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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  September 25, 2018 10:30pm-10:45pm BST

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it's actually these treasures from the past as well as contemporary works that are building connections and understanding between pacific islanders and people in britain and in europe. the exhibition tells many stories. obviously there's captain cook's pacific expeditions in the late 18th century and their impact on the indigenous islanders... and in europe, where many of these objects were brought back and displayed in museums, where they were seen and studied by leading modern artists. for example, this fabulously decorated wooden beam which depicts a comic tale inspired the german expressionists. and carvings such as this male deity figure clearly influenced those artists working in paris in the early 20th century, who made the stylised abstract sculptures. and picasso was so mesmerised by this deity that he had a bronze version in his studio. the show of such wealth of pacific island treasures held by european institutions raises the question of ownership and whether any of these objects should be returned to the countries from which they came.
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for indigenous peoples all around the world, if they came back and were shared, they would actually accrue more knowledge, research from on the ground, and these gifts would probably come back again too. sometimes we don't necessarily want to repatriate these. for the duchess of sussex, the exhibition serves as a useful introduction to the cultures of the pacific region, where she's going on an official visit with prince harry next month. will gompertz, bbc news. newsnight‘s about to begin over on bbc two in a few moments. here on bbc one time for the news where you are. hello and welcome to sportsday. i'm sarah mulkerrins. coming up: derby drama... frank lampa rd celebrates a league cup win on penalties over jose morihno‘s manchester united.
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europe get ready as they bid to regain the ryder cup as the tournament is being held in france for the first time. and boxer billyjoe saunders has been fined £100,000 and given a severe reprimand about his future conduct. hello and welcome along to sportsday. well, what drama we've had at old trafford in the league cup tonight. frank lampard in his first meeting against his old mentorjose mourihno has come away with an 8—7 win on penalties for derby against manchester united to reach the last 16. there was action a plenty in normal time too, a stoppage time equaliser from marouane fellanni pushed
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the tie to spot kicks. and this too after the news that mourinho has told paul pogba he will not be captain again because of concerns over his attitude... well, watching the game for us was nick parrott... in the league cup bed clubs often rest the players. —— amid club. hold them a real gamble making i changed them a real gamble making i changed the look like that would not matter thanks to juan mata. the look like that would not matter thanks tojuan mata. left of the other minutes old when their hopes predicted but being a goal down at the interval that seem to bother manager frank lampard. perhaps it is something his old chelsea boss did not. possibly the left of kerry wilson is the 21—year—old on loan from liverpool stunned 0ld wilson is the 21—year—old on loan from liverpool stunned old trafford. united were rocked against it after when sergio romero was sent off for hand ball. a man down, gabs appeared excessive to jack mary at the space. but six minutes of injury time with
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too much to hang on for them with fellani bearing down on derby. both sides were nervous taking penalties until philjones lost his with the 16th cake of tank. when rewarded for not ringing the changes while marino was left to rue his. —— frank lampard was left to rue his. —— frank lampa rd rewarded. so lets have a look at the other scores from tonight's games... a stoppage time winner from callum wilson sent bournemouth into the last 16. burnley are out, lost 2—1 to league one side burton albion. a straight forward win for manchester city away at oxford. middlesboro and leicester needed penalties to progress and a seven goal thriller at wycombe — the visitors norwich hung on in the end, they were 4—1 at one stage. full details on the bbc sport website. in the scottish league cup, just the one game — hibernian and aberdeen couldn't find the net — goalless after extra time. the match went to penalties where aberdeen came out on top. thomas agyepong's penalty for hibs came back off the crossbar
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and aberdeen won the shoot out. manager nick cushing has praised manchester city captain steph houghton‘s professionalism, following her husband stephen darby's retirement. the bolton right—back was forced to end his playing career after being diagnosed with motor neurone disease. city host atletico madrid in the second leg of their champions league round of 32 match tomorrow. steph is steph, the england captain and the city captain for a reason. when you are a top leader, football is very important to her. she comes in and she trains like she always has done, and she applies herself as she always has done. her family is also important to her and manchester city, and all of us will support steph and stephen through theirjourney, because we are a family. elsewhere, the new coach of liverpool women has denied suggestions that the club aren't
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fully backing the team. last week neil redfearn left afterjust one game in charge and there were claims he was unhappy at the support his side were getting. chris kirkland took interim charge and has admitted he bought new beds for some of the players. he says it isn't a big deal and liverpool's chief executive peter moore is committed to the women's team. i had a contact, my friend worked at the shop, the girls are moving apartments, the club found some lovely apartments for them now, the girls are more than happy than that, they are not furnished, i had a contact, my mate worked at a bed place, no problem, simple as that, the club have reimbursed me. we are all pulling together, we all have to do this together. the girls are happy and looking forward to some new beds. it is liverpool football club, the men's game and the women's game is obviously different to a certain extent but it is still football, it is still part of the same club. going forward nobody knows what will happen but for now,
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peter is still into it, he has been down to training ground in the last couple of weeks, and those things need to improve and he is striving to do it. we are just three days from the start of the 42nd ryder cup, which is taking place at le golf national in paris. the big star of the show is tiger woods, who arrives fresh off the back of his first pga win in five years. our sports correspondent andy swiss is there for us. it's a sight that, just a few months ago, would have been inconceivable. tiger woods preparing for a ryder cup, fresh from his comeback win. as ever, all eyes upon him. when woods last played in the event in 2012, he failed to win a single match, but his form and fitness soon plummeted.
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many had written him off, so he says to be back again as a winner is particularly sweet. you know, there have been a lot of you who have supported me through a lot of the years, and many have doubted that i would play golf again, and win again, so i want to say thank you to all the people that have supported me. for the fans here, tiger woods is undoubtedly the star attraction. he has so often struggled in the ryder cup, but there is a sense that this weekjust might be a different story. europe are the underdogs here, although they have lost on home soil for 25 years, and with their talisman back in the team, they are ready for this unique test. it's different, you know, walking to the first tee at augusta, at saint andrews, walking to the first tee at the ryder cup is that different that it is
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very hard to explain. it is hard to explain to someone that hasn't had to hit that tee shot before. the players now have two more days to find during theirform. ——fine tune. europe may have home advantage, but they will know the challenge is as daunting as ever. this afternoon saw the celebrity ryder cup taking place with people like former us secretary of state condoleezza rice and former footballer luis figo taking part. but one man who struggled to look the part for once was actor samuel ljackson. he managed to completely mess up his opening drive ending up in the rough on the left hand side. that is not a mess up. that is kelly slater, the surfer who rescued things luckily for team usa. what a cracking shot that was. jackson had a slightly struggled before him. kelly's letter came in to save his partner.
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—— kelly slater came in. boxer billyjoe saunders has been fined £100,000 and given a severe reprimand about his future conduct after a social media video from him, which the police described as ‘sickening' — and just a warning there's some flash photography coming up saunders has apologised for the video — in which he tells a woman he will give her drugs to perform a sex action. the british board of boxing control has found him guilty of bringing the sport into disrepute. the fine will go to charity. it was poorjudgement on his behalf and he has a responsibility and he knows that. he has apologised and apologies can be accepted. you can't let things like that happen as a boxer and a high—profile sportsmen not to take advantage of people and hopefully this will be behind him. he is facing a serious fine and i can't think of a bigger fine. that is where we're at. meanwhile tyson fury
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and deontay wilder will come face to face on monday when the venue for their match up is announced. the pair will fight in december — and fury‘s promoter frank warren has admitted that its happening sooner than he would have liked, but that fury was adamant that he is ready. he also said that contracts wouldn't prevent fury from facing world champion anthonyjoshua in april, if he beats wilder. that's all from sportsday. coming up in a moment, the papers. not that man united from the league cup, 8—7 ability. —— man united. coming up, the papers. hello and welcome to our look ahead
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to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me arejim waterson, media editor at the guardian and rosamund urwin, financial services correspondent at the sunday times. many of tomorrow's front pages are already in. let's give you a quick flavour. the metro reports that police in birmingham are offering a halloween sleepover in a cell which once held the serial killer fred west. the ft says donald trump took aim at the us‘s oil producing allies in the middle east during his address at the un by saying they were ‘ripping off‘ the world by failing to bring down prices. the guardian leads on the jailing of bill cosby, as the entertainer known as ‘america's dad' was sentenced to serve between three and ten years in jail for drugging and sexually
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assaulting a women. the telegraph looks ahead to tomorrow when the prime minister will pledge that she wants to cut corporation tax to make brexit britain an economic powerhouse. the mirror looks ahead to the labour conference tomorrow wherejeremy corbyn will vow to put children and parents at the heart of his plans to rebuild britain. the mail claims banks have mounted a secret lobbying campaign to avoid having to refund victims of fraud. and the times reports on the beluga whale that took the wrong turn up the thames. we will touch on several of the stories as we canter across the front page. jim, start us on the guardian. we talked about labour conference closing speeches from jeremy corbyn tomorrow. he will say
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something radical he says. jeremy corbyn tomorrow. he will say something radical he sayslj jeremy corbyn tomorrow. he will say something radical he says. i think he will say something radical, the language is standard jeremy corbyn but to hear him say that we will basically rip of the current system of capitalism in the country, and also he attacks the politicians of the financial crisis who did the best to save the current system, the quy best to save the current system, the guy in charge with a labour prime minister, gordon brown, it is telling that in ten years we have gone from gordon brown doing his best to prop up banks to a labour leader who is not that far behind in the polls talking about basically ripping of capitalism. but he think iam ripping of capitalism. but he think i am wondering is all he is announced overnight is a big commitment to making more green energyjobs will stop i assume there will be some policy announcement he has headed in the space tomorrow. do you think that will be very much old labour and you think that will be very much old labourand an you think that will be very much old labour and an attempt to slip away some of the playwright stopped at the sly dig at gordon brown perhaps? guess. he other thing,
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the sly dig at gordon brown perhaps? guess. he otherthing, getting the sly dig at gordon brown perhaps? guess. he other thing, getting the conversation operative. —— yes, and the other thing. —— conversation operative. —— yes, and the otherthing. —— getting conversation operative. —— yes, and the other thing. —— getting the conversation off of brexit. and not to make it about party division and things people will be sympathetic to, ten years on from a financial crisis, very few bankers are and just must people. and it feels like nobody never answered to the problems that were created. so i think it is a very populist message that he is making there. and then the grainjobs, that sounds very vague to me but at the same time that has a point we should be focusing on the country. —— green jobs. i think that would be popular with young voters. i'm assuming there will be a lot more meat in there will be a lot more meat in there tomorrow. i was at the labour conference in liverpool and the strange thing is, having moved to covering the media, i


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