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this is bbc news — i'm lukwesa burak. the headlines at 12pm: ten people have been taken to hospital including two children — after shootings in the moss side area of manchester, police say they have pellet—type wounds cyclists who kill pedestrians could face a new charge of ‘death by dangerous cycling' — under new government proposals. dozens of sunday train services across north—west england are cancelled for the second week running, rail operator northern blames crew scheduling "difficulties" for the disruption. nasa's ambitious mission to the sun launches from cape canaveral, 2a hours after its launch was cancelled due to a last—minute hitch. novelist sir vs naipaul, winner of the nobel prize for literature, has died aged 85. his wife says the author — who published more than 30 books over his career — died at home in london,
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surrounded by his family. great britain's dina asher—smith storms to victory in the 200m at the european championships in berlin — her second gold of the tournament. arsenal begin a new era under head coach, unai emery, this afternoon — as they take on premier league champions, manchester city, in their first match of the season. and the click team meet france's very own rocket man, that's in half an hour's time, here on bbc news. two children were among ten people injured in a shooting in the moss side area of greater manchester in the early hours of this morning.
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armed police were called to the scene close to alexandra park at around 2.30am. police say the victims had ‘pellet—type wounds‘. one man is in a serious condition in hospital with leg wounds. the shooting took place at a street party which was being held after the first day of this weekend's caribbean carnival in the area. our correspondent andy gill is in moss side for us. more details coming from the police? that's right, as you mentioned, two children among nine people suffering from what the police have called pellet injuries, injuries not said to be serious, at tenth person, and man, is in hospital any but stable condition with injuries to his legs. it's not 100% clear if the problems he has worked caused by the same weapon that injured the other people. it happened at around half past to hear, police say they sent a
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large number of armed and unarmed officers to the scene because so many people had been entered by this firearms discharge. the injuries are not as serious as police initially thought and they think some of those people who have been hurt might be allowed home from hospital today. nonetheless the police say this was a reckless act which could have had devastating consequences with people or losing relatives and loved ones. we have been talking to a community leader who believes whoever was responsible for this shooting probably does not come from this pa rt probably does not come from this part of manchester. i will always say i don't think its people from this community doing these things. it's people coming out into this community doing that and it's sending messages to people that it's not acceptable and it will not be tolerated and people like us, the youth workers and other people, community gardens, youth providers are there to make sure we make sure
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we sent the positive message. number of roads in the area remain closed, there is a large police presence, forensic crime scene experts are here. police say they wa nt to experts are here. police say they want to talk to witnesses and are looking at cctv and there will be extra patrols to reassure people. the manchester caribbean carnival which took place yesterday is due to carry on today as well and we've spoken to the organiser of that carnival who says today's events will take place. this shooting happened here at the street party which was organised to coincide with the caribbean carnival but was not actually part of it. the organisers say yesterday's events were entirely peaceful and two days events will go ahead as planned. thank you very much and a. in a moment we will talk to michael, not his real name, but he was there when the attack happened. but first let's look at
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some footage that michael sent us of the chaos he himself witnessed. can you hear me? 0k, ok, let's talk to michael now, who was there when the attack happened and who centres that video you were just watching, michael, thank you for talking to us on bbc news. take us for talking to us on bbc news. take us through what you saw and what you heard and how you felt? well, what i saw was not much, it was more what i heard. i was just there, saw was not much, it was more what i heard. i wasjust there, enjoying the good vibes are having a drink. i
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noticed two crowd of youths gathering. i thought something might happen but i was not expecting a shooting. the next thing i hear one gunshot which i just thought was our bowling or some kind of glass bottle getting dropped but then i heard two more and there was a lot of panic. i personally went behind a wall because i did not know whether it was the start of some kind of gun battle but i was safe. and the next thing i know there was a man surrounded by people and he was injured but luckily he was alive and able to be walked to the ambulance so able to be walked to the ambulance so hopefully he is ok. michael, how long was it before the police
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arrived? it was quite a long time considering someone had been shot but i think the ambulance were waiting for armed police. their work informal people there then the police turned up. there were a lot of people there. you describe this carnival, you went there for the good vibes, is it always held in the area? this isjust the street party, it's nothing to do with the main carnival, in fact they advise people not to go to street parties because they are not officially affiliated oi’ they are not officially affiliated or sanctioned by carnival. but i went anyway. we were hearing from the carnival chair that the carnival is definitely back on today,
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manchester bbc radio manchester confirming that, would you be happy to attend the carnival? as i said it's a completely separate events where it takes place is not immediately near her that incident happened. most people go there not knowing anything about it if it wasn't for the news. so i 100% would go. michael, there is a lot of chatter on social media at the moment about what has happened, both sides of the story, just to describe it to us? the stories on social media? you can't really believe what happened on social media, there are local youths going around but i personally will not speak or verify anything and i am just happy that i was safe, no one was killed. it was
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nothing to do with carnival. moss side had something of a reputation in the 1990s, many people saying it's been a long time since anything like this has happened. are you surprised? i am actually. i did not think it was true but i'm going carnival next year but i will not go to the street parties. as long as you are safe michael, thank you very much for describing your experience of the event which took place. you can see the images on the screen, there is police, police tape, an investigation going on. ten people injured including two children, one man we understand does have some major injuries, all are being treated in hospital, this is not
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part, we understand not part of the carnival, he was attending a street party and was not affiliated with the carnival itself which is going ahead today, the second day. earlier i spoke to beverley hughes, the deputy mayor for policing for greater manchester who reassured local people that a full investigation will take place. well it's completely distressing and when i first heard about it earlier this morning i, obviously it sounded very seriously, as time has gone on tha nkfully seriously, as time has gone on thankfully it looks as if it may be that injuries are not as serious as thought. it was a particular kind of incidents rather than gunfire, the police will make a statement at 2pm and may well confirm that. we also think most of the people in hospital have either been discharged or will be very shortly. but nonetheless,
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for the people involved it must have been absolutely terrifying, not knowing what the nature of the incident was, and for the community itself it is very upsetting. it was a great deal of distress and people feel their reputation is challenged again andi feel their reputation is challenged again and i want to reassure them the police will be doing everything they can, working with the community to co m plete they can, working with the community to complete this investigation and find out who was responsible for this. that was the deputy mayor for greater manchester beverley hughes. the row over borisjohnson's controversial comments about the burqa — continues to rumble on. several newspapers are reporting splits in the cabinet over comments saying women in burqas looked like "letter boxes" or "bank robbers". the former close ally of theresa may, damian green, is the latest to intervene in the row, he says borisjohnson shouldn't go ‘full trump', but doesn't believe that the former foreign secretary breached party rules. i spoke to our political
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correspondentjessica parker, and asked when we were likely to hearfrom borisjohnson himself. borisjohnson has boris johnson has been borisjohnson has been markedly absent of last week, he was of on holiday, he returned home to the uk last night. we've still not heard from him, over the week what has been made clear is that we should not expect an apology, they have said they believed he was standing up said they believed he was standing upfor said they believed he was standing up for liberal values and actually arguing againstany up for liberal values and actually arguing against any total ban of the burqa, but as you say over the last week, lots of people having their say, one of the latest is damian green, the former de facto deputy to theresa may, saying he does not think borisjohnson theresa may, saying he does not think boris johnson breached theresa may, saying he does not think borisjohnson breached party rules with the comments he made but he fears boris johnson could rules with the comments he made but he fears borisjohnson could be turned into a marker by the right and he calls for robust but polite debate on sensitive issues. we have
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heard from various wings of the conservative party, some of them backing borisjohnson conservative party, some of them backing boris johnson and conservative party, some of them backing borisjohnson and defend his right for what they describe as free speech but we have also heard, dominic grieve saying he would leave the party if borisjohnson ever lead it and it interesting he said that because the background to all this is the speculation surrounding boris johnson and any future attempt might make at the leadership of the party. many people are saying this is just boris being boris, the likelihood of any punishment being metered out by theresa may is also being derided, saying it is just silly season. there is an element of that, mps on holiday, its parliamentary recess so sometimes these stories run on more because of that but in the last things have happened to mortar the story, colts abolished —— calls for boris to apologise and then it emerged the party was looking at
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dozens emerged the party was looking at d oze ns of emerged the party was looking at dozens of complaints, we know people have been unhappy and found the comments very offensive, including leaders from the news muslim community, in theory if you look at the party ‘s rules it could end up any suspension or expulsion from the party. we are a long way from anything like that and it's been made clearfrom some anything like that and it's been made clear from some of his allies that if it ever goes that far there would be a price to pay. the family of the airport worker who stole an empty passenger plane from seattle airport — before crashing into an island — say they're "devastated" and "in complete shock". richard russell — an employee with the ground staff — performed aerobatic manouevres before crashing on a nearby island. it's thought he was killed instantly. no one else was on board. his family said he was a warm and compassionate individual who hadn't wanted to harm anyone. a new offence of ‘causing death by dangerous or careless cycling' — is to be considered
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by the government in an effort to improve road safety. it would see cyclists who kill pedestrians treated in a similar way to dangerous drivers. but campaigners say the consultation launched today, is just ‘tinkering around the edges‘ — and a full review of road—traffic offences is needed. simonjones reports. kim briggs was knocked over by a cyclist in london in 2016. she died a week later. the bike that hit her shouldn‘t have been on the road. it was designed for the velodrome, with no front brake. charlie alliston was riding it. he was cleared of manslaughter but sentenced to 18 months for causing bodily harm by wanton and dangerous driving, under a law from victorian times. there is no cycling equivalent of the offence of creating death by dangerous driving. the government will now consider whether that should change in england, scotland and wales. the consultation begins today and will last for the next 12 weeks. the government wants to encourage
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more of us to get out of our cars and onto two wheels to get around, but on the very rare occasions when things go wrong, it wants to make sure that the law is fit for purpose. in 2016, three pedestrians were killed after being involved in collisions with cyclists. 108 pedestrians were seriously injured. for motorists, currently, death by dangerous driving can lead to a jail term of up to 1a years, but campaigners say adding an couple of new offences specific to cyclists isn‘t going far enough. the government are missing an opportunity. what they should be doing is having a full review of road traffic offences and penalties. four years ago, they said they would do it. what we have is a review of cycling offences on their own. the whole system in relation to road traffic offences and penalties isn‘t working. the government says it is doing more to keep cyclists themselves safe, trying to prevent drivers passing too closely the bikes. the headlines on bbc news.
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ten people — incuding two children — are hospitalised with pellet—type injuries after shots are fired in the moss side area of manchester. the government proposes a new law of ‘death by dangerous cycling‘ — for cyclists who kill pedestrians. rail passengers in north—west england face a second sunday of disruption, as operator northern cancels around 80 services. sport and for a full round up, from the bbc sport centre, here‘s will. you promised us an update early! ican bring you promised us an update early! i can bring you one, let‘s bring you up i can bring you one, let‘s bring you up to date with the second test, the positive news is the rain has stayed away for now and they have had about an hourand a away for now and they have had about an hour and a quarter of uninterrupted play, england was in this morning, they declared on
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396-7, this morning, they declared on 396—7, chris woakes unbeaten on 137 after his maiden test century and england had the perfect start with the ball, anderson removing vj for a duck, india 13—2, anderson taking the wicket of rahul, india trailing but the big question is what will the weather do this afternoon, how is the forecast looking, do england have enough time to finish this test match? this is how how it looks, 1pm not great, 3pm brightening up, then 7pm it is clear but while england have enough overs in the day to get the test match over with? they will think they are going, the wayjimmy anderson is bowling, five wickets in the first innings and already another couple this morning. west ham travel to liverpool in the premier league, a much changed west ham side which lined up at anfield, the club spent heavily over the summer the club spent heavily over the summerand the club spent heavily over the summer and have a new manager in
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manuel pellegrini who returns to the premier league after a couple of yea rs premier league after a couple of years at manchester city. these are the games today, burnley travelling to southampton, then at 4pm the first big match of the season, arsenal take on manchester city with two managers who know each other very well from their time in spain. i have a lot of respect for his career, started from the low, at the bottom. make his excellent career, winning titles and making his team is always difficult and now he‘s at arsenal one of the best teams in the world and of course he‘s a contender to win titles, of course. we are working to improve each match and each training but sunday we need to show on the pitch our performance at that level because the position is demanding our best moment tactically
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and also maybe individually. looking forward to that, dina asher—smith looking for her third gold medal in the women‘s four by 100 m relay, after becoming the first british athlete male or female to do the sprint double at the european championships, she is 22 and added the 200 metre title to the 100 metre crown she won on tuesday, sub 22 seconds, 21.89, smashing the british record, the fastest by any women in the world this year, so how good could she be? here is the olympic legend michaeljohnson who says the sky is the limit. female sprinters are watching, they will see this and will absolutely take notice. elaine thompson, shaunae miller, daphne skippers can tell them all about what happened here, she had a front i’ow what happened here, she had a front row seat. —— dafne schippers. she is
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one of the best in the world. next year ‘s world championships, the 0lympic year ‘s world championships, the olympic games, this is a true contender. she is one that as other athletes are training for those medals and championships they will have dina asher—smith in mind. elsewhere a gold and silver in the diving, grace reid winning the three metre springboard title, britain are top of the table with ten minutes straight medals, four gold. next to the pga championship in missouri, brooks koepka in the lead going into the final round, he won the us open injune and shot 66 to b12 under overall. two shots clear of adam scott in second. tiger woods is in the hunt, he‘s in the mix, lurking on eight under as he continues the comeback from his views to back and he is chasing a 15th major title. the good news is that cricket is still ongoing but theyjust remains
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to be seen how much more they get, can they get to lunch at one o‘clock before the rain comes down? we are on tenterhooks here, thank you. a remembrance service will take place in county tyrone later this afternoon ahead of the 20th anniversary of the 0magh bombing. 29 people — including a woman pregnant with twins — were killed in a car bomb attack on the town‘s high street in 1998. it was carried out by the dissident republican real ira, several months after the signing of the good friday agreement. 0ur correspondentjohn campbell is in 0magh. the memorial behind me reads ordinary people were doing ordinary things on an ordinary day and in one moment all that changed forever. anyone outside northern ireland, 0magh would not have meant anything but that all changed horribly,
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people dying in the streets. 29 people dying in the streets. 29 people killed. 0ne people dying in the streets. 29 people killed. one of the victims was ian gallagher, his sister pat wilkinson is with us today, tell us a bit about your brother? he was a 21—year—old guy, sociable and loved life, he had started his own business and he was just so funny, he had a great sense of humour. what has the last 20 years been like for you as a family? it's been a very difficult journey, you as a family? it's been a very difficultjourney, families you as a family? it's been a very difficult journey, families will grieve definitely and it's trying to cope with your own grief and the media attention which has been put upon 0magh as well. it's difficult to deal with the fact that no one has been brought to court and charged and convicted of murder, that's been the hardest thing we had to deal with. that's been the hardest thing we had to dealwith. in that's been the hardest thing we had to deal with. in some ways you've not been left free to grieve, you have been out there publicly
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campaigning to try to get somebody convicted? that is right, it feels like you're on your own. we had a lot of support after my brother did, in the aftermath, in the months and years a lot of political promises we re years a lot of political promises were made thatjustice years a lot of political promises were made that justice would years a lot of political promises were made thatjustice would be seen to be done in 0magh and we were very hopeful of that. the 20 years has beena hopeful of that. the 20 years has been a real battle for the families and its depleted us of energy to be honest, it's really difficult and it's now going into a third generation. this is due to be the last major commemoration, why has that decision being taken? has been a lot media attention around 0magh, the families feel the time is right after 20 years, we have been here every year since the bomb and we feel now is the time. the families wa nt feel now is the time. the families want to remember differently, to be in theirown want to remember differently, to be in their own private grief and spend the time at the graveside is and ta ke the time at the graveside is and take the spotlight out of 0magh and
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that's what we want. to get on with our lives. but your legal campaign continues? that is right, we have one for a public enquiry which is due to be heard in february next year and we due to be heard in february next yearand we are due to be heard in february next year and we are very hopeful for that case, we also have another case ongoing, we have taken the police against the failings to convict anyone. so this would be the last major commemoration for the 0magh bomb victims but this time will not forget, this town will continue to grieve. thank you very muchjohn. the rail service northern has cancelled about 80 rail services today for a second time. services across north—west england have been affected as engineering projects caused problems with scheduling crews. the cancellations are impacting areas including cumbria, liverpool, lancashire and greater manchester. well earlier today i spoke to craig johnstone of the rmt union who told me the cancellations are damaging the economy
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in the north of england. it isn‘t just it isn‘tjust on sundays that we are having this problem, on friday according to the passenger user pressure group, they cancelled around a hundred services and part cancelled many more on friday. it‘s not just sundays, cancelled many more on friday. it‘s notjust sundays, it is happening on weekdays as well. they run less services so the basic thinking would be they would be able to run a more robust timetable but that does not seem robust timetable but that does not seem to be the case, and it‘s a shambles on weekdays as well, people do not find it reliable any more. what do you think is the best way to get this fixed? what is your advice to northern? my advise is to pack up and go and hand the franchise back over to the public sector which would work any much more coordinated
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and structured fashion. these people have a major problem. passengers are sick of them and the staff are sick of them as well. nobody has any faith in them, the local politicians have had enough and it‘s damaging the economy of the north of england. it's the economy of the north of england. it‘s time they packed up and went. nasa has successfully launched a probe from cape canaveral in florida, which is designed to fly closer to the sun than ever before. its launch had been delayed because of a technical fault, it's it‘s one of the most exciting missions. but where is it heading? destination very close to our closest star, the sun. it was supposed to take off on saturday but the helium pressure alarm meant the launch was delayed. if all goes to
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plan the probe will travel through our solar system for three months before arriving at the corona, the atmosphere around the sun which is hundreds of times hotter than the star itself. it‘s the place where much of the important activity that affects the earth seems to originate. 0ver affects the earth seems to originate. over a period of seven yea rs originate. over a period of seven years the solar probe will collect valuable data about how activity on the sun affects communications here on earth. it reaches a maximum speed of about 200 kilometres a second which will temporarily make it the fastest human made object ever and during those thrusts it will only be a few million commenters away from the sun. it's hoped the launch could give us vital information about our very own star. the nobel—prizewinning writer, vs naipaul, has died aged 85. raised in trinidad — he studied at oxford and worked for the bbc before becoming
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a prolific author. his best—known works include: a house for mr biswas — the mystic masseur — a bend in the river, and the booker prize—winning — in a free state. he won the nobel prize for literature in 2001, for — as the award panel put it, "works that compel us to see the presence of suppressed histories . he died at his home in london. now it‘s time for a look at the weather with chris fawkes. some real contrast in our weather this weekend, yesterday many of us will have seen sunshine but we are gearing up for will have seen sunshine but we are gearing upfora will have seen sunshine but we are gearing up for a soggy sunday, there is going to be a lot of cloud today with outbreaks of rain, the vast majority of the uk, the radar picture shows the rain is not coming away in one straight line but the rain along the frontal zone, that is how the weather will be through the rest of today with the rain turning heavy at times. the rain picking up, central and southern england, the
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rain will be persistent across the central belt of scotland saw a wet day here but for the most part probably not that heavy. across wales in south—west england the main area of rain clearing through and i think actually we will see another follow, the rain could be more extensive than computers are thinking at the moment so watch out for that. temperatures looking at highs between 15—20, one place dry and sunny is shetland. that is your weather.


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