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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  September 3, 2018 6:30pm-6:50pm BST

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negotiators today. michel barnier was extraordinary charming and well informed and we found we were in a degree of agreement that chequers is rubbish and we should throw it and have a canada style free trade deal. prominent supporters of labour leaderjeremy corbyn have been elected to the national executive committee. they include peter willsman who claimed trump fanatics we re willsman who claimed trump fanatics were behind actions of anti—semitism in the party. and the heat wave in england makes the records. the met office confirmed it was the hottest ever and 2018 was the joint hottest summer on record ever and 2018 was the joint hottest summer on record for the uk as a whole. in a moment it will be time for sports day but let's look at what else is coming up. but 7pm we will be discussing the novel methods that governments around the world are adopting to raise their birth rates. at 815 we will be talking about chris eva ns'
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rates. at 815 we will be talking about chris evans' decision to quit radio two and who might take over the breakfast show and coming up at 10:a0pm and 11:30pm we will be discussing the headlines with dawn foster and stephen swinford. that is all ahead on bbc news, but now it is time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday, i'm sarah mulkerrins. coming up: "nothing left in the tank" — england's highest test run—scorer alastair cook is retiring from international cricket. you could say there is more exciting players to watch, more entertainers, but he would have to be ranked in the top two or three, i would say. lando norris will become the youngest formula one driver in british history after landing a drive with mclaren. and liverpool's mo salah has made the shortlist for the fifa's men's player of the year award. but there's no room for lionel messi
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hello and welcome to sportsday. so it's the end of an illustrious 12—year innings for alastair cook. england's leading run scorer announced his retirement today. the 33—year—old won four ashes series over a 160—test career. in a statement, the former captain said he had nothing left in the tank to carry on. 0ur correspondent andy swiss looks back at his career. winning the ashes series 2015, england... for more than a decade he has been the cornerstone of english cricket weather as ashes winning
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captain or record—breaking batsman, alistair cooke has scaled the heights of his sport. recently his form has faulted and at the weekend another low score raise questions about his future and now the final test against india will be the final test against india will be the final test of his career. in a statement he said, although it is a sad day, i can do so with a big smile on my face knowing i have given everything and knowing there is nothing left in the tank. i have loved cricket my whole life, from playing in the garden as a child and i will never underestimate how special it is to put on an england shirt. and this was that aspiring youngster. his batting prowess was soon obvious, first with a six and then his country. the perfect blend of temperament and technique establishing him as a rare talent. in 2012 he was named england captain and went on to win two ashes series, leading by example all the time. in his pomp he was run machine, unflappable, unstoppable. in 2016 he
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became the first englishman to score 10,000 test runs. but last winter in australia, he began to struggle. he started this season knowing his future was. this winter, for whatever reason i haven't managed to score the runs i have wanted to. i have always had to work hard for my runs, i will continue to do that. do i want to continue? yes i do. i will miss it when it is not there. he will finish as a record breaker, 32 centuries and over 12,000 runs. he has compelled them with the same cool composure. alistair cooke, in a sport of numbers, the greatest his country has ever seen. players like alastair cook do not come around very often do they and joe lynskey is here with more england's record run scorer. test cricket is a sport where success is measured by the figures, and in his 12 years as an england
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batsman alastair cook has amassed some pretty remarkable ones. he became england's all—time leading run scorer back in may 2015, surpassing a previous record which had been held by graham gooch for 20 years. cook also comfortably has the most centuries of any england batsman with 32, and his 11 scores of 150 plus is also an england record. as far as the rest of the world is concerned only five batsmen in history have scored more runs in their careers than alastair cook — and he could even move up a place with a couple of big scores in the final test of the series against india at the oval. and it's cook's massive knocks at key points in england history that make him stand out. the essex batsman announced himself as a 21—year—old on england's tour of india in 2006 when he scored 104 not out on his debut, the start of an formidable opening partnership for england with andrew strauss.
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the 2010/11 ashes series will perhaps go down as cook's finest. it's still england's only series win in australia over the last 30 years — cook scored more than 700 runs over the series, including 235 not out in the first test. and his highest career test score was in helping england to an innings victory over india in 2011. they are sporting memories built on patience and for england that makes him so difficult to replace. i think he is a dying breed, sadly, the test player that can occupy the crease, craft for his runs and someone you know crease, craft for his runs and someone you know that when they go in, they will give you everything. someone will have to prise them out. ina someone will have to prise them out. in a five—day game, it is a priceless commodity because it is a long game. i would like to think there'd be someone else but i don't
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see anyone on there'd be someone else but i don't see anyone on the horizon. it does present the selection with a problem because his opening partner keatonjennings isn't problem because his opening partner keaton jennings isn't pulling problem because his opening partner keatonjennings isn't pulling up any trees either. they will get this next test match out of the way and anyone who loves cricket will hope alastair cook will have some sort of sendoff and he will find some runs a game that had been elusive for him over these last few months and he goes out on a high. then the selectors will have to think about what they will do next winter. well in his statement announcing his retirement cook said there was nothing left in the tank. his dip in form recently started with an ashes series where he only got above 50 once — that though was in a magnificent innings which saved a draw for england in the fourth test, the only time they avoided defeat. he's struggled going into 2018 as well with an average of less than 20, but that won't stop him going down as one of england's greats, as one of the england captains to precede him, michael vaughan, says today.
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another accolade from such intend olcott. he said... i'm delighted to say we can now speak to peter moores, former england coach. listening to all that from whatjoe was saying with those stats, but the dip ofform was saying with those stats, but the dip of form in the last six months, do you feel this is the right time for alistair cooke to step away?
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good evening. it's not a decision he will have taken lightly. he has been a phenomenal player. i think the fa ct a phenomenal player. i think the fact he has given it all, he is such a 100% man in everything he does, he has come to the conclusion now it's time to give someone else the opportunity so it is time to move on. in terms of what we were hearing about, those great moments from alastair cook we have been looking back at, what stands out for you personally? lots of things, the first time i came across him, i was at loughborough and he came in as a young man before he went to india and scored 100. he was determined and scored 100. he was determined and also he set the expectation, he was there to play for england. he was there to play for england. he was going to be the fittest, strongest and the bass player. whenever we saw him, duncan fletcher was the coach and he asked who we
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recommended to go. but we felt he was the right man to go. he went up there and didn't look back. listening to graham gooch talk about his rare breed and the style of cricket. one thing that has stored all the way through his career, he has always had integrity and always stuck to his values. not only has he been a great player, but a great ambassadorfor the been a great player, but a great ambassador for the sport. we saw what he could do on the cricket pitch, but behind—the—scenes what was he liked as a man and a player? fantastic fella. he sums up the best things about english people. he is resolute, he can be stubborn at times, always gives 100%. and sometimes didn't say a lot. to his career he has had his critics at
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times, often quite public and he held his integrity and he got on with hisjob. i love playing for my country, he understood its value and importance to the fans on the people who went before him and might come after. for all of those things, it was a fantastic part of him, but he was a fantastic part of him, but he was a fantastic part of him, but he was a lot of fun, great to sit down and talk cricket too. his experience is vast in all countries. to have its record as an opening bat in england, which is a tough place to be, it will get better. as people look back, his record will seem better and better. how do you think he will approach this final test at the oval? i hope in some ways, probably thing that happens to a lot of players, you end up playing too hard. i hope he will see this as the
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enemy ‘s career and enjoy it. he can relax, go in and he is still a really good player. he would be happy to go out with getting another century, another big score for everybody to say, well done and what a career that has been stunning all the way through. with the way the game is going, do you think we will see game is going, do you think we will see the likes of alistair cooke ain? see the likes of alistair cooke again? i am not sure we will see somebody played that many test matches or scored that volume of ru ns matches or scored that volume of runs because of the way the game is. england have been searching for someone england have been searching for someone with that level of concentration and determination to bat high. there's not lots of them. you never say bat high. there's not lots of them. you never say never, bat high. there's not lots of them. you never say never, but the style of cricket now has changed a lot with one—day cricket and twenty20 and the way people come, they play a more aggressive brand. the opportunities going to be there.
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sometimes i think two new players area sometimes i think two new players are a new opening partnership, that might suit both. the fact alistair has moved on will create opportunity for england to look at two different people in the winter and hope they can forge a partnership that will maintain over the next few years. peter moores, thank you forjoining us. also coming up in the programme: six years after volunteering at london 2012, we meet the athlete going for gold at thejudo world championships later this month. and lando norris has become the british driver in history to drive for mclaren. and from world cup winner to club owner — brazil world cup winner ronaldo has become the majority shareholder of a spanish football club. to new york and the us open
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now, as the japanese 21st seed kei nishikori is through to the quarterfinals. he beat germany's philip kohlschreiber in straight sets to join former world number one rafael nadal in the last eight. novak djokovic and roger federer play later today as they aim to set—up their earliest meeting at a grand slam since 2007. and in the women's draw, madison keys is through to the quarterfinals after beating slovakia's domininka cibulkova in straight sets. she's aiming to go one better than she did last year, when she lost in the final to fellow american sloane stephens. britain's nekoda smythe—davis has been selected for thejudo world championships in baku later this month. the 2017 world championship bronze medallist has moved from london to walsall for her training. after a disappointing rio olympics she's looking to reverse her fortunes over the next two years. sara orchard has more.
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this moment when she inspired a generation. then 19—year—old nichola smyth davis was working as an olympic volunteer. when gibbons won her silver medal, everybody was running around crying, happy and it was a proper moment for us. i was so lucky i was able to be a part of it and that did feel fuel my fire for it. that dream has been realised but she has had to move tojoin the britishjudo she has had to move tojoin the british judo programme in she has had to move tojoin the britishjudo programme in walsall. even though it isn't where i would choose to live, it is a quieter way of life and that is more for me. i go back and then i am like, i need
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to get back to walsall. the change in lifestyle is paying off with, while gold in 2014 and a world championship bronze in 2017. she has to go for it. although the olympics weigh heavy on all minds, especially after she lost her second row fight in rio. i had tokyo in mind. i worked at my age and when judo players normally peak. i was happy a qualified for rio and obviously devastated i couldn't have gone further in the competition. but that has been fuelling me on for this cycle. the tokyo it is a coup in september and the world championship is on her confidence is high. you have to believe in yourself. you're halfway there and then you have to go out and perform. if i do that, i don't see why i will be in the final or even don't see why i will be in the final or even win it. now this teenager here — lando norris will become
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the youngest formula one driver in british history after landing a drive with mclaren. norris, who is 18, will follow in the footsteps of lewis hamilton byjoining britain's most successful team as a rookie next season. he will replace stoffel vandoorne who is leaving at the end of the year. for more on this let's bring in the bbc‘s formula one reporterjennie gow. where has he come from? he has done rather well. born in glastonbury and he has excelled since 2015 winning every championship he has taken part in. last year, he was superb in the three european championship. got promoted and is now a test driver and is taking part in formula 2 championship which feeds into formula one. he is second at the moment in the series, so it is a
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tight battle between him and another young brit called george russell, to see young brit called george russell, to see he will win it. but he has secured himself a seat in formula one already. do we have any indications on how he might cope with the step up? it is hard to know at this point. he has done two practice sessions in belgium and italy. he impressed and i spoke to zach brown, the ceo of mclaren. he said he got in the car, did what the tea m said he got in the car, did what the team asked him and looked really good. but to secure a seat already with still seven races to go in the season, it is really impressive. jenny, for mclaren it has been a difficult couple of years for them, next season with fernando alonso and sotffel vandoorne leaving, they will have this young san carlo sainz as youngsters, it will still be difficult? there is no easy fix for
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mclaren, a team linked with some of the biggest and best names in formula one. but even with fernando alonso in the car, they cannot finish a race, let alone win it, it seems. finish a race, let alone win it, it seems. so sotffel vandoorne is out and he is being replaced by lando norris. it is not an easyjob but he has said it is his dream come true and posted a picture of him go—karting. he has the talent he needs, it is whether mclaren can give him the car he needs to impress. great stuff, jenny, thank you forjoining us on sportsday. let's take a look at some of the other stories making the headlines today... liverpool's mo salah is on the three—person shortlist for the fifa men's player of the year award. salah helped liverpool reach the champions league final in may, and scored 44 goals in all competitions. cristiano ronaldo and luka modric are the other two nominees. but barcelona and argentina forward messi misses out. andrew robertson has been named scotland captain.
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the liverpool full—back takes over from scott brown who retired earlier this year. he'll lead his country in a friendly against belgium on friday, and then in the uefa nations league against albania a week today. seven players will make their full debuts for england in their women's world cup qualifier in kazakhstan on tuesday. the team secured qualification for france 2019 on friday and manager phil neville said he was "determined to give youngsters the opportunity, " tottenham have confirmed that all their champions league group games will now be played at wembley, due to continued delays in the opening of their new stadium. the home league match against manchester city has also been put back one day to monday the 29th of october,


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