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tv   Our World  BBC News  August 12, 2018 3:30am-4:01am BST

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drier, brighter and feeling warmer. bye— bye. this is bbc news. the headlines: the pharmaceutical company bayer says that its monsanto weedkillers are safe after a us court ordered it to pay hundreds of millions of dollars in damages to a man who said his terminal cancer was caused by the ingredients glyphosate. there has been a second earl of anti—government rallies across romania with around 40,000 people estimated to have gathered in the capital, bucharest, a loan. —— a second day. noisy crowds demanded the government step down over alleged corruption and abuse of power. the purchase went peacefully, competitive friday, when up to 100,000 people took to the streets, resulting in clashes between police and protesters, and hundreds of people needing medical attention. british author and nobel prizewinner vs naipaul has died, aged 85. born to an indian family in trinidad he worked for the bbc before becoming a prolific author. the afghan government has confirmed
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reports of a second day of fighting between taliban militants and government forces in the south—eastern city of ghazn. 0fficials south—eastern city of ghazn. officials said the city is back under government control, but the taliban militants are still fighting in outlying areas. bombs and shells exploding on the outskirts of ghazni. once again, notjust the countryside but a provincial capital is under attack by taliban militants, and it is an important one. ghazni is a strategic gateway linking the capital, kabul, and the south. the afghan government was keen to reassure the public that it is far from lost. translation: our armed forces have re—established control of the city of ghazni. fighting is still going on in the outskirts. we are also sending more troops to the area. the fighting has closed the main highway, leaving many stranded and afraid.
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it has revealed tensions, too, between kabul and provincial politicians, who raised the issue in parliament. translation: ghazni's situation is very worrying. we are very concerned for our people there. we are urging our government to deploy more forces in order to fully secure the province. hopes have been raised of another ceasefire next week, like the one injune. but the taliban, already a strong force in ghazni, seem determined to do as much damage before then as they can. now it is time for our world. a hunt is under way.
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basra police on the back of a tipoff think they have found their target. a suspect they believe has been dealing with the highly addictive and illegal drugs, crystal meth. kidnapping, extortion, organised crime, are already part of daily life here in basra, a ripe's second city. —— iraq's. now there is a new threat, crystal meth. i've been
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invited tojoin threat, crystal meth. i've been invited to join the police frontline. this is the elite force that goes out every night on raids to try to crack down on organised crime in the city. they think the suspect is inside. this major is leading the raid. with him, officers from the counter narcotics unit and swat team. injust two years,
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in just two years, police have injust two years, police have made more than 4000 drug—related arrests. at police headquarters they are keen to show off the results of their efforts. today, hundreds of suspects are being paraded in front of the cameras. the police want to show the local media, and i suppose the community, the arrests they have made and the progress they are making to crack down on crime in basra. general abdul karim is leading that effort. a war veteran, he recently returned to basra from the fight against isis in the north of iraq.
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0k, we're going to go and meet some people whose been arrested. wow, 0k. when did you arrest these guys? where were these guys arrested? police say consumption of meth has been doubling year—on—year. so you found all these weapons? that's crystal meth. how many grams? 0ne. 1g. so why has crystal meth taken hold in this city?
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weak border security has meant drugs have flooded into the country, and economic collapse with youth unemployment at almost 50% means there's a ready market for the drug. after years of war, occupation and insurgency, the locals here had hoped their city would become the next dubai. but there are no skyscrapers here, just high unemployment, crime and corruption. at basra general hospital, psychiatrist doctor al sabbagh has been seeing more patients come forward with meth addiction. what is the scale of the problem? in 2015, the iraqi government, together with the us department of health, ran a study looking at addiction in basra. there were once high hopes for iraq's second city. in 2015, the iraqi government, together with the us department of health, ran a study looking at addiction in basra. there were once high hopes for iraq's second city.
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oil production in basra province generates 95% of the country's oil wealth. but most residents don't see any of that. this is jumhuriyah, one of the poorest most densely populated parts of town. most of the young people here haven't finished school, they're out of work. jumhuriyah is notorious for gangs and drug dealing. shallal rady, who is
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21, has never worked. so do you feel safe here? what about drug users? hello, how are you? nice to see you.
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i went to see shallal‘s family. salaam—alaikum... they're struggling to get by without electricity or any clean water. his father has serious health issues. what do you think about iraq now in comparison to what it was like when saddam was in power? what do you think about iraq now in comparison to what it was like when saddam was in power? the swat team are on the move again. this city is awash with weapons left over from the war and the fight against isis. the team are looking for their second target.
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young men of the house are hauled out of their rooms. but the man they are after is missing. what has happened? it is hard to ignore basra's crippled infrastructure.
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addicts live in these impoverished districts where crystal meth addiction flourishes. many addicts and dealers end up here at this prison. this man is the deputy governor. what are the issues you face here? prison authorities have had to expand detention centres to cope with the numbers of addicts and dealers. major, this is one of the rooms? how many people in this room?
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and this is a combination of drug dealers and drug users? yeah. you just keep them all here together in one room? yeah. i am taken deep into the prison to see what the conditions are like for those who have been convicted. quite overwhelming. i mean, i've been to many prisons in many parts of the world but to see these people just crammed into here, they take shifts sleeping so one person will sleep and one person will stay up all night and then they swap. it is incredible. i mean, the conditions
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are really bad. do they go out at all? what kind of drugs did you have? crystal. how did you start using crystal meth? what about your family? what were they seeing? your wife didn't know?
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ali hammoud has already served ten months of a five—year sentence for dealing. how did you become a dealer? and did your family know you were dealing? the drugs trade has been driven partly by the security vacuum left when forces were sent to fight isis in the north of the country. general abdul karim wants to show me
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the smuggling route. general, where are we going? but with so much security here, general, how were they able to get across the border? the porous border here between iraq and iran means the southern province
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has become a prime smuggling route. back injumhouria, i've come to the shisha bar to catch up with 21—year—old shallal who i met earlier. i am meeting up with his friends who are all angry with the government in baghdad. what about drug abuse? that is a big problem here in basra as well. it is 3:00 in the morning and the swat team are honing in on theirfinal target in jumhouria. meth addiction is fuelling crime in the city. and it is young men mostly who are the perpetrators. 15 years after the fall of saddam hussein, iraq
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is in a fragile and perilous state. with all the attention on the fight against isis in the north, basra and the predominantly shia south feels forgotten. and it is the young who are paying the price. another iraqi generation at risk of being lost. hello.
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it stays fairly changeable over the next few days, and as a general rule of thumb, if you saw some sunshine on saturday, like here in north yorkshire, there's a good chance you'll see a bit of rain around on sunday. and it's all connected to this area of low pressure to the west of the uk, which through the early hours of sunday will continue to push fronts and outbreaks of rain eastwards through northern ireland, england, wales, into southern parts of scotland. clearing fairly early on on sunday morning from northern ireland, so after some initial rain here, turning brighter, some spells of sunshine. outbreaks of rain continuing to work their way eastwards through england and wales, replaced by sunny spells, but also some sharp and maybe thundery showers, and the rain becoming slow—moving on itsjourney
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northwards through scotland. so here we are at 4:00pm on sunday afternoon, and we've still got some outbreaks of rain across southern england. sunny spells following on behind, but yes, still the potential for some showers, which could be heavy and thundery. just one or two showers for northern ireland and the far north of england, but actually, here the best of the sunshine, and mainly dry in the afternoon. meanwhile across scotland, although it will be turning drier through dumfries and galloway and the borders, further outbreaks of rain for central and northern scotland. but the far north of scotland, into 0rkney and shetland, mainly dry, the best of the sunshine here. but quite breezy for the western isles, and a noticeable wind as well for south—west england. elsewhere, a gentle to moderate breeze. in the sunshine, we'll see temperatures getting up to between 19 and 21 celsius, but they may struggle around 15 or 16 celsius across central and northern parts of scotland, where that rain is somewhat stubborn to go. but, through sunday evening, slowly we'll see that rain just pushing its way northwards across scotland, with some late spells of sunshine for southern areas of scotland. meanwhile, across england and wales,
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watch out for further heavy and maybe thundery showers, just slowly clearing their way eastwards. and through the early hours of monday morning, still some showers around, and another fairly mild, if not warm and muggy night, with lows of between 12 and 16 celsius. so, on monday, we still have our area of low pressure clearing the eastern side of the uk. so that means we're still going to see some showers really anywhere from the east coast of scotland down through north—east england, east anglia and south—east england through monday morning. again, still heavy and thundery. as they clear eastwards, behind it, across much of england and wales and northern ireland, we'll see some spells of sunshine. but it looks like scotland will always keep a little bit more cloud, and maybe some showers for the western isles. so 16—18 celsius here on monday, getting up to 24 celsius across central and south—east england in the best of the sunshine. so, looking ahead to tuesday and wednesday, always the chance that we could see some showers, some longer spells of rain across scotland and northern ireland. meanwhile, for much of england and wales, drier, brighter and feeling warmer. bye— bye. welcome to bbc news,
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broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. our top stories: chemical giant monsanto insists its products are safe after a court orders it to payout nearly $300 million to a man who claims its weedkiller caused his cancer. romanians rally against the government for a second day. the protests pass peacefully after friday's violence. british author and nobel prize winner vs naipaul has died at the age of 85. and we meet the scientists behind a new type of mosquito net that could save thousands from malaria.
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