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tv   BBC News  BBC News  September 17, 2018 6:50pm-7:01pm BST

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mo farah's british record time is about a mile adrift. this is how he did it. the berlin course is flat and notorious for quick times. kipchoge crossed the line underneath the brandenburg gate in two hours one minute and 39 seconds. he puts his success down to a formula he coins motivation + discipline = consistency. iam happy i am happy and i iam happy and i can i am happy and i can say that i a lwa ys i am happy and i can say that i always wa nt i am happy and i can say that i always want to leave a legacy. everything is possible. i had 00, now i have one. it is possible. so how does that extraordinary time break down — if you're a runner you might be interested. kipchoge‘s pace worked out at just over 17 seconds for every 100 metres.
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over five kilometres, it works out at an amazing 14 minutes 2a seconds — close to world record pace for the women's 5,000 metres. he ran each 10k at an average of 28 minutes, 49 seconds — anyone who's run a 10k knows how staggering that is. so what's next for kipchoge? earlier this year, he tried to break the two hour barrier at an event run by the sports brand nike. he ran two hours and 25 seconds that day but it wasn't officially recorgnised as a world record. so yesterday kipchoge joked that in his career now he's ran two hours dead: 2:01, 2:03, 2:01; and 2:05. now all he needs is two hours two minutes!
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a stunning achivement from one of athletics greats. it is not easy to do, especially if you are doing it for 26 miles. that's all from sportsday. we'll have more throughout the evening. the leader of the liberal democrats, sir vince cable, has warned that his party would oppose a brexit deal based on the chequers plan — speaking at his party's conference in brighton he said that it was voters who should be given the final say. he's been speking to our political correspondent, jonathan blake. you have said you were absolutely
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solid that we need to stop exits. does that mean you will vote against any deal that the prime minister comes back with having managed to reach it with the eu? we will look at what she puts forward on its merits but on the basis of what we can see at the moment, the chequers plan, it has nothing to offer to the 80% of the economy which is services, absolutely crucial to wealth creation here. it doesn't work. her own people have said so. it is not a sensible proposal. we will see what they come up with. it is not a sensible proposal. we will see what they come up withm sounds like the likeliest scenario is that you would vote against the deal. yes, it does. if that is the case, the prime minister has set herself it is no deal or —— her deal oi’ herself it is no deal or —— her deal or no deal. would you be happy with your mps influencing that decision? well, she is posing the question in the way
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she wants to pose it and she is trying to intimidate a lot of her own backbenchers who are deeply unhappy about the way brexit is going but from the point of view of the country, there is a growing demand that we have people's vote on the outcome. in other words, we take the government ‘s proposals, whatever they are, and we choose that, or we stay within the european union. that is the way public opinion is moving and it is also moving in the direction of saying that we would be better off if we stayed in europe because the deal on offer is pretty bad. but how would a public vote work? how is the time for that given that the prime minister has set out that it isa the prime minister has set out that it is a vote for her deal or a vote for no deal? the timeframe article 50 means we will be leading at the end of march. time is not an enormous problem. the government of the date nationalised the british is my biggest bank in the world in a few weeks. they can set up a people's vote within a shorter time
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frame. a few weeks? i would hope so but we have also suggested this morning that overall we need more time for this anyway. the government has backed itself against the wall. there is an argument for postponing article 50 in order to give more breathing space. with the eu agree to that? i'm sure they would if they we re to that? i'm sure they would if they were asked. if the result of a referendum on the deal was to reject it, then what? if the public reject the deal the government is offering, the deal the government is offering, the alternative, as we would posit, would be to remain in the youth. of course we have to perform it and improve it. -- two remaining de you. you accept that that would cause the uk to leave the eu without a deal in place? i don't accept that that is the choice. that is the choice that reminisced is trying to make us decide. but there is a better option
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on schmeichel must certainly it would be better to remain in the national interest to remain within the youth than to leave it on bad terms. what a league without a deal at all. that is the question that has to be put. said vince cable talking to jonathan has to be put. said vince cable talking tojonathan blake. and at 11:30 tonight you can see theresa may's interview with panorama — inside number ten: deal or no deal — here on bbc news. now it's time for a look at the weather with chris fawkes. we are looking at a turbulent spell of weather over the next few days with some strong winds on the way. 0ver with some strong winds on the way. over the next 12 hours, the strong winds will be brought by an old hurricane. now a normal area of low pressure, spreading cloud and outbreaks of rain to the north—west. we have been dredging up some warm airfrom the we have been dredging up some warm air from the consonants, which we have been dredging up some warm airfrom the consonants, which is why it has been feeling hot and humid will . for many of england and wales,
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blue skies, plenty of sunshine. tops average 26 degrees. the weather picture overnights, the hurricane will edge closer, squeezing the isobars across wales and south—west england. through the night, the winds will ratchet up and pick up gales. through the night, gusts of wind or 60 around some of the coast and heels. that will blow down some tree branches of the might be some debris on the roads in the morning. transport disruption possible. heavy rain in western parts of the uk. a mile might everywhere but 16 to 17 degrees across parts of the south. met 0ffice yellow well —— weather warning in force with strong winds extending across wales, the midlands, the northern counties of england. a blustery day for sure. heavy rain across northern ireland and docklands. the weather to start across england and wales. light rain and drizzle for the most part. the
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brisk winds will blow some holes into the cloud and we will see some sunny spells. another one—day across the midlands and eastern england with temperatures fishing into the mid—20s. further north and west, feeling humid at times, temperatures around 17 or 18 degrees. more wet and windy weather on the way towards the middle part of the week thanks to this low pressure. this targeting northern ireland, scotland, northern england and the north—west of wales with some strong winds expected. strongest winds probably up to 75 mph according to the met office weather warning in force across exposed parts of western scotland. a lot of heavy rain across the north, could bring surface water flooding issues. further south, a bit of rain but largely dry towards the south—east where it says warm. you're watching beyond one hundred days. there are just six months to go before brexit — but is anyone ready to agree a deal? i've come to burnley — where people voted 2—1 to leave the eu — to find out how confident they are britain made the right choice.
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theresa may says her plan can get the best deal for britain. and she's warning opponents there's no viable alternative. we'll get a good deal, we will bring that back from the eu negotiations, and put that to parliament. i think that the alternative to that will be not having a deal. an allegation of sexual abuse haunts president trump's nominee for the supreme court — throwing the confirmation into turmoil. also on the programme: floods after hurricane florence leave the town of wilmington, north carolina, cut off
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