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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  September 28, 2018 7:30pm-7:46pm BST

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not have a week pause, this is might not have a week pause, this is where the drama continues. by voting 11-10 with where the drama continues. by voting 11—10 withjeff flake supporting the majority have moved this on to the full senate, we heard jeff thwaites say he boat was conditions —— jeff fla ke say say he boat was conditions —— jeff flake say he boat was conditioned on a one—week and investigation supporting the democrats views. but thatis supporting the democrats views. but that is only a personal opinion, it's not binding on the republican leadership in the senate especially mitch mcconnell who vowed only one week ago to push through the confirmation of brett kavanaugh as soon as possible. the problem is that if he proceeds goes ahead and has the pull bought in the senate before the fbi investigates there are certain key republican senators that might affect. there is only a 51-49 that might affect. there is only a 51—49 majority for the republicans and jeff flake is one of the si, 51—49 majority for the republicans and jeff flake is one of the 51, so our senators, lisa murkowski of alaska and susan collins of main,
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and my strong assertion is thatjeff fla ke was and my strong assertion is thatjeff flake was also talking for those two women as well as the democrats so if mitch mcconnell tries to defy this personal view to hold the fbi investigation and have this vote within the next week or before the fbi makes an enquiry he risks losing the vote so does he take that gamble or does he backed down and allow the fbi investigation that he and most republicans including almost all republicans including almost all republicans on the committee did not wa nt republicans on the committee did not want because they fear it will bring out more information about brett kavanaugh. it isa it is a fascinating dilemma. it is not up to mitch mcconnell whether or not up to mitch mcconnell whether or not the fbi carry out this investigation. yes, that is also true. it is up to thejustice department, but of course that is overseen by the man who who has threatened to fire the head of the
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justice department, that is donald trump. we will have to see his twitter feed and see how he reacts. he won't not be happy. even if mitch mcconnell says we accept the fbi and we have to delay this, donald trump could upset everything. farfrom clarifying matters tonight, sorry, folks, we've really introduce more pieces in what is wearing to be a moving puzzle for several days. briefly. what do you think now are the chances that brett kavanaugh ever taking up his seat on the supreme court? absolutely up in the air because you are talking about a senate which is almost evenly split with a handful of senators, probably three republicans and two democrats are the key to his future. beyond that, we have got a country as you have been discussing, is not only split, but people are gambling on display. donald trump are gambling that they can push brett kavanaugh through even though only 40% of
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americans want to see him confirmed. do they go ahead and proceed and think they win? or do they find out that this key issue, and this is a issue that i think matters the elevating women's rights without pure shame to speak out. this is not just about brett kavanaugh. it's about something bigger. 0k, scott lucas, professor of studies. it is time now for a round of today's sporting headlines. hello, and welcome to sportsday. i'm holly hamilton. coming up on the programme... europe stage an historic fightback to claim a first ever clean sweep of the foursomes at the ryder cup. i'm just out paris where it is the old hands. mcilroy who combined to
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put europe on top. formula one heads to sochi with lewis hamilton topping the time sheets in practise for the russian grand prix. mourinho picks pogba this weekend — but with a warning — "no one is bigger than the club". not bigger than anyone. and i have to defend that. hello, and welcometo the programme. . . you join us on the opening day of the biggest team event in golf... the ryder cup. more than 6,000 fans packed out le golf national grandstand this morning — perhaps the first time the opening session has been preempted by an icelandic thunder clap... that wasn't the only first though.
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as ben croucher reports. as monuments go, they seldom get grander than this, the ryder cup in all of its iconic majesty. justin rose. this was before a ball was even struck. a morning where nerds can get the better of the world's bessemer more specifically, a got the better of your‘s. this tee shot set the tone. it all went swimmingly for our friends across the pond even when they did not find the green, it proved no obstacle. commentator: that is a brilliant shot. when europe did find this stuff and even the whole, the points slipped away. usa won the open in three matches and infull swing. usa won the open in three matches and in full swing. that was until open champion francesco molinari combined to tame tiger would and patrick reed. time for a reshuffle.
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for some which means alternate shots. which means this man, ian poulter who epitomizes the ryder cup for some. picking up europe and dragging them back into the contest. this was a french renaissance. a scoreboard painted blue. justin rose and stenson did what they often do. with an unprecedented afternoon, this do a their morning artistry to ta ke this do a their morning artistry to take down their competition. commentator: well played indeed. a europe at the end of the day two points ahead. it ended with your orchestrating a comeback the setting of this monumental occasion. well, let's go straight to le golf national and our reporterjohn watson. what a topsy—turvy day that was. john, a sensational turnaround
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after the morning's session, for team europe. i don't think anyone could have predicted that. especially not the captain in light of his team's performance today. i think he will be the happier of the two captains. in fairness, it is his selections would have really put europe on top. it was his decision to go with those historical partnerships which have proved so successful in the past. teaming up henrik stenson with justin rose this afternoon. they came up justin rose this afternoon. they came up on justin rose this afternoon. they came up on time. then ian poulter playing alongside rory mcilroy. mcelroy had had a disastrous morning. he did not make any birdies. alongside ian poulter, the ryder cup king himself, well they turned it around. they put in a really professor of performance and they have done so before. also for thomas bjorn, his wild—card selections. we know sergio garcia
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will there were question marks whether he should have been in the tea m whether he should have been in the team following his poorform, but he justified that today putting another point on the board for team europe. let's hear from thomas bjorn now. incredible afternoon for your. when we have not really had since gleneagles i guess. you know, there we re gleneagles i guess. you know, there were a couple of times where we threaten to have a great session that did not really materialise, but to see all blue on the board this afternoon is awesome. these guys have an opportunity to go and do stuff. and they came out really strong this afternoon. you know, this is one session of five. so we're happy with that, but we go back and we regroup for tomorrow. thomas bjorn looks happy. but fort furyk there will be some tough conversations. we already have the pairings, don't we? yes, we do. difficult conversations as you say.
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there might be some disappointed that he did not get an outing. we have those pairings and unsurprisingly, those are pics by sir thomas bjorn. this is how it's shaping up. redemption for some. they face... the last pairing can they may get as they go up against tiger woods and patrick reed? they go up against tiger woods and patrick reed ? then they go up against tiger woods and patrick reed? then ian poulter will ta ke patrick reed? then ian poulter will take on justin patrick reed? then ian poulter will take onjustin thomas and his partner. fascinating matchups to come with the four balls. that is where america has fared better as opposed to the foursomes. the alternate shot format. well, listen to this. all your need is just nine and a half more point than the ryder
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cup will be back in their possession once again. and i reckon we could see some more thunderclaps. thank you so much. lewis hamilton will be hoping to take a step closer to a fifth formula one world title this weekend. he leads the drivers' championship by a0 points going into this weekend's russian grand prix and was quickest in today's practise. the times formula one reporter rebecca clancyjoins us from sochi. good evening. thank you forjoining us. good evening. thank you forjoining us. lewis hamilton we are talking about him again lewis hamilton we are talking about him lewis hamilton seems to be growing in strength with each race. what has he and mercedes done to swing the championship so much in theirfavour when they were struggling to match ferrari earlier in the season? yes, it has been so fascinating to watch. in terms of mercedes, it have been small gains. formula i is development game. they been doing tinkering behind the scenes, very small things. in terms of hamilton
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himself, he's lost the second half of this season. it takes him a while to get used to the car and the set up. he has an equivalent of a blip he comes back after summer break and then he just turns he comes back after summer break and then hejust turns it he comes back after summer break and then he just turns it on. he comes back after summer break and then hejust turns it on. he is at one with the car, you could say. he knows... he loves the pressure and the atmosphere. just six races to go and for him that is enough to turn it up and get that bit extra out of the car. a blip for lewis hamilton is certainly different for any of the rest of us. talking about for ra, where has that gone wrong and what can they do now to stop hamilton of mercedes? —— talking about for ari. they somehow surprisingly... vettel and hamilton came together and that hamilton had a superlative drive. ferrari just
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keep making mistakes whether in strategy or tinkering, knocking the car set of right. and vettel, there have been a few missed moments. france springs to mind when he crashed. in germany where he made that mistake when he was leading. under what seemed like no pressure and he crashed and it was his rival that went on to win. they cannot do that. they have to stop the mistakes. this weekend, how do you see it all going? bread bowl, what can they do from the back of the grid? is a shame for red bull. red bull were third and fourth fastest over the day. but engine penalties. they will start from the back, realistically, not a great deal. it is not a great track for overtaking. just one record of last year. i would expect to see more with the drivers, but it is going to be a case of getting past off the mark.
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in the mid—feel it is going to be tricky. i cannot see past hamilton. the way he is at the moment, he has come in from holidays. he is fresh, he's ready to go and in a good mood. i think it will be lights out, chequered flag for lewis hamilton. thank you forjoining us on sports day. jose mourinho has confirmed paul pogba will play for manchester united against west ham tomorrow. footage emerged earlier this week of an apparent dispute between the pair in training and mourinho had already informed pogba he would never captain the side again. he isa he is a player like the others. no player is bigger than the club. and... ifi player is bigger than the club. and... if i am happy with his work, he plays, if i am not happy with his work, he does not play. the team
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needs good players. he is a good player. the team needs players with personality to play, he has. and i have to defend that. strong message. a look at some of the other stories around today. andy murray's season is over. after losing to fernando verdasco in the quarterfinals in shenzhen, murray has decided not to play in beijing next week — which had been scheduled to be his final event of the year. sam curran, who was england's player of the series in this summer's victory over india, has been given his first central contract to play test cricket. spinner adil rashid and joss buttler are among seven players to be given contracts covering both test and white—ball cricket. and england's sarah taylor will miss the world t20 in west indies in november as she continues to manage her anxiety. a decision was made by both the player and the ecb who say taylor's welfare is their top priority. england's women have overtaken
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france to move up to third in the fifa world rankings. they jump just one place after their qualification for next year's world cup. scotland's qualification moves them up two spots, to their best ever position of 19th. well, that's almost all we've got time for, butjust a reminder before we go of a wonderful afternoon for europe and an historic one too. the last time they won all four matches in a session came back in 1989 when seve ballesteros and jose maria olazabal led the way in the four—balls. and, just as this year, europe had been 3—1 down before that comeback too. in 1989, it ended as a iii—all tie. we could have some drama ahead! and you can follow it all on the bbc sport website, with the latest scores, analysis and thunder claps from paris...


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