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this is bbc news. the headlines at seven. jeremy corbyn says he would back another referendum on brexit if labour party members vote for it at conference. i'm there elected as a leader of this party. elected as the leader in order to bring greater democracy to this party. there will be a clear vote in conference, i don't know what's going to come out of all the meetings that are going on. following eu leaders' rejection of theresa may's chequers plan last week, the brexit secretary says he won't let the eu dictate negotiations. this is a bump in the road. we'll hold our nerve. we'll keep our cool and we'll keep negotiating in good faith. i think we need to keep these negotiations going. iran's president accuses american—backed gulf states of supporting groups behind a deadly terror attack on a military parade yesterday. a rescue operation is under way in the indian ocean to rescue a stranded sailor. abhilash tomy, who was taking
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part in the golden globe round—the—world race, says he's seriously ., who was taking part in the golden globe who was taking part in the golden globe round—the—world race, says he's seriously injured after his boat ran into a severe storm arsenal beat everton, and west ham draw with chelsea, all the reaction to today's premier league games and the rest of the days sport in half an hour. good evening. jeremy corbyn, has confirmed that labour would support another referendum on brexit, if delegates backed the idea at the party's conference. he says he'd prefer a general election, but would abide by the decision of members. his comments came as thousands of people joined an anti—brexit march in liverpool, where the labour conference is taking place. here's our political
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correspondent, alex forsyth. people's vote! there's clear demand. now! calls for another public vote. i can't see that we've got anything to gain through brexit. a say on the terms of brexit. we need to know what the deal actually is. and outside labour's conference, some party members join the chorus. can you hear us, jeremy corbyn?! listen to us, hear us, give us a people's vote! it seems he might have heard. he's resisted so far but today said he would accept the decision of party members. our preference would be for a general election, and we can then negotiate our future relationships with europe. but let's see what comes out of conference, we are democratic party, we're very big, it's the biggest conference we've ever had. and given that, do you feel bound by what the conference decides as the leader? obviously, i'm there elected as a leader of this party. the government's ruled out another vote or an election,
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insisting a brexit deal is possible even after its plan was rejected by the eu. what we need to do is hold our nerve, keep our cool, continue to negotiate in good faith, and really press the eu to be clearer on what their objections are. but they sense an opportunity. an election is what they really want, but having promised a more democratic party, they can't ignore members calling for a brexit vote. the deputy leader says labour must make its position clear either way. it's a bit of a binary choice, you can't really fudge that. we think we need a meaningful vote in parliament. failing that, we think that the prime minister needs to call a general election so we can air the debates around the deal. and then it may be that we have to have a people's vote if parliament can't come to a view. today labour delegates will decide what exactly the party will vote on later this week, which will determine whether labour officially supports a vote on the brexit deal.
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there is support for that here, but some fear it may alienate labour voters who wanted to leave the eu. hence this warning from one of labour's big union backers. there are significant numbers of traditional labour supporters who are saying, "we are going to vote conservative because we don't trust labour to take us out of the european union." any vote, he said, should be on the terms of leaving only. the referendum shouldn't be on, "do we want to go back into the european union?" that shouldn't even be an option? no, because the people have already decided. but these people want another say — labour's now flirting with the idea, while the government says it would be a betrayal of trust. brexit, once again, hugely divisive. alex forsyth, bbc news, liverpool. let's talk to our chief political correspondent vicki young who is at the labour party conference in liverpool for us now.
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vicki. i think it is interesting this week, labour will want to show themselves as a government in waiting and talking the course of wanting a general election. and as thatis wanting a general election. and as that is hard for the opposition to retrieve under the parliamentary rule that would require conservatives to go for. they can call fort but there are not many people think that is what happened. they're going to talk about taxes and those with second homes to help people on the cost of housing and rent and talking about putting workers on the board of copies. a lot of ideas coming out here but it is difficult to get away from that issue of brexit, dominating the political landscape so much that people want to know what labour's position is. there's also a certain amount of concentration here on internal intraparty amount of concentration here on internal intra party matters. amount of concentration here on internal intraparty matters. lots of
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talks on rules, particularly about how local parties can get rid of their mps. it is all about reselection ortiz election, the idea that the mp will not be the local representative, here's what len mcclos key representative, here's what len mccloskey wanted to say about it. i believe there are certain mps within our party who are almost asking to be deselected. they really don't want... applause. they really don't want to be part of this exciting transformation that is taking place. all my life i have sought a government that would bring about the irreversible shift in the balance of power in favour of working people. we now have an opportunity. please go back, talk to the number of constituents in delegates here. this isn't about constituencies against the unions. i promise you it isn't. we want to make certain that those mps who need to be called to account
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will be called to account. now there has been a lot of tension between many labour mps and jeremy corbyn. some of his mps to like the direction he is taking the party and and the fear there will be some kind of purge, people trying to get rid of purge, people trying to get rid of them. there has been a shift in the rules, it has not gone as far as an open solution or a mandatory breed —— reselection. but it is definitely going to make it easier for local party members to get rid of theirmp if for local party members to get rid of their mp if they wanted. this was the message from one member, one labourmp. do you know what i find really sad about all of this? unite the union is doing really brilliant work right now on tips and the way in which people working in restaurants are getting ripped off by their employers. and all you're hearing about unite right now are len‘s comments. there is a way that parties can get rid of their mp, there always has been.
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i've had members e—mail me about it for the last two and a half years. every person here at this conference has a choice to make. are you here to make change, are you here to make chaos? and i just say to len, "your members are doing great work on things like tips. why don't we start talking about that and how we can make that legislation? " there was a certain amount of anger on the conference floor from labour party members who actually thought that the compromise on all of this was a bit too weak. they did not think it went far enough with many of them saying "your local mps should not assume they have a job for life, they have to be accountable and they have to prove that they backed the party leader". vicki, thank you very much. and we'll find out how this story, and many others, are covered in tomorrow's front pages at 10:30 and 11:30 this evening in the papers. our guestsjoining me tonight are the former fleet street editor, eve pollard, and laura hughes, who's a political correspondent at the ft.
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the us ambassador to the united nations, nikki haley, has dismissed claims by the iranian president that washington was involved in an attack yesterday on a military parade in the city of ahvaz. 25 people, including 12 revolutionary guards, were killed in one of the worst attacks against the elite force. hassan rouhani said the us and its allies in the gulf had supported the attack, which killed 25 people. ms haley said the fault lay solely with the iranian authorities. let's speak to our washington correspondent chris buckler. the us are dismissing this but should they be taking the finger—pointing seriously with the un general assembly coming up?|j think at the moment we have washington and tehran blaming each other. president of iran saying...
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he is not displayed any evidence that the us backed allies in the gulf who were enabling this attack was the words i believe he said. and the us ambassador to the un responded by saying that as far as they are concerned, there ran also needs to look at how it presses its people and that they might find some idea of how this attack may have happened. a number of groups have claimed response but for this including a group inside iran itself. but in the last few minutes we have has some details from reuters suggesting that the so—called islamic state has claimed response ability for this too. and it is posted a video of three men in a vehicle who said they were on their way to that military parade in order to carry out the attack. —— phil islamic state. that will be taken very seriously and again it is something that the us will undoubtedly condemn, it says it condemns all terrorist attacks. but
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at the same time there is still a clear tension between iran and the us. not only over this issue but also over a whole range of other issues. are we expecting a run at the us —— issues. are we expecting a run at the us -- un issues. are we expecting a run at the us —— un general assembly next week? he is going to new york to attend that meeting and so is donald trump. that gives you a sense of the relationships already bad at the moment have a danger of worsening u nless moment have a danger of worsening unless they can find some way of seeing a way of agreeing on something going forward. as it is the us has pulled out of the iran nuclear deal which of course has led toa nuclear deal which of course has led to a great deal of concern not least because it means the re—imposition of sanctions in the country that is already facing some economic problems. donald trump is also due to chair at this general assembly meeting of the national... of the un security council. that is clearly something that will have a lot of focus on it. and president trump is supposed to be chairing a session thatis supposed to be chairing a session that is looking to stop the spread
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of weapons of mass instruction. but he has already said that he wants the discussion to focus on iran. and thatis the discussion to focus on iran. and that is something that is likely to upset hassan rouhani specifically. it also means that there will be a great deal of focus at looking at what president trump himself says. sometimes he can be outspoken as you know but sometimes hassan rouhani can respond in kind. chris buckley we will leave it there for now from you. a man has been arrested at buckingham palace on suspicion of carrying a taser stun gun. he's being questioned by police. who say the incident is not thought to be terror related. let's get more on this. i'm joined by our news correspondent simonjones. an update on this incident. we know the man who was arrested is 38 years old. it all began around a quarter to one this afternoon when the man was initially detained by security staff of buckingham palace at the visitors entrance to the pallets. i descendents going through one of the
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security scanners that you find at airports or increasingly big buildings were you find a lot of people these days. once he was detained to secure the staff called the police and they were there by one o'clock and he was arrested at that stage on suspicion of possession of a firearm, namely a taser stun gun. the metropolitan police and say they do not believe this was terror related. but they are keen to find out what exactly was behind it. we know at the time the queen was not at residence in the queen was not at residence in the house. she is currently in the bow more still on her break and buckingham palace. —— bellmore in scotland. thank you. a teenager has died after being shot in east london. the 19—year—old was taken to hospital after the incident in walthamstow late yesterday evening where he was pronounced dead. no—one has been arrested. police have appealed for witnesses. a british man who says he is a pharmacist from birmingham has been detained in syria on suspicion of being a member of the so—called islamic state group. kurdish forces captured anwar miah in the eastern province of deir
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al—zour a month ago. a video of his capture has surfaced on social media. it shows mr miah saying he has lived in syria for nearly four years and that he worked as a medic in islamic state territory. it is believed he is now being held in a prison in northern syria, guarded by us special forces. our middle east correspondent quentin sommerville gave us this update. the kurdish forces picked him up. they are fighting in syria in so—called islamic state. they picked him up in is controlled territory. this saves the birmingham pharmacist has been inside hysteria for about four years. the reason we know his ca ptu re four years. the reason we know his capture is because a video has come to light. —— inside syria. he is in the back of a pick—up truck, surrounded by kurdish forces and he says "i am a dr, i am a qualified
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pharmacist from the uk. i studied medicine and pharmacy". the curse of the moment are having a lot of success the moment are having a lot of success picking up foreign fighters who they believe are members of the so—called islamic state. he is now under their control and attention and being questioned by western intelligence officials. that was quentin sommerville there. the headlines on bbc news. the labour leader, jeremy corbyn, and his deputy, tom watson, say they would back another brexit referendum — if that's what party members want following eu leaders' rejection of theresa may's chequers plan last week, the brexit secretary says he won't let the eu dictate negotiations. iran's president accuses american—backed gulf states of supporting groups behind a deadly terror attack on a military parade yesterday. an investigation by bbc radio 5 live has found that the number of elderly people who say they have been the victim of scamming has nearly
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doubled in the last three years. in some cases, people have lost hundreds of thousands of pounds. fraudsters scammed almost 119,000 older people across the uk in the past year, equivalent to nearly six every hour. caroline davies reports. it's a crime that can happen in your own home, as simple as a convincing phone call or a few clicks on a computer. and for one group in particular, reported cases of fraud are becoming more common. the cost of personal fraud across all ages is estimated to be around £10 billion a year. figures requested in an investigation by 5 live show that nearly 119,000 people aged over 60 reported that they had been scammed and more than 1000 of those victims were over 90. some experts worry the real number of over—60s affected is far higher and that older people are particularly at risk as they are more likely to live
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alone and be drawn into conversation with a fraudster. the impact can be devastating, leaving victims without savings, potentially reliant on the state to pay for their care. those who do fall victim to fraud once are often targeted again, sometimes being placed on a scammers' list of people likely to be sucked in. the financial ombudsman service has said that scams are becoming increasingly sophisticated and told banks that they should take the evolution of fraud into account, rather than assume it is their customers who have been grossly negligent. caroline davies, bbc news. india's prime inister, narendra modi, has launched what's been described as the world's biggest universal healthcare scheme. the plan, dubbed as modicare, aims to give 500 million people, nearly half of india's population, free health insurance. but critics say the government has failed to prepare the necessary infrastructure to implement the billion—pound programme. devina gupta reports.
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nearly 1.6 million people die every year because of lack of access to affordable health care in india. the ayushman bharat national health protection mission is meant to plug this gap with an annual health insurance of $7,100, but unlike most of the global public health schemes that cover all the citizens, india's policy will only cover advanced medical treatment costs like surgery and cancer care for 500 million of the country's poorest. while the government claims the scheme will make 265,000 beds available for poor in government and private hospitals in the country, the question is if that is enough. what it's doing is carefully setting up infrastructure that will allow us to work towards, which is the aspiration of the scheme, to get to universal health care, which is our ambition and which is something that we need to do.
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in india, on average, only one doctor is present for 11,000 patients. that's 11 times more than the ratio recommended by the world health organization. for now, india has allocated $1.5 billion for the roll—out. experts feel more investment is needed as millions rush to grab health care that has been out of their reach so far. here are some dramatic pictures of indonesia's anak krakatua volcano, erupting during the night. the volcano has erupted at least 44 times this week alone, according to the country's meteorological agency. it has been active sincejune but has not caused any disruption to flights or tourism. in 1883, there was an eruption in which more than 35,000 people died. pope francis has called for society to be vigilant towards any resurgence of anti—semitism during a visit to eastern europe.
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he made the appeal in the lithuanian city of kaunas, saying new generations should be taught about the holocaust. an international rescue mission is underway, trying to reach a seriously injured sailor taking part in the golden abhilash tomy is stranded 2,000 miles off the coast of western australia. his yacht‘s mast was broken, in a severe storm in the indian ocean. a distress message from solo yachtsmen abhilash tomy after a appears storm whipped up 80 mile an hour winds and 45 foot waves breaking his mass on friday. he is injured and unable to leave cybele i
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am very relieved to be a part of this race. this is him at the start of the race injuly. he is no stranger to extreme conditions. he completed the same challenge in 2013. it is a 30,000 mile nonstop solo race. competitors set off from france on the first ofjuly. they have been tracking down the west coast of africa. he moved into third place when he into trouble nearly 2000 miles off the west coast of australia. he is now stranded in the middle of the indian ocean. this almost... sir robin knox johnston was the first man to sail around the world still handedly in 1960. tomy has a replica of his boat and they're good friends. he is his
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prison is done of before. he knows what he's done. —— he has done it before. he is very resourceful. help is on the way. this morning indian air force located to's yacht. his rival is expected to reach him with medical supplies by first light. while it is hoped that a french fisheries vessel is close behind back and take them to safety. let's return to the labour party conference. a new £560 million tax on second homes has been proposed by the labour party to help tackle homelessness. under the plans, those who use their second properties as holiday homes would face an extra bill equivalent to double the rate of council tax. shadow housing secretaryjohn healey said it's only right that those with a second home help those with no home at all. let's go to liverpool and speak to anne ashworth, property and personal finance editor at the times. lovely to see you. busy day for you
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iam lovely to see you. busy day for you i am sore. there have been a lot of ideas brought up. but what you make of this one, this tax on second homes on holiday homes? well housing is top of the agenda at the conference. but i think this is quite interesting, this new focus on taxing second homes. because as i understand, it is what the government is also contemplating being able to raise some extra cash from the moneyed who own second homes. and we have seen wholesale assault on the buy to let six it —— sector, so second homes are nice in this market. this figure of £560 million a year, would it make an impact? on the whole, housing crisis in britain certainly not. but it's an indication that labour sees
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property as a fruitful source of taxation. however whether or not they would raise that some is a question because there are what people would claim holiday home is not a holiday home but one in which similar relations left. i think the cost of collection at this tax might be quite high, it might mitigate some of the gains. and what about those that this tax would be aimed at? do think it would discourage people buying second homes? do you know, i don't think so. i think people love to have what you might like to call a holiday hideaway, a place by the sea or a place in that country also. he just had to spare a thought for those parts of britain which are very much dependent on tourism on the holiday home sector. by tourism on the holiday home sector. by discouraging people owning holiday homes and letting them out, would there not be some impact on employment in those parts of the
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country? the property market, obviously we have people who can afford a second homes, we hear that some of the money race would be put into those who have no homes at all. where are we with affordable and social housing? it would be interesting as to what kind of affordable housing labour would put this money. does that mean affordable to buy or does it mean a very big cash injection into social housing? the sector that really needs money of all kinds as plenty of investment. it's not quite clear exactly where this money would be going. i am interested to hear, and do you think that this is part of a movement to start taxing wealth rather than income? well, do you know, i get the feeling here at this conference and from in past weeks
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that property is being seen as an asset that's not sufficiently taxed. and it would be a way of looking at older people who tend to own a great more properties who have accumulated equity in their existing home, a way to raise more money from that part of the population. and as i said, both parties are supposed to be looking at this kind of extra taxation. also i understand here at conference. bubba to see you, thank you. —— lovely to see you. meghan, duchess of sussex has revealed she kept a few secrets concerning her wedding dress on the big day. and she's spilling the beans in a new documentary series on the royal family, to be broadcast this week. it focuses on the queen's role as head of the commonwealth, and her efforts to guide the next generation of royals in public service, as sophie long explains.
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the iconic givenchy wedding gown that took people's breath away. and as the duchess of sussex is reunited with her dress for the first time... wow. ..she reveals the secrets that lay beneath. somewhere in here, there's a piece of... did you see it? the piece of blue fabric that's stitched inside. it's my something blue, it's fabric from my... i hope it's still in there, we'll have to look at that. it's fabric from the dress that i wore on our first date. oh, that is about the most romantic thing! just as the queen's coronation gown featured a flower for each country of the commonwealth, so too did meghan‘s wedding gown. her decision to put the commonwealth at the centre of the design confirmation that, alongside harry, she will continue the work the queen began all those years ago. it was also something she knew would please her prince. i knew that it would be a fun surprise as well for my now husband, who didn't know, and he was really over the moon to find out that
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i would make this choice for our day together, and i think the other members of the family had a similar reaction and just appreciation for the fact that we understand how important this is for us, and the role that we play, and the work that we're going to continue to do within the commonwealth countries. meghan and harry will embark on their first royal tour next month, when they'll visit the commonwealth countries of new zealand, australia, tonga and fiji. sophie long, bbc news. now it's time for a look at the weather with ben. sunshine and showers was the order for most of us today even in the stop word start off with a real soaking. it has productive the seven and the start of the week is quite promising. the showers continued to say in most places. one or two continuing across northwest of scotland. but otherwise starry skies
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overhead. those temperatures would equate to 3—4 to greece in the middle of the towns and cities. down to freezing or welland countryside. it could be a frost tomorrow morning. and maybe the odd mismatch as well. tomorrow is otherwise looking lovely with plenty of sunshine. someonejust looking lovely with plenty of sunshine. someone just for the irish sea and northwest scotland. a little higher temperatures than they were today. southern areas will warm up quite nicely for the middle of the wii. further north and west, more cloud in more of a breeze and outbreaks of rain at times. hello this is bbc news. the headlines... jeremy corbyn says he would back another referendum on brexit — if labour party members vote
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