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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  October 30, 2018 5:45am-6:01am GMT

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universal credit, and defence. tax cuts for more than 30 million workers have been brought forward by a year. looking at german paper frankfurter allgemeine, where chancellor merkel is leading the news after announcing she'll stand down as german chancellor at the next election in three years‘ time, following heavy defeats in regional polls and discord in her party. over to the financial times where german group prosieben has found a match with dating website eharmony. the media corporation aims to create the world's biggest online matchmaker by merging a european dating site with the us service. this has been our twitter question today and many of you have been in touch about the pros and cons of online dating. the washington post has the story on google offering $25 million to researchers to help them solve complex problems using artificial intelligence. the offer includes help and coaching from company experts — they're looking for big ideas that could have a social
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and environmental impact. and finally in the wall streetjournal — are fantasy sports overfor new york? ajudge has ruled virtual games, like fantasy basketball and football, are forms of gambling and violate the state's laws. with me is maike currie, an investment director at fidelity personal investing. lets get stuck in. the uk media is focused on the budget that came quite late yesterday and on monday as well. the daily telegraph, we're looking at that here, has a positive spin on things. taxpayers handed a brexit owners. and picture here of the chancellor in between theresa may and his right—hand woman, liz
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truss, the chief secretary to the secretary —— treasury. what is your take? there was tinkering around the edges and many give the ways, which is what this headline is giving on —— focusing on, that the giveaways we re —— focusing on, that the giveaways were quite small in scale. because this is the final budget before britain leaves the eu, the chancellor was never going to do anything radical. he needs to look at the shape of the relationship between britain and the eu before he can do anything drastic to the finances. so it was a very long budget speech. i watched it. 70 minutes. it seemed to go forever. but the give is always a very small. in terms of what the telegraph are talking about, he said that austerity is coming to an end, which is different to austerity is over a which is what theresa may said. it talks of this as being one of the biggest ever way budgets in recent
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history that that is because we have been grappling with the financial crisis since 2008 and what that has meant. and it talks about the amount of money that people will get in their pockets. in april next year. so bringing forward tax cuts. and thatis so bringing forward tax cuts. and that is critical because we leave the eu at the end of march. it is a time when perhaps the eu —— uk economy will need a boost. he has brought forward the personal allowa nce, brought forward the personal allowance, how much you can earn before you pay tax. that will go up to 12 thousand £500. what that tra nslates to 12 thousand £500. what that translates to, if you are a basic rate taxpayer, you get £150 more. if you are higher rate, you will have £595 more. in the opponents —— personal finance realm that was all. or questions about whether there would be changes to pension tax relief. the other newspapers, so we
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don'tjust relief. the other newspapers, so we don't just focus on relief. the other newspapers, so we don'tjust focus on the one, the guardian says that he has delivered a budget of tax cuts and spending to shore up theresa may so they are focusing on her weakness at this point. the financial times says the giveaways clouded by brexit and that is the other element. the times says it isa is the other element. the times says it is a giveaway gambled. this could all be ripped up if we leave the eu without a deal. that's why there was nothing in there that was too radical. next year we have a spending review in march post leaving the eu and we may see a revised budget depending on that. what he needs to balance is spending priorities and the mandate from the prime minister to end austerity which has been very unpopular. the other german papers are focused on angela merkel, the woman who has led germany for many years. she is basically saying that her term in
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office as chancellor is coming to an end at the next election. you and i discussed this already to a degree but, you know, europe has to prepare for life without the leader who is on the ropes. she has come up with many of the solutions for europe. she has been a beacon of stability but her grip on power has been dwindling in recent years. she has a lwa ys dwindling in recent years. she has always said that she will not continue as leader of her party u nless continue as leader of her party unless she is chancellor. now she will step down as party leader which means that by the end of 2021 she will no longer be chancellor. already her opponents are circling for that position. it raises questions about the future of europe because these are in size and times for europe and the eu with all the things happening in italy around the populist government rising and, of course, brexit. also this article looks back on her career in politics
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in germany where she has dominated for such a long time. many would look back on a couple of summers ago, the eu migrant crisis and germany flinging open the doors to a million migrants and the impact that had on her politically. the cost to her. there is no doubt that she is being —— has been a prudent and pragmatic leader but her achilles heel has been the migration policy. that has led the far right into the german parliament for the first time since the second world war and that has seen her power diminished. she has seen her power diminished. she has not said she made a mistake which she has said if she could turn clocks back she would better repair the country for the situation. now the country for the situation. now the financial times has a story about the purchase of bihar many. —— eharmony. the company is valued at
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around $85 million? they say it will be disruptive in the long i —— online dating industry. and it is growing. absolutely. a few things are happening which the story represents. one is the kind of explosion of merger and acquisition activity since the financial crisis. companies have been prudent. they sat on cash, they shored up their balance sheets and now they are looking to expand and they are looking to expand and they are looking for acquisition opportunities. the dating industry, the online dating industry is no exception. we use our smart phones for everything nowadays including finding a partner. and there is a third element to this, and that his facebook. facebook say they want to enter the market. they did announce that a while ago. absolutely. a hot market. so many people have been in touch with comments about this so thank you very much. we shall mention some of those later and re—
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tweet some of them so you can see what people have been saying. google offering money to universities to ai to scale up research. this is quite interesting. ai being used for good. the potential is massive. google has a lwa ys the potential is massive. google has always been known to look at what they call moon shots. what is the next big thing? what they are doing 110w next big thing? what they are doing now is looking at how they can use artificial intelligence to do good in society. be that be predicting wildfires, preventing the deaths of babies, stopping wales from swimming into cruise liners and they are working with universities to say if there are students with big ideas, they can provide the resources and they can provide the resources and the funding. they provide the resource and the funding and, to a degree, the technology as well so they can collate this data because a lot of the information is there, it is just putting it to use. it is about information and ideas. now
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bringing them together. i think it isa bringing them together. i think it is a no—brainer for these technology companies. and quickly, this new yorkjudge. dealing a blow to fancy sports —— fantasy sport. yorkjudge. dealing a blow to fancy sports -- fantasy sport. when you build these rosters of predicting what the result will be in the spore game online, is a game of chance or gambling? ordoes game online, is a game of chance or gambling? or does it depend on the player skill question but that is what the debate is about. i'm sure oui’ what the debate is about. i'm sure our view was also have an opinion on that. rates are happy with us. as i say, use our hash tag and provide some comments about any dating as well as your opinion on fantasy football, gambling or not? well, it looks like we are going to hold onto the cold weather
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for a little while yet. for some of us, tuesday's going to start pretty frosty, particularly across western parts of the uk. if you live closer to the north sea, it probably won't be quite so cold, but i think chilly enough. so this is what it looks like very early on tuesday morning. you can see where the frost is, actually from south—western england, from plymouth, through wales, all the way towards western scotland and northern ireland. here, temperatures will be below freezing. they are already well below freezing in some areas. but closer to the north sea, there, east anglia, lincolnshire, temperatures should be above freezing. and we're just getting away with the weather because look at all of the wind and rain in the north sea. it's just skirting with norfolk, suffolk, possibly kent. much of the country through the day on tuesday actually not too bad. there will be quite a lot of cloud around, i think, across eastern areas. but the further west and the south—west you are on tuesday, the better the weather will be. so, cornwall, devon, somerset, western wales should have a fine day on tuesday. let's have a look at wednesday now, and we're kind of in between weather systems.
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lots of weather fronts spinning around here. you can see one weather front of western areas of the uk, so there could be some spots of rain early in the day on wednesday. so this is halloween, approaching the middle of the day here. notice the southerly winds here across some central and southern areas. that means that temperatures are expected to pick up a little bit. so not quite so cold. we could even get to around 13 degrees in london. but in the north on wednesday, still pretty chilly, temperatures into single figures. but, once again, there will be a little bit of rain around across some western areas on wednesday. not an awful lot, but some of us will catch it. now, let's have a look at thursday's weather forecast. and actually some big contrasts across europe, some bad weather still affecting the mediterranean and the alps. we would've seen a lot of snow in the alps by the time we get to thursday. look at these southerly winds pushing warm air all the way into scandinavia. so there'll be huge contrasts across europe on thursday. some particularly mild weather across central and eastern
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parts of europe. but here you can see the winds coming off the atlantic from the north—west. so slightly colder weather here in the uk. so the temperatures, after a brief rise i think in london, probably levelling back down to around 11 degrees. maybe some rain around on thursday. but i think on the whole it stays pretty unsettled and on the chilly side. that's it. bye— bye. good morning, welcome to breakfast, with louise minchin and steph mcgovern. our headlines today: the final budget before brexit, but did it really signal the end of austerity? we'll ask the chancellor, philip hammond. turning on the taps, the chancellor plans the biggest spending spree in eight years. the debate will start in westminster today. we are here in sheffield in the winter garden to find out what it means for you. police investigating the murder of the estate agent suzy lamplugh in 1986 carry out a search of a garden in the west midlands. donald trump sends 5,000 troops
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to the us border with mexico as thousands of migrants head towards it from central america. in sport, a book of condolence opens at leicester city this morning.
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