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tv   BBC News  BBC News  August 19, 2018 11:00pm-11:31pm BST

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will this is bbc news, i'm julian worricker. the headlines at 11: rescue teams step up their efforts to try and reach thousands of stranded families in the indian province of kerala. many people are still trapped in the houses in many places.” many people are still trapped in the houses in many places. i hope they get there very soon. we couldn't stay there any more and i am thankfulfor stay there any more and i am thankful for the people who stay there any more and i am thankfulfor the people who brought us thankfulfor the people who brought us out about. —— brought us out of that. a british woman rescued ten hours after falling from a cruise ship into the sea near croatia says she's "lucky to be alive". the campaign for another brexit vote receives £1 million donation from the co—founder of fashion label superdry. also coming up this hour: pakistan's new prime minister addresses his nation. imran khan promises to tackle corruption and improve the country's finances. the government says it will investigate allegations that british world war ii shipwrecks in asia have been targeted by scavengers. and sixteen nurses who all work in the same intensive care unit in a hospital in arizona fall
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pregnant at the same time. and at 11:30 we'll be taking an in—depth look at the papers with our reviewers, ruth lea, economic adviser to the arbuthnot banking group and ben chu, the economics editor at the independent. stay with us for that. good evening. more bodies have been recovered in the indian state of kerala, after devastating floods that have claimed nearly 200 lives in the last 10 days. many were killed in landslides which have swept away entire villages. the flooding's been caused
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by the heaviest monsoon rains for a century, which have also left 300,000 people homeless. 0ur correspondent yogita limaye reports now from mala town in central kerala. the help they were waiting for has finally arrived. this baby was rescued from a southern district. the boy's mother had been airlifted just before him. they are among hundreds of thousands who have had to leave their homes, finding shelter at schools turned into relief centres. there are nearly 4000 people here. aid is being sent by the government but they are receiving supplies from people who want to help. instead of running the school he normally heads, fatherjoe is managing the centre. it is more than our imagination, they are coming from all over. they had no time even to respond. they have no place to go anywhere. they leave everything and they came. and suddenly we open camps right now.
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this woman was visiting her sister when the flooding started. she was rescued by locals in a small fishing boat. translation: i thought i was going to die. even the boat i was rescued in almost capsized, my sister and i fell out of it, but somehow they were able to hold onto us. not everyone was able to escape. heavy rainfall caused a mudslide which destroyed this house. nine people died here. among them were this man's wife and brother. he works in dubai and came here a day after the tragedy. my wife was my partner of 30 years. and now she has left me. my brother has gone and his children. ijust can't bear it. neighbours and relatives gathered together offering prayers for the dead. outside, the rain has
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stopped for the first time since the eighth of august. this road was flooded earlier but because it hasn't rained in the past 12 hours, the water levels have receded and cars can pass again. it has made the work of people like those in these lorries behind me, indian navy personnel and rescuers, it has made their life easier. uprooted trees and rocks had also blocked roads. troops had been clearing them. bridges are being repaired so that relief material can get to even the most remote areas of the state. no rain is expected for the next few days. but even now large parts of corral are underwater. it would be a while before people get to go home. a british woman has been rescued in the adriatic sea, more than 10 hours after falling from a cruise liner off the croatian coast.
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she's now recieving treatment after her ordeal and says she feels lucky to be alive. tom burridge reports. she fell from a crew ship at midnight, and then spent ten hours at sea. but kay looked pretty well on this, the final leg of her rescue by the croatian coastguard. one very grateful holiday—maker back on dry land. and this is the moment she was rescued. i fell off the back of the norwegian star, and i was in the water for ten hours. so these wonderful guys rescued me. the norwegian star is a 92,000 ton cruise ship. kay fell from the back deck down into the adriatic. the ship had docked in dubrovnik and was heading north towards venice when, just before midnight last night, kay went overboard about 60 miles off the croatian coast. too much sun the only visible effect, but what an ordeal.
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i am very lucky to be alive. there has been no comment on how she fell. the coastguard said she was exhausted when they pulled her from the water. tom burridge, bbc news. the government is preparing to publish advice designed to prepare the uk for the possibility of a no—deal brexit. the notices, to be released on thursday, will include information for citizens, businesses and public bodies. they come as a founder of the fashion brand superdry donated £1 million to the campaign for a public vote on the final deal, saying brexit was going to be a disaster. 0ur political correspondent leila nathoo reports. and we stare into the abyss of no deal... this weekend in edinburgh, the latest in a series of rallies being held by those calling for the public to have their say on the final brexit deal. the people's vote campaign is demanding another referendum. now it's been given a boost — a £1 million donation by the businessmanjulian dunkerton.
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he wants to fund polling to test whether public opinion is shifting. if people think that this brexit is going wrong, if they think it's being botched, if they think that the politicians are making a mess of it, they have every right to demand that they take back control of this brexit and have a people's vote. parliament would have to pass a law for there to be another vote. the government has repeatedly ruled that out. for now, labour is not backing the idea either. and it's a prospect that incenses brexiteers. the only poll that counts is the referendum and people voted to leave. the people's vote talk about democracy. actually their declared intent is to overturn the democratic decision of 2016, to leave the european union. they want a second vote only to remain in the european union. time is now running out to do the deal. brexit secretary dominic raab will go to brussels again this week
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for further talks. much is still to be resolved. fundamental questions remain about how close or distant britain's relationship with the eu will be once we leave. it negotiations are still ongoing and both sides are aiming for an agreement and the government insists that it agreement and the government insists thatitis agreement and the government insists that it is likely that that won't happen. as the clock ticks down, so are the preparations for the outcome of no deal being reached are stepped up. this week, the department will be publishing a series of papers of advice on what to do in the event of no deal and the brexit secretary will be outlining the governments own plans on thursday. ministers insist this is that ensuring stability in what ever happens, but there are those in westminster who favour that outcome and there are others who are so alarmed by the prospect they fear it is increasingly likely and they think the divisions in parliament might scupper any possible deal, they
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think it is now time for the public to step in. a 27—year—old man has been arrested in connection with the unprovoked attack of a mother and daughter with a hammer in a street in south—east london. joe xuereb allegedly targeted the woman at random in adderley gardens in greenwich earlier today. officers found the pair badly injured and both were taken to south london hospitals, where they remain in a critical condition. homes have been evacuated due to explosions and smoke from a fire on an industrial estate near east midlands airport. firefighters on the scene tackled thick plumes of black smoke, at one point they were forced to withdraw to safety as gas cylinders on—site started exploding. the blaze has also caused problems for travellers, with train cancellations on the midland mainline in nottingham and sheffield. police in leicestershire are appealing for information to help find a schoolboy missing since friday night. 12 year old dray wilson was last seen shortly before 9 o'clock on friday evening on harby lane in the vale of belvoir. the youngster who is of afro caribbean decent, has bleached blond hair and had been
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living in the county for a month before he went missing. police say he has connections to staffordshire and the west midlands. a british paraglider has died after a mid—air collision with another pilot in macedonia. 54—year—old innes powell, crashed into ukranian igor volov ahead of the final race of the british open competition in krusevo on friday. the british instructor who was from devon died in hospital, while mr volov died at the scene. jo kent reports. it was a sport innes powell had loved for years. he was filmed by the bbc in 2002. it's one of those sports that you concentrate when you're doing, you completely forget anything else that's going on in your little world. this footage shows last yea r‘s british open. it was held in the same town in macedonia, where the tragedy happened on friday. innes powell collided with the ukrainian igor volov in midair. it was ahead of the final
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race of the event. mr powell wasn't able to open his reserve parachute and fell to the ground. he died later in hospital. mr volov was also killed. richard parkes, from the isle of wight, was at the same competition. a true competitor. he loved the crack of being out there, flying, he was flying well. he was very comfortable in himself. he's had a few years where he's not been flying at the top level and he was clearly getting back to the top level. friends from the club gathered to pay their respects today. innes was a big character. if you met him, he wouldn't forget him. he had a great sense of humour, a good raconteur, a great storyteller, and a very talented pilot. innes powell was a professional instructor, with his own flying school and decades of experience in competitions. over the years he passed his passion onto dozens of students. he had integrity.
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whatever he said he would do he always seemed to manage to do. i came to trust him and like him. i am very sorry he has gone. british paragliding competitions, which organised the event where the two men died, offered its deepest condolences to the family and friends of the pilots. the ministry of defence is investigating allegations that british vessels sunk in asia during world war ii have been targeted by scavengers. the defence secretary gavin williamson says he's "very concerned" to hear claims that four shipwrecks off the malaysian and indonesian coasts had been looted. chi chi izundu has the details. i name this ship prince of wales. cheering and applause. may 1939. the launch of a new warship a few months before the outbreak of the second world war. in 1941, that same vessel was used to host a secret meeting between winston churchill and the american president
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franklin roosevelt. in that same year, both the prince of wales and repulse were lost in the java sea. the warships were sunk trying to intercept a japanese invasion force that was headed to malaysia, then called malaya. over 800 sailors died, making the wrecks war graves. as a naval officer and as a historian, ifeel very disturbed about this sort of thing, because you essentially have criminals, scrap dealers, going in and disturbing the graves of people who fought for their country, but also destroying historical wrecks, which sometime in the future might be of significance to future generations. it is thought the salvage of one ship alone can fetch up to £1 million. the wrecks are ransacked for their steel, which has very little radiation and could be used to make sensitive instruments. diving experts think at least ten british warships are in those south—east asian seas. the looting of sunken warships breaches the un international salvaging convention
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and breaks british, indonesian and malaysian laws. defence secretary gavin williamson has said that he is very concerned over these allegations, and is working with those governments to investigate these claims. but with defence resources under pressure, any kind of effective policing of designated naval war graves could be difficult. chi chi izundu, bbc news. the indonesian island of lombok was shaken by further earthquakes today, two weeks after one that killed more than a50 people. three quakes occurred in the span of forty minutes, with fires thought to have begun in the aftermath. the most powerful of the tremors is reported to have had a magnitude of 6.9. the headlines on bbc news: rescue teams step up their efforts to try and reach thousands of stranded families in the indian province of kerala. a british woman rescued ten hours
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after falling from a cruise ship into the sea near croatia says she is lucky to be alive. the campaign for another brexit vote receives a £1 million donation from the co—founder of fashion label superdry. sport, and for a full round—up from the bbc sport centre, here is tim hague. england capitulated on day two of the third test against india at trent bridge. they were all out for 161, leaving the tourists, who are now batting again, well placed to win the match and reduce england's 2—0 lead in the series. in the morning, the hosts had bowled out the indians for 329 in theirfirst innings, before england lost all ten wickets in one session and were all out for 161, hardik pandya taking 5for 28. india then dominated with the bat, too, losing ony two wickets in their second innings
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as they built a huge lead of 292. three more days to go in nottingham. in the premier league, manchester united slipped to their first defeat of the season at brighton. jose mourinho has talked about being unhappy with a lack of signings, and you could see why today as they were beaten 3—2, murray, duffy, and gross getting the home side's goals all in the first half. romelu lukaku and paul pogba replied for united. it is the second successive season they have lost at brighton. i was disappointed with the performance, because the week was good, andi performance, because the week was good, and i was expecting the team collectively to be a better team. so don't go only in the direction of the mistake in the individual mistake, and the consequence of that, but there are basic mistakes
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that, but there are basic mistakes that makes almost an impossible mission to win a match. much better news if you support the other team in manchester. sergio aguero scored three as they thrashed huddersfield town 6—1. it was the his ninth premier league hat—trick, which puts him second on the all—time list, behind alan shearer. the other city goals came from gabrieljesus, david silva and an own—goal, to make it two wins from two for city. in the day's other game, watford won 3—1 at burnley. brentford maintained their unbeaten start in the championship with a 2—0 home win over sheffield wednesday. the bees are up to fourth in the table. also unbeaten are sunderland in league one. they were convincing 3—0 winners over scunthorpe. and britain's swimmers have had a succesful final day in dublin at the european para swimming championships, claiming three golds in the final session, as kate grey reports. the british team have not
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disappointed on the final night of action, winning ten medals. paralympic champion mikeyjones had to wait for the very end to his main events, the s7 a00m freestyle. in a closely contested race, he managed to sneak the victory to become european champion. a remarkable achievement considering he has been out of the water with a shoulder injury for this season. yes, so i had shoulder surgery back in november last year, and i didn't go backin november last year, and i didn't go back in the water properly until kind of march time. i only really started doing some faster stuff about six weeks ago, so really happy with that swim. northern ireland's bethanie firth led home a british one, two, three in the individual medley. her third goal of the studentships, and she is already looking forward to her next competition. i am really excited, andi competition. i am really excited, and i feel competition. i am really excited, and ifeel a competition. i am really excited, and i feel a lot competition. i am really excited, and ifeel a lot more hunger to come back and smash it even more. ifeel like all my good events were like rio, i will come back and do a lot
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more pbs next year. the final gold was the relay in dublin, which means britain finishes third on the medal table with 20 gold medals and 55 medals overall. britain's jamie murray and brazilian bruno soares have won their second doubles title of the month with victory at the cinicnatti masters. murray and soares fought back from a set down to beat colombians juan sebastian cabal and robert farah. it is their ninth title together since joining forces in 2016. novak djokovic also beat roger federer in the last few minutes. and finally, some things are worth waiting for. golfer paul waring has won his first european tour title at the nordea masters, at his 200th attempt. he held a two—shot lead with four holes to play, before playing partner thomas aiken birdied the last hole to force a play—off. a par was good enough for waring in the end, though, as aiken drove into the water.
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he got absolutely soaked, but a nice trophy as well. that's all the sport for now. imran khan, who has been sworn in as pakistan's new prime minister, has made his first televised address to the nation. in a wide—ranging speech, the former cricket star pledged to tackle corruption. he also said he would refuse to live in the prime minister's mansion, and would avoid what he called the extravagant lifestyles associated with pakistan's previous ruling elites. but he said the first priority was to turn his attention to the economy. translation: we have to stand on our own feet. we cannot carry on behaving the way we have. the more debt we're under, the more freedom we lose. we lose our respect. how bad would you feel? in fact, think about how bad i would feel, begging other countries for money. i would be ashamed.
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when a country begs for money from other countries, that country's entire respect goes. the world only respects a nation that respects itself. well, anbarasan ethirajan, who is the bbc south asia analyst, told me a short time ago that the pledges that imran khan has made are hugely ambitious. to his electorate, he sold this idea of creating a new pakistan, which means there is no corruption, proper administration. we don't have to go and beg money from foreign countries. this was the ideal he was talking about. and the day after he is sworn in, he is talking to his electorate, telling them that he will go after those who are corrupt. number two, he was talking about how many people pay income tax in the country. he said 800,000 people out of 200 million people pay tax, which is less than 1%. and broadly, in the subcontinent, the number of people who pay tax, even in india, is less than [1%. so he wants to improve,
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widen this tax net, so the government can take more revenue, which can be used for the people to develop education, to create more jobs and healthcare. so these are the ideals he was talking about. there are challenges. pakistan's foreign reserves are just about $10 billion, which is enough to pay for two months of imports. so he needs to go either to china, which is a close ally of pakistan, or to the international monetary fund, the imf, so they can get a bailout. so he is giving a hint that people need to pay tax, and he might increase taxes. he also said rich people should pay more so the money can be used for the poor. he is setting out his own vision for pakistan today. used for the poor. he is setting out his own vision for pakistan todaylj his own vision for pakistan today.” mean, you use the word hint, and one of the criticisms has been there aren't sufficient details yet. he hasn't given details about how he will improve the revenue collection for pakistan itself. pakistan's economy is growing at 6%, but his major challenge is how to fix the economy, because they are running
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out of these foreign exchange reserves. because the oil imports are increasing, the international oil prices are going up, which meets pakistan has to dig deep to pay for these oil imports. so the first challenge for him as the economy, and second how he is going to tackle the military. you know, the military has always been playing an active role in pakistan's foreign policy and defence policy. whether he can manage to strike a balance between the internal affairs and the areas where the military thinks that is within its own realm of power, which he cannot go into, step into that territory. and how secure is he politically, as he embarks upon all of this? he has a coalition government. he has managed to get the support of the other regional parties. and the opposition parties have now come to the parliament. he was sworn in. but he politically seems to be strong now, because he is also ruling two of the provinces. his party is now in power in two of the provinces. so the opposition parties have suffered very badly,
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even though they accuse these elections were rigged, they are not ina elections were rigged, they are not in a position to take him on at this point. but he thinks that he has got the people's mandate, and he wants to create this new pakistan where there is no corruption, where pakistan will be treated respect early on the international arena. but there is a lot of difference between vision and reality, and what he wants to achieve for pakistan, i think it is very difficult in any developing country to change the system of role in five years. —— overall in five years. 16 nurses at a hospital in the us state of arizona have found out that they are all pregnant at the same time. max gorden from cbs news has the story. it wasn't like they planned it. now wondering what is in the water. and they sure when counting on this. one after another after another after another. 16 intensive-care unit
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nurses at this area, all pregnant at the same time. did we have some kind of pa ct the same time. did we have some kind of pact going on? the boon of burgeoning bellis has increased trips to the cafeteria. and it has some patients a little confused.” mean, it's like, are you all pregnant? though there are a few limitations to the cases these nurses can now treat. certain infections, and then also chemotherapy drugs can be very toxic to the foetus. but don't fear, maternity leave induced nurse shortage is not on the way. we have been planning this for months. has left some of these nurses learning a lesson. you find out how supportive your co—workers are a few, and your management team, so it has been a good experience. now it is time for a look at the weather, with stav danaos. hello there. this weekend just gone proved a little bit disappointing for many of us in regards to sunshine amounts, as many places did stay rather damp and grey. but the
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sunshine did make a brief appearance in places, particularly southern areas, on sunday afternoon. and on the plus side it was pretty warm. albeit rather humid. now, our air flow has been coming in off the atla ntic flow has been coming in off the atlantic for the last few days, and will do so as well as we heading towards much of the new working week. the weather front, towards much of the new working week. the weatherfront, though, trailing back into the central atlantic, bringing thicker cloud at times. you can see the deep oranges indicating the warmth which we are tapping into an south—westerly wind. so we are starting monday off on a rather grey note again, but a warm and 91, with temperatures starting off around ten to 17 degrees across parts of england's and wales. with the presence or weather front through central areas, the cloud will be thick enough for the odd spot of light rain and drizzle in places. a few holes that cloud, and the wind will be lighter on monday that what we had over the weekend. so where we get any sunshine, it should feel quite pleasant. temperatures generally will be ranging from 20 to 25 degrees. now,
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as we had on in towards tuesday, we've still got those weak weather fronts bringing in a cloud at times and were still picking up the air from a south—westerly. but this weather front marks the boundary of something a little bit cooler and fresher. to the north of it, and the warmer and more humid air to the south of it. it does look like generally england and wales will tap into that warm for the next few days, whereas things will be turning cooler across scotland and northern ireland. in fact, cooler across scotland and northern ireland. infact, on cooler across scotland and northern ireland. in fact, on tuesday the arrival of that weather front will bring outbreaks of rain to the west of scotland, northern ireland, something a bit cooler into stornoway, and elsewhere it is going to be another day variable cloud, sunny spells and warm and humid as well. that weather front slips a little bit further south on wednesday, to allow some of that cooler but brighter air to push into the north—west. central part of that country, with the weather front, will have more cloud with outbreaks of rain. to the north and that it will be cooler, temperatures into the mid to high teens celsius, and to the south—east of it, given some sunshine, we could be looking at 26
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or 27th of this. warming humid day they are. this weather front tends to fizzle out across central areas, but we look to the north—west on wednesday, to another cold front spreading down to the north—west, some strong winds behind it and colder and fresher air as well. for thursday it will be showery. some of these showers blustery because of these showers blustery because of the strength of the wind. some sunny spells around, feeling cooler, 13 degrees in one way. england and wales will see some sunshine, and it could be the last day of the warmth in the south—east, with highs of 23 or 2a celsius. 0n in the south—east, with highs of 23 or 2a celsius. on friday the cooler airwillwind or 2a celsius. on friday the cooler air will wind out, and or 2a celsius. on friday the cooler airwillwind out, and it or 2a celsius. on friday the cooler air will wind out, and it could be quite a wet day across scotland and northern ireland, and feel pretty chilly with a cloud in the rain. england and wales, a cooler day, but at least it should be bright with some sunshine. into the following weekend, which were some of us as a bank holiday weekend, it is going to be quite a mixed bag. it looks initially like we are going to start off with some cool air around for the saturday, but then south—westerly winds pick up again for saturday and on into the
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following monday, so things should write an up and warm up a little bit as well. then the trend is generally for england and wales, close to this area of high pressure, to be fine settled. further north, closer to an area of low pressure, so we will see stronger winds in some showers. it is turning fresherfor a stronger winds in some showers. it is turning fresher for a time, and into the following weekend it should turn dry out with some sunshine. always showery across the north in the east of the country. hello. this is bbc news. we'll be taking a look at tomorrow mornings papers in a moment, first the headlines. rescue teams continue to step up their efforts to try and reach thousands of stranded families in flood—hit indian province of kerala. almost 200 people have died in the last 10 days. a british woman who was rescued after spending ten hours in the sea after falling from a cruise liner near croatia says she's "lucky to be alive". she's now in a stable condition in hospital.
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