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tv   BBC News  BBC News  September 11, 2018 1:30pm-2:01pm BST

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a shock when he did this. lobbed up to the fielder. india four wickets down. 120 scored. did that reallyjust happen? well, keep watching. hanuma vihari batted well in the first innings. out for nought now. five more wickets for england to win. you can read coaching manuals for test match technique. rahul‘s methods are more instinctive and modern. now dismissing ben stokes‘s bowling right into the seats. rahul reached a hundred here near the start of his test career and that brought today's standing ovation. so india will resume on 167—5. they do have the option of batting all day to draw. i am surejimmy anderson will be bowling soon. if joe root brings alastair cook on to bowl we know things have time for a look at the weather.
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here's nick miller. the light maybe an issue later at the light maybe an issue later at the oval. there is a lot of cloud coming in. here is one of our weather watcher pictures from earlier. across other parts of northern england and into wales and the midlands, this area of cloud streaming in from the atlantic has been producing a bit of rain so far today. most of it is light and patchy, from the seven estuary to the wash. it will edge further south, probably avoid much of south—east england into tonight. a few sunny spells. north notice it brightening more and there are sunny spells too in northern ireland and scotland, you may catch a shower but most frequent in western scotland, into the north—west in particular. this is the average speed, gusting to 50mph in places. it a blustery dale across the uk, mid to high teens for the most part. a few into the low 20s into the south—east, it is the last day of that. so cloudy
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with a bit of damp weather into southern england, another pulse of rain will feel southern england, another pulse of rain willfeel in, southern england, another pulse of rain will feel in, towards wales and north—west england. still a few showers in scotland where it stays breezy. you can see the range of temperatures depending on whether you have clear spells or under the cloud. finally as we go through tomorrow, this weather will will go south wand and allow the cooler fresher air to filter further south and complete its journey south behind this area of cloud. notice it does brighten up, for many of the afternoon will be dry, with sunny spells. breezy and a few showers still for northern ireland and scotland. the temperatures have come down several degrees into the south—east. so, goodbye weather front. south—east. so, goodbye weatherfront. chilly start going into thursday. we see another frontal system taking some
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cloud and rain into scotland, northern ireland to begin the day. actualing towards northern england. south of that mainly dry. sunny spells. north, a few showers. temperatures not as big a range, fairly close to average. for friday, we expect a lot of cloud to the north and west, from here, from that, maybe the chaps of rain or a few shower, looks driest in the east. hurricane florence, much more about that on the website. ben. thank you. and that is all from us, now we will good afternoon. i'm azi farni here with your latest sports news. england have restricted india to 167—5 at lunch on the final day of the fifth test. the visitors are chasing 464,
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with england's james anderson needing just one wicket to surpass glenn mcgrath as test cricket's most successful fast bowler. our sports correspondent joe wilson is at the oval, england very much in control. yes, they are. it is a grey, cloudy and overcast day. you would think ideal conditions forjames anderson. no wickets for him. i's batters have looked comfortable. it was surprised when the first wicket fell, off the bowling of moeen ali. miss timed the shot and it went to keatonjennings. next, the debit and, battered in the first innings, if you remember. ben stokes first innings, if you remember. ben sto kes ca m e first innings, if you remember. ben stokes came on and bowl very quickly. that edge tojonny
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ba i rstow. quickly. that edge tojonny bairstow. that was the second default. they have been playing a full repertoire of the ipl, very entertaining. this is the start of his test match career. india will be impressed with what he has done. it was the last chance for him to make an impression. if he can keep going throughout the afternoon and into the evening, there is a possibility i could draw this test match. if he continues to frustrate england, he will deserve a few more of the standing over asians we saw yesterday for alastair cook. joe wilson, thank you forjoining us. bbc sport understands that hampden park will remain the home of scottish football. the scottish football association's lease runs out in 2020, and there was an offer for them to move scotland's home matches to murrayfield. the decision is expected to be confirmed in the next couple of hours, and it would mean that
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scotland would extend their 112 year stay at hampden park. uefa's planning to introduce a third european club competition alongside the champions league and europa league from 2021. head of the european club association, andrea agnelli, said "the green light has been given", pending approval. but he hasn't given any more details on how the tournament would be organised or when it would be staged. kimi raikkonen is leaving ferrari at the end of the current formula one season. the 2007 world champion is joining sauber on a two—year deal, returning to the team who gave him his first chance in f1 back in 2001. going the other way, will be charles le clerc, with ferrrari confirming that the 20—year—old will drive alongside sebastian vettel next season. in rugby union, premiership club owners are holding a meeting today to dicsuss a multi—million pound offer to take—over the league. cvc capital partners,
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who used to own formula one, have offered £275 million for a 51% share. our rugby union reporter chris jones has more. absolutely, it is going to be tempting. if they do accept, you are looking at the best part of potentially £20 million going into the cough of every club and for organisations that are losing money every year, that will be highly tempting and it could revolutionise the infrastructure at a premiership club. but while the clubs are losing money, the overall brand value of premiership rugby, the umbrella organisation is going up. so central reve nu es organisation is going up. so central revenues have been increasing and the 8% share each club owns in premiership rugby, that share is becoming more valuable by the season. becoming more valuable by the season. so yes, they are losing
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money, but on the other hand they might think 200 75ml for 50% is an good enough value. they might hold out for a higher offer or a different kind of investment. i wouldn't be surprised if they accepted the offer but it would be the end of the matter if they do reject it. i'll have more for you in the next hour. russia is beginning what it says is the largest military exercise in its history in eastern siberia. by thursday, 300,000 russian soldiers will be involved. and for the first time, chinese troops will also take part. our moscow correspondent sarah rainsford reports. this is a war game intended to impress. russia has been rolling its military hardware into place, ready for what it's billed as the biggest exercise since soviet times. all of this is for vostok, or east, a military drill that will run for a week and involved more than 300,000 troops. russia's defence ministry says
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36,000 defence vehicles will take part. the air force and the navy are both involved. it is not only for training, testing logistics across this vast country, it is also a show of strength at a time when relations with the west are tense. and 3000 chinese troops will fight alongside the russians. that sounds a strong signal of their deepening bonds. as does this... china's president arrived in eastern russia today as the military drill began. he is attending an economic forum and also meeting president putin. as they sat down for talks, russia's president said relations with china, in politics, security and defence were based on trust. that am perhaps these war games are a warning to
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washington about where isolating these countries will lead. for yea rs, these countries will lead. for years, vladimir putin has made reinforcing the military his priority. all this than a display to the west not seen since the cold war. space exploration has led to countless, ground—breaking discoveries, and now a team of british scientists wants to send worms to the international space station, to help us understand how our muscles can waste away. we've been given special access to the scientists as they prepare to launch the worms into space. john maguire went to see them at their laboratory in switzerland. when tim peake spent six months on board the international space station, regular exercise was vital. floating in zero gravity means astronauts stop using their muscles to stand and those muscles then start to waste away. now, a team of scientists from british universities is working to find out more. they've come to switzerland and,
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on the shore of lake lucerne, this lab that specialises in space biology. we're hoping to prevent muscle loss with astronauts when they go into space, so this will allow them to undergo really long space flight and then this will translate to people on earth. as well, so if we can prevent muscle loss in astronauts we could potentially prevent muscle loss in the elderly population. this will be the first uk—led experiment on the space station. these bags contain thousands of microscopic worms suspended in fluid. they're called sea elegans and, by sending them up into space, the research team can determine how their muscle structure is affected. perhaps, surprisingly, the muscle of a worm that keeps a worm moving in a line is very similar structurally at the molecular level and in the metabolism of the way it functions very similar to a human. of course it doesn't mean it's directly translatable, but an idea of what might be causing the same sorts of changes in humans.
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some of the worms will be treated with a drug in an attempt to slow down their muscle wastage. the long—term strategy, we're looking at years to decades, is if we can find out the exact molecular reasons why worms lose muscle mass in space, when we test some of the potential therapies such as drugs for that, we can then apply that to larger organism such as humans to try and prevent that loss and that then allows exploratory space flights such as mars missions for the future. the test here in switzerland is essentially a dress rehearsal. the preparations have to be absolutely meticulous because the next time the team do this will be just ahead of launch in florida. the pressure is really on. this is an opportunity to refine and practise the techniques to make sure that everything goes according to plan when the worms are prepared for space flight. if something doesn't work, there's no fix. there are other facilities on board where you can say, ok, something doesn't work, we will repeat or we do a change or something like this.
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for cubic, we can't do that. the experiment will only last six days, but that equates roughly to around 20 years of human life. they will then be frozen and returned to earth for analysis. one microscopic step or wriggle for the worms, or wriggle for the worms that it's hoped could provide a giant leap in understanding of how our bodies age, notjust in space, but also back down here on earth. john maguire, bbc news, switzerland. let's go to the us now where memorials are being held in new york and in washington to mark the 17th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. nearly 3,000 people died and thousands more were injured when the two world trade center towers collapsed after hijackers crashed planes into them. at ground zero of the world trade centre,
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a remembrance ceremony is taking place. you can see american service personnel carrying the american flag at the service. always an emotional day in the united states. as the victims of 9/11 are remembered. #so # so broadly we hailed. she sings american national anthem
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# o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave? # in new york city, a bell of hope rang at st paul's chapel to mark the moment the first plane hit the world trade center on september 11, 2001. we bring it on every 9/11 and on time there is a terrorist attack. i would like to invite you to take a few minutes of silence and the
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ringing will start at 8:46. bagpipes bell rings the bell of hope being wrong in
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memory of the victims of 9/11, 17 yea rs memory of the victims of 9/11, 17 years ago. the most devastating terrorist attack the world has seen. and later, the names of the victims, almost 3000 of them will be read out by family members. in this annual service to remember 9/11 and those killed in the various attacks on bad day 17 years ago. we will have more from new york
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throughout the afternoon. in a moment we'll have all the business news, but first the headlines on bbc news: the met police commissioner says she doesn't want the police to be struggling with chronic understaffing as the government is accused of failing to understand the impact of cuts. the inquest into the westminster bridge terror attack hears how american tourist kurt cochran lost his life saving his wife. mark carney agrees to stay on as governor of the bank of england until 2020 to help ensure a smoother brexit. i'm ben bland, in the business news. as you were hearing — mark carney extends his term as governor of the bank of england. he'd been due to step down injune next year — but the chancellor says mr carney agreed to stay on. philip hammond said next summer could be quite turbulent for the economyjust after brexit —
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and having mr carney still in post will help support a smooth exit from the eu. the bbc has discovered that the energy giant npower is "urgently investigating" how the personal details of around 5,000 customers were shared in a postal mailing. the letters included other customers' names, addresses, and payment amounts. no bank details were released and the information commissioner's office was notified. the company has apologised to all affected. wages grew faster than expected in the three months tojuly, as they continued to rise more quickly than average prices. earnings have now risen faster than inflation for several months. the boss of the bank of england is staying put then — until the end of january 2020. mark carney has agreed to extend his term as governor. he'd been due to leave
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at the end ofjune next year. but the chancellor philip hammond says mr carney said he'd stay on longer — to help support a smooth exit from the european union during what could be, in the chancellor's words, a turbulent period. joining us now live from the london stock exchange is kallum pickering, senior economist at berenberg bank. what difference does it make to the economy then having mark carney still in post across that period of the summer 2019? i put the risk that 20% if the uk avoids a no deal. it won't matter who the head of the institution is. in the event the risk materialises in the event of a ha rd risk materialises in the event of a hard brexit, the head of the bank of england will matter. because mark carney is proven in a crisis, the fa ct carney is proven in a crisis, the fact markets will expect him to step up fact markets will expect him to step up reduces the margin of something bad happening should the uk go for a no deal, hard brexit. in that scenario i know this is crystal ball
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gazing territory and there are so many variables, but what is it the markets and investors like about mark carney and the way they think he will step in, what will he do if there is a hard brexit? the thing is, ifa there is a hard brexit? the thing is, if a risk materialises, markets have to resolve what is a problem between the way the world looks on one day versus another. that means prices have to changing markets, lots of contracts have to be revised, assets need to be exchanged. what the bank of england can do in those early hours is supply the market with enough liquidity to make sure they function smoothly. that is what the bank of england promised to do on the day of the brexit vote. then a few weeks after that the bank of england would assess the economy. if it expected an economic impact it could cut interest rates, do a little more
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quantitative easing. that is what the market would expect in the event ofa the market would expect in the event of a hard brexit. ijust wonder, when you look at the news he has agreed to stay on, has there been any immediate reaction from investors, or is it too early? it is too early and the base case is probably won't matter who the head of the institution is. the bank of england will probably hike interest rates twice next year and maybe if wages surprise rates twice next year and maybe if wages surprise more, rates twice next year and maybe if wages surprise more, maybe three times. it doesn't matter who the head of the situation is for that. but now the markets know mark carney will be there during what could be a tough period in case of a hard brexit in q2 tough period in case of a hard brexit in 02 next year, markets of the margin will feel more relaxed, they can sleep better at night knowing that if they need to exchange their sterling the day after the hard brexit, the bank will be ready to help them do so. thank you for giving us your take on that. the leading representative body for the uk's offshore oil
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and gas industry says costs are lower, production is 20% higher than four years ago and prices for oil and gas are more stable. yet despite the favourable conditions, it warns that recovery from the economic downturn is yet to be felt across the whole sector. joining us is deirdre michie, chief executive, oiland gas uk. why is the benefit of this favourable landscape not being felt across the whole sector? we are at a bit of a crossroads, we have been coming out what is one of the most difficult downturns we have had to face, both in the uk and globally. although we have made great strides in terms of efficiency and cost savages, we have a very competitive fiscal regime and we have seen production go up by 20%. the downside is, we are seeing low levels of exploration and drilling
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activity and we continue to see the supply chain under pressure. we are ata supply chain under pressure. we are at a crossroads and we want to remind people we are such an important industry to the uk in terms of security of energy supply, jobs and ongoing contribution in terms of taxes, said that is what the report is highlighting today. you talk about the impact of record low drilling activity and potentially damaging supply chains. what you mean by supply chain squeeze and what is the reason? we went to the downturn and activity stopped and that is when we saw being lost and as people had to adapt to the much lower commodity price, rates or put under pressure. as we went through the downturn in 2015 and 16, people realised the oil price wasn't going to get them out of the difficulties, so they had to look at doing things differently, become more efficient at what they
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we re become more efficient at what they were doing, more innovation and adopt technology. as a result, that is why we have seen costs come down but efficiencies go up. but at the same time the pressure on the supply chain was quite considerable. they have had to adapt and take pressure in terms of a rate squeeze. but also, we have seen them adopt much more in it and survive in that way as well. thank you very much for talking us through that. let's get a quick look at the markets before we finish. ftse 100 down as sterling climbs further. the pound has been boosted by strong jobs data and signs that a brexit deal could be agreed sooner than expected. but a strong pound tends to weigh down shares in britain's multinational companies that earn in dollars. a strong sterling makes their goods relatively more expensive. consumer goods giants and mining stocks were the biggest drag on the ftse100. british american tobacco, imperial brands, fresnillo and bhp billiton are among the biggest fallers.
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that's all the business news. now it's time for a look at the weather. a weather front which has been sitting across the uk for a few days will clear away later tomorrow. but it is still the focus for cloud and outbreaks of rain. this is from leicestershi re outbreaks of rain. this is from leicestershire earlier today. a lot of cloud coming in from the atlantic. in terms of the rain bearing cloud it is this strip setting itself off from the seven ash tree towards the wash. patchy rain from vat. working there the south—east this afternoon. more of wales and some in the midlands, northern england will be brightening up northern england will be brightening up over the next few hours and more in the way of sunny spells. windy day, but particularly noeckler
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scotla nd day, but particularly noeckler scotland with plenty of showers. gusts up to 50 miles an hour. high teens for most of us but there are some in the low 20s, even if you do see a huge amount of sunshine in the south—east. it will be cooler by the end of tomorrow. patchy rain this evening and pulse of rain working in to wales in north—west england as the night goes on. clear spells. and in northern ireland and the showers to not trust scotland, but for many north of the weather front it is single figure temperatures and south of it it is double figures, quite humid in the south—east. but that is about to change as this weather front finally clears through and the cooler, fresh air war following behind. this is where it will be first thing in the morning, so soon out of wales and the further south before clearing altogether. few showers into northern ireland and scotland, the dikili in the west. gusty wind and notice how the
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temperatures have come down several degrees. goodbye to the weather fronts and the clear skies chilly for many as wednesday begins. weather fronts coming into the north of scotland. we stopped thursday with some in scotland and northern ireland having cloud patchy rain and sinking further south is northern england and a few showers falling behind. on thursday it is broken cloud, sunny spells on temperatures are cloud, sunny spells on temperatures a re close cloud, sunny spells on temperatures are close to average. it is breezy, as it will be into friday and saturday. the atlantic flow of air so we will see some cloud and showers and patchy rain into the north and west of the uk in particular, but that leaves eastern areas with the driest weather. there will be some sunny spells to be had at times and in the south—east it will warm upjust at times and in the south—east it will warm up just a at times and in the south—east it will warm upjust a little bit. hello, you're watching afternoon live — i'm simon mccoy. today at 2:
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a stark warning form britain's top police officer, as the home office is criticised for not understanding the impact of cuts. i don't want for the government to wait for the police to be struggling like the prison service, with chronic understaffing. killed saving his wife: the westminster bridge attack inquest hears how american tourist kurt cochran pushed her out of the way moments before he was hit. a longer deposit at the bank of england: governor mark carney will stay in post until 2020 — to help "smooth" britain's exit from the eu. but brexiteers aren't happy. theresa may's drive for zero—emission vehicles: the prime minister promises much more money to develop them in the uk. coming up on afternoon live all the sport — with azi farni. good afternoon. england
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