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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  September 3, 2018 10:30pm-10:46pm BST

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she's devastated. translation: you'd never think of the louvre in paris catching fire. this sort of thing happens in brazil, though. 200 years of historyjust gone in a matter of hours. for some, the sadness turned to anger. they say spending cuts led to the museum's neglect. this isn'tjust brazilian history that's gone up in flames. many see this as a metaphor for the country's recent economic and political crises. katy watson, bbc news in rio de janeiro. the record—breaking cricketer alistair cook, england's highest test match scorer, has announced he is to retire from international cricket after this week's final test against india. our sports correspondent joe wilson has the story. in a world of precious few certainties, there is alastair cook. whatever else came to pass, he'd open the batting for england. it's how it seemed, how it's been for a dozen years, but no more. he said in a statement today he had "nothing left in the tank."
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he retires, declaring he has achieved "more than he could have ever imagined." it all began because cook wanted to be like graham gooch, and they've shared an obsession with batting. if you're trying to design a cricketer to play for your country, alastair cook would be that role model. you know, he's been a great person, he is someone for the youngsters to follow, he sets a great example. yes, well, cook's early—morning bars are likely to come on the family farm and he is happy there. he declines social media, he is content generally to let the bat talk. cook has played more test matches, scored more hundreds and more runs in total than any other english cricketer. he will have one final test match for alistair cook here at the oval, which begins on friday. he will walk down these steps one final time to open the innings for england,
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as ever relying on his sheer willpower and concentration to deny and defy the bowlers. those are qualities still essential out there in the middle for a test match, but it seems like they are going out of fashion as cricket gets faster and flashier it doesn't really produce cooks any more. i don't think we'll actually realise how great he has been until he is finally gone, because he has almost been an unsung hero, notjust going down as a great of english cricket but he will go down as a great of world cricket. but even greats need to score runs and cook's just not done that this summer. an old —fashioned cricketer in the modern world. joe wilson, bbc news. that's all from us. here on bbc one time for the news where you are. hello and welcome to sportsday — i'm james pearce.
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the headlines this evening. the end of an era as former england captain alastair cook announces his retirement from international cricket. just 18 years old and about to become the youngest formula one driver in british history. lando morris will compete for mclaren. and move over messi. mo salah makes the shortlist for the fifa's men's player of the year award. there's no room for the barcelona star. and novak djokovic moves a step closer to a blockbuster us open quarter final against roger federer with victory in the 4th round. hello and welcome to sportsday.
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so it's the end of an illustrious 12 year innings for alastair cook. england's leading run scorer announced his retirement today. the 33—year—old won four ashes series over a 160—test career. he's played the last 159 of those tests consecutively — that's a world record. in a statement, the former captain said he had nothing left in the tank to carry on. our correspondent andy swiss looks back at his career. winning the ashes series 2015, england... for more than a decade he has been the cornerstone of english cricket whether as ashes winning captain or record—breaking batsman, alastair cook has scaled the heights of his sport. but recently his form has faulted and at the weekend another low score raised questions about his future and now the final test against india will be the final test of his career. in a statement he said... and this was that
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aspiring youngster. his batting prowess was soon obvious, first with essex and then his country. the perfect blend of temperament and technique establishing him as a rare talent. in 2012 he was named england captain and went on to win two ashes series, leading by example all the time. in his pomp he was a run machine, unflappable, unstoppable. in 2016 he became the first englishman to score 10,000 test runs. but last winter in australia, he began to struggle. he started this season knowing his future was on the line. this winter, for whatever reason, i haven't managed to score the runs i have wanted to. i have always had to work hard for my runs, i will continue to do that.
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do i want to continue? yes, i do. i will miss it when it is not there. he will retire as a record breaker, 32 centuries and over 12,000 runs. figures not matched by any other englishmen. he has compelled them with the same cool composure. alastair cook, in a sport of numbers, the greatest his country has ever seen. so, just where does alastair cook rank amongst the greats of english cricket — joe lynskey has more details on a remarkable career test cricket is a sport where success is measured by the figures, and in his 12 years as an england batsman alastair cook has amassed some pretty remarkable ones. he became england's all—time leading run scorer back in may 2015, surpassing a previous record which had been held by graham gooch for 20 years.
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cook also comfortably has the most centuries of any england batsman with 32, and his 11 scores of 150 plus is also an england record. as far as the rest of the world is concerned only five batsmen in history have scored more runs in their careers than alastair cook — and he could even move up a place with a couple of big scores in the final test of the series against india at the oval. and it's cook's massive knocks at key points in england history that make him stand out. the essex batsman announced himself as a 21—year—old on england's tour of india in 2006 when he scored 104 not out on his debut, the start of an formidable opening partnership for england with andrew strauss. the 2010/11 ashes series will perhaps go down as cook's finest. it's still england's only series win in australia over the last 30 years — cook scored more than 700 runs in the series.
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and his highest career test score was in helping england to an innings victory over india in 2011. they are sporting memories built on patience and for england that makes him so difficult to replace. i think he's a dying breed, sadly, the test player that can occupy the crease, graft for his runs and someone you know that when they go in, they will give you everything. someone will have to prise them out. in a five—day game, it's a priceless commodity because it is a long game. i would like to think there'd be someone else but i don't see anyone on the horizon. well, in his statement announcing his retirement cook said there was nothing left in the tank. his dip in form recently started with an ashes series where he only got above 50 once — that though was in a magnificent 244 which saved a draw for england in the fourth test, the only time they avoided defeat. he's struggled going into 2018 as well with an average of less
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than 20, but that won't stop him going down as one of england's greats, as one of the england captains to precede him, michael vaughan, says today... and now to football. liverpool forward mo salah is on a 3—person shortlist for the fifa men's player of the year award. but one of the regular names in the past hasn't made it. salah helped liverpool reach the champions league final in may, and scored 44 goals in all competitions. cristiano ronaldo and luka modric are the other two nominees for the award. so barcelona and argentina forward lionel messi — a five—time ballon d'or winner — misses out on a place in the top three. andrew robertson has been named as the new scotland captain. the liverpool full—back takes over from scott brown who retired from international football earlier this year.
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his first games as captain will be a friendly against belgium on friday, and then the uefa nations league tie against albania a week today. and a third liverpool player is also in the news today. jordan henderson, the club's captain, has signed a new five year contract. raheem sterling has withdrawn from the england squad for the upcoming internationals against spain and switzerland. the manchester city forward has a back problem and was the only absentee when the squad reported to st george's park earlier today. manager gareth southgate will not call up a replacement. you probably don't know much, if anything, about him. he's only 18 years old, but british teenager lando norris is set to become a star of formula one. he will drive for mclaren next season. he's been the team's reserve driver, and took part in first practice sessions in spain and hungary this season. next season he'll race alongside carlos sainz, who's replacing the retiring fernando alonso. he has done two practice sessions
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in belgium and italy. he impressed and i spoke to zach brown, the ceo of mclaren. he said he got in the car, did what the team asked him and looked really good. but to secure a seat already with still seven races to go in the season, it's really impressive. he has the talent he needs, it is whether mclaren can give him the car he needs to impress. leicester tigers have sacked their head coach afterjust one match of the new season. matt o'connor has left the club following a 40—6 defeat at exeter at the weekend. the former australia international was in his second spell at the club, having been appointed in april 2017. leicester missed out on a place in the premiership play—offs for the first time in 14 seasons in may. assistant coach geordan murphy has been put in temporary charge. novak djokovic has set up a possible us open quarter final against roger federer.
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the former world number one beat portugal's jaoa sousa in straight sets. he will now face 5—time champion federer if the world number two can see off australian john millman in their last 16 tie later this evening. formerfinalist kei nishikori is also through to the last eight. and in the women's draw, last year's beaten finalist madison keys is through to the quarter—finals after beating slovakia's domininka cibulkova in straight sets. japan's naomi osaka is also through. that's all from sportsday. coming up in a moment, the papers. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be
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bringing us tomorrow. with me are dawn foster — columnist at the guardian and steven swinford — deputy political editor at the telegraph. many of tomorrow's front pages are already in. tory divisions over the brexit negotiations is the lead for the i — the paper claims both pro—remain and pro—leave conservative mps are urging the prime minister to abandon her chequers proposals. the express leads on the latest war of words between boris johnson and theresa may over brexit — but the paper also ponders who might replace chris evans on the bbc radio 2 breakfast show. chris evans‘ departure also features on the front of the guardian — but the paper leads on claims that unhealthy lifestyles put four in five adults at risk of an early death. the mirror leads on chris evans‘ decision to leave the bbc — but focuses in on the possible
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financial reasons for him doing so. labour's ongoing issues with anti—semitism is the top story for the telegraph — as the paper reports on the re—election of activist peter willsman to the party's leading body. the paper also reflects alastair cook's decision to retire from international cricket. the metro leads on a tweet from the bbc radio five live presenter, rachael bland, in which she says she has just ‘days to live', after a long battle with breast cancer. and the financial times carries a striking image of brazil's historic national museum, consumed by fire — it's thought the blaze has destroyed dozens of priceless artefacts. plenty to talk about. first we have the dodig ‘s breasts which has a first we have the daily express
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which has a stark image of boris johnson on one side and theresa may on the other. yes, boris johnson has gone so far this time that theresa may has been forced to slap him down, so it seems that the tories are in open revolt, with those on both sides, no one seems to be happy with the chequers plan and it is difficult to say if borisjohnson is ready going to the leadership or just desperate to forge his own way forward and ready does care about brexit. is this the start of all old asia's bid for number ten? sta rt start of an audacious bid for number ten? in public, leaver thirimanne crow will say he isn't bad in reality we are gearing up for a bloodbath and an amazing time.


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