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a bone in his neck. he was injured during the all blacks' win over south africa on saturday haris sohail made a century as pakistan posted a commanding a82 all out on the second day of the first test agaisnt australia in dubai. australia were 30 without loss at the close. the former australia opener matthew hayden said he "dodged a bullet" after he was injured whilst out surfing. he posted a picture of himself after he fractured a bone in his neck and tore ligaments in the accident off stradbroke island in queensland. hayden who is a6, thanked everyone who'd helped him and said he was on the road to recovery. "the biggest thing you can have here is hope," the words of double olympic champion dame kelly holmes who is in malawi on a mission to improve lives through sport. she was recently made an honourary colonel in the british army and is taking part in a series of physical challenges to raise awareness of the country's need for better nutrition. there are around ten million children under the age of 16 in malawi.
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50% of them have stunted growth and 20% are underweight. infant mortality rates are high, with malnutrition a cause in half of those cases. juliette parkin reports from malawi. she is the champion these children have been waiting weeks to see. they area mix have been waiting weeks to see. they are a mix of local and international stu d e nts are a mix of local and international students at this school that few have seen sporting greats with their own eyes. what sports do like? in a country where it is low on the list for investment. i hope very much like to talk about mental health and spore gives you the sense of i can in the sense of freedom when you are out and you feel better inside about yourself. since arriving here in malawi, she has been at the track. that feels good. at the wheelchair
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asked to ball court and will be taking part in a series of endurance challenges this week with a team of women. the campaign is called sport with a purpose, the brainchild of a travel company and it is notjust about committing exercise but about raising awareness of the devastating effects of poor nutrition. alex is a year older but his life is at risk due to poor access to good food. is malnourished or as they say in medical terms, wasted. it is malnourished or as they say in medicalterms, wasted. it is not necessarily about pouring tonnes of money and, obviously there is a problem with money, it is about health education, promotion of healthy eating and increased accessibility to things like vitamins, recognition, early recognition of malnutrition and we have some fantastic community programmes. just like this one, a scheme at the heart of her sport
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with a purpose. this is what about, supporting projects like this, the street shared aims to support local pigeons to provide more healthy food ina pigeons to provide more healthy food in a sustainable way and potentially make a business out of it. you cannot do anything in the here and now but the people that are passionate and coming in with ideas and helping the country to have sustainable future is really important and that is where you can only have hope. and here it is, this was the first time a levin —year—old had smiled and days the nurses told us, she is ill with heart disease and malnutrition and even a game cannot change the fate of this child but she can through sport bring hope. dame kelly holmes making a difference there. now, how about this for the goal that never was? it came in this ice hockey match between blefast gaints and milton keynes lighting over the weekend a shot at goal lodged in the pants of belfast giants
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forward, pat dwyer and once he realised it was there, he manouevered himself backwards into the net to see if it would count. there he goes. sticks out his bottom. crafty, but the referee didn't give it, he fished the puck out to try and prove his poiunt but they weren't buying it. giants won 7—0 anyway. but that would have been his hat trick. nice try. i will point you towards the website with all the preparation for those international matches. eden hazard hard again thinking himself with real madrid in a move their with real madrid in a move their with a couple moves left on the chelsea side. you can catch the final shortlist for ballon d'or,
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harry kane and eden hazard on there. from me and the rest of the sports team, good night. welcome back, you are watching bbc news and a quick reminder that we will be broadcasting a special programme at 8:30pm tonight, on the dramatic report of the intergovernmental panel on climate change, urging a need for change to avoid the worst effects of the temperature. e—mail and text as or tweet at last. in other news jaguar land rover have announced plans to close their solihull location, for two weeks. it will lay off thousands
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of temporary workers because of the wea kest of temporary workers because of the weakest dunn weakness in the uk market. the announcement today of this two—week closure at... in a fortnight —— fortnights‘ time, let's discuss it, this reflections on what the company said today? this is bad news for birmingham and for britain, what we are seeing is mounting pressures on the jewel in the crown of british manufacturing which is jaguar land rover and accommodation of two things that the government are getting wrong, the mishandling of brexit and the mishandling of the transition from diesel and this is coming to take the company at risk in the government has to get it right in the next stages. has the government overcooked concerns about diesel. yes it has, the transition from diesel absolutely but the new
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generation of diesel cars and others made in the other plant are low admission but because the government set the wrong tone, the public are not buying diesels and think if i buy diesels now, would it be worth anything in two or three years' time and consumer confidence has been badly dented. on the question of brexit is it inevitable that at this stage in the initiative, we would be counting down into the final weeks it would go down to the final wire and realistically and barely how much blame can this particular closure be blamed on brexit? much blame can this particular closure be blamed on brexit7m creating tremendous uncertainty not the least because britain is the biggest market for it but because parts come from the european union and to the manufacturing of land rover products in this country. that is bad news. you are seeing increasingly the impacts on investment decisions being taken
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across the automotive sector and in the automotive sector i'd paid tribute to others who are doing everything they possibly can but unless the government gets it right at the next stages, major problems confront jaguar land rover. speaking to the political correspondent and let's catch up with the weather now and we can cross to the other side of the newsroom. more heavy rain to come overnight in parts of northwest scotla nd come overnight in parts of northwest scotland but the rain not as heavy elsewhere in scotland to parts of northern ireland in northwest england but it is through this zone here that the rain totals continue to amountand here that the rain totals continue to amount and a risk of flooding as a result. elsewhere crossing whales, mainly dry and no where really cold overnight but some particularly in england dropping down to single figures. taking a look at the pictures tomorrow, blustery day across the uk, and around 40, 50 pictures tomorrow, blustery day across the uk, and around 40,50 mph or $0 across the uk, and around 40,50 mph
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orso and across the uk, and around 40,50 mph or so and heavy rain in northwest scotla nd or so and heavy rain in northwest scotland elsewhere in scotland, rein in northwest england will ease sunny spells developing and a lot of sunshine elsewhere and across wales by the end of the day. a blustery day but it is a rather warm day if you are away from any outbreaks of rain were the strongest wind and temperatures closes to 20 celsius. neither. i have had to listen to this all day. we would like all you dads at home to send us in your best joke and send us a picture of yourself and we will read out your joke later. beat those ones. be proud and celebrate, do not be afraid. we kicked off every week at the one show celebrating an act of kindness from strangers, which we call un—people are still laughing in
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here. not at yourjokes, mate. oh, lord, this is getting out of hand. this week, it is a special thank you to the community from the family of a young deaf boy who was beaten you know, this is a really divided time and part of the court's strength and part of its legitimacy depends on people not seeing the court in the way that people see the rest of the governing structures of this country, now. in other words, thinking of them as not politically divided in the same way, and not an extension of politics, but instead, somehow above the fray. facebook wants you to put one of these devices into your home. hey, portal. you can use the portalto call other portal owners, or those using facebook‘s messenger app. it has an ultraviolet high—definition camera that is capable of tracking you as you move around the room. you can see the camera is perfectly framing me, naturally panning and zooming. facebook has been developing the portal for the zooming. facebook has been developing the portalfor the past 18 months. in that time, the firm's reputation has been turned upside down with the huge data breach scandal and last month's hacking attack which hit at least 50 million facebook users. why should people trust facebook to put this kind of device into their homes? well, we have to find privacy from the ground up. the fact that we were able to build from the hardware and software the technology


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