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tv   Newsbeat Documentaries  BBC News  August 12, 2018 5:30am-6:01am BST

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the pharmaceutical company bayer says its monsanto weedkillers are safe. after a us court ordered it to pay hundreds of millions of dollars in damages to a man who claimed his terminal cancer was caused by the ingredient glyphosate. there's been a second day of anti—government rallies across romania, with around 40,000 people estimated to have gathered in the capital bucharest alone. noisy crowds demanded the government step down over alleged corruption and abuse of power. the protests passed peacefully compared to friday when up to 100,000 people took to the streets resulting in clashes between police and protesters. hunbdreds of people needed medical attention. the british author and nobel prize winner vs naipaul has died. he was 85. born to an indian family in trinidad, he worked for the bbc before becoming a prolific author. now on bbc news — how is formula e racing helping
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to make the shift towards electric cars? that's the subject of this week's newsbeat documentary. these cars are definitely the future... and we go green in mexico city! all the talking stops and it's about business. not much to say. i think this is the future. this has a guilt free capacity to it. from marrakesh to montreal, it's all electric and it's all environmentally friendly. all of us have to move our technology to be clean rather than dirty energy like petrol. 10 teams travel the world to compete street tracks. now in its fourth season it's notjust changing the face of motorsport. it is changing the way we drive as well. it's taken the last
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couple of races... oh, it's in the wall! lynn climbs out of the car. he's off! lynn crashed in free practice one and he has crashed in free practice two. can he dig himself out? that makes me feel sad for him, actually. he isa he is a really good kid, a fantastic driver. that shows the pressure every one of these drivers is under. i'm from newsbeat and i've come to meet alex lynn. he embarks on his first season as a driver in formula e. this is your big moment. this is what you've been waiting for. how does it feel now looking ahead
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to your next season? it's everything you worked for over the years and years of practice. as you come through the ranks and different categories and this is the start of racing. you build up to the moment where you're prepared and you are ready to take the opportunity when it comes, and that's the benefit of being a reserve driver. you learn everything in the background and it's a slightly slower pace and then when the time comes, you are ready to do the job. are you living your dream now? when i become the champion, i will be living the dream. never settled. alex takes us to silverstone to show us his cars before they're shipped off for the start of the season. talk us through the controls. it seems like there's quite a lot. but the three main ones are here. the break setting, the paddle, which is changing the region of the car, and the torque which is the power output. in case you were wondering, the way of changing battery during the race.
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here are a few more formula e basics. there are ten teams and each team has two drivers. all of the cars have the same chassis and battery but other parts of the car can be changed by the team's engineers. lap time, lap delta, time remaining. as you are driving, you're focusing on the road. can you still take on the state the same time? but you have to. otherwise we will not win the race. as a team, we feel we are coming together to the first test, and after that will be the first race, and this word all counts now. all the talking stops and it's about business. as reality sets in for alex, we head to valencia for pre—season testing. it's a last chance for teams to size
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each other up before the season begins. while electric cars might not be as loud as formula 1 cars, they are still pretty fast. with top speed of around 140 miles an hour. the car is pretty traditional in the sense that it is a single seater race car, so the architecture is pretty standard. obviously, the big difference, these cars run purely on electricity. no petrol, no fuel tank, no nothing. behind the driver, where you would have the fuel tank, we have a large battery and an electric motor which drives the wheels. it's the battery which is the main limitation. at the moment each driver needs two cars to finish the race, with a driver changeover happening halfway through the race. and the car change is one of the many things they are practising here in valencia. they're collecting data and fine
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tuning the car before the season begins. how did that go? it's a good, positive day. lots done, many laps and a few problems with the car, which is a good, positive thing at this time of the season. the next morning, i grabbed alex for a rare bit of downtime. so how old were you when you decided you wanted to take up racing? i actually first started racing motorbikes when i was five. i got a little 50cc motorbike. and that's where it all started, really, and then i switched to racing go karts instead. did that require your parents to drive you around a lot? were they sort of ferrying you back—and—forth from competitions and stuff? my mum spent a lot of time in the car with me. driving up and down the country.
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a lot of early mornings and late nights. i've got a lot to be thankful for. the first two races of the season are both in hong kong. it's a great start for ds virgin. we go green in hong kong! but it's alex's team—mate sam who wins the race. sam wins in hong kong! the opening race of the season! as we go green in hong kong once again, through the final corner, out on the road, who has got the best start and who's going to know where to brake? alex lynn is in fifth place... and it is technical problems that hold alex back. sam bird in 6th because alex lynn ran into trouble. is it technical problems that have put alex lynn in tenth? he must have run out of energy because he was crawling over the line. before every race, the drivers use a simulator to practise driving on the upcoming track. it's a chance to get to grips
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with the tight twists and turns that come with a street track. we had ourfirst race in hong kong. that went well. we got two points—scoring finishes. it wasn't the dream scenario but i think it was a solid start for the whole team. alex's engineer talks what went wrong with them in hong kong. the problem is we had an energy problem which means alex ran low on energy in the last lap and unfortunately dropped some positions before getting to the line. hong kong was a mixed bag. generally it was a positive weekend. a few little mistakes so we did not quite get the most out of it. we are here in marrakech. we made it and it's a really amazing place.
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it's boiling hot, palm trees everywhere, and yet, behind me is the atlas mountains. we've just been told there are two metres of snow fall, so it's this amazing contrast between hot, tropical weather and these snowy mountains. as the final preparations are under way, we catch up with alex as he looks ahead to the race. it would feel weird if you didn't feel nervous, and also, it's what you have only known, for me, since i was ten years old, since i started racing. and for me, it almost feels like home to have that feeling. you end up sort of enjoying it. you go, yeah, this is what i do, that's what i live for, and that's that feeling of pressure and excitement all at the same time. we also meet alex's team—mate sam. alex is a really strong team mate. nice guy, great to work with.
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but you have to remember alex is in his first year, and i'm the one with all of the experience, so alex is catching up in that respect. 0n race morning, alex qualifies in sixth place, with sam qualifying in second. this is definitely the most rock ‘n‘ roll part of the race day so far. the track's now completely full of the vips and instagram influencers and stuff. you can see all of the teams, all of the cars are in their positions, ready for the race. alex is in sixth position. he's got all of his engineers standing by. this is my first race i've been to. what you make of so far? very
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exciting, i got to drive one of the cars. i think the exciting thing about this is the technology they're developing with the cars on the track today, which obviously is moving at a very rapid pace. it will have an impact on home driving. obviously that's going to have a great effect on the environment. i've always loved cars, fast cars, and this is kind of like this has a guilt—free capacity too because you can enjoy all of that while doing something that is totally going to forward the work, the good work at home with the environment, you know? the batteries are not an issue. now it is about the infrastructure and the charging stations and all that. the knock on effect of charging cars at home, that is going to be amazing. from 2040 petrol and diesel cars will be banned. with the date now set, pressure is mounting on car manufacturers to
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develop new technology. all eyes are looking to formula e as they try to drive this change. i think 2040 is too long and i think there are governments in europe that have said by 2025, all new cars must be battery driven. that's what i'd hope every new government around the world would do. that'd really speed up the process. i think here, we're going to see prices going down. we'll see the range extending a lot. those problems will be sorted and neverwill be... at the moment, the main challenge facing electric cars is their battery. 22 years might seem a long way off but with every year, there's another step forward. next season, drivers will go from two cars down to one, which means the battery in one car can now last for a whole race. that will show that to the world, we have improved by 100% the potential of the batteries and the technology. you've got the major manufacturers coming on board like porsche,
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mercedes, bmw, they are all coming on board. and that's because they want to have a racing car in the electric racing series. because we all want to sit in a car that can do 300 miles in one sitting. what is it like being surrounded by so many people, everybody wants a piece of you, at a time when you have to be concentrating? you have to just take it in your stride and, to be honest, in four hours' time, i will be sitting in my hotel room by myself. it's a good start... a few lock—ups here and there but at the end of lap one, bird looks super racy up at the front. 0ff goes alex lynn! he has been hit! lynn has been sent spinning from sixth place. he drops right to the back and the team principal is stony—faced.
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looked like a bit of overenthusiasm. are you 0k? is the car0k? i think so. alex lynn is saying he thinks the car is ok and he will carry on. sam bird in third... so he should be second in the championship. it's the podium spot that sam was asking for. and despite being knocked to the back of the race, alex makes it back up the order, finishing in tenth place. pretty disappointed.
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not much to say. you did really well to come back as well as you did. yeah, well, it's not really worth anything, so it is what it is. congratulations. thank you. good points to the team again, good points to myself. we are not leaving the championship now but there is a still long way to go. the main thing is we've got points on the board in every single race, and good points. i thought you'd be happier. we're so excited for all of you. no, third is like second of the losers, so, no. sadly, alex does not leave his bad luck behind. race over. pulls to the side of the track, that's a shame. absolutely, he's done a greatjob this season and it'sjust not come together yet far as issues happening.
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on to mexico city, and things are looking up. alex qualifies in second place but it's technical problems which hold him back. a gearbox penalty as he starts in 12 place and finishing tenth. here come the lights now! we go green in uruguay! uruguay makes for some exciting competition between alex and sam. lynn in third, bird in eighth. virgin team—mates. sam bird in front of lynn so the two ds virgin cars have swapped position. alex coming in sixth place. and the hard work does not stop once alex is off the track. i suppose my height as a racing driver is quite unusual. i'm quite a tall racing driver. alex is six foot one.
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i have to watch my weight maybe more than other drivers. it's been a long time since i could think i can eat whatever i want. even if it'sjust a mental thing, a symbolic thing in the gym, but it translates to your whole life and certainly in your professional life. the pressure is a privilege. because at the end of the day, it means that someone is expecting a certain type of performance from you, whether it's from yourself or it's from the team that backs you and supports you. the reason there is this pressure is the support you into believing you come and they believe in me. so, yeah, ifeel pressure in a way that i don't want to let them down. we have put in so much work. and one of those backing alex all the way is virgin founder sir richard branson. the world is heating up.
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we have to move the world to a world that's powered by clean energy. and so if we can come up with an exciting way to try to get people involved in moving to clean energy, so much the better. what more exciting way to be than really exciting motor racing taking place in cities all over the world? all of the big car manufacturers are getting behind formula e and that's because as well as the race on the track, they're also competing to develop their own electric cars. jaguar is one of the first teams in the championship to bring one out. what's really exciting is this year, we launched... the car that will have a range of around 400 miles. it's part of the technology we developed in our risk are we it to consumers to try and enjoy. it's a really aggressive racing environment. we're pushing the boundaries and the technology to the limit.
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what we learned here was a bulimic cars that drive more efficiently and faster, more enjoyably for consumers. that's really key. from a consumer point of view, there's a really limiting number of petrol cars you can buy on the market. we are going to see a massive generational change. we're going to be the generation to have the big change. like the generation that moved from steam to petrol. we are taking the new car for a spin around rome. it's jaguar driver nelson piquet junior behind the wheel. the tech these cars are coming out with, you just feel so much more comfort and just the handling of the car, everything just feels great. the noise, the sound. it's very quiet. i think formula e is helping making people more aware of the technology the electric cars can do. the power that we have, electric cars are not only an idea
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of the future, it's the present. we already have, we are launching cars, we are racing them already around the world. it's going to help people be more aware of how evolved this technology of electric cars is already. from south america to rome, where the teams will take to the streets tomorrow to begin the european leg of the championship. it's been a mixed start for alex. some technical problems have held him back. he'll be hoping to make up for it in tomorrowrace. he's off! in the barriers again. he crashed in free practice one and he has crashed in free practice two. a grimace again on the face of the team principal. there, you hear that. yeah, there it goes. there've been two practice sessions
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on the track in rome this morning and alex has crashed his car in both. after we spoke to him after the first crash, he was trying to downplay it and said this always happens in formula e but i don't think anyone could have expected he would do the same thing again in the second practice. and this is certainly not part of the plan. you can see him storming off out of the car afterwards. there's nowhere to hide in the garage when your team is going faster than you. it pushes you beyond the limits of where you are trying to be. going a little bit too far and you end up running into the barrier, which is the wall. so we are rebuilding the car again. putting the morning's practice session behind him, alex qualifies in 11th place. sam is back up at the front, qualifying in second. we've got about 20 minutes to go now.
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are you interested in formula e? yes very much. and what do you think about having electric cars? i think this is the future. to have it tested here is fanastic. these cars are the future. trying to stay relaxed. i feel ready, i'm calm and just looking forward to it. we go green in rome! no big position changes, oh — and into the back, alex lynn crashes again. alex lynn has been shown the flag which means you have to come in to the pits for repair. it is not safe to stay out there.
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he's looking for a safe spot. slowing. he's hit the wall! the swede shakes his head because he is out of the rome grand prix! he is going to launch himself into second, into championship contention, as he takes victory in the first rome e prix. it feels amazing. i think felix had the edge on us but all in all, we hung in there. we just about did enough today. the team celebrates sam's success and alex's cars are turned to the garage on a recovery truck.
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it is very resilient. he will have a bad night tonight and then i think tomorrow, he will be back on it, ready to focus on the next race. it was tricky in the garage because you're here to support alex. the other half of the garage is celebrating sam's win. how tough is that for you? it's only disappointment because it is a competition, after all. i'm so happy for them, so yeah. alex has been so quick all season. he had a bad day. yeah, i know. everyone in formula e is looking for a better performance, whether it's the engineers trying to get more from the technology or the drivers trying to get better in their position in the standings. everyone involved wants the sport to succeed. on his return to the garage alex is as professional as ever despite a really tough day, he's smiling and manages to see the positives. i think every top athlete or top
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driver always has self—doubt but usually, i think for the good guys, it does not take long to shut that out and concentrate on the next event. i'm the kind of guy that is going to go away and work even harder than we've done before because that's what you need to do. after seven months of following alex, it's time for us to leave him behind. he's got five races ahead of him and his boss believes he is long overdue a spot on that podium. some of the results that he should have had have been taken away from him because we've had this technical issues. getting that race pace, to get in a position where you are starting to win races, i think alex is overdue now. i think it is never over until it's over and you always believe in yourself and there's always the next race, the next session, the next lap, the next corner. i would not be here if i did not believe i could be formula e champion one day. we'll keep watching.
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i wonder if a sport has ever been so relevant. car manufacturers continue to sign up and with drivers coming over from formula 1, looks like formula e is just getting started. someday, you see racing on the street. the technology being discovered, the techonology are developing actually goes into road cars. formula 1 will no longer exist if it continues to drive petrol driven cars indefinitely. we will be looking to the drivers and those building the cars as they fight notjust for a spot at the top of the sport, but for our business too. as whether we like it or not, we are going electric. hello.
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it stays fairly changeable over the next few days, and as a general rule of thumb, if you saw some sunshine on saturday, like here in north yorkshire, there's a good chance you'll see a bit of rain around on sunday. and it's all connected to this area of low pressure to the west of the uk, which through the early hours of sunday will continue to push fronts and outbreaks of rain eastwards through northern ireland, england, wales, into southern parts of scotland. clearing fairly early on on sunday morning from northern ireland, so after some initial rain here, turning brighter, some spells of sunshine. outbreaks of rain continuing to work their way eastwards through england and wales, replaced by sunny spells, but also some sharp and maybe thundery showers, and the rain becoming slow—moving on itsjourney northwards through scotland. so here we are at 4:00pm on sunday afternoon, and we've still got some outbreaks of rain across southern england. sunny spells following on behind, but yes, still the potential for some showers, which could be heavy and thundery. just one or two showers for northern ireland and the far north of england, but actually,
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here the best of the sunshine, and mainly dry through the afternoon. meanwhile across scotland, although it will be turning drier through dumfries and galloway and the borders, further outbreaks of rain for central and northern scotland. but the far north of scotland, into 0rkney and shetland, mainly dry, the best of the sunshine here. but quite breezy for the western isles, and a noticeable wind as well for south—west england. elsewhere, a gentle to moderate breeze. in the sunshine, we'll see temperatures getting up to between 19 and 21 celsius. but they may struggle around 15 or 16 celsius across central and northern parts of scotland, where that rain is somewhat stubborn to go. but, through sunday evening, slowly we'll see that rain just pushing its way northwards across scotland, with some late spells of sunshine for southern areas of scotland. meanwhile, across england and wales, watch out for further heavy and maybe thundery showers, just slowly clearing their way eastwards. and through the early hours of monday morning, still some showers around, and another fairly mild, if not warm and muggy night, with lows between 12 and 16 celsius. so, on monday, we still have our
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area of low pressure clearing the eastern side of the uk. so that means we're still going to see some showers really anywhere from the east coast of scotland down through north—east england, east anglia and south—east england through monday morning. again, still heavy and thundery. as they clear eastwards, behind it, across much of england and wales and northern ireland, we'll see some spells of sunshine. but it looks like scotland will always keep a little bit more cloud, and maybe some showers for the western isles. so 16—18 celsius here on monday, perhaps getting up to 24 celsius across central and south—east england in the best of the sunshine. so, looking ahead to tuesday and wednesday, always the chance that we could see some showers, some longer spells of rain across scotland and northern ireland. meanwhile, for much of england and wales, drier, brighter and feeling warmer. bye— bye. good morning.
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welcome to breakfast, with chris mason and sally nugent. 0ur headlines today: stunned and heartbroken — the family of the man suspected of stealing a plane from seattle's main airport, before crashing into an island, describe their loss. he was a faithful husband, a loving son, and a good friend. a childhood friend remarked that beebo was loved by everyone, because he was kind and gentle to each person he met. a clamp—down on dangerous cyclists, but campaigners say government plans are simply skirting round the edge of road safety. it has been 60 years in the making, but will it finally be lift—off for nasa's daring mission to the sun? dina does the double.


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