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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  August 21, 2018 6:30pm-6:51pm BST

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hello this is bbc news with ben brown. the headlines: the former police chief, sir norman bettison, accused of trying to blame liverpool fans for the 1989 hillsborough disaster, has all charges against him dropped. relatives of the victims say their devastated and will seek an independent review. the brexit secretary, dominic raab says the rights of eu nationals to remain in the uk after brexit are secure — even in the event of no deal. in his first major speech as foreign secretary, jeremy hunt has called on the eu to stand "shoulder to shoulder" with the us in taking a tougher stance against russia. the home secretary, sajid javid, apologies to 18 windrush migrants who could have been wrongfully removed from the uk. in a moment it will be time for sportsday but first a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news. at 7:00pm on beyond 100 days — we'll have the latest on the trial of president trump's former campaign chief paul manafort — as jurors continue their deliberations.
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as the technology giant microsoft reveals it stopped russia hacking information from us political organisations — we'll be speaking to a former fbi cyber security agent. can one of the greatest athletes of all time make it as a professional footballer? i'll put that question to a sports psychologist as usain bolt starts training with a team in australia. and we'll be taking a first look at tomorrow morning's front pages at 10.40 and 11.30 this evening in the papers. our guests joining me tonight are the political strategist, jo tanner and jess brammar, head at news at huffpost uk. that's all ahead on bbc news. but now it's time for sportsday. hello, i'm 0lly foster at the bbc sport centre,
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here's what's coming up on sportsday tonight: england are delete macro “— are these the final days for mourinho? manchester united say it's business as usual. the bookies say he's favourite for the sack. bolt will surely be the fastest man in football but could he do it on a wet tuesday night in sydney. just like i was in track and field, people said a lot of things about me, buti people said a lot of things about me, but i proved them wrong. people said a lot of things about me, but i proved them wrongm people said a lot of things about me, but i proved them wrong. it is another moment for me to prove them wrong. good evening, what a day it's been at the trent bridge. for a few hours england supports
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dared to incredibale fifth wicket partenrship between jos buttler and ben stokes...169 runs, was more than england made but when that was broken, the wickets started falling again. let's cross live to trent bridge, patrick gearey is there for us live. aduu adult rashid and stuart broad just about hanging in but it is difficult to see how they can save this test match. given the way england started this morning, it was only five balls in when keatonjennings edged two up the slips. we might not see too much more ofjennings in this england test tea m more ofjennings in this england test team if he keeps recording low scores. joe root when is precisely
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the same way, caught in the slips. three down and not long later, 0llie pope, the new boy, only his second test match but this wasn't a clever shot. ben glynn in all sorts of trouble. but that was dropped, but he needed the reprieve because he and ben stokes batted england all the way through the afternoon session. this is only a week after ben stokes was cleared of affray. it was his slowest ever test 50, really neededin was his slowest ever test 50, really needed in the circumstances. england looked almost comfortable. jos buttler went to his hundred. his first test century. a real milestone for him, people have questioned his place in this team and whether he is too much of a one—day specialist. but he was trapped lbw. he reviewed it, it was onlyjust hitting the stumps. it is on things like that it
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can turn. wickets followed, one after the other. jonny bairstow, first ball, ben stokes and chris woa kes. we first ball, ben stokes and chris woakes. we are left with rashida and stuart broad trying to take this into a fifth day, but it's not looking too good. this was all done on sunday when england lost ten wickets in the session, those flurries of wickets have recurred time and time again, one wicket brings another and then another. they cannot defy a team long enough to ta ke they cannot defy a team long enough to take it into a fifth day. there we re to take it into a fifth day. there were moments when i wondered where the next wicket was coming from but they turned to the next ball and bat provided it. it certainly did, rashid and stuart broad hanging on andjimmy rashid and stuart broad hanging on and jimmy anderson ready to come in. good bowling spells from england and they will take that to southampton at the end of next week for the
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fourth test. it is the top of the order, they have got to get it right. we have been saying that for many months about the england batting order? we have. i feel like iam batting order? we have. i feel like i am repeating myself. we saw a minute ago, they were caught in the slips, caught behind. it is the lack of defensive technique and the lack of defensive technique and the lack of resilience. they have tried shuffling the order around a lot but it hasn't worked. what do they do about alastair cook? he's averaging about alastair cook? he's averaging about 20 this year and you would expect he would be given his own time when he decides to step back from international cricket. jonny ba i rstow from international cricket. jonny bairstow didn't look comfortable, he was out first ball. you suspect he won't be in the team for southampton. it looks like a competitive end to the series. england will have to finish strong and it is india who have the momentum. patrick, thank you very much from trent bridge. two weekends into the premier league
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season, six teams have maximum points, the champions, manchester city, are top on goal difference after they thumped huddersfield, liverpool aren't too far behind — they beat crystal palace last night. jurgen klopp quite rightly shutting down any premature talk about title chellenges. 48 hours on, there is still a lot of noise though around manchester united following their lacklustre defeat against brighton. the captain paul pogba, saying their attitude wasn't right, his relationship with the manager has been questioned. again, jose mourinho is the bookies' favourite to get the sack. the former manchester city, sheffield united, fulham, spurs and leeds midfielder michael brown is with me. we can pick through some of the main talking points. strange we are talking points. strange we are talking about manchester united but paul ince says they are a total mess and they have become a laughing stock. but a club source has told the bbc, nothing to see here, move
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on. is there no smoke without fire? there is certainly smoke. jose mourinho hasn't got what he wanted in the transfer market and defensively they have been poor for some time and i think that why he has the set of the way he does, very defensive. there has been talk about how he sets up and how he plays. he has always been like that for some time and he was very disappointed in the transfer market. he needs to keep his disappointment inside the camp, coming out and criticising other players, whether it is luke shaw and paul pogba. he made a point of saying i will not criticise the players because he knows how heavily criticised he was when he called out some of his players. he said it would be difficult if you didn't get a centre half in the transfer market. people have looked at the chief executive's demeanour at brighton and said, all is not right
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here. he was very stony faced at the full—time whistle. here. he was very stony faced at the full-time whistle. you normally see your board of directors up and clapping the players. yes it is disappointment, but you have to show there is unity in the camp. there isn't any unity in the camp and you can see jose mourinho isn't any unity in the camp and you can seejose mourinho you were leaving the post, and the favourite to be sacked at this stage, which is unreal. we will see if manchester united have a reaction against spurs next monday night. what didn't help is it came off the back of a wonderful manchester city performance. yes it was a poor huddersfield side but they still hate them for six? they did. my former club again. six goals, and it is the style manchester city play in. whether they play a back three 01’ in. whether they play a back three ora in. whether they play a back three or a back four, they have different options all round the pitch. goals coming from different areas of the team. losing kevin de bruyne hasn't been ideal, but they have players
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who can cover. huddersfield held them back at the end of last season, but this is a fantastic start for manchester city. they didn't miss a beat with kevin de bruyne with david silva coming in. liverpool, beat crystal palace 2—0 and i know roy hodgson wasn't very happy about the penalty but are liverpool the who can push manchester city close? we think so, he spent a lot of money in the market but another wonderful tea m the market but another wonderful team to watch, high energy and high pressing. crystal palace are a team who can do well this season. very ha rd to who can do well this season. very hard to break down, especially at selhurst park and a great manager in roy hodgson. a good win early on to get the away win and liverpool are looking strong. they caught them on the break and crystal palace were down to ten men by then. virgil van dijk, sloppy goals they gave away last season but it virgil van dijk can grow into his price tag,
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liverpool will be hard to beat. can grow into his price tag, liverpool will be hard to beatm isa liverpool will be hard to beatm is a huge price tag, manchester city we re is a huge price tag, manchester city were in the market for him. he seems to have the command, he is commanding everything around him and is more organised and great threat from set pieces as well. the championship is shaping up nicely. it is always a dogfight to get out of that. there are four matches tonight and one including your former club, leeds united. this is the pick of the fixtures at swansea, who were relegated last season. ipswich art in all sorts of trouble against bristol city. hull, they will go top above middlesbrough if they win. swansea could codejoint top with middlesbrough if they win. leeds have had a good start before? last year they had a good start, everybody gets excited. playing for
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leeds united, a wonderful club, they just want success. it is 1a years since they have been in the premier league and theyjust want to get back. it is a hard crowd to play for when things don't go well. they need to sustain this good start. if they drop away it becomes a little bit difficult and they are a hard crowd to please. this could be their year, everybody is getting excited. years since they were in the top division. you went through nine managers in your three years at the club, it is a lot! yes, a lot of change. when they are not going so well it is how the players handle it. a lot of pressure goes on to the manager. i think this guy can take the pressure, you will be strong enough. it is great to see them doing well and they‘ re enough. it is great to see them doing well and they're away support is phenomenal. he is doing it now, started well with some of the players they had from last year. he has changed them round, getting a
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few goals and great to see. michael brown, thank you for your thoughts this evening and there will be more from michael on five live sport tonight from 7pm. over 100 and 200 metres he was unbeatable for most of his career. a year after retiring from the track, usain bolt‘s quest to swap spikes for studs continues. the ambition to become a professional footballer has taken him to australia where he is training with the a' league side central coast mariners. here's our australia correspondent, hywell griffiths. he may be the fastest man in the world, but usain bolt has a lot of catching up to do, if he really is to become a professionalfootballer. todayis to become a professionalfootballer. today is his 32nd birthday, an age when some players start to think about retirement. but bolt says playing professionally has been a lifelong dream which he is determined to achieve. football has
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a lwa ys determined to achieve. football has always been a passion of mine. even when my coach at a professional level said, don't play football in the middle of the season, i would still play because i enjoy it. now i have retired and i have the opportunity to play with a top team and show what i can do, something i wa nt to and show what i can do, something i want to do, i want to challenge myself. nobody can doubt his athletic ability, still the world record holder at 100 and 200 metres, he retired last year as the finest sportsmen of his generation. since then he has trained with football teams in germany, norway and south africa, but nobody has offered him a professional contract. if this is a big pr stunt, then it has already worked, but if it is to have a more lasting impact, usain bolt needs to prove his worth, notjust in sponsorship and advertising, but thatis sponsorship and advertising, but that is part of a team. his star power could help lift the mariners,
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who finished bottom of the league last year and it will definitely help bring new fans to their games. i think it is great, you will be fantastic. will it make you watch the football? i always have a daughter into football so she will be keen to watch him. daughter into football so she will be keen to watch himlj daughter into football so she will be keen to watch him. i will get my daughter a usain bolt jersey. you will buy the merchandise? absolutely, i haven't bought a mariners jersey yet, so looking forward to it. when it came to the practice match, he was stuck to the sidelines. no one knows yet when he will actually play. united's former manager, mike phelan is the sporting director here. he's coming into the game late but a dream is a dream at the end of the day and he is ambitious. he is charismatic and he has brought attention to the coast. whether this is the start of a new career orjust a diversion, usain bolt has already left his mark on
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australia. quick update from trent bridge, stuart broad has gone and they are now nine down and india needing just one more wicket to win the third test. also coming up in the programme: how could this deserted bit of land in scotland be given a place in the country's football hall of fame? i will bring you the latest in the second day of action at the para at it is championships here in berlin. rugby union's pro14 season kicks off at the end of the month. again there will be two conferences of seven teams with plenty of crossover in the fixtures. european champions leinster, are the reigning pro14 champs too, one of four teams from ireland, joining fourfrom wales, two from scotland, italy and south africa. andy burke was at today's pro 1a launch event at the new venue for the final. celtic park has been the scene of
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many a title victory over the years, but in may a trophy of a different kind will be one here, rugby's pro 14. the kind will be one here, rugby's pro 1a. the decision to bring the pro 1a final to the home of celtic is part of the strategy to broaden the appeal of the competition and in terms of growth, they have some lofty targets in the coming years. my lofty targets in the coming years. myjob is to make sure this is the best league in the world. pretty big strategic steps with the south africans coming on board and the new tv circle we have entered into. the tea m tv circle we have entered into. the team to beat this season is leinster, the defending pro 1a and european champions. we are in a good place because we have had a taste of the success we had last year. but not long before that we had two years where things didn't go our way and we lost in the final two connacht are not getting out of the pool in europe and getting beaten in two semifinals. so we had two years
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of no success and we got a taste for it last year and now we want that to be the story. what other target this time? we want to get there again, it is exciting and good fun. we think we can go deeper into the play—offs. the reality is, we have to be better than leinster, the european champions, pro 14 champions. scarlets, semifinalists in europe and in the pro 14 and ulster, all three sides spent significantly more money than we did and have a good, deep squad. so we have to be better than those three con sisterly.“ you look at the carrot, going one step further at celtic park. we will a lwa ys step further at celtic park. we will always set goals of wanting titles. this league, playing our best footy at the end of the season. with the
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final being staged in glasgow there is more incentive for the scottish side to aim high this season. let's round up some of the day's other headlines, starting with rugby union: the rfu are going ahead with their disciplinary process against danny cipriani for misconduct. the gloucester fly—half was fined byjersey magistrates and his club following an incident outside a nightclub over the weekend. the rugby players association asked the rfu to drop the case because he has already been sanctioned by his club. england captain, steph houghton, has been recalled for the decisive 2019 world cup qualifiers against wales and kazakhstan after a knee injury. alex greenwood also returns after suspension. the winners of the clash between wales and england will qualify for the world cup. west brom's chris brunt has retired from international football. he won 65 caps for northern ireland over the course of 13 years. bru nt‘s last appearance was in the world cup play—off against switzerland last november. it's the second day at the european para—athletics championships in berlin.
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kate grey is there for us, more british medals kate. hello, kate, more british medals? that's right, it has been another successful night in berlin, great britain have won three gold medals on the second day as well as three bronze medals. we havejust seen richard whitehead win gold in the t 61200 richard whitehead win gold in the t 61 200 metres richard whitehead win gold in the t 61200 metres and there was also a gold medalfor sabrina 61200 metres and there was also a gold medal for sabrina fortune 61200 metres and there was also a gold medalfor sabrina fortune indy f20 shot put. the 18—year—old maria lyle, she defended her european title in the t35100m hurdles when i spoke to her, she shared her experiences of overcoming mental health over the last few years.


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