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tv   Human Endeavour  BBC News  September 2, 2018 9:30pm-10:00pm BST

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this is bbc world news. the headlines: the islamist militant group al—shabab says it carried out a bomb attack in somalia's capital, mogadishu. a car carrying explosives was driven towards a government building — at least three soldiers were killed. several children were among the injured. police in southern iraq have clashed with crowds around the city of basra. demonstrators had blocked two major roads. the protesters have been angered by government corruption and dire public services. the us military is cancelling a further $300 million in aid to pakistan. the pentagon accused the country of failing to act against militant groups. islamabad denies harbouring jihadist organisations. democrats in the united states have criticised the white house for withholding 27,000 documents on brett kavanaugh, president trump's nominee to the us supreme court. the papers relate to mr kavanaugh's time working under president george w bush. at 10pm, mishal husain will be
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here with a full round up of the day's news. first though on bbc news — the story about the british teenager billy monger who's blazing a path in the world of formula 3. he travels to rome to meet italian legend alex zanardi to talk about the adversity they have overcome. most people remember alex zanardi as a formula i driver. he suffered a horrific crash and lost both of his legs but he took to hand cycling and made headlines in london and rio
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at the paralympics, he won two gold medals and became a superstar. when i had my accident, somehow or another, alex zanardi rang me a couple of times, he'd been through something similar and gave me a bit of advice. now i know his story and what he went through and how he has coped with it, and what he's achieved, it's pretty impressive and when people ask me who motivated me, he is definitely one of those people. meet alex zanardi, a global superstar. from racing car to para—cycling champion, this man is always on a mission. today the veteran is on his way to meet britain's billy monger, fondly known in racing circles as billy whiz. this is a special day, it is their first meeting. there is my man.
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how are you doing. good to see you. it's nice to finally meet you. sorry if i don't get up but i'm sure you understand my issue. i do, definitely. billy monger's talent was well—known even at primary school. at the age of nine he was featured on blue peter. how fast were you going? 55 miles per hour. 17 and a star of formula 4, he is tipped by many to be the next lewis hamilton. one of britain's most talented racing drivers was competing at donington park when he collided with a stationary car in front of him at 120 miles per hour. airlifted to the queens medical centre in nottingham, his lower legs were removed during surgery. teenager billy monger has driven a racing car for the first time since losing both his legs in a crash. well done yesterday.
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thank you, it was really cool. not only is billy back driving, the 19—year—old sensation is competing in british formula three and returned to the podium, finishing third at spa this season. i saw that you are drinking out of your sockets. yes, this one. i will go and introduce myself. i'll introduce you to my sister. iamjennie. this is bonny. nice to meet you, i am alex. and i amjennie. i'm presenting and i'm delighted that we've finally got you two together. i have some of my coaches and i ask them to bring up a normal bicycle but with an electrical assisting model. maybe he could try to see where it is at all. mario is the boss, gianni is like his assistant.
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the wrong way around. i can tell that you haven't worn one in so long! you love exercising so much on the bicycle. let's go this way, thank you. difficult? i tried. it is possible to push. you get stuck in the middle, in between. what are your first impressions of meeting alex? he's a character, really positive, really engaging. just talking to him, you get the impression that he has already been through a lot and he knows the right sort of things to do and not to do. he is creeping back up.
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maybe it's a good idea while you are going down, there is a vast section where i can maybe try to impress him a little bit. we are now going at 80 kilometres an hour. he is basically luging. running on a bit of adrenaline, i think so. it's different to racing but it's not, it's the same thing in a different way. you have met some pretty amazing people in your life, especially since the accident. lewis hamilton. lewis has been really good to me. i love the fact that so many people got in touch with me, people i didn't even know,
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people like lewis who i never spoke to before. he was someone always looked up to. to get that support from them was really cool. and yes, alex isjust another one of those, the guys that i'm now looking to for motivation, to keep the pushing on. things are looking bleak for zanardi, who is fighting for his life in hospital in berlin. billy was only two years old when alex zanardi crashed 13 laps from the end of the american memorial kart race in germany. two years later alex returned to finish those 13 laps
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of that fateful race. he continued on to become a successful touring car driver for bmw. i'd very much like to get the two of you to talk about your accidents with each other. do you remember losing consciousness? i was unconscious in the car about 45 minutes and then they realised how serious my injuries were and that was the point where they put me into an induced coma and i can't remember anything from that point onwards, to about three days into my time in hospital and by that point, the amputations had already happened in everything. but they just completed the amputations or you
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amputated at the hospital? i'm not too sure, they didn't complete the amputations, but i think looking back on it, it was easy, the fact that i didn't have to make that decision for myself. it was a situation where i woke up and it happened, there was no going back. for me, it was much, much easier than having any part in the decision. i'm not a doctor. those guys, they know what is best for you. i feel very familiar in these words in the sense that it's been the same for me, although when i woke up, i felt i was full of drugs. me too!
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so that was a big filter all the pain. when i was told by my wife what happened, she was very pragmatic and got straight to the point. the feeling which emerged was joy. to have lost my legs and that moment was the last of my problems because i was so happy to be alive. to know the worst was already behind me was like, wow, so ijust told daniela, listen, darling, it's ok, the doctors said i'm not dying and that is enough. i thought, if other people have done it, i can do it. it won't be easy but i can do it. since i'm an optimist, i also thought i can actually add a little bit more. and he did. former fi driver alex zanardi claims
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gold on the 15th anniversary of losing his legs in a crash. you wake up and they tell you the worst is behind you and from that point onwards, i very rarely thought about my accident afterwards. if anything, i was curious. there was on—board footage, i saw that. it was important to have a quick look at that so you can push it under the carpet and forget about it. you never fully forget when an accident like that happens but in order to move forward, for me, i had to fully understand what i have been through. curious. i was curious to watch the footage of my accident. i was not afraid of it but i guess this is down to the way
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we are and you can't make sure what kind of reaction we have in particular circumstances, and i saw what happened to me, i would join the club of those saying, wow, hats off to him, i would not be able to do what he does, but it's not true because we are amazing, marvellous machines and sometimes we are capable of surprising ourselves with the reaction we didn't think we could bring in a particular circumstance, but we do. he is a very, very positive young man. the first thing was to work out how to use a clutch with his hand. if i was going to go through everything i had to go through, i didn't want to adjust my ambitions and dreams to assume what everyone wanted me to do. when i was just recovering, it didn't take me long to realise
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that is the way wanted to go. i'm glad you can all be out here today. a big round of applause, everyone. when it comes to that rehabilitation process, it must hurt. you are smiling. it does hurt but every step is a step forward. you know that the following day will be better so you move on. actually, to a certain degree, the suffering gives you a right measure of the value of what you're doing. i remember during the course of my rehabilitation, i was starting to work with these strange things and i had to go to the toilet and ijust passed in front of the restaurant so i take
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advantage, so i went in and while i was doing my business i realised it was the first time i was taking a leak standing since after the accident. i said, wow, this is a special moment. even before you start doing physio on the legs, i did a lot of training stuff to build as much strength as i could because you are in a wheelchair and your wounds are recovering and you can't train in the way he wants to train. you can't start walking and getting better at it. until you've recovered yourself. i've been lucky in my rehabilitation that i've been able to meet a lot of soldiers. they've been a big source of inspiration, not so much what they can do physically but of their mental attitude. when it came to the licence, tell me what you had to do. ignorance is what scares you the most. everybody was basically sure that
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if they allowed me to drive, i would have a big accident, hurting myself and possibly hurting other people so they were just looking for an excuse to say no, you can't. i said i lost my legs, not my head. but finally i passed every test and they gave me the green light and i got my licence. what alex did to get the perception of other people, to change, has helped me a lot, especially. when i asked the question of why i could not race a single seater, they didn't have an answer. there are always going to be people who are concerned that you are jumping back into a car and you're not going to be safe, not just to yourself bur other people so i had to prove that i was capable of driving the car in a safe manner and that i was able to get out of the car
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if i did have an incident, so that if it was on fire or anything like that, i would be as safe as any of the other drivers and also making sure that the controls are viewed as safe from the fia, make sure they are up to a level that they were happy with. i bumped into people who told me that life is a beautiful thing. i didn't ask myself why he was there because he had everything. he was holding this baby, his daughter. the baby was with no legs. and he was crying and so i went to comfort him. he said no, i'mjust crying and so i went to comfort him. he said no, i'm just very happy, that's why i'm crying. he said, my baby was born with no legs and when icame baby was born with no legs and when i came here the first time they told me that we had to wait until she
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would be four years old before they could fit a prosthetic leg. today was that day. but when it was time to get her standing up, the technician looked at me and said, shoes. i'm the happiest man on the planet because i got my daughter a pairof planet because i got my daughter a pair of shoes today. i was like, wow. pair of shoes today. i was like, wow. still to this day, how can you not learn the lesson in something like this? how can you complain? this is the marvellous aspect of us all as individuals. we can't fly, we don't have the strength of some animals, we don't have the sense of some animals but somehow with our intelligence we have been able to own this planet. we are all limited to different degrees. the fact that you are a sophisticated as disabled because you have lost something does not stop you doing things in that
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alternative way and to display your talent if you think you have some or if you think you have enough. i think billy is a typical case of somebody very sure that he can have a career in motor sport. i have a lwa ys a career in motor sport. i have always been a big fan of him and now that i have met him, i am even more convinced that he is a good eye —— has a good idea. then he has to lie on this slot. ready to go. to change gear, to downshift, you push, to a shift. can
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you push your brother up? you got it? 0bviously obviously this journey has been a journey for him over the last year but also for you. it is never easy but also for you. it is never easy but when you see him out doing stuff like that and smiling it makes it all kind of go away for the moment. when the accident happened, you were dead that day and went out to be with them? yes, mum was in a bit to the states so i went, i was the only one who was half witted to go and keep him calm. —— my mum was in a bit states. that is a big
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responsibility. yes but it needed to be done so... everyone who saw the footage knew it was bad so it kind of, had tojust do footage knew it was bad so it kind of, had to just do with footage knew it was bad so it kind of, had tojust do with it in the moment and think what was best for him. do you remember the first time use of him after the accident? yes, when he was in the hospital beds. not nice but it wasjust nice to know that he was still there. that's all that really mattered at that point. your mum, this wasn't easy for her to accept and have to have gone through. she is getting there. she still doesn't like the racing but she knows it makes him happy. she let him get on with it. as long as he is happy, she is happy. the first time he got back in the car, that couldn't have been to dribble for any of you. reed i was relieved. everyone was nervous. “— for any of you. reed i was relieved. everyone was nervous. —— camps have been comfortable. to see his face
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when he was back in the car, to see him back in that environment was so nice after such, all the stuff he had been through. it was nice to see him back there. what do you think today has meant to him and to you? it has been a coming for him to meet alex. seeing them together is so funny because you can see some many similarities. even nothing to do with the injuries, just than talking about racing. a long journey ahead for both of them. i think we might have to separate! when you see them on the hand cycles... you will a lwa ys on the hand cycles... you will always be legs by the fact that you have had these horrible life changing injuries. and yet neither of you have said they will —— you will let this overtake you. you always have bad days but you have to let it not overtake you. just meeting him and chatting to him,
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taking all i can from his experiences is enough for me to know that today was an awesome day. what he has been able to do with amazing. how rapidly he has recovered. mentally speaking, especially, from what happened to him. really let us imagine that the future is quite bright for this kid. he is going to surprise us all with other amazing things. irony wishing the best because of course i see a little bit of myself. —— i really wish him the best. i really hope he will be able to turn bad into an opportunity and not to see this into a de opportunity. this is also a dangerous aspect of being a superstar because something that happened to you which everybody tells you that you are special. the danger is also to end up thinking
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that that is your goal in life. no, he's all is to carry on and do what he's all is to carry on and do what he wants, to try to achieve what he loves. and never be happy with it because life is a beautiful thing but we only have one opportunity. you have to take every day as a new opportunity to have something —— to add something to life. not be anxious but when you can, why not? if you were with me this time yesterday, you might remember i was talking about a predominantly dry week ahead. computer models can be fickle, particularly changing the season into awesome. so it is that the story has changed a little bit more. we start the week as we were expecting with a weather front sliding in from the west. just wriggling on top of the british isles during monday. when impulses
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of rain and also separating some warm airclinging on of rain and also separating some warm air clinging on in the south—east from some cooler and fresher error trying to push into words north—western areas. the warriors for mothers place to start monday is underneath the weather front with the cloud and outbreaks of rain. —— the warmest or coolest .itis . it is shaping up to be a lovely day with bells of sunshine. the weather fronts dragging across south—east scotland, northern england, wales and the south—west. to the saudis, sunny spells and another one day. our frontal system refuses to push out of the way. still sitting around on tuesday. not much more than a stripe of cloud. some spells of sunshine. even in the south—east, temperatures coming down to 16 to 21 degrees at best. that cooler feel is one of the features of the forecast for this week. 0ften dry at first but as i hinted at the start, a bit of a change. the chance
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of rain later in the week. it starts off quite innocuously, just a weather front dangling into off quite innocuously, just a weatherfront dangling into parts off quite innocuously, just a weather front dangling into parts of northern ireland and western scotla nd northern ireland and western scotland on wednesday. some outbreaks of rain here. elsewhere early mist and fog patches will clear. in some spells of sunshine and those temperatures generally around 17 to 20 degrees. remember this wet weather up to the north—west, it now looks like that is going to get picked up by thejet strea m is going to get picked up by thejet stream which will, we suspect, be diving quite a long way south as we head towards the end of the week. what is expected to happen is the jet stream will bounce back on itself, this part of the jet stream breaking off from the mainjet up itself, this part of the jet stream breaking off from the main jet up to the north. developing a circulation which will spin up an area of low pressure. that is likely to be here as we close out this week. don't ta ke as we close out this week. don't take these details to literally. the day by date detail will change but we will see bands of rain spiralling
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around across the country during thursday. with some sunny spells as well. winds from the north or northeast. a cool feel to the weather. by friday, northern and eastern areas will have the most u nsettled eastern areas will have the most unsettled weather, perhaps dry towards the south—west. these details may change. still with that cool feel, 1a to 19 degrees. what happens next? as we go through next weekend, this circulation in thejet strea m weekend, this circulation in thejet stream is going to be pushed away to the north—east. as our main jet stream, the main part of it, breaks back across the atlantic. that will bring the potential for some outbreaks of rain across north—western areas. into next week, high—pressure mates are to building again. towards the south. as we move through next weekend and beyond, it looks like things will dry up from the south. it will turn warmer as well but always the chance of rain in the north—west. until then, stay
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tuned to the forecast. gordon brown intervenes in labour's row over anti—semitism, telling the party its values are at stake. the former prime minister says an international definition must be adopted in full this week. it's notjust about a procedure. it's about who we are. it's about what we stand for. it's about what makes us tick. it's about the soul of the labour party. we'll be analysing where labour goes from here — as the shadow chancellor says jeremy corbyn's views have been misrepresented. also tonight: the eu's top negotiator says theresa may's brexit plans are unworkable, as she says she wont be pushed into compromising. smuggling into jails — new figures reveal how increasing numbers of prison staff are involved. and england win the fouth test and wrap up a series
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