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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  August 16, 2018 10:30pm-10:46pm BST

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he will certainly pull his weight from now on going forward. i'm sure it's been a wake—up call for him. ben stokes must still await the outcome of a cricket disciplinary commission hearing, which in the next few weeks could decide to suspend him if he is found to have brought the game into disrepute. but for now, the all—rounder is back in the england fold. stokes said he had been acting in self—defence when he became involved in this fight and then arrested. and on tuesday, a jury acquitted him after a seven—day trial. but one former england captain told me the player's reputation had still suffered. knowing the england cricket fans as i do, they will give him a reception. i don't think he deserves that. he's certainly not a hero, as some have portrayed him to be. he has bought the game into disrepute, but i do think the punishment and the fact that he missed the whole winter in australia is enough and now he's got the not guilty charge, i think he should be able to play cricket. while there is no guarantee stokes
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will play against india, england say he is back in the squad for his own well—being, his challenge now to avoid any more mishaps. dan roan, bbc news, trent bridge. that's it from us. but for now, we leave you with the extraordinary voice of aretha franklin, who died this morning. # looking out on the morning rain. # now i'm no longer doubtful of what i'm living for. # and if i'm living for. #and ifi i'm living for. # and if i make you happy, i don't
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need to do more. # because you make me feel. soul you make me feel, you make me feel like a natural woman. # you make me feel like a natural woman, yes. hello and welcome to sportsday. i'm hugh woozencroft. our main headlines this evening... rangers make it through to the final round of qualifying for this season's europa league. ben stokes is in the england squad ahead of the third test against india, "for his own wellbeing" according to head coach trevor bayliss. and great britain take home seven medals on the fourth day of action at the world para—swimming european championships in dublin. hello and welcome to sportsday.
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rangers made sure theyjoined celtic in next week's europa league play—offs, showing plenty of grit and determination against maribor in slovenia this evening. it may have finished goalless but, as patrick gearey reports, rangers boss steven gerrard won't mind the scoreline. this is as close as he gets to a midfield these days but the first season midfield these days but the first seasonis midfield these days but the first season is going well. rangers are unbeaten in a month and 3—1 up. they we re unbeaten in a month and 3—1 up. they were largely toothless on the pitch. just when the goalkeeper has to be at his most alert, as he was here.
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36, he has seen that trick before. they grew more urgent after the break but only occasionally did rangers give them a glimpse and macgregor shut them out. a ricochet away and they got one last go at beating macgregor. it was their last chance and macgregor had the last word. like his boss, he remains unbeaten. but the old firm are left to fly the scottish flag after hibs were beaten 3—0 in norway by molde. welsh side the new saints went out 5—1 on aggregate to danish side fc midtylland while burnley of the premier league were taken all the way to extra time by istanbul. it ended 1—0 after extra time thanks to jack cork‘s winner. tottenham boss mauricio pochettino says he's disappointed at the delay in moving to the club's new stadium.
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spurs had hoped to play theirfirst match at their new ground against liverpool next month but technical problems mean they won't move until late october at the earliest. it's angered some fans who had bought tickets for games at the new ground that will now be played at wembley instead. of course i understand the problems about the ticket and the money and everything. i feel sorry for them. and i am going to say thank you and apologise and we're going to try to reward them by winning games, and the way that we can only act. the draw for the second round of the carabao cup was made just over an hour ago, it's the stage that those premeir league clubs not playing in europe enter these are some of the eye—catching ties. the only all—premier league match—up sees a south coast derby between brighton and southampton, leicester's jamie va rdy will face his old club fleetwood, newcastle might not fancy the trip to nottingham forest while newly—relegated stoke take on premier league side huddersfield.
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full details of the draw on the bbc sport website. in that draw, sheffield wednesday will host wolves after they comfortably won 2—0 at league one side sunderland this evening. marco matias with their first goal here, barry bannen added a second. head coach trevor bayliss says the decision to include ben stokes in the england squad for the third test against india on saturday was taken for the all—rounder‘s "wellbeing". here he isjoining up with his england team mates at trent bridge earlier today. bayliss says he will take time before deciding whether stokes will play. this all comes after stokes was involved in a fracas in bristol last september but he was found not guilty of affray earlier this week. we will find out over the next couple of days, i have not spoken to
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him since. i'm sure he had plenty of phone calls. we have the next two days to assess whether he plays or not, and i have some guys and for him and it will be a difficult position to make, whether it is him oi’ position to make, whether it is him or someone position to make, whether it is him or someone else. position to make, whether it is him or someone else. we position to make, whether it is him or someone else. we have been trying to get him in and test them for a while now. the one day team is a difficult one to select. test team has been different for other reasons but we are starting to get some good, young players coming to the tea m good, young players coming to the team which makes the job difficult. england rugby union internation danny cipriani has apologised after pleading guilty in court to charges of common assault and resisting arrest at a nightclub on the island ofjersey. he was fined £2,000 and ordered to pay £250 compensation to a police officer following the incident in the early hours of wednesday. the fly—half said he was truly sorry for the "confusing situation" and was "mortified if he harmed the police officer in any way". let's have a look at some of our other sports stories this evening.
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carlos sainz will replace fernando alonso at mclaren next season. the 23—year—old spaniard is curently on loan to renault from red bull. he described the move to mclaren as a childhood dream come true. a majority of nations inside the international tennis federation have voted to change the davis cup, from it's usual season—long model to an 18—team season—ending event. the lawn tennis association was opposed to the move. super league leaders st helens responded to back—to—back defeats by fighting off a spirited comeback by wakefield trinity in the super 8s. regan grace rounded off the scoring in the 36—16 win at belle vue. great britain have won 7 medals on the fourth day of action at the world para swimming european championships in dublin. paralympic champion hannah russell won her second gold
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of the championships, while alice tai was also a winner as kate grey reports... tonight was all about the backstroke as six a british swimmers winning medals in their respective categories and a standup performer had to be in the backstroke, beating the rest of the field by nine seconds and tai has that title under her belt she has high standards for the coming years. i said by the time it gets to tokyo, i would be the para champion and. so that is a little thing in the corner, but i think the year has gone pretty well. there was also gold for her 0lympic champion andy as 12 there was also gold for her 0lympic champion andy as12100 metres champion andy as 12 100 metres backstroke. she won her second title of these championships.” backstroke. she won her second title of these championships. i went in to be raised wanting to do the absolute best and got into the final and try to work on the small things in training and it obviously paid off.
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away from the backstroke events, there was a surprise silver in the 50 metres freestyle. she will go again on sunday for her favourite event the 100 metres freestyle. kent spitfires have qualified for the quarterfinals of the t20 blast after a thrilling victory over somerset at canterbury. kent got off to a flying start at canterbury, although somerset‘s jamie 0verton did pull off this amazing catch to dismiss alex blake. kent finished strongly though, with some late hitting taking them to 231 for 5, theirjoint highest t20 score ever. no side had chased a total that high in the competition although somerset got really close, kent only sure of victory on the last ball. england cricketer kate cross has been speaking about how anxiety kept her out of the national team for two years. cross is playing for her country again after conquering the mental health issues that plagued her. she described to the bbc the severity of the situation.
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i think ithinki i think i went downstairs to get some food or go to the toilet but did not shower, did not do anything for three days, just slept and cried. my dad came in and i opened my blinds and i shut them straightaway. that was my way of hiding from the world, i guess. —— i dad came in and open my blinds. and you can get more on that story and watch our full interview on the bbc sport website and app... finally a moment of golfing history. american brandt snedeker‘s become just the tenth player in pga tour history to shoot under 60 in a round. he did it at the wyndham championship in north carolina. snedeker actually dropped a shot on his first hole but soon made up for it. this incredible shot was for an eagle. he had this putt for a birdie on his last hole, and to go below the hallowed 60. he's the first player to card such a low score on the pga tour this year. that's all from sportsday. thank you forjoining us. coming up in a moment, the papers.
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hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are writer & broadcaster, mihir bose and baroness ros altmann, former pensions minister. let's have a look... starting with the i, who pay tribute to aretha franklin, who died earlier today. simply, ‘respect to the queen of soul'. as well as a tribute to aretha franklin, the guardian lead with comments from a former head of the cia, who says president trump's denial of russia collusion is ‘hogwash.’ the daily telegraph says the average gp works for only three days a week,
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describing it as ‘rise in the party time family doctor'. the times says that british troops have been put at risk due to a ‘chronic‘ computerfailure at military surgeries across the country. the cost of princess eugenie's wedding leads the daily mirror, it says taxpayers will pick up the £2 million bill. the metro headline the case of england rugby player danny cipriani, who pleaded guity to an assault at a jersey nightclub. the new threat of us sanctions on turkey leads the financial times. and the daily express describes the number of councils who've decided to back world war commemoration events as ‘shameful‘. many of tomorrow's front pages are already in. so we have been having a good look
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through them for you. as you might expect there has been a big coverage today of the death of aretha franklin. a lovely picture on the front of the eye here, 1942—2018, the dates of a very long and successful career. absolutely, more than 50 years as one of the icons of soul. be queen of soul. she was a fantastic role model for female singers 0ppy —— the queen of soul. her iconic songs, just absolute classics. respect is one of the ones that i remember from when classics. respect is one of the ones that i rememberfrom when i was growing up. from your dancing days? absolutely. say a little prayer and feel like a natural woman. all of these sort of capture this strength that she had and the beautiful mellow sounds that she could just conjure up. and... even though she
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was ill, she was still performing. she last performed last november, long after she had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. at an elton john aids foundation gala. she was really the most fabulous woman and we will miss her. there have been rate tributes today. we will learn more about what drove her and her possible routes. her passing, is the passing of an age. she covers a period where rock 'n roll became if you like the number one sort of seeing being medium of the world, whatever your language, wherever you were. she was also part of the civil rights movement, her father was a friend of martin king. she saying early on and when she went


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