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‘ almost soon mounted. having led for almost the entire matchjustin rose found the entire matchjustin rose found the water on the final hole. he and his partner were agonisingly beaten. whenjordan his partner were agonisingly beaten. when jordan spieth held his partner were agonisingly beaten. whenjordan spieth held his nerve, 2-0 whenjordan spieth held his nerve, 2—0 became 3—0, the us taking a commanding lead. but just 2—0 became 3—0, the us taking a commanding lead. butjust when the host needed a hero, step up tommy fleetwood. in his first ryder cup, talk about an impact. finally, europe had something to cheer about. he and francesco molinari beating tiger woods and patrick reed. for europe it is the one bright spot on an otherwise difficult morning. europe will be mightily relieved to have that point on the board, but they know they have it all to do this afternoon. the next round of matches already out on the course. the us, remember, are the favourites, and so far they have looked in ominous form. andy, thank you, let's take a look at the weather. you may have heard us talking about
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a medicane. it is this swirling area of cloud. it is in the mediterranean, it has hurricane like characteristics. it looks like it'll bring severe weather conditions to greece, rough seas, torrential rain, and the potential for flash flooding. we will keep you up—to—date. here in the uk, we are looking at a serene picture. this was this morning in cumbria, plenty of blue sky here, but there is a fresher feel to the weather. it has come at a great deal of sunshine. a bit more on the way of cloud in the south. but it is clearing out. more patchy cloud for northern ireland and west scotland. through the afternoon, there will be sunny spells for northern ireland and scotland. a few showers in the far north of scotland. elsewhere, a great deal of sunshine for england and wales. temperatures feeling cooler than yesterday. the best of the warmth is to be found across the channel islands, where you can see
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18,19 channel islands, where you can see 18, 19 to greece this. overnight, winds strengthening over scotland. -- 19 winds strengthening over scotland. —— 19 degrees celsius. apple showers in the north—west. elsewhere, plenty of dry weather and clear skies. —— a few showers in the northwest. we could see a touch of frost, perhaps the odd patch of mist and fog to start the day for england and wales tomorrow. a cool and bright start for many, tomorrow cloud and out of rain, particularly in the northwest. cloudy sky sport in northern scotland. elsewhere, across england and wales, looking like a decent day. temperatures in the mid teens for scotland and the north of the uk. the more warmer —— the further south you go the warm it is. this fund will gradually drag south—east. it is not bringing much rainfall, but it means cloudier skies across england and wales. —— this front
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will. gradually it sinks south east as we move through the day. some drizzle on it, but sunny spells developing, as well. a few showers will be coming into the north and west on that fairly brisk breeze. it does mean the temperatures on sunday are looking a touch cooler. as we move to the weekend, not looking too pratt, a great deal of dry weather and a few showers in the north and west. —— not looking too bad. good afternoon, it's 1.30pm and here's your latest sports news... team usa are already began to show just why they are strong favourites to successfully defend their ryder cup title against the europeans in paris... and that, despite not winning
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in europe for 25 years. john watson has been watching the opening day for us... it's not the star europe would have wanted. no, trailing 3—1, a solitary point on the board courtesy of francesco molinari and tommy fleetwood, tiger woods and fleetwood, tiger woods and fleetwood, a birdie at 11, is setting up birdies at 15, 16 and 17 as the won 3—1. disappointment for other european pairings. it was all square heading up the 18th before justin rose put his approach shot into the water around the green. that allowed brooks? koepka to par putt, putting another point on the board for the us. another point courtesy of dustinjohnson, alongside rickie? fowler, winning 4-2, alongside rickie? fowler, winning 4—2, against worry mcilroy and to listen. mcilroy did not make any
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birdies today, he will want to rectify his performance in the foursomes this afternoon. tyrrell hatton and paul casey, three down againstjustin thomas hatton and paul casey, three down against justin thomas and hatton and paul casey, three down againstjustin thomas and jordan spieth, they got it back to all square but it was an impressive birdie putt from justin thomas that got them that third point on the board for the us. room for improvement for europe in the four balls this afternoon. a format where, historically, they've done well. and you mentioned the four balls, changes from the captain is going on, have we seen more encouraging signs for europe?” think the encouraging signs for europe and perhaps the european spectators is thatjustin rose has been reunited once again with henrik stenson. they've enjoyed success in the past. taking onjustin thomas. it's all square in that match. a
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quick turnaround already, as we head into the foursomes this afternoon. rory mcilroy playing alongside mr ryder cup himself, ian porter, one down against bubba watson. as is webb?simpson. sergio garcia, a contentious wild card pick, playing alongside rookie alex noren. it's all square against phil?mickelson and bryson dechambeau. molinari and fleetwood a re and bryson dechambeau. molinari and fleetwood are againstjustin thomas and jordan spieth in the next few minutes. spieth and thomas winning and molinari and fleetwood winning this morning, that could be a fascinating matchup to come this afternoon. john, in paris, thank you. we will be back with john john, in paris, thank you. we will be back withjohn through the afternoon. ferrari's sebastian vettel laid down a marker in first practice ahead of this weeeknd's russian grand prix. he was fastest in the opening session while his title rival and championship leader lewis hamilton could only manage third quickest...
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we're now halfway through the second session and it's max verstappen who is setting the pace... good news for hamilton, who leads the championship though, when the race start on sunday the red bull's will be near the back of the grid having replaced their engines. sam curran, who was england's player of the series in their victory over india this summer, has been given his first central contract to play test cricket. the 20—year—old surrey all—rounder has been rewarded for his performances with both bat and ball this summer. spinner adil rashid has also got a test contract after having previously given up that form of the game. joss buttler is another of the seven players to get central contracts to play test and one day cricket. phil neville's england side have overtaken france to move to up to third in fifa's latest women's world rankings, which were released today. they jump just one place after their qualification for next year's world cup... scotland's qualification moves them up two spots, to their best
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ever position of 19th... wales stay 29th but northern ireland drop five places to 61st. that's all the sport for now. you can find more on all those stories on the bbc sport website. good afternoon, you were watching bbc news. let's return to our top story, the parents of a 15—year—old girl, who died after suffering an allergic reaction to a pret a manger baguette, have demanded changes to food labelling laws. natasha ednan—laperouse collapsed during a flight from heathrow to nice in 2016, after buying the sandwich at the airport. in the last hour or so, natasha's father has been speaking outside the court. he said that his daughter's death
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should serve as a watershed moment. we would like to thank the coroner, doctor sean cummings, for how he has handled natasha's inquest and our legal team for their support throughout. we would also like to thank the public for their great kindness that they have shown, and the media for their sensitive reporting, and we would like to express our sincere gratitude to doctor pearson jones, express our sincere gratitude to doctor pearsonjones, the young doctor whose efforts to save natasha's life —— for his efforts to save natasha ‘s life. it's been an incredibly difficult week for us as a family, but the process has, however, shed light on very important issues that led to natasha's death. notjust for us as natasha's death. notjust for us as natasha's family, but for all allergy sufferers. our beloved daughter died in a tragedy that should never have happened. and we believe that this inquest has shown
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that she died because of inadequate food labelling laws. we are also shocked to learn that there have been a number of previous serious allergic incidents involving sesame seeds at pratt onjay before our daughter died. it feels to us that, —— preta daughter died. it feels to us that, —— pret a manger. if easter ross if pret a manger was following the law, the law was playing russian roulette with our daughter's life. it is clear that the food labelling laws, as they stand today, are not fit for purpose, and it is now time to change the law. natasha ‘s inquest should serve as a watershed moment, to make meaningful change and to save lives. the lawyers for the family also spoke — and called for a change in the law to avoid a tragedy like this happening again. what we have learned over the past
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five days is that natasha died of anaphylaxis as a result of ingesting hidden sesame in a pret a manger artichoke and olive baguette. the inquest has made it clear that the lack of allergy labelling on food led to the death of a 15—year—old girl. the law, as it stands, currently treats multinational companies in the same way as a local sandwich shop. this cannot be right. we call on michael gove to take immediate action in response to the coroner's report, and we also call upon the manufacturers of epipens to take action. the coroner found that pret a manger‘s procedures for monitoring and recording reports of problems with food or items purchased at pret were inadequate and incoherent. we hope that lessons will be learned from this inquest, so this sort of tragedy never happened again. the legal team working on behalf of
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the family. the chief executive of pret a manger then spoke and apologised to the family for natasha's death. we're deeply sorry for natasha's death. we cannot begin to comprehend the pain the family have felt and the grief they will continue to feel. we've listened to everything the coroner and natasha's family have said this week and we will learn from it. all of us at pret want meaningful change to come from this tragedy. we will ensure that it does.
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the chief executive of the sandwich chain speaking outside of the coroner ‘s court, we will speak more about that and the coroner's strong words through the course of the afternoon. the mao in warwickshire has been closed in both directions after a crash involving three goods vehicles and a separate lorry fire. highways england warned the motorway could remain shut, between warwick and henley—in—arden, for the rest of the day, following the 4am pile—up. warwickshire police posted this footage on social media showing emergency crews tackling the lorry fire. after yesterday's dramatic testimony, the us senatejudiciary committee must now decide whether to support brett kavanaugh‘s nomination as a supreme courtjudge. ultimately, the full senate will need to confirm the appointment. that vote is expected next week. the supreme court plays a vital role
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in us political life — appointed for life, its nine members have the final say on us law. well, cbs news has been speaking to president trump's special counsellor kellyanne conway, who defended mr. kava naugh‘s performance at yesterday's hearing. what he was responding to yesterday was two and a half weeks of a political hitjob, where the democrats and the committee treated both he and dr ford very unfairly. they abused him for their own purposes. he showed them respect and deference in his original hearing, and they showed him destruction in return. i hear you, and the partisan
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message is quite clear that the american bar association, when lindsey graham was reacting, he cited that is being the bold standard, they took something different from this test mini yesterday. they have asked for a delay until the fbi can investigate dr ford ‘s claims. the president has the ability to ask for that and, since it was his nominee, will the president listen to the aba, which senator graham called the gold standard? the president is listening to senatorjoe biden in 1991, where he said anyone who thinks the fbi makes conclusions does not understand anything... not conclusions, just an investigation to tighten up these details. we had that yesterday for the whole country to see. your reporting from your colleague is very instructive here, in that the sex crimes prosecutor, who the
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republicans asked to do the questions to do for dr ford respectfully and patiently, but she would never have enough evidence in a court of law to prosecute, the fbi has conducted six successful betting is of brett kavanaugh throughout his career. he has raised his right hand is many times, taking oath to the constitution and swearing to uphold the law. the most recent vetting occurred this summer, with the letter that dr ford apparently sent to the democrats asking for anonymity. the vetting result is on the desk of every democratic senator, open it up and look at it. you will not find anything that will cast doubt, except the most hardened partisan against the judge ‘s nomination. he provided the country corroborating evidence as to his qualifications and temperament to be on the supreme court. kellyanne conway, speaking to cbs news this morning. in a moment we'll have all the business news, but first the headlines on bbc news... two years after the death of a teenager who ate a pret—a—manger baguette containing sesame seeds — the coroner rules
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that the company's food labelling was inadequate. president trump has backed thejudge he's nominated for the united states' top court, after a dramatic hearing into allegations of sexual assault. around a thousand head teachers from england and wales protest against what they say is the chronic under—funding of schools. good afternoon, time for the business news. more high street banks hit by computer glitches — this time it's tsb and hsbc. tsb says users of its smartphone app and internet banking were having difficulty logging in. hsbc said about 50% of mobile users were having trouble connecting. could tesla be facing a future without elon musk?
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the us securities and exchange commission has filed a lawsuit accusing the tesla boss of securities fraud. tens of thousands of ryanair passengers across europe are suffering disruption as strikes cancel 250 flights. unions claim this is the biggest day of action yet against a series of complaints about conditions by ryanair workers in a raft of countries. ryanair say 35,000 passengers have been affected. unions claim this is the biggest day of action yet against a series the royal mail has discovered what it thinks could be a money—spinner — the subscription box market. that's the marketing name for it, and you may already be a customer — if you, say, subscribe to a weekly or monthly deliveries of food, beauty products, shaving kit, hobbies and crafts, books, the list is endless. who'se doing it? who's doing it? well, londoners to start with. over 50% of them are signed up to at least one service. but the people who simply can't get enough are the welsh. the average person living
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in wales is subscribing to over four services. each. we're joined by mark street, head of campaigns at royal mail. these figures, it is right across the country, not just these figures, it is right across the country, notjust wales and london? you are right, what we are tapping into is the ultimate product of the internet economy, people get a lovely surprise when they receive them. it is personalised, and encourages people to try and use stuff that they will probably like. how will you ride the wave, as it were? i think we are riding it. we offer efficient delivery, and an ecologically friendly delivery. we have 90,000 people, postmen and post women, on the streets every day. we put this stuff through the letterbox, it goes for flowers from
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bloom and wilde, to bacon! there's a lack of regular deliveries, especially in rural areas, and this is applicable to rural areas where people cannot get to the shops, particularly niche products, that they cannot get on the high street or in rural locations? we pride ourselves on our rural delivery. as a guardian of the universal service, we deliver anywhere in the country to the same rigorous standards. the standards that are available in europe. for us, this is part of the service and it's a very important pa rt service and it's a very important part of connecting people in rural locations to connected lifestyles. but how do you, specifically, catch onto the market? it'sjust but how do you, specifically, catch onto the market? it's just another market? but now you have a lot of competition. and it comes down to our ability to deliver first time.
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it is all through the letterbox and we have a huge team of postmen and women across the country, very much the heart of their community. the proof is in how it drops through the letterbox. the number of subscribers is shooting up. we anticipate numbers will go from 600 million to around 1 billion in 2022. numbers will go from 600 million to around1 billion in 2022. thank you. tsb and hsbc customers had trouble accessing accounts on friday after the banks were hit by computer glitches. tsb said users of its smartphone app and internet banking were having difficulty logging in. hsbc said about 50% of mobile users had trouble connecting during the morning, although the bank says its problems have now been resolved. it is the latest in a string of it outages for the industry. he is seeking to bar mr musk is
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acting as an officer or director of acting as an officer or director of a publicly traded company. elon musk called the action unjustified and said that he had acted in the best interests of truth, transparency and investors. tens of thousands of ryanair passengers across europe are suffering disruption as strikes cancel 250 flights. unions claim this is the biggest day of action yet supporting a series of complaints about conditions by ryanair workers in a raft of countries. ryanair say 35,000 passengers have been affected. but it added 90% of flights would operate as normal. a glance at the markets... oil is moving up. no stopping that, worry about the sanctions with iran. the
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pound is looking rather strong, above 13 and moving up. now, a story of true resiliance. jen taylor was diagnosed with bone cancer after developing a lump on her topjaw. she had to undergo a 16 hour operation to remove half herface. her face was then rebuilt using bone from the shoulderblade. as you can see from these pictures, jen decided to photograph her incredible recovery as her appearance was restored. she's been sharing her story with joanna gosling on this morning's victoria derbyshire programme. i came over quite hectic, it was not the usual, well, there is no usual when it comes to cancer or treatment. it was monday to friday, 2a hours a day, connected up to this stuff. the amazing thing about the way ucla does this with patients with this extent of chemo, you get backpacks. you fill up backpacks and bags
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with all of your chemo and water, send you up into the nhs hotel next door, and you have the ability to, as much as you can, live and feel like you are not lying in a hospital ward. it kept me going, really. having that. and you went from that into this surgery, and going into it, what were you told to expect? you are told the details, before you go into surgery you have to sign off, they explained what they were going to do. you know they will cut out the cancer, cut part of your jaw and shoulder, but you never know what they're going to do until you get in there. did they not know the extent of how much they would cut away? until they get in and cut it out, they thought they may have to cut my face, i was very lucky when i woke up
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to find they had not. it's just amazing, but a lot of things, like this may happen, this may not happen, we cannot tell, they prepare you for everything. you wake up and your whole face has been taken out here... so they did not cut your face, but removed the bone underneath? they've removed the roof of my mouth, incredible. with no outward scores at all. with no outward scars at all. they thought at one point they would have to cut into my nostril but i'm very lucky they managed not to do that. they took the bone, muscle and blood supply from your shoulder to reconstruct it. everything happened in one operation? yes, unfortunately for me my first operation, part of it failed so i was rushed back into surgery five days later to take the vein from my leg and reconnect that up through my neck.
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because of the flap, what they call it, started dying. they rushed me back in. i had a 16 hour and then a ten hour surgery. you took pictures of yourself, why? was that for others or you? when i was first diagnosed, i was very much about being open with everything. i started a blog and had instagram photos. i want people to understand the reality of what this is. you see me now and you don't know what i'd been through, i wanted people to understand that. i thought it was important to have that. as time went on and i was taking them, it became an important part of my recovery. day—to—day, you don't think anything has got better. you are still sitting there, swollen, with all of these problems. you could be thinking, this will never get better. but then i'd take a photo and go, my god, i have come so far. a truly remarkable story, jen taylor speaking to us on the bbc this morning. time for a look at the weather now,
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here is lucy martin. good afternoon. this formation with hurricane like formations. bringing warmth to greece as we get through the weekend. pushing across with torrential rain and some flash flooding. we keep you up—to—date as we move through the next few days. but that is certainly not the case in the uk. this photo sent in by one of our weather watchers earlier in cumbria. blue skies but today, it feels notably fresher. this cold front and on the satellite imagery, we do have fresh air but it has largely cleared. more cloud in northern ireland and scotland. sunny spells, the risk of showers in the north. in england and wales it is dry and breakfast bigger deal of sunshine but feeling noticeably
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fresher. temperatures in the low teens. 18 or 19 degrees on the channel islands. that's where we expect to see the best of the warmth. tonight, strengthening winds in scotland. plenty of clear skies, temperatures falling away intel's and cities. a touch of frost. in central and southern england, it few patches of mist and fog. a cool and bright start to the day, some cloud, but a dry and fine day. temperatures of 18 degrees in the south. more like 12 to 1a degrees across the north. through into sunday, this cold weather front sets further south and east. not a great deal in
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the way of rainfall. some cloud and patches of drizzle as well. a cloudy day in england and wales. breaking up day in england and wales. breaking up and fizzing out as we move south and east. cloudy skies in england and east. cloudy skies in england and wales. bright in scotland and northern ireland. a brisk north—westerly breeze which brings in showers as we move through the day. the touch cooler with temperatures in double figures in the far north—west but we are looking at temperatures in the low to mid teens on sunday. a cool appeal as we move into sunday. —— a cooler feel. hello, you're watching afternoon live —
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i'm martine croxall. today at 2. pret a manger is told its food labelling was inadequate at the inquest into the death of 15 —year—old girl, who went into cardiac arrest on a flight after eating a baguette. the father of natasha ednan—laperouse say labelling laws played russian roulette with his daughter's life and calls for urgent changes. it is clear that the food labelling laws, as they stand today, are not fit for purpose. it is now time to change the law. natasha's inquest should serve as a watershed moment. following dramatic testimony from president trump's supreme court nominee and one of the women accusing him of sexual assault, a us senate committee is expected to vote on whether to back brett kavanaugh. a remarkable rescue in micronesia — how all 47 people on board survived,


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