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tv   BBC News  BBC News  September 5, 2018 1:30pm-2:00pm BST

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let me gather my thoughts. so today not looking bad at all, quite a bit of sunshine around across western parts of the uk but also a weather front approaching and that is bringing some rain into the west of scotla nd bringing some rain into the west of scotland and northern ireland. so here at some point we will need the umbrella but for most of the country not looking back. england and wales, in the sunshine and temperatures up to around 25 degrees in london. more like the high teens for most of us and still above average for the time of year. tonight a lot of clear whether around, some rain possibly moving across parts of england and scotland. single figures in the
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north, double figures in the south. tomorrow the south west of uk, it will cloud over in wales and the west cou ntry will cloud over in wales and the west country with possibly some rain moving into cardiff. we're not 100% sure how much but across scotland and northern england a cooler wind and northern england a cooler wind and occasional showers. so quite changeable day tomorrow and quite cool across the north of the uk. on friday low—pressure around in the north sea and that means increasing wind for scotland and particularly the north east of england and also potentially some quite heavy rain especially round eastern scotland and into the north—east of england. again further south and west the weather not looking that bad again. but for most it is around the teens, around 14 degrees in newcastle and with that wind feeling cool. for the
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weekend and beyond, this is what we're watching, this relatively cool air approaching the northern part of the uk so the thinking is over the coming days it will remain cool especially across the north and actually we will all experience some fresher weather and styles of rain. last weekend was so fabulous across the country but this weekend more cloud around and maybe a hint that by sandy bell's temperatures will bump up again around london. at all in all quite changeable for many of us. a reminder of our main story this lunchtime two russian men are named as suspects in the attempted murder of the former spy, sergei skripal, and his daughter in salisbury. theresa may tells the commons they are members of the russian military intelligence service. that's all from the bbc news at one — good afternoon, it's
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1.30pm and here's your latest sports news... you're watching bbc news. at the bbc sport centre , in the next half an hour the european ryder cup captain thomas bjorn will name his 4 wildcards for the tournament that will take place just outside paris later this month. 8 players have qualified by right, 5 of them debutants, so bjorn is expected to go for experience with his captain's picks ian poulter has been tipped for inclusion, a veteran of five ryder cups , he's never lost a singles match. — sergio garcia, paul casey and henrik stenson are also in the frame as expected tiger woods will be in the us team...he is one ofjim furyks captain's picks. he was set to repeat his non—playing vice—captain's role of two years ago when they beat europe but has returned to form phil mickelson
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and bryson de chambeau have also been brought in. furyk will name his last wildcard next week alastair cook has been explaining his decision to quit international cricket. friday's fifth test against india will be his last...let‘s cross live to the oval and speak to our sports correspondentjoe wilson joe, he's says he'd just lost that edge i think so. england are starting a training session and keen to maintain winning this test match. either tiles with a sense of no regrets, that he has everything out of his ability as a cricketer. he assured me there will be no tears in his eyes and skewing his view of the ball as he walks out to bat for the
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last time as apparently happened to don bradman in 1948. there are months of touring abroad and it ta kes months of touring abroad and it takes the tall one cricketers buddy has a family at home to look after and a third child on the way so here are some of his thoughts as you looks forward to wife in retirement. i have just focused looks forward to wife in retirement. i havejust focused on looks forward to wife in retirement. i have just focused on trying to score runs for england and essex and i thought whenever the state came i would cross that bridge and it has come. i would definitely have a few months off and go back home, i imaginei months off and go back home, i imagine i will be changing nappies after what happened with isabel i will be getting payback for that and whatever happens in the new year and it will be exciting. apologies for the poor signal at the oval but
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alastair cook explaining some of his decision—making behind his retirement. the defending champion, rafael nadal came through five set thriller to reach the us open semi—finals. his match against dominic thiem lasted almost five hours . nadal lost the first set 6—love against the austrian, but the match went the distance in really humoid conditions , even though the game finished at 2 in the morning. he'll face juan martin del potro next, a repeat of last years semi—final one of the women's semi—finals has also been confirmed. serena williams has taken a step closer to equalling the grand slam singles record... she beat karolina pliskova in straight sets and will now fave the latvian anastasia sevastova the england rugby union team will play a world cup warm up match at stjames park next year. they'll play italy there on september 6th before heading to japan .
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it's the first time they will have played a test in newcastle and the first time in three years they have staged a home—match away from twickenham. that was the world cup group game against uruguay at manchester city's etihad stadium. they will also play wales twice in august at twickenham and cardiff and will also face ireland at twickenham. that's all the sport for now. you can find more on all those stories on the bbc sport website. that's bbc dot co dot uk slash sport prosecutors say they have sufficient evidence to charge two russian nationals with the nerve agent attack in salisbury. former russian spy sergei skripal and his daughter were poisoned with the nerve agent novichok in march. the suspects have been named as alexander petrov and ruslan boshirov — although it's believed these were aliases. the police have video footage showing the two men arriving at gatwick airport. within the past hour the prime minister gave
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a statement on the suspects, in the house of commons during prime ministers questions. she confirmed the investigation is in relation to both sergei and yulia skripal and charlie rowley and dawn stu rgess. just as the police investigation has enabled the cps to bring charges against the two suspects so security and intelligence agencies have carried out their own investigations into the organisation behind this attack. based on this work i can today tell the house that based on a body of intelligence the government has concluded that the two individuals named by the police and cps are officers from the russian military intelligence service, the gru. the gru is a highly disciplined organisation with a well—established chain of command. this was not a rogue operation and was almost certainly approved outside the gru at a senior level of the russian state. the house will appreciate i cannot
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go into details about the work of our security and intelligence agencies but we will be briefing opposition leaders and others on privy council terms and also giving further details to the intelligence and security committee. let me turn to our response to this appalling attack and the further knowledge we now have about those responsible. first with respect to the two individuals as the crown prosecution service and police announced today we have obtained a european arrest warrant and will shortly issue an interpol red notice. russia has repeatedly refused to allow its nationals to stand trial overseas sighting a bar on extradition. as we found following the murder of alexander litvinenko any formal request would be futile but should either of these individuals ever again travel outside russia we will take every possible step to detain them and to extradite them and to bring them to face justice here in the united kingdom.
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this chemical weapons attack on our soil was part of a wider pattern of russian behaviour that persistently seeks to undermine our security and that of our allies around the world. they fomented conflict, illegally annexed crimea violated airspace and mounted a sustained campaign of cyber espionage and election interference. they were behind a violent attempted coup in montenegro and a russian—made missile launched from territory held by a russian backed separatists brought down mhi7. we must step up our efforts in response to this threat and that is what we have done since the attack in march domestically and collectively with an allies. we've introduced a new power to detain people at the uk border to determine whether they are engaged in hostile state activity. we introduced the amendment to the sanctions and money—laundering
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act in response to the violation of human rights and we have radically stepped up activity against illicit finance entering our country. metropolitan police assistant commissioner neil basu is the national lead for counter terrorism. in a statement, he said uk authorities would be issuing international arrest warrants for the suspects of the attack. over the last six months we have meticulously followed the evidence, working closely with specialist forensic teams and scientists, as we have investigated both the attack on sergei and yulia skripal in salisbury and the poisoning of dawn sturgess and charlie rowley. let me be clear, we have no doubt that these two incidents are connected and they form one investigation. today's announcement by the cps marks the most significant development in this investigation. we now have sufficient evidence to bring charges in relation to the attack on sergei and yulia skripal in salisbury, and domestic and european arrest
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warrants have been issued for the two suspects, and we will be seeking to circulate interpol red notices. however, our enquiries do not stop here. today, as well as updating you on the progress of the investigation, i'm appealing once more to the public for their help as we continue to build the evidence in this case. as well as the statement in the commons — it was theresa may's first prime minister's questions since the summer recess. she was quizzed over brexit negotiations. jeremy corbyn said the talks were not being handled competently. mrs may also called on the labour leader to rule out a second referendum. our assistant political editor norman smith is in westminsterfor us. a slight sense to be picking up of the first pmq a slight sense to be picking up of the first pmo of the new session of the first pmo of the new session of the left before the summer, namely with brexit and anti—semitism are
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dominating. jeremy corbyn declaring mrs may's checkers plan dead echoed by the snp and mrs may insisting she is still working towards a deal in october and again categorically ruling out a second referendum. what are we to make of it all? let's talk it through with the conservative maria caldwell,. this is one of the few as this is for you agreed with jeremy corbyn that checkers is dead and you designed over the issue. jeremy corbyn that checkers is dead and you designed over the issuelj cannot and you designed over the issue.|j cannot see how it will get through parliament and that is not actually deal coming before us, it could be watered down further. brexiteers will not support it, able will not support it so i do not see how the numbers stack up and the eu themselves said they think checkers as dead as well and want to go see it on as dead as well and want to go see itona as dead as well and want to go see it on a free—trade agreements would
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need to get on with that and checkers as not that deal. if checkers as not that deal. if checkers is dead so as mrs may's premiership. this is aboutjudging the policy not depression. michel barnier was talking earlier other mps to say the canadian free trade agreement the start of the table, we need to acknowledge checkers will not work so let's move something and bill. how is it possible for mrs may to go back to brussels having had the plan rejected and to say to brussels never mind i have another idea. you would have to have a new leader presenting a new plan. the eu is saying checkers as are going to work at the lancaster house speech mrs may set everything will be covered by a future agreement and if she were to return to that and could go offa she were to return to that and could go off a deal on those terms i think people would believe a sigh of relief. the one thing that could save mrs may's checkers plan of
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labourmps, save mrs may's checkers plan of labour mps, remainder supporting mps backed it. is there any prospect some good? who knows at this stage. what is now really clear as that the government have wasted the best part of two years and we are still no further run from web about a year or two ago. we are now steam—rolling towards the autumn european council meeting and we do not know what it is we're to do was see it. the prime ministerand is we're to do was see it. the prime minister and government cannot even agree with themselves and their own backbenchers so it is an absolute travesty for british businesses and jobs over the economy and we have no clear as to what trading relationship with the eu will be come march year. tommy, your leader said it was dead as a dodo but people like you remain supporters going to have to make a hard decision that is either going to be
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checkers or no deal and faced with that will you blink? we look at this situation with an increasing sense of horror from scotland for the vast majority of people wanted to remain in the eu and we see a uk government that has not got a plan and the uk official opposition that has not got an alternative to probably the biggest particle question of our lifetime. it is with a sense of deep dread to be looking at what is going on. an astute question i do think it isa on. an astute question i do think it is a matter of blinking, there is a clear alternative which is to stay in the single market and customs union which we have been angry at 441 time. the sooner the government realises that as a workable solution to good relationships and the irish border question as well then the better and i hope they will eventually come round to seeing our way of thinking on that. let me put it to you that is another option which is to ask for more time. would you be supportive of any move to extend our ali article 50?|j
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you be supportive of any move to extend our ali article 50? i thought it was hilarious yesterday when dominic crabbe replied that he was constrained by the timetable not of his making but if that was ridiculous from a government minister the who insist on putting with the withdrawal date any legislation. we all argued that creating that would flexibility and was better not to do that under the government has made this huge rod for its own back so that legislation has every chance but the time you get a christmas that'll have to be changed and amended because this deal cannot be done by the 20th of march. perhaps inevitably mrs may picked up the anti—semitism issue yesterday and we now labour's nec has agreed to accept the international court but also no mr corbyn pushed for an additional statement which has alarmed many in the jewish committee statement which has alarmed many in thejewish committee about his personal attitudes towards israel.
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how far does mr corbyn have to do more to himself personally?” how far does mr corbyn have to do more to himself personally? i think it isa more to himself personally? i think it is a positive and important step that the nec did adopt the full international definition of anti—semitism but i think what this summer anti—semitism but i think what this summer has shown all of us is that we need to look and reflect ourselves and i think this applies tojeremy ourselves and i think this applies to jeremy and every ourselves and i think this applies tojeremy and every other labour party member, reflect about how our actions and words are received by others. it is not what we perceive them to be whether we perceive them to be anti—semitic or not, necessarily are received and felt by others especially those in the jewish unity and i hope we can draw a line under this issue but the jeremy hunt self along with every other member of the labour party can go through this process to understand that is how you actions and words are felt by others. thank you. not one of the most explosive
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pmq, you get the sense everyone is waiting until we get the brexit deal and then it is really going to kick off. thank you. in a moment we'll have all the business news, but first the headlines on bbc news... two russian nationals — alexander petrov and ruslan boshirov — with conspiracy to murder the former russian spy, sergei skripal, and his daughter the suspects are russian military intelligence officers. bbc 5 live presenter and newsreader rachael bland, has died this morning, nearly two years after she was first diagnosed with breast cancer. the former governor of the bank of england, lord king, has condemned the uk's preparations for brexit as "incompetent" in the business news rbs is closing a further 54 royal bank of scotland branches in england and wales with the loss of 258jobs. the branches will be shut injanuary
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2019 and are in addition to 162 branch closures already announced this year. the bank said the closures are a result of the collapse of plans to float off a new "challenger bank" under the name williams & glyn. lord king has criticised brexit preparations — with a warning over the way negotations have been handled. the former governor of the bank of england — who supports brexit — said it "beggared belief" that the world's sixth—biggest economy should be talking of stockpiling food and medicines, warning that it left the government without a credible bargaining position. thousands of people in the uk were charged twice for debit card payments, due to an issue with a card terminal run by cardnet, a joint venture between lloyds bank and first data. money was taken from bank accounts twice but transactions only showed up once on many receipts. lloyds says customers have now been refunded. a turbine that can capture wind
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from any direction has won the uk's 2018 james dyson award. the o—wind turbine aims to capture inner—city wind and turn it into electricity in cities struggling to produce enough renewable energy for increasing populations. the portable, low—cost device can be attached to the sides of buildings. the two inventors, nicolas orellana and yaseen noorani , say they hope the energy produced could be plugged into the home or the electricity grid. wind power currently produces 4% of the world's electricity. joining us now is one of those inventors yaseen noorani joins us now.. what is difference between this and wind turbines? this is a very small device that can
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use a wind energy for multiple directions and it rotates through this axis and the location creates out a city that can be used to power homes and be fed into the national grid. whether that device get attached? they can be attached to buildings in any direction or any form is all it is attached to the building so can be on balconies on the side of buildings on rooftops. what inspired you to come up with this idea? we lived in china and be realised when energy was quickly what and it was very obstructive in terms of buildings and a structure s0 terms of buildings and a structure so we terms of buildings and a structure so we worked on this principle that nicholas developed earlier and tried to create a maladjusted —— polluters
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of the generator through wind. —— electricity generator. we feel validated and have the motivation to develop further and improve it and do more research and optimise the amount of energy we can produce. hopefully bring it to big cities all across the world. thank you. there's a lot of car related news this morning — the german carmaker mercedes—benz has unveiled its first fully—electric car, in a bid to take on us rival tesla. the eqc — as it will be called — will have two electric motors, will have a range of more than 450km. it will start rolling off production lines at the mercedes—benz plant in bremen next year. in the uk, the number of new cars registed last month rose by 23.1% to just uder 94,100 compared to the same month last
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year, the figures, from the society of motor manufacturers and traders say one in twelve cars sold were hybrid, plug—in hybrid and pure electric cars. and toyota plans to recall around one million vehicles, including its hybrid prius model, due to a fire risk. toyota says the insulation on some wires could wear down over time causing a short circuit. it affects vehicles produced in japan between june 2015 and may 2018, and sold in north america japan, europe and australia. the uk's top share index down as big oil stocks fell, though house—builders were a bright spot following comments from berkeley group about the london housing market holding up in terms of pricing and demand. that's all the business news.
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the bbc radio five live newsreader, rachael bland, has died of cancer at the age of 40. she'd been widely praised for her podcast about living with the disease, and also wrote an award winning blog. her family said that her death had left a huge hole that they would never be able to fill — but that they took comfort and pride that her work had helped to reduce the stigma around the disease. deborahjames, co—presented the you, me and the big c podcast with rachael bland: rach tried everything. everyone saying have you tried this, have you tried eating turmeric, standing on your head, doing triple somersaults? yes. but she was unlucky, and i don't know whether i'll be lucky, but i know that i will make absolute certain that now, the time that i have left i will use as productively as possible.
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because i know that rach wouldn't want me running into a hole and not building on what we've already started. now it's time for a look at the weather. all today in the weather front in the amount of sunshine. some stuck under close since the morning and looking pretty grey but other parts of the country basking in the sunshine in fact beautiful looking across the irish sea off the coast of wales. south—western england enjoying sunshine and the isle of wight. a weather front is approaching and it is going to bring rain, it has already to some parts of western scotland and northern ireland. he visited in later in the afternoon, nudging into the scottish
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lowla nds afternoon, nudging into the scottish lowlands and by that time at least some of belfast but farther east and south the weather looking bright for the rest of today and many of us will publicise. over 90 rain will move will publicise. over 90 rain will m ove a cross will publicise. over 90 rain will move across the rest of scotland saw not an awful lot by the end of the next try for most reckless bills, single figures in the north and in the south temperatures will be around 12 degrees. enter tomorrow, not a bad day for many, starting sunny but clouding over later particularly around wales and the midlands, expecting rain and the north—westerly winds can insurers and to scotland and parts of northern england and will be cool, 14 or 15 but still winning in the south and south—east, temperatures possibly getting up to 20 or more. towards the end of the week, low— pressure towards the end of the week, low—pressure close to the east coast of england and scotland meaning stronger wind shear and particularly stronger wind shear and particularly strong but you will notice the breeze and also potentially heavy
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rainfora time breeze and also potentially heavy rain for a time across eastern scotla nd rain for a time across eastern scotland and to the borders and possibly north—east england. maybe into yorkshire as well, you little uncertain about that but midlands and southwards and northern ireland staying dry on friday and again temperatures just shy of 20 but all in all not too bad, the average rating of the year as 19. enter the weekend, looking pretty cool, wins generally from the north atlantic, some spells of rain on the way not for everybody added full feel call in the north, captures around the mid—teens and with a lot of cloud. one more to the south and even on sunday temperatures could give up to 22 in london so not too bad. then again not that spectacular either. goodbye. hello, you're watching afternoon live — i'm ben brown. today at 2...
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the prime minister says two men suspected of carrying out the salisbury nerve agent attack work for russian military intelligence. the men have been named as alexander petrov and ruslan boshirov. the two individuals named by the police and cps are officers from the russian military intelligence service, also known as the gru. police have pieced together the movements of the two men before and after the attack on sergei and yulia skripal. we now have sufficient evidence to bring charges in relation to the attack on sergei and yulia skripal in salisbury, and domestic and european arrest warrants have been issued for the two suspects and we will be seeking to circulate interpol red notices.
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