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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  September 30, 2018 6:30pm-7:02pm BST

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00:00:00,001 --> 858993220:38:41,887 hello, 858993220:38:41,887 --> 1717986441:17:23,772 this 1717986441:17:23,772 --> 2576979661:56:05,658 is 2576979661:56:05,658 --> 3435972882:34:47,543 bbc 3435972882:34:47,543 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 news. the headlines... underway in birmingham. she also accuses labour of undermining the national interest. politics with brexit. and agree with you? let's come together and get the best deal for britain. island of sulawesi. with many thought to be trapped under collapsed buildings. the firm private. he'll also pay a £15 million fine. with victory over the united states. open champion francesco molinari secured the winning point. now on bbc news
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it's time for sportsday. coming up for you on sportsday... europe are up! thomas bjorn‘s team win the ryder cup. at the russian grand prix. rangers are upset by livingstone in the scottish
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premiership. and a half points to ten and a half to regain the trophy. for thr italian. our reporterjohn watson is there. , the something of a comfortable victory for europe —— in the end. , the something of a comfortable victory for europe -- in the end. victory for europe -- in the end. is that how you had it? that how you had it? that europe had coming into the final day. final day. have had it wrapped up around some of those made matches today. of those made matches
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today. get bread on the leaderboard and they did that. they did that. slipped to defeat in the first one as he led europe out. as he led europe out. reached the total to win the ryder cup. here is the story from today. strongest american teams coming to europe's backyard. europe's backyard. impressive ryder cup performances you'll see.
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you'll see. famines are beaten by an american team dreaming of drama. team dreaming of drama. jon rahm had other ideas. other ideas. he beat tiger woods, pumped up. pumped up. against dustinjohnson, or am one in the world. but this is ian poulter. that tierney number one in the world. world. this is the ryder cup and you know the west. the curtain go! macaque francesco molinari go. he had already won four points and he found the drink. he found the drink. man to ensure the ryder cup would stay this side of the pound. stay this side of the pound. commentator: he said it couldn't be done but look at him now.
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done but look at him now. beer flowed and the champagne sprayed, europe showed that power. sprayed, europe showed that power. if you fancied a fitting finale, alex noren is your man. alex noren is your man. packed, and never looked like missing. missing. it meant so much to you. it was absolutely amazing. fairly easy to captain them to be honest. we are just delighted. showed up with attitude and their best golf. great team, we did our best. week so they deserved it.
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job done. fleetwood, absolutely superb this week. it's been a great partnership, i couldn't ask for anything better. just an amazing week. i had to dig very deep for this one. 42, i'm getting no younger. delivering a point to get it done and we did it. i couldn't be more proud of this team. there was ian poulter, john. stories entwined with this ryder cup. cup. performing, phil mickelson not performing either. performing either.
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will go around pretty badly bruised when they? —— one today. -- one today. i think they will do. they will do. ryder cup was about the strength of the american team. the american team. talking up america in his own prospects coming into it. prospects coming into it. against the tiger woods at his best while now they can, but they didn't. while now they can, but they didn't. he suffered four defeat at this tournament. tournament. produce his best golf at the ryder cup. cup. but do they translate that into the team environment? team environment? certainly thomas bjorn has done that, we have that.
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that, we have that. delighted to be winning the ryder cup back again. cup back again. time they have won the ryder cup on home soil. great to talk to you. safe travel. lewis hamilton has won the russian grand prix. to let hamilton win. with a maximum 125 still available in the remaining five races. nick parrot has the story of the race. celebrations were the order of the data in sochi. data in sochi. giving up the victory that should have been his.
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have been his. team—mate the benefit of his slipstream. slipstream. that kept hamilton ahead of his title rival. of his title rival. but only until the pit stop. the pit stop. taking the victory —— taking the victory would be more controversial. victory would be more controversial. let him pass this lap. i was going to go past. to go past. against the told, had to do this to secure it. secure it. chequered by, his advantage over battle grew over 50 points. battle grew over 50 points. the perfect day for mercedes but for valtteri bottas. valtteri bottas. —— but not for valtteri bottas. as well to let me by obviously.
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that's where we are. on ferrari and have a 1—2. and deserved to win. two wins on the spin for burnely now as they beat cardiff 2—1. cardiff still without a win this season, burney 12th in the table. stuart pollitt reports. points on offer were certainly precious. precious. the only goalmouth action in the first half—hour. first half—hour. josh murphy rattling the post. rattling the post. the ryder cup seemed the best bet. seemed the best bet. kenneth zohore made surejoe hart was still awake. was still awake. unlikely opening goal by gudmundsson.
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gudmundsson. best move of the game, murphy with a finish to match. finish to match. burnley are made of strong stuff. strong stuff. speeding on scraps all afternoon but maybe most of gudmundsson‘s crust. maybe most of gudmundsson‘s crust. the welsh international breaking card hearts. card hearts. wondering just where their first premier league win will come from. rangers were beaten earlier today by newly promoted livingston... a rare loss for steven gerrard. with the story, here's craig templeton. since the opening day. it was the home side who created the opportunities. this was the clearest of them. a flowing move to put a smile on his manager's face. then something that is no laughing
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matter. by an object from the crowd. luckily he was ok to carry on. found the second goal. of steven gerrard's time at rangers. as for livingston, they are up to third. there were four games in the women's super league today. from 2—0 down to win 3—2. a bizarre own goal coming up. abbie mcmanus scored it. the keeper misjudged the bounce, perhaps both at fault. painful, though. birmingham city's100% start. in the other games...
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in super league next season. 30-0. they needed to win by 11! in the premiership, leicester tigers won 19—15 against sale. seventh in the table. that's all from sportsday. we'll have more throughout the evening. this is bbc news. the conservative party conference currently under
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way in birmingham. and the international trade secretary liam fox. and rejected claims that she does not believe in brexit. her chequers plan. the chequers plan as it is currently constituted is dead, isn't it? no, it isn't. forward. neither of which were acceptable to the uk. the vote of the
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british people. away from the rest of the united kingdom. neither of those was acceptable to us so we said no. we would put our plan forward. and ireland, protects jobs and our union. there is a very comprehensive explanation of chequers. you say it is not dead but resting. any substantive way to alter your plan to get an agreement? what i have said to the european union is very clear. they have some concerns with the proposals we have put together. let's hear what those detailed concerns are.
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if they have counterproposals, let's hear them. is in the national interest. us was not acceptable. you are in a listening mood. are you in a moving mood as well? the chequers plan. deal, free trade area, and frictionless trade. hard border between northern ireland and ireland. delivers for the people of northern ireland. regulations and so on going forward. having listened, are you prepared in any sense to compromise?
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concerns, let's hear the detail of those concerns. are you prepared to compromise? let's hear what the detail of those concerns is. what those counterproposals are. accept and they want to talk through with us. only then that you can identify what the issue really is. where there are issues that lie behind this. once they come forward with ideas? want to know what your mood is. union's concerns and sit down and talk to them. which we think we have counterarguments for.
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maintain integrity of the single market from their point of view. what we are talking about is a different arrangement. it is an ambitious arrangement. arrangement for the united kingdom for the future. i think we should be ambitious for britain. off—the—shelf model. deal between us. you bust your party wide open. chequers plan as it is is deranged. the national interest.
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the government? our borders. impossible to deliver and wrong in principle. of the british people. that is the first thing we need to do. people voted for an end to free movement. he doesn't even think you believe in it. "he said today that unlike the prime minister i campaigned for brexit. unlike the prime minister, ifought for this and i believe in it. believe in a proper brexit. i do believe in brexit. that we make the success of brexit for the future. that is why i am being ambitious for this country. of the chequers plan. unanimously by the other
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27. state are not acceptable. the chequers plan cannot be take it or leave it. that we are not heading for no deal, can you? working for. you're going to have to do move to get that agreement. a good dealfor the united kingdom. but you will have to shift to get that agreement. knowing what that problem is. both sides have got to move and that includes you. the point is very simple. until we know what their problem is, that is
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what we need. we need to know what their concerns are. this is challenging for the european union and i accept that. it is an ambitious deal. it is a deal like no other. anybody else. it could destroy the single market. need to have that conversation with them. no deal at all. don't the british people deserve a better proper plan b? well, i am working to get a good deal for the united kingdom. best dealfor the united kingdom. but you can't be sure, can you? well, we don't know what the outcome of negotiations is going to be. make a success of
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brexit. moment... would no deal make a success of brexit? the negotiations. that is the task i have set government. relationship. with brexit and start acting in the national interest. and agree with you? the best deal for britain. the free trade deal you were talking about earlier on. can you explain what is so awful about the free trade deal? chequers is a free trade deal. i am talking about the so—called canada deal. you know i am talking about that.
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from a tree trade deal. at the heart of chequers is a free—trade deal. at the heart of chequers is a common law clearly? rules you are going to trade with them on. you have asked about canada. what is the problem? the table from the eu. and effectively... which they say would be generous. trade and all of that, they make it sound quite good. you wanted me to explain canada. perhaps i can complete my explanation. sure. creating a customs border between northern ireland and the uk. territories, carving northern ireland away from the uk.
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that is not acceptable to us. regulatory checks, customs checks, at borders. calais border. so you don't like the irish border question. hard border in ireland? does there have to be a hard border in ireland? you said that i don't like the irish border question. part of the united kingdom. the united kingdom. ireland and ireland. does mean an irish border, doesn't it?
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we have checked with the wto. it does mean a border in ireland. there are wto rules, which we are committed... which breaks your own promise. guarantee to the people of northern ireland. nobody wants a good deal with the eu better than i do. that we can deliver for every part of the united kingdom. there isn't a hard border in ireland, can you? we are working to make sure that we leave with a good deal. that is what my focus is on. be a border in ireland, won't there? negotiations. northern ireland and
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ireland. and we should level with people and explain that. ireland and ireland. borders with the eu. known as the chequers plan. the prime minister speaking to andrew marr earlier today. alina jenkins has the weather. hello. of england and wales. afternoon for flying a kite on the lincolnshire coast. lincolnshire coast. ireland was bowled off on show but also blustery showers.
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also blustery showers. this clearly on the early satellite picture. picture. replacing the early brightness with sunshine. sunshine. scotland and the far north of england. england. going with exposed western and eastern coast. eastern coast. between 2—7dc lo wilma chris potts keeping close to freezing. —— rural spots.
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spots. colin in western scotland where it will be a cool day, 9—10 at best. will be a cool day, 9—10 at best. i2—isdc in the best of the sunshine. things warm up into tuesday, the builds here. builds here. misty and murky start on tuesday morning.
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