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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  September 26, 2018 5:45am-6:01am BST

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and on the front page of the times teenage drinking has declined dramatically in europe. british teenagers were once among the biggest drinkers in europe but are now among the most abstinent. we haven't been talking about that this morning without twitter question. and finally the bbc online and an article outlining the health benefits of eating a mediterranean diet which may help prevent depression, research suggests. mood food. with me is fiona cincotta, senior market analyst at city index. the labour party confidence has dominated the news in the uk for most of the week and todayjeremy corbyn will deliver his big speech. he is moving towards these massive energy green focus which is quite
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interesting. firstly because he is looking to return to labour's core economic plan. green is good, going against greed is good. in an attempt to unite the party. the party is really in division owing to brexit and many problems it has been having the few months. he declares war on capitalism and he will talk about the bank bailouts we had to do following the financial crisis, of lloyd and the royal bank of scotland. it was extremely costly at the time. the timing is point meant. it is the 10—year anniversary from financial crisis and he will get good impact. it is interesting that
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he is going back to the core of a labour economic plan because the prime minister was gordon brown at the time. ever which was born under the time. ever which was born under the leadership of tony blair. —— new labour. it was seen as the core economic plan which is greed isn't bad, that kind of philosophy. —— is bad. moving towards the more centralist zone but this is looking to move labour back toward the original site. wind and solar and talking about £12 billion spent in the first term creating 400,000 jobs. expected to be some of the headlines. it sounds fantastic but you do wonder how they would pull this off and where the money would
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come from. especially if you think about the timing. you are thinking poster brexit when you do not even know what is going to happen. —— post—brexit. the reality is probably going to be different but refreshing that we are having a focus on green. in the background all the time the story about a second referendum. how the government is tackling it or not, as the case may be. theresa may wa nts to not, as the case may be. theresa may wants to grab the news agenda. jeremy corbyn wants to have his slice of the party but she is looking to take some attention away from his speech, talking about how the uk will have the lowest corporation taxes in europe, that it will be the envy of the eu. it seems
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quite long way away. theresa may needs a strong sales pitch. she has a lot of pressure coming from different areas so slashing the taxes is a good headline grabber and could give her leveraged in the negotiations as well, and she will be working hard to get the headlines away from jeremy corbyn. tax reform has been a winner for the away from jeremy corbyn. tax reform has been a winnerfor the us. a record run to do with the tax reform at the trump administration has introduced. timing is everything and we are seeing that if the feds are about to raise interest rates, and the us economy is firing on all cylinders thanks to the trump takes plans so it is a good move. key leaders for the uk in the news
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today. the argentina crisis deepens but cause the central bank chief has quit after three months. your husband is from argentina and you have just come back from their three weeks ago, moving to london. it is your take on argentina. you are from there, tell us what it is like. this isa there, tell us what it is like. this is a massive blow to mauricio macri. .. is a massive blow to mauricio macri. . . the is a massive blow to mauricio macri. .. the president of argentina... that's right. the central bank chief was seen as the shining light who would solve everything. the fact that he has moved away, resigned within three months leaves mauricio macri in an extremely difficult position. who will feel these posts now? it has had a 36 hour general strike, they are in austerity, there is a lot
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going on and added to these the more broad emergency... emerging market currency problem. this is snowballing and it could become extremely serious very quickly. the people in bed day—to—day life, we talk about luis caputo, the one who said he is going, and there is a huge void in an important role. the people living their day—to—day life, what is it like with the psa plummeting and the crisis? the levels of inflation are through the roof. —— currency. wages are not rising at the same rate so there is a massive squeeze on the consumer right now. the sentencing of bill
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cos by, right now. the sentencing of bill cosby, taken away in handcuffs. many have the story. the tv star getting 3- 18 have the story. the tv star getting 3— 18 years for sexual assault. you look far to young to remember but when i was growing up i was watching the cosby show and it was like the american dream, it is african—american affluent family living the dream in america and here he isa living the dream in america and here he is a hind bars. what a massive fall from grace. —— of behind bars. there have been a lot of women who have allegedly suffered at the hands of cos by. have allegedly suffered at the hands of cosby. it is an awful story but something that is important to discuss and bring to light. these things happen to people who are famous as well and it should not. absolutely. many, many women who came forward with their story of sexual assault at the hands of bill
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cos by. sexual assault at the hands of bill cosby. it was too long ago to follow through with prosecution so that is one woman who was ravenous to come forward and tell her story, many others have come forward since. the whole ashton agar need to movement and the impact it has had. —— ashton coach— metoo. interesting how things are changing among teenagers with their drinking habits. it is huge. a decade ago, there was a problem with drinking, we need to cut the drinking, we need to cut the drinking and this is related to the millennial is, more photographic
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evidence of part of your life and the health consciousness as well. people want to be looking good and feel healthier. thank you for coming in. something i mentioned earlier, a few viewers have come through saying because they are smoking or are on is. ellie says she is 25, i have never been a drinker and for the viewer who said we are turning to cannabis, i have never smoked or make taken drugs. maybe just maybe we just make taken drugs. maybe just maybe wejust do not make taken drugs. maybe just maybe we just do not want to be getting drunk. well said! see the conversation about the story on twitter. i will see you later. bye— bye. hello. tuesday was a day of contrasts across the uk. cloudy and windy for
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northern ireland and scotland, with some outbreaks of rain. across much of england and wales we saw a good deal of sunshine, and it's a similar day on wednesday. we keep this piece of cloud over the atlantic, extending into northern ireland and scotland. the heaviest of the rain through wednesday looks likely to be across the western isles and the scottish highlands. the odd spot of rain, some patchy drizzle at times for northern ireland, under cloudy skies, and we'll see a bit more cloud sinking its way across northern england, maybe with the odd spot of rain. but there'll be some sunshine across eastern scotland, north—east england, and that extends all the way down across much of england and wales. now, these are the average wind strength through wednesday afternoon. gusts once again will be higher, but not as strong as we saw on tuesday — 40 mph at times across scotland and northern ireland. in the sunshine, temperatures quite widely up to 20 or 21 celsius, including aberdeenshire and murray, which should see some sunshine through wednesday afternoon. through wednesday evening and overnight into thursday morning, our area of rain across the western isles and the scottish highlands moves its way a little bit further northwards, into 0rkney and shetland, so some clearer skies across eastern scotland. a bit more cloud across the far north of england, but clearer skies further south, where it will be another fairly cool night.
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some rural spots getting in the low single figures for a time. so this is the general setup as we go into thursday. we still have the influence of high pressure across central, southern england and wales, these fronts still fringing northern ireland and scotland, and bringing further cloud and outbreaks of rain through thursday. now, very slowly this will be slipping its way south and eastwards through thursday, but running into an area of high pressure, so the rain slowly starts to fizzle out. and ahead of it, we've still got a good deal of sunshine across much of england and wales on thursday, and a warm day here. last day of the warmth, though, for a while, i suspect — temperatures on thursday afternoon across east anglia, south—east england getting up to 22 or 23 celsius. but behind that front, we're going to be in the mid—to—high teens. a sign of something fresher to come as we head towards the end of the week. so, from thursday into friday, here's our front sliding its way south and eastwards. high pressure starts to build
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in as we head towards the weekend. so, across northern ireland and scotland, we should see a return of some sunshine, but for all of us by the end of the week we're back into something much fresher. so, after those temperatures getting up to 22 or 23 celsius on thursday, by the time you to friday, things will be starting to turn cooler. and into the weekend, some cool days, some chilly nights, but for most of us it will be generally dry, with some spells of sunshine. that's all from me. bye— bye. good morning. welcome to breakfast, with dan walker and louise minchin. 0ur headlines today: bill cosby spends his first night behind bars after being jailed for up to ten years for sexual assault. jeremy corbyn will promise to tackle "greed is good" capitalism as his makes his leader's speech at the labour conference. more misery for manchester united. paul pogba watches from the stands as his side lose on penalties and are dumped out of the league cup by championship side derby. 0ff life support.
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a deal is reached to restart construction of a new hospital in liverpool, after the collapse of carillion left the future of the project in doubt. we will be live in gravesend as a beluga whale is spotted
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