. this is bbc news. i'm julian worricker. the headlines at 11pm: america re—imposes sanctions on iran over its nuclear programme, though the white house maintains it's still open to talks. the sanctions come as protestors take to the streets over the worsening state of iran's economy. at least 98 people have been killed and thousands of residents and tourists evacuated after the second earthquake on the indonesian island of lombok in a week.
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we were outside, we were going to watch a movie, but everything, just, like, went blank and it was terrible. england cricketer ben stokes mocked two gay men before a fight outside a nightclub in bristol last year, a court's heard. the labour party drops its investigation into one


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