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tv   World News Today  BBC News  August 19, 2018 9:00pm-9:31pm BST

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this is bbc world news today, i'm ben bland. our top stories: two new earthquakes hit indonesia's lombok island, which is still recovering from fierce tremors two weeks ago. afg hanistan‘s president declares a ceasefire with the taliban. he says it'll last three months if both sides take part. translation: we call upon the leadership of the taliban to welcome the wishes of afghans for a long lasting and real peace. president trump revoked his security clearance — now former cia directorjohn brennan says he may take the white house to court to get it back. and in the sport, a bad day for manchester united, losing their second game in the premier league season to brighton. hello and welcome to world news today. the island of lombok in indonesia
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has been hit by another series of earthquakes. the latest had a magnitude of 6.9. it was felt in the east of the island, triggering landslides and sending people fleeing into the streets. the new tremors come just two weeks after an earthquake killed more than a70 people and destroyed tens of thousands of homes. richard galpin reports. once again, people in lombok run for their lives as another series of powerful earthquakes hit the island. the fear palpable. one of the tremors measuring 6.9, the same as the quake which killed more than 400 people here earlier this month. for those living near the hills, another
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danger — landslides triggered by the earthquakes sweeping down towards them. aid workers are doing what they can to help. we are lucky, they have water and food they can distribute, we are also distributing tarpaulin, but more aid is needed, and for example this latest earthquake triggered a major landslide, and so we cannot reach all the areas we would like to at the moment. already traumatised by the moment. already traumatised by the other earthquakes of the past few weeks, many people in east lombok are taking no chances, spending the night out on the streets. they are ensuring they are foreigners away from any buildings to be safe if there are more tremors. —— they are far enough away. this man described how he and eve ryo ne away. this man described how he and everyone else had run out of a hotel, but he said it had been orderly, not chaotic. on the neighbouring island of bali, this
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couple were showing a camera crew how earthquakes had damaged their home. when they felt the ground shaking once again. these scenes of people fleeing their homes here in bali, and much more so in lombok, have been going on for almost three weeks now, and no—one knows when the tremors will stop. richard galpin, bbc news. the united states says it is ready to support and facilitate direct peace talks between the afghan government and the taliban. the statement came from us secretary of state mike pompeo and follows the announcement of a conditional ceasefire by the afghan president. ashraf ghani made the announcement of an end to hostilities at a ceremony to mark afghan independence day in kabul. he said the ceasefire would start from monday and would continue for three months as long as the taliban respected it. it comes ahead of the muslim festival of eid—ul—adha and after days after intense fighting in the city of ghazni. translation: in order
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for our countrymen to spend the days of eid—ul—adha in a peaceful manner, once again we announce a ceasefire that will start tomorrow, monday, until the anniversary of prophet muhammad's birth, provided that the taliban preserves and respects it and announces it for any period they agree upon. we call on the leadership of the taliban to welcome the wishes of afghans for a long lasting and real peace. and we urge them to get ready for peace talks based on islamic values and presences. our correspondent shoaib sharifi is in kabul. after a week of intense fighting, in the last ten days, when the taliban penetrated an important city in south of kabul and managed to hold and fight for five days against
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security forces, as a result of which at least 100 security forces we re which at least 100 security forces were killed, that was followed by two deadly attacks in the north of the country in which at least another hundred afghan security forces were killed, and even as we speak today, a district in the north of the country fell into the hands of the country fell into the hands of the country fell into the hands of the taliban. so although fighting, and right up to the moments of the president announcing this conditional ceasefire, they have been fighting across the country, over at least two dozen front lines, but it is expected that the conditional ceasefire, at least for three days of eid may be positively responded by the taliban, but the group has been fighting in the last two months against afghan security forces. immediately after
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mid—june's unilateral ceasefire by the afghan government, which was overlapped by three days of taliban ceasefire, for the first time in 17 yea rs ceasefire, for the first time in 17 years in afghanistan, the group halted fighting against afghan security forces and people in major cities saw taliban fighters come on the streets of the cities, talk to people, and even hugging security forces. more bodies have been recovered in the indian state of kerala, after devastating floods that have killed more than 350 people since the end of may. many died in landslides which have swept entire villages away. the flooding is the worst for a century and has also left 300,000 people homeless. our correspondent yogita limaye reports from kerala. the help they were waiting for has finally arrived. this baby was rescued from a southern district. the boy's mother had been airlifted just before him. they are among hundreds of thousands who have had to leave their homes, finding shelter at schools turned into relief centres. there are nearly 4000 people here. aid is being sent by the government
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that they are receiving supplies from people who want to help. instead of running the school he normally heads, fatherjoe is managing the centre. it is more than our imagination, they are coming from all over. they had no time even to respond. they have no place to go anywhere. they leave everything and they came. and suddenly we open camps right now. this woman was visiting her sister when the flooding started. she was rescued by locals in a small fishing boat. translation: i thought i was going to die. even the boat i was rescued in almost capsized, my sister and i fell out of it, but somehow they were able to hold onto us. for the first time since the 8th of august, there was no rainfall in most parts of the state.
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this road was flooded earlier, but because it has not trained in the past 12 hours or so, the water levels have receded a bit and cars can pass through it again and it has made the work of people like those who are in these lorries behind me, indian navy personnel and rescuers, it has made their lives easier. landslides and uprooted trees had also blocked roads, and troops have been clearing them. bridges that were broken are being repaired so that relief material can get to even the most remote areas of the state. no rains are expected for the next few days, but even now large parts of kerala are underwater. it will be a while before people get to go home. let's take a look at some of the other stories making the news. italy's interior minister, matteo salvini, has threatened to send a boatload of more than 170 migrants back to libya, unless the european union offers real help.
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he's refused to let the migrants off the italian coastguard vessel that them picked up earlier this week and headed to an italian port. italy and malta have been arguing about who has responsibility for taking them in. israel has closed the erez border crossing point, which people use to cross to and from the gaza strip. exemptions on urgent humanitarian grounds will be allowed. it comes after continuing protests by palestinians on the border became violent. two palestinians were shot dead by israeli forces on friday, the latest among about 170 killed since the current wave of protests started in late march. an egyptian man who hijacked a plane has been deported from cyprus to egypt after a two—year extradition battle. seif al—din mostafa is alleged to have used a fake suicide belt to hijack an egyptair plane in march 2016. he diverted the plane to cyprus where he was arrested. he had argued that he would not face a fair trial in egypt. in the us, the former director
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of the ciajohn brennan is considering taking legal action to stop president trump from revoking security clearances. mr brennan was head of the agency under obama, and mr trump removed his security clearance because of what he called "a series of unfounded and outrageous allegations" about his administration. mr brennan had criticised the president for attacking a former white house aide who's written a book about her time in the white house. here's john brennan on nbc‘s meet the press. i think this is yet another example of his egregious abuse of power and authority. just because he has the ability to revoke one's clearance doesn't mean that he is doing it for the appropriate reasons. indeed, he violated the process that he himself, his administration put out last year, in terms of the basis for revoking security clearances. so i think it was just designed to distract the press
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from some of the other things that were going on last week. mr trump's lawyer — and the former mayor of new york city — rudy guiliani, defended the president's decision to remove mr brennan's clearance. brennan made the extraordinary charge that the president was treasonous, and then just said to you, and i commend you for your questioning, that he has no information that the president is guilty of conspiracy. well, i mean that is just conjecture, that this man accuses people of a crime that could carry death as the result. totally. . . highly charged words... an unhinged character who shouldn't have a security clearance. let's speak to chris buckler, who is following developments from washington. chris, with this move byjohn brennan, is there any legal grounds oi’ brennan, is there any legal grounds or mechanism where he can get the
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security clearance back? it is a good question, he says he has been contacted good question, he says he has been co nta cted by good question, he says he has been contacted by law —— lawyers and he will stop this process to defend others who currently have security clea ra nce to others who currently have security clearance to donald trump wants to remove it from, and some are people that donald trump as a political problem with, someone he feels has not been particularly fair to him in the past. so there is this feeling that political grievances are being dealt out by this threat over removing security clearances. as for the technical ability for giving and removing them, it seems that it goes back to an executive order signed during the clinton era, we are talking about 1995, but the process is set out, there is some question, and this may be wherejohn brennan's lawyers are looking at, that perhaps the process was not followed exactly. however, ultimately, it would have to be tested in the courts. but you get the distinct
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impression this fight betweenjohn brennan and donald trump is personal, as well as it is political and also about who is entitled to a security clearance. there is another story i want to talk about, the new york times reporting that a white house lawyer, don mcgann, has spoken extensively and cooperated with the mueller investigation into russian interference, what more do we know about that? well, the new york times has published an article in which they say he has given 30 hours of testimony, so a huge amount of testimony, so a huge amount of testimony, and the special counsel investigation is looking into allegations of russian interference in the election, allegations that collusion may have been a part of that. we're not suggesting that don mcgann may have information about that, but the white house counsel has been there throughout the turbulent period in the white house where there have been allegations that potentially donald trump may
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have obstructed justice. for example, in the firing of the fbi directorjames comey, also in pressure being put on the department ofjustice officials. pressure being put on the department of justice officials. so pressure being put on the department ofjustice officials. so this new york times story is suggesting that he has given evidence about that, of course we don't know exactly what has been said. however, there has been an angry tweet by donald trump in which he said that the new york times story is a fake piece. now, in saying that, he has also confirmed that mcg han has saying that, he has also confirmed that mcghan has given extensive testimony, but he has also said that any suggestion that this happened behind his back is untrue, he says that don mcghan has not turned on him, that he gave full permission for him to go—ahead and give this information to be special counsel, and of course we're still waiting to see what robert mueller does find and whether any charges flow from that. 0k, and whether any charges flow from that. ok, chris, thank you very much indeed, chris buckler there with the latest on political developments in washington, dc. stay with us on bbc
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world news, still to come: addressing the nation — imran khan makes his first address as prime minister, promising to tackle corruption in pakistan. washington, the world's most political city is assessing the political city is assessing the political body will‘s most powerful man. i did have a relationship that was wrong. in south africa, 97 people killed today on one of the worst days of violence between rival black groups. over the last ten days, 500 have died. czechoslovakia must be free! russia is observing a national day of mourning for the submariners who died on board the kursk. we all with them now, in our
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hearts. the pope has celebrated mass before a congregation of 2.5 million in his hometown of krakow. stay with us, chanted this ocean of humanity. well, well, you want me to desert rome, said the pope? ? this is bbc world news today. i'm ben bland. the latest headlines: more earthquakes have struck indonesia's lombok island just a fortnight after major tremors there left hundreds dead. afg hanistan‘s president has declared a ceasefire to mark the holiday of eid. he has said it will last three months — but only if the taliban respect it too. he has said it will last three months — pakistan's new prime minister, the former cricket star imran khan, has promised to tackle corruption and improve the state of the country's finances. he made the pledge in his first address to the nation. mr khan also said he would refuse to live in the prime minister's mansion and would avoid
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what he called the extravagent lifestyles associated with pakistan's previous ruling elites. translation: we have to stand on our own feet, we cannot carry on behaving the way we have. the more debt we're under, the more freedom we lose. we lose our respect. how bad would you feel? in fact, think about how bad i would feel, begging other countries for money. i would be ashamed. when a country begs for money from other countries, that country's entire respect goes. the world only respects a nation that respects itself. for more on imran khan's plans, i spoke to the bbc‘s south asia regional editor, anbarasan ethirajan. before the election he talked about a new pakistan, where his vision of how the country should be
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run, and more or less today's speech was reflecting his ideals about how to tackle corruption, which is plaguing the society, pakistani society, and money—laundering, how the politicians are keeping the money outside, how we can bring them back, and establishing, you know, schools and creating more than a million jobs for the youth, how to improve the education education system, and also, most importantly, bringing more people into the tax net. during his speech he specifically mentioned only about 800,000 people, out of 200 million, which is less than 1%, pay income tax in pakistan. so if pakistan wants to stop begging, as he put it, for money from other countries, orfrom imf, we need to create our own resources, which means more people should pay taxes and we will be accountable for the money. that gives an indication that's what his priorities will be. the uk is to investigate allegations that british world war ii
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shipwrecks in asia have been targeted by scavengers. the british defence secretary, gavin williamson, says he was very concerned to hear claims that four shipwrecks off the malaysian and indonesian coasts had been looted. they are thought to be the graves of royal navy sailors and civilians. chi chi izundu has the details. i name this ship prince of wales. may 1939, the launch of the prince of wales, a few months before the outbreak of the second world war. in 1941, that same vessel was used to host a secret meeting between winston churchill and american president franklin roosevelt. later that year, it and hms repulse would make their final voyage. repulse and the prince of wales were lost in the java sea on december 10th 1941. the warships had been trying to intercept a japanese invasion force headed for malaya. both vessels were sunk by bombers as they tried to return
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to their base in singapore. over 800 sailors were lost, making the wrecks war graves. diving experts currently think at least ten british warships are in that area. they've been ransacked for their steel, which has very little radiation and could be used to make sensitive instruments. it's thought the salvage of one ship alone could fetch up to £1 million. the looting of sunken warships breaches the un international salvaging convention and breaks british, indonesian and malaysia laws. defence secretary gavin williamson says he is very concerned over these allegations and is working with those governments to investigate those claims. but with defence resources under pressure, any kind of effective policing of designated naval war graves could be difficult. chi chi izundu, bbc news. mark edwards has all the sport. hello and thanks for joining us on sport today.
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we'll start with football and somewhat of a shock result, as manchester united were beaten 3—2 at brighton in the english premier league. jose mourinho has talked about being unhappy with a lack of signings — and you can see why. brighton with three first half goals courtesy of glenn murray, shane duffy and pascal gross. romelu lukaku had brought united back to 2—1, and paul pogba added a late penalty, but all three points going to brighton, who've beaten united at the amex for the second season in a row. i was disappointed, because the week was good, and i was expecting the team collectively to be a better team, so don't go on in the direction of the mistake and the individual mistake and the consequence of that, but there are basic mistakes that makes almost an impossible mission to win the match. better news if you support the team in the blue half of manchester, as sergio aguero scored his 13th
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city hat—trick to help city to an emphatic 6—1win over huddersfield town. it was the argentine's ninth premier league hat—trick, which puts him second on the all—time list behind alan shearer. the other city goals came from gabrieljesus, david silva, and there was an own goal to maintain the champions' 100% start to the season. i never saw sergio like right now, so i never saw sergio like right now, so he came back, in the past he a lwa ys so he came back, in the past he always was a high level, but in the commitment, with the ball, without the ball, he is happy, of course he scored three goals, but he created chances and passes and movement and everything. confirmation of sunday's results in england, then. in the other game, watford won at burnley 3—1. incidentally, the first away goals the hornets have scored since january. real madrid have just kicked
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off their first game of the season at getafe. life under new coachjulen lopetegui and without cristiano ronaldo may feel a bit strange. sevilla had a good win at rayo vallecano. huesca beat eibar 2—1. in italy, roma scored in the final minute to win1—0 at torino on the opening weekend of the serie a season. edin dzeko got the goal. inter are losing at sassuolo. quick tennis update for you, kiki bertens has won the wta cincinatti open after beating world number one simona halep in three sets. halep has twice been a beaten finalist in cincinatti and it proved to be third time unlucky. it was a tight contest, with the romanian taking the first set convincingly before bertens drew level winning the second set tie—break. however, the world number 17 then pulled away in the decider to complete the comeback 2-6, 7-6, 6-2. india have taken control of the third test against england on day two in nottingham. the visitors building a sizeable lead.
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they were bowled out in the morning session for 329, but then tore through england's batting line—up in a single session — they were all out for 161. hardik panya taking the first five wicket haul of his career. india lost only two wickets in their second innings, as they built a huge lead of 292. three more days to go — a win would be their first of the series and make it 2—1 with two to play. fernando alonso made motosport history on sunday by becoming the first f1 driver to win the six hours of silverstone. the two—time formula one world champion joined toyota's world endurance championship programme this season, dovetailing it with his f1 duties. the spaniard combined with sebastien buemi and kazuki nakajima and has now reeled off three victories in a row for toyota after his triumphs at spa and le mans earlier in the year. after three events, alonso's team hold a 26—point lead over their toyota rivals with five races to go. that's all the sport for now. thank you.
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let me show you some pictures now from new bethel baptist church in detroit. this was a service earlier held in honour of the so—called queen of soul, aretha franklin. she died on thursday at the age of 76 after a battle with pancreatic cancer. fans have been paying their respects by leaving mementos outside the church where franklin sang gospel as a child and where her father preached. don't forget you can get in touch with me and some of my team on twitter, i'm @benmbland. hello there.
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sunshine was on very short supply today, many places held on to the cloud. but at least on the up side, it was pretty warm across the board. now tonight we'll hold on to a lot of cloud, and it will remain pretty warm and humid, especially for england and wales. winds still a fair feature across england and wales, as we head on into the overnight period, but they will tend to weaken and be become more confined to the channel islands, the far south—west of england. could see a few clear spells, lengthy clear spells develop across the northern half of the country, especially for scotland. if that does happen, then temperatures may dip down to 10 degrees here, but elsewhere for england and wales, where we have the cloud blanket, 15 to maybe 17 degrees, so a warm and muggy start to monday. the pressure chart monday shows we're in between weather systems, widely spaced isobars, so the winds will be lighter. we will have this weak weather front though, straddling central areas, and it could just produce the odd spit and spot of rain through central parts of england in towards wales, perhaps across and towards the irish sea. but to the north of it, generally cloudy, with a few sunny spells, and to the south of it as well variable cloud, with some holes appearing in that
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cloud from time to time. a warm one again, whereever you are, but especially england and wales, — 22 to 25 degrees. so it will be pretty warm, albeit cloudy in nottingham and trent bridge there for the test match at cricket. it should stay largely dry as well. as we head on into tuesday, we have a weather front pushing into the north—west corner of the country, so here outbreaks of rain, strengthening winds. elsewhere, though, actually with the high pressure beginning to build in, looks like we could see a greater chance of seeing some sunny spells. once again, it will be warm and humid where ever you are. temperatures reaching 25 or 26 degrees in the south—east. that weather front to the north—west spreads its way south—eastwards on wednesday, weakens as it does, so it will produce a line of cloud with some showers here and there. to the north and west of it something brighter but cooler. temperatures into the mid upper teens celsius to the south—east of it — could see some sunshine and it will remain pretty warm, temperatures reaching 26, maybe 27 celsius. but the warmth ebbs away as we head on into thursday, as cooler air pushes down from the north—west across much
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of the uk by friday. so that will introduce a bit of brighter weather as well. so we start this week on a rather cloudy, humid note. something a little bit brighter midweek, and by the end of the week it will turn fresher, cooler for all. this is bbc world news, the headlines. more earthquakes have struck indonesia's lombok island. one of the tremors on sunday measured 6.9, the same as the quake which left hundreds dead just a fortnight ago. the afghan government has declared a conditional ceasefire with the taliban. president ashraf ghani said the ceasefire will run for three months, but only if both sides agree to take part. the former cia director who had his security clearance revoked by president trump last week says he is considering legal action to get it back. john brennan says the white house broke their own rules on controlling clearances. a church service has been held in detroit in honour of aretha franklin, who died on thursday. the service took place in the new bethel baptist church
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where franklin sang gospel as a child and where her father used to preach.
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