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tv   The Papers  BBC News  September 12, 2018 10:45pm-11:01pm BST

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towards a new financial crisis. the guardian features a warning from the former prime minister that a lack of leadership could see a repeat of the financial crash a decade ago. the times features conservative mps attacking the archbishop of canterbury for ‘parroting labour policy‘ after he called the gig economy a ‘reincarnation of ancient evil‘. it also says mothers who post graphic accounts of the birthing process on websites such as mumsnet are contributing to a rise in phobia of childbirth. and prices at the fuel pumps rise for a tenth week in a row, is across the daily mail as it‘s headline reads — how much can drivers take? as petrol prices hit a four—year—high. i think we ran out of music there. so many papers and headlines to discuss. thank you both for being with us. where should we start? the big news of the day, tory plotters
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we have been hearing a lot about today, apparently they are planning an april coup against the prime minister. by april? april is one of the dates. it would depend which tory plotters used bz will that there there obviously a lot in different sections. april will be one of the days they are looking at because britain today, the day we leave the eu is at the very end of march. once that is out of the way, there will be a feeling of some of there will be a feeling of some of the conservative party that might be an appropriate moment to think about changing the leader. theresa may has been... from what the tories it is a case of when not if theresa may goes as leader. i think you‘ll find, the the i happened upon this april date which may well be right. there will be other tories who think they should move a lot sooner than that. because they want to try and change the leader before a break the deal is done and before the whole thing is done and before the whole thing is set in motion. and of course party conference season coming up. how much of a threat do you think
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she is under? a free broad time bring together the party after so many of the grassroots are so opposed to her brexit plan, her chequers agreement plan. even the senior people at number ten acknowledges going to be a really difficult few weeks for her to get her. the other thing to say about any potential leadership challenge is that those who might want one, senior figures whose name is to be mentioned, will not want to take over necessarily to point where a deal where brussels has not yet been agreed. where the comment is potentially against their proposals... the tories did not have a majority there. it will be thinking why would we take over now. the flip of that of course is that if you wait until after brexit, how much influence are you really want to have over the process? the conservative party leadership contest potentially can take about a few months. there's the potential for pushing it in a bid and making an appetizer. times get very tight
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to get brexit to agree and to stage a contest before that time. it will be remembering pepe ynigues, that they are going to challenge the pm to pick their moment very carefully because if she wins a confidence vote amongst her in these and they cannot launch another bid for a year. that right. you get one goal at eight under tory rules. they have to make sure they get it right. those divided opinions amongst the tory brexit plotters, if we can call them back, different ones of you, them back, different ones of you, the things that downing street is happiest about because the last thing they want is one big cohesive thing they want is one big cohesive thing coming out. the more they can divide in different sections and pick them off that way, the more chance of staying on until april and beyond. interesting. the arch brexit dearjacob rees—mogg makes the front page of the daily express. really, whatever you think about him, what happened was that he and his young children were confronted outside their home, what the express cause they hate filled leftist mob. and
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really this has been universal. —— universally condemned was not it has. i think the whole point is that the children were targeted. it was notjust that there the children were targeted. it was not just that there were even present, that will be bad enough. but that they specifically were shouted at and abused by this veteran anarchist i think he is. it is obviously received a lot of criticism from right across the political spectrum, you had earlier and arch remainder condemning it and saying it should be investigated to see what happened. mps from across the spectrum, corbyn east of supporters online coming out against it. people saying they really disagree with everything jacob rees—mogg has done and stand for. but that is not in any way make it a cce pta ble but that is not in any way make it acceptable to launch some sort of attack on his children. going to in these houses and shouting at them going in and of the houses is not
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this coming how this country supposed to work. of course everyone should have a protest, but not outside someone‘s home. that is obviously not the right way go about it. because this could live there, it. because this could live there, it just shows an it. because this could live there, itjust shows an appalling approach. it is also going to backfire completely. as they come down across the spectrum, the chairman of the labour party has nothing to do with this. he found jacob rees—mogg tonight to let him know that we are totally nothing to do with this and com pletely totally nothing to do with this and completely condemn this and to make sure he was all right. it makes the calls this guy and however many of them are our try to stick up for him it is not going to help. it makes them look terrible. let's move on to them look terrible. let's move on to the telegraph. interesting to headline here. the uk one payee you bill about brexit deal. i think this is the threat from the brexit secretary who has been talking to the telegraph. tellis elizabeth more about this? he has written a piece for the telegraph and it has got a
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pretty ha rd—hitting liner to for the telegraph and it has got a pretty hard—hitting liner to end their he says if this government will not pay the terms of the financial settlement. if there is no deal. he says there is no deal about the whole deal. had to do this before as a veiled threat the eu that if this pain is agreed, £39 billion, it will be paid over a number if years. as part of the exit deal. they‘re basically saying if we do not get the deal we want, that is not to happen. all the money or a good chunk is off the table. this is a sign of britain‘s trident to play ha rd ball a sign of britain‘s trident to play hardball in the bid. as i‘m getting down to the nitty—gritty of the negotiation. he is on his way to brussels tomorrow for more talks with his opposite member michel barnier. giovanni is going to read this tomorrow morning and he knows there‘s probably going to be another confrontation —— michel barnier is good to read this tomorrow morning. maybe to appease the tory eurosceptic plotters? some would think so. another thing concerned is handed over this massive wad of cash
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to the european union and in their view not getting anything in return. the government has always said that we would pay our financial obligations, we would make sure those were met. the eu were committed to various projects across the eu and have made various commitments previously. it is not just signing to escape to divorce the partnership. it was interesting because philip haven't talked about this yesterday and the treasury committee. he will sing of course we would still need financial obligations, but what seems to be the view now is that you can do both, that punish obligations with be slightly less than the almost £40 billion divorce settlement. but i think there will be a lot of people here thinking it is notjust about firming up the message and trying to ta ke firming up the message and trying to take that message to the eu, that we are prepared to play hardball, but also a bit of a nod and a wink to the brexiteers on their own site, give them a little bit of meat to
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keep them happy. you have got your concerns at heart as well. but you have to remember in this negotiation britain does not have a lot of cards to play. it has got the money, maybe there are other things it also in terms of trade, things began offering terms of preferential access to you workers who want to come and working than the parts, that might be something the government officers. the money is one of the big things we have got to play. is no surprise to most regardless of the domestic situation that the government is trying to play hardball with that because if they just signed that play hardball with that because if theyjust signed that over all asleep and we do not have many more legs to stand on. let‘s pause brexit for a moment. another story in the telegraph which i assume is nothing to do with brexit lee was on me otherwise. skype calls for all in revolution of gp services. would you wa nt to revolution of gp services. would you want to skype your doctor? at least i use skype. i think the problem is that a lot of people do not. particularly the elderly and some
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we re particularly the elderly and some were vulnerable who require often quite regular access to their gps. if you cut off that as an option i don't think that is suggesting only you could be available on facebook. but if you make it more difficult for them to access it, to access theirgp, then for them to access it, to access their gp, then clearly... this is something the new health secretary who is a massive take at intanon revolutionising technology, mosconi speak your doctor, there he is. the he actually used this already. and app he actually used this already. and app which is offered by the nhs in some parts of london to speak to his gp. he raises the horrific spectre of sitting next to someone on the 2-ball of sitting next to someone on the 2—ball the of sitting next to someone on the 2— ball the ketchup of sitting next to someone on the 2—ball the ketchup on their way to work with their gp and announcing to a carriage full of people this horrendous cold. try to show them something, a boiler something.
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horrendous cold. try to show them something, a boiler somethinglj have something, a boiler something.” have gp services where i live and i got it last year and it took three weeks to see a gp or something. that is not a good service. no one would think of that is. if i had been able to call my gp on skype that day, i would have been ok with that. but as long as it is not instead of going to see. there are lots of people who cannot even get skype because there are people in world areas, mostly technology is there great. but it is not quite yet. we have only got a few seconds left. let‘s quickly go onto the metro. the striking picture of president putin, assassins, they are nice lads, really, says putin. this assertion that the two men accused of poisoning the skripals are not criminals. it is the flipping answer we expect to get from letterman putin. every time he gets caught red—handed he does not
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guarantee just want to send out an alternate message that he knows that some people will just alternate message that he knows that some people willjust believe because they don‘t trust the british government on anything. but the evidence is pretty overwhelming. the western world is 100% behind it. he knows they cannot touch him. we must save your views on president putin until 11:30pm one i know we you will be both back for the papers. for now we have got to leave it there. that is it for the papers this evening. asi is it for the papers this evening. as i say, we will be back at 11:30pm. thank you for now. i hope you‘lljoin us then. good evening. yesterday the temperature was 25 degrees in london. today it was 15 degrees. at least we are being left with a some beautiful sunsets across southern parts of england. this is for one in
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buckinghamshire. it is in these sort of areas that will see the temperatures tonight. the sunset came behind that cloud there, which has been pushing its way very slowly southeast. which jason designed that we have that thickening cloud coming into scotland and northern ireland. here it is not going to be that cold. showers being replaced by a narrowing band of rain. the winds are picking up. further south for england and wales, there will not be much wind, especially towards the south and the southeast. the midlands, east anglia, lincolnshire. this is where we will seek to major general areas down to three or 4 degrees. much sillier start on thursday. it looks like being a finding here. this man of rain is going to stumble its way southward and grind to a halt. in more detail, you can see the towers and the far northwest of scotland. that narrow band of rain is not really amounting to very much patchy rain and drizzle. the odds are coming in ahead of that around some wisdom coasts. along the whole, england and wales will start dry and sunny. if a little on the chilly side. it will warm upfairly little on the chilly side. it will warm up fairly quickly. it should be
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afinding warm up fairly quickly. it should be a finding across well, the midlands, southern england. a good affair with a cloud and some good sunny spells. more clouds across northern parts of england in the afternoon. so the scotla nd england in the afternoon. so the scotland and northern ireland are producing rain and drizzle, then they start to work its way back northwards into scotland. higher temperatures across the south this time. highs of 20 or even 21 selfie is in the southeast. as we move our way into friday, we get rid of one arching weather front and bring way into friday, we get rid of one arching weatherfront and bring in another one. once again it is only going to get so far across from the uk. this next weather system is a little more active. it means there‘s more rain to come across scotland. at least you begin the day across northern ireland and northern england. we are also pushing rain into welsh is that the videos. a little bit from the south, there will be sunshine and showers returning to scotland. the midlands and east anglia in the southeast is likely to be dry and temperatures close to 19 or 20 celsius. for most of the weekend, the southeast will be dry, sunny and warm. for all of the lucerne windy without wetter
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weather arriving at the northwest on sunday. they‘ll begin to work its way into england and wales. this is bbc news. i‘m rebecca jones. the headlines at 11: leading pro—brexit conservative mps insist they are not planning to oust theresa may, despite meeting to discuss alternatives to the prime minister‘s chequers proposals, including plans to avoid a hard border on the island of ireland. russian president vladimir putin describes the two men accused of poisoning sergei and yulia skripal in salisbury as civilians, not criminals. we obviously looked into these people are. we found a —— we found them, they will appear soon, i hope, and tell you everything themselves. egypt‘s public prosecutor says
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e.coli was a factor in the death


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