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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  October 22, 2018 5:45am-6:00am BST

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administration, the paper believes there are plans to stop transgender people legally changing their gender making everyone‘s sex fixed at birth. and finally a story in the telegraph here in the uk, and how a taxi company plans to have self driving cabs on the streets of london within three years. with me is kulveer ranger, vice president strategy & communication at atos. let's get stuck in. i don't know if you have read this paper before, but you have read this paper before, but you have read this paper before, but you have today. papers focusing on the big, shocking story from turkey about the journalist's murder. the big, shocking story from turkey about thejournalist‘s murder. the challenge here has been the
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consistent moving of the story and the saudis positioning of what they know and what they don't know about what has happened. whether they denied it originally and allegedly there was a fight and an accident. we are not quite sure what has been going on, except that we are not been told the whole truth. that is the fundamental problem. also as well, what is interesting is in this article and elsewhere in the media, it is reported that president are the one of turkey will reveal tomorrow what turkey knows about what happened to this journalist. —— erdogan. this is interesting because what has happened, this shocking interview has become political gamesmanship internationally, with people taking a view as to where they are on the saudis, their view on their regime, which is appropriate which is if this is part of something that the saudi regime has said they are aware of, but then
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why does the turkish president need until tuesday to announce what he potentially already knows? i heard him speaking over the weekend at a rally saying that he would tell the truth on tuesday, why not now? this seems to be many other games being played. speaking to our correspondent, he has been talking about the fact that from the point of view of the president of turkey, he is seeing this as an opportunity for gaining a lot in terms of diplomacy and that kind of thing. there is a lot going on here. there is lot of political leverage and in full and and potential scoring points. we should see what is revealed tomorrow by the turkish president and we will keep across this story as it develops. interesting to see what the turkish media is saying about it. business paperfor the
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media is saying about it. business paper for the travelling community into the capital. they have this on their front into the capital. they have this on theirfront page. you into the capital. they have this on their front page. you and into the capital. they have this on theirfront page. you and i were talking about is earlier. stalk about the pressure on her as leader as the conservative party. the leader of the conservative party probably undertaking the most challenging negotiation of our time with the european union and that she is under pressure. she is under pressure from her party, the conservative party, from parliament with the split and under pressure from the people of this country who are split on this decision. will she see this through? that is the big question because many are weighing up question because many are weighing up what are the cost and benefits of changing the leadership at this point? it's it really a good idea or not? many are touting david davis as someone not? many are touting david davis as someone who could possibly take over. your thoughts?” someone who could possibly take over. your thoughts? i think the prime minister is deep into their
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negotiation, playing a very high sta kes negotiation, playing a very high stakes game of oak and she needs support from a team. she does but she's not getting it. she is in a challenging position and she is negotiating with the eu, if she shows her hand to everyone, that wea ke ns shows her hand to everyone, that weakens her position, which has been the case that her supporters have put across all the way through these times. she needs to keep her party onside, that is the biggest challenge. do the brexiteers within her party like iain duncan smith and jacob rees mogg, do they see it as a situation where they have to stick with what they know for now until this deal is done, or do they gamble of trying to unseat her? as you said, this will be an interesting week that she needs to give her party a view as to why they should stick with her. the challenge last week was her indicating there will be an extension of time involved in the brexit process. this is extremely unpalatable but to just her party but to everybody involved,
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including all of us who do not want to see this dragged on. this week, and number of key meetings with mps from all sides, she would state what that actually mean and i think it will be a crucial week if she can reach the end of it having maybe dampened some of this unrest and giving them a clear view of what that needs, she will carry on with the negotiation then. we will talk about it later. the financial times, must —— russia warning trump. this isa must —— russia warning trump. this is a nuclear treaty signed by reagan and mikael gorbachev. he has been given this the thinking that russia hasn't stuck to the agreement, not cleaned by the rules and therefore the us is going to pull out. donald trump's style of presidency, it is a negotiation and it leaves all kinds
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of things, everything is on the table. the treaty, as he said, a pillar of what concluded the cold war has kept a certain amount of piste for the last 30 years around nuclear weapons. donald trump seems to be unhappy about how russia is dealing with the iranians in terms of the iranians still able to trade oil. his response to that is i am putting this on the table and it is something i will walk away from. he is using it as leveraged in a different conversation. whether that is right or wrong, it depends because donald trump seems to be getting results in certain things that he does. whether that is palpable —— palatable to us and how he gets there, that is the question. his style of presidency is, i put everything on the table and everything on the table and everything is leveraged. the
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national security adviser there to date and tomorrow in moscow, see how he gets on. the new york times, transgender could the he gets on. the new york times, tra nsgender could the defiant he gets on. the new york times, transgender could the defiant out of existence under trump administration. this is about federal, civil rights law that would state that the gender you are when you are born is how you remain in legal terms, even if you change your gender. this again points to the kind of era of the american presidency that we are living. president 0bama was a liberal, he had brought in legislation that helped progress things in terms of people who identify themselves as transgender. he moved a story on with the times that people were accepting this, but there seems to bea accepting this, but there seems to be a response from the trump administration. perhaps timing in the run—up to the mid—term
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elections, many of his base who are pro—trump may find this to be something that they are for, as opposed to against. if it's the timeline, but this has been under review since trump came in, they are discussed this for over a year. civil rights groups companies —— groups have been making the case for the millions of americans who identify as trend gender would be left in limbo by this change. but it fits to his base, it is a very big political play. lets get your word on this story, you were working with borisjohnson at on this story, you were working with boris johnson at the on this story, you were working with borisjohnson at the time and —— it was all about transport. addison lee, a big player in the mini cabbage tree saying they could have self driving cabs on the streets by 2021. you are smiling. is that feasible? you asked me a few minutes ago that do i think it would happen in three years? the answer is, yes i think it will be will. there will be
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cars, we head —— we hear the words autopilot, we have vehicles that can drive themselves, fly themselves and the technology is there. the convergence between the internet of things, the ability to use data and connectivity, which allows us to move around, means that cars will be able to work out what they are doing. will they be in mass usage in three years times, probably not quite there yet. but we are well on the way to getting there. i remember this firm, they have been quite progressive, but it is bringing their technology that is available, to do it. when i recently drove a car, my wife's new car, ifound it was pretty much driving itself and i was pretty much driving itself and i was redundant anyway. thank you so much. good to see you. have a really good day, and i will see you soon. hello. we have had some warmth in the sunshine this weekend, but by the end of the week things are looking much colder.
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more on that in a moment. slightly colder air behind sunday's cold front and north—westerly wind as we go through monday. this area of high pressure is a dominant feature through much of the week but this front is never too far away from the far north of scotland. that will bring strong winds, outbreaks of rain to 0rkney and shetland, some of that may filter to the northern highlands, but for much of scotland, northern ireland, england and wales, it is a dry and fine start to the new week. some spells of sunshine. a little bit more cloud for western fringes through the afternoon and these are average wind strengths through monday, some strong gusts for northern and western scotland, 50—60 mph, locally 70mph. a windy day and a cool day, 10 or 11 celsius. a cool day across the weekend compared to the weekend, with highs generally between 12 and 1a celsius. for most, it stays dry through the evening and overnight. more persistent rain working its way southwards across scotland, particularly for northern and western scotland and those strong winds extending to northern england and northern ireland. further south it stays dry but quite breezy. all this combined, it would not be as cold a night as the one just gone, lows between 5 and 10 celsius. more persistent rain for scotland on tuesday,
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courtesy of this front, which is still here. notice the squeeze in the isobars, it's still windy particularly across scotland, northern ireland and into northern england. some strong winds compared to the weekend. and persistent rain particularly for northern and western scotland, not so much getting across to aberdeenshire, towards the borders. dry here and sunshine. cloud across north—west england and northern ireland, the best of the sunshine further south and east you are, helping temperatures up to 15 or 16 celsius. similar temperatures for the eastern side of scotland, 12 or 13 further west. by the time we get to wednesday, our front has pulled away, looking dry across scotland, one or two showers, but then a fairly moist windflow, that will generate a little more cloud, but for most it stays dry. some spells of sunshine coming through, particularly across the east, temperatures up
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to 1a and 16 celsius. that mild air doesn't last very much longer, slowly we pull away as a go towards the weekend, this plunge of arctic air pushing its way southwards. it'll feel very much colder by friday and then into the weekend. some strong and cold northerly winds and the chance to see some snow in the hills of scotland and northern england. good morning, welcome to breakfast with dan walker and louise minchin. 0ur headlines today: the nhs braces itself for another winter crisis and hospital bosses warn it could be worse than last year. the finish line in sight — theresa may will tell mps the brexit deal is 95% agreed — but will it be enough to silence critics in her own party? shutdown at britain's biggest car maker. jaguar land rover will stop production at its solihull plant for two weeks from today. i'll be looking at why. close, but not close enough. lewis hamilton misses the chance
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to become world champion at the us grand prix. and we'll hear how bees really have been busy delivering a boost to the honey crop.
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