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this is bbc news. the headlines at 10: the week—long funeral of the leicester city owner vichai srivaddhanaprabha, who died in a helicopter crash last week, will begin in thailand. players from the club will fly out to thailand to pay their respects after this afternoon's match with cardiff. we wa nt we want to be there. after everything that the owner showed the players and the club, we should be there. it is an extended family. broadcaster paul gambaccini wins damages from the crown prosecution service over its handling of unfounded sexual assault allegations against him. in the united states — twitter removes thousands of automated accounts discouraging people from voting ahead of next week's mid week elections could growing trees in test tubes be the answer to protecting our forests in the long term? and at 10:30, the travel show team are in taiwan, visiting the ancient capital, tainan and going behind the scenes at the biggest performing arts centre in the world. the week—long funeral
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of leicester city owner, vichai srivaddhanaprabha, will begin in thailand today. members of the team are expected to fly out after their game against cardiff this afternoon. the businessman died, along with four other people, when his helicopter crashed outside the king power stadium last saturday. our sports news correspondent natalie pirks reports. it was another day of quiet reflection for leicester city's players. we came in monday, we didn't train. it was more of being together as a group with staff and players. but this isn't just about an owner, it's more personal than that.
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is he wasn'tjust a chairman, he always made sure that he went out of his way to get to know you on personal levels as well, the with your families and he took us in as his extended family. so close were the players relationships with vichai srivaddhanaprabha, that he was a guest at jamie vardy‘s wedding to wife rebekah. as the schock subsides, now honouring his memory is at the forefront of players minds. obviously at first you just thought no way, no way, that is not possible. everybody is feeling the same, we are all hurting, but we know that he would want us out there and we as a team and a club want to do him proud. they will attempt to do that today against cardiff city, their first game since the accident. senior members of the team will then fly to thailand for srivaddhanaprabha's funeral, where his body has arrived
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at a buddhist temple in bangkok for a seven—day period of mourning. air accident investigators yesterday confirmed they had been able to download data from helicopter‘s black box, despite it being subjected to intense heat in the fire. for the players, they have tried to ease their pain by reflecting on their memories together of their friend who always had a smile for everyone. natalie pirks, bbc news. our correspondentjonathan head sent us this update from the temple in bangkok where the funeral ceremony is due to begin. it as an adult hybrid is funeral ceremony, to specific roles, one is brutal, people who remember vichai srivaddhanaprabha bringing monks to the leicester ground will know how religious he was. it is important for people of thailand in terms of
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bringing merit to the deceased. it will be a high society event, also a social event. anyone who is anyone is likely to come to the last stages of this funeral. vichai srivaddhanaprabha had a high status here and good political connections. the funeral itself is formally sponsored by the king of thailand. it isa sponsored by the king of thailand. it is a great honour in terms of thailand's culture. there will be a bathing ceremony this evening, his body has already been flown back here, it will be attended mostly by close friends and family. many nights of chanting by buddhist monks, we do not know funny final cremation will be, but that'll be the one where all the people who will want to come to pay their respects will do so together, a grand social gathering. we expect a senior member of the royal family shortly. a royally associated temple, very high status. the
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funeral preparations for vichai srivaddhanaprabha will start in about two and a half, three hours‘ time, with this bathing ceremony. these funerals do go on for a long time, a lot of rituals, everything matters for the future of the deceased. people here believe in reincarnation, it is important for the funeral ceremony to go according to the conditions. it is also the element of status which is very important, and you will see during the funeral artefacts given by the king, a special funeral urn, the funeral artefacts given by the king, a specialfuneral urn, and also a five k and umbrella being used. people will watch this funeral, in many ways to see just how highly thought of vichai srivaddhanaprabha was, just what his status is that this last age in his life. —— last stage. the bbc presenter, paul gambaccini, has accepted undisclosed damages from the crown prosecution service because of the way it handled
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unfounded historical sex abuse allegations made against him. mr gambaccini was arrested in october 2013 but was never charged. he sued the cps for a statement it issued the following year. here‘s more from our correspondent, ben ando. paul gambaccini said his life was turned upside down when he was arrested on allegations that he sexually assaulted two boys in the 1970s and 80s, claims he said were fictitious. he spent a year on police bail, but when it dropped the case the crown prosecution service issued a statement saying that, wrongly, the boys allegedly involved were underage. paul mr gambaccini sued and last night the cps confirmed it had reached an agreement without the admission of liability. though details of the deal have not been made public due to confidentiality clauses, a daily mail newspaper has reported that the pay—out runs to five figures. mr gambaccini is also suing the metropolitan police. the case represents another setback for the former director of public prosecutions, alison saunders, who stepped down this week after five years in the role.
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mr gambaccini, seen here in 2016 at the memorial service for fellow radio two broadcaster of sir thierry wogan, has described 0peration yewtree as a celebrity witch—hunt, aimed at averting attention away from the failure of the authorities to stoinmmy savile. ben ando, bbc news. the brexit campaigner arron banks has returned to the uk, as he faces allegations that his multi—million pound donations to the leave cause may have broken electoral law. the co—founder was referred to the national crime agency by the elections watchdog, which suspects that cash given to the campaign had come from what it called "impermissible sources". mr banks denies any wrongdoing. 0ur political correspondent jonathan blakejoins me now. here‘s back, did he have anything substantial to say about these allegations? and early morning
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arrival at gatwick from bermuda, we knew he was there because he treated a picture of himself in the exotic location earlier this week, saying he had gone fishing. reporters were there to greet him. he was asked whether any of the money donated to the campaign had come from russia. he said that it hasn‘t, the money has come from him. he bet on to say that he would cooperate with the national crime agencys investigation and provide visibility into our accounts. that echoes what he has had to sail along, as earlier he said the electoral commission confirmed that it had asked the national crime agency to investigate here, and at the centre of this is £8 million worth of loans, which we re £8 million worth of loans, which were claimed to have come from arron banks and his companies, to the leave eu campaign, not the official leave eu campaign, not the official leave campaign, but the one fronted
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by nigel farage and a large extent bankrolled by arron banks. the electro commission said that they suspect the true source of loans to the campaign was being concealed and the campaign was being concealed and the money had come from impermissible sources. that could be foreign sources, because under the law in the uk it has to be a uk taxpayer who is donating the money. that is why the national crime agency are investigating, they have agency are investigating, they have a remit to investigate across international borders. that was the referendum from two years ago. those who want a referendum to be held once a deal has been done between britain and the eu, they have some new research. the people's vote campaignfora new research. the people's vote campaign for a public vote on the outcome of the brexit the gauche asians has commissioned a poll, carried out by new golf. 26,000 people in labour held seats across the uk were asked about their views about a second public vote, and
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there are two main suggestions. first is that a majority of all voters in labour constituencies gci’oss voters in labour constituencies across the uk now back the idea of a public vote on the outcome of brexit. the candidate, the wording does not prove to people, so not clear they were in favour of a bout with the option of staying in the eu still leaving, or the terms of the deal alone. but then also the other suggestion is that labour voters as a whole labour seats across the uk would now, given the option, choose to remain in the eu. presumably they polled on this question in these places, because they are trying to put pressure on the labour leadership over its policy position. yes, they had been tried hard to influence the debate about brexit here in the uk, and with particular focus on the labour party. the government has consistently ruled
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out any public vote, any second rather read them on brexit, labour‘s‘s position is different, they say they would block any brexit deal in parliament based on theresa may‘s current plan, their preference for a general election, but all options on the table including a public vote, and the shadow brexit secretary said that no one was ruling out remain as an option. attacks on firefighters in england have increased by a quarter in the past year, according to their trade union. the fire brigades union says there were more than 930 incidents where crews were abused or threatened. the home office says new laws coming into place this month should give the police and courts more power to deal with those who are violent towards emergency service workers. detectives continue to investigate the fatal stabbing of a 17—year—old boy outside a south london tube station, a day after a 15—year—old was killed in the city. 19 teenagers have been killed in violent attacks in london so far this year. the latest happened in broad daylight. no arrests have been made.
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pakistan authorities have made a deal with protesters who‘ve been demonstrating against the acquittal of a christian woman who had been sentenced to death for blasphemy. under the agreement,asia bibi will be barred from leaving the country, but it‘s unclear for how long. the deal ended three days of violent protests across pa kista n. president erdogan of turkey has said that the order to kill journalist jamal khashoggi last month came from the highest levels of the saudi government. writing in the washington post, mr erdogan calls for the unmasking of what he describes as the "puppet masters" behind the murder at the saudi consulate in istanbul. saudi arabia‘s version of events has changed several times, but it denies that crown prince mohammed bin salman had any knowledge of the killing. twitter has removed around 10,000 automated accounts that discouraged people from voting in next week‘s us midterm election.
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most of the accounts were posing as democrats, the social media company said. meanwhile, the white house has warned iran to prepare for the return of all sanctions that were lifted under the 2015 nuclear deal. 0ur north america correspondent peter bowes reports. in a meme inspired by the tv series game of thrones and its motto, "winter is coming", president trump made his intentions clear. from monday, the day before congressional elections, sanctions described by the white house as the toughest ever imposed on iran, will be back on. mr trump withdrew from the iran deal in may, describing it as effective at its core. ——defective. the announcement may well prove a vote—winner for the republicans. donald trump is focusing on what he sees as his achievements and issues that set him apart from his previous processor.
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—— predecessor. we don‘t want to go back to the 0bama days of low wages, high unemployment, high crime, open borders, far leftjudges, oppressive regulations, horrible, horrible, horrible trade deals. disastrous foreign policy. look at the mess i inherited in north korea and at look how well we are doing now. barack 0bama is leading the charge for the democrats, without mentioning mr trump by name, questioning his honesty. what we have not seen, at least in my lifetime, is an approach in which folks in the highest levels of office, folks who we thought our children should be looking up to, will just blatantly, repeatedly, boldly, shamelessly lie! the president‘s agenda depends on the republicans
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maintaining their hold on both houses of congress. but even the usually bullish donald trump has admitted that democrats could take the house of representatives. with congressional races in many states on a knife edge, the next few days will see furious campaigning around the country. the funeral of vichai srivaddhanaprabha will begin later today. paul gambaccini has won damages on account of handling of an found sexual allegations against them. twitter has removed thousands of automated account discouraging people from voting in next week‘s midterm elections. sport, and for a full round up,
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from the bbc sport centre, here‘s mike bushell. good morning..on what is set to be a very emotional day for leicester city...the team travel to cardiff this afternoon in their first match since the death of their owner in a helicopter crash last weekend. vichai srivaddhanaprabha, and four other people were killed in the crash outside the king power stadium. all premier league games this weekend will begin with a minute‘s silence, and players will wear black armbands. when i saw my transition, the players, they can give their best, when you play football for a few minutes, i your focus and concentration is normallyjust on the football and the page. what we have to do. now we have this feeling in the time of the game after,
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before and after we know, we cannot forget. top european clubs have held secret talks to create a european super league. that‘s according to a report by the german publication der spiegel. the newspaper, claims leaked documents show the breakaway league, could be created as soon as 2021, and see clubs involved, leave their national leagues and football associations. talks of a european super league and football have come and gone, always fended off by more money in the end. this time the german magazine is claiming that there is more substance than a number of leading clu bs substance than a number of leading clubs have discussed the matter over a period of time and they even have documents purporting to show that it is atan documents purporting to show that it is at an advanced stage of development. talk perhaps about starting in 2021. the talk is of a living big clubs, including five from within england, joining a midweek european super league.
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joined by five other invited clubs throughout europe. in the championship, aston villa eased some of their recent worries with victory over strugglers bolton. goals from jack grealisih and james chester gave them a 2—0 win, lifting them up the table to 13th. the preparations for next year‘s rugby union world cup step up today, as the autumn internationals begin. yesterday was a year to the day, to the final. england face south africa at twickenham, having only won one match in seven, and suffering from a string of injury troubles. manu tuilangi is the latestn in the physio room, after getting injured in training. we have obviously got a big pack, and they have some key individuals that tend to get them some forward. they are usually for the battle. we have got to make sure that we put ourselves in the right place, so
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that we are passing on kick—off. in cardiff, wales take on scotland, for the doddie weir cup, in honour of the former scotland international who‘s battling motor neurone disease. money raised from the game, will go towards research into the condition. and ireland face italy in chicago this evening. fly halfjonny sexton has been nominated for the world rugby men‘s player of the year. he‘s the only man from the northern hemisphere to make the shortlist. at the world gymnastics championships, the remarkable run of simone biles continues as she looks to add yet more titles to her collection. in her first international event, since taking a year off after rio, she became the first gymnast to win 13 world titles. she took gold in the vault — and followed that up with silver in the uneven bars. it takes her tally, to three golds at these championships and she could add to that, with two more individual events still to come later this afternoon.
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iam very i am very excited, because i have worked especially hard on bars, and during my time back in gymnastics i am really excited. that‘s all the sport for now. you can find more on all those stories on the bbc sport website. i will have more after 11 o‘clock. the world is losing plants at an unprecedented rate, with around one in five thought to be at risk of extinction — so the race is now on to store backup copies in seed banks. but not all species can be preserved in this way, including many trees. 0ur science correspondent helen briggs has been to speak to scientists who say trees grown in test tubes could be the way forward. coming down into the vault itself. buried deep in the sussex countryside, bomb—proof, flood—proof, radiation—proof and all the store rooms kept at —20 degrees. and everywhere you look, there are seeds.
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large seed collections in these jars. you can see all of these, drawer after drawer after drawer, 90,000 collections of 39,000—plus species. seeds from nearly every country can be found in these walls, an insurance policy against the extinction of plants in the wild. but not all seeds can be preserved in conventional seed banks. it doesn‘t give full cover for some very important groups of plants, threatened species, rainforest trees and even in the uk, some iconic species, oaks, their seeds cannot stand drying and cannot be frozen, we need to work on alternative methods. one alternative being tested is cryopreservation, separating the plant embryo from the rest of the seed. in this state, it can survive very cold temperatures. when thawed out, it will grow into a new tree.
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this baby oak tree has come out of the deep freeze and is starting to grow. trees in a test tube could be the answer to protecting our forests in the long—term. trees face many threats in the wild, from climate change to diseases like ash dye—back, which can wipe out whole populations. scientists say it is crucial we have a back—up. this shipment of seeds from tanzania is being added to the collections. they could have anything in them. i mean, it could be a cure for lung cancer, we don‘t know, we don‘t know what‘s in them but the really important thing is, with our changing climate, that we collect and conserve these things before they‘ve gone. and scientists say there is a need for more investment so we stop many of our plants from being lost forever. i‘m joined now via webcam byjohn dickie
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from kew‘s millennium seed bank. what is the basic problem with trees and crops that can be preserved in seed bank form? not all trees and shrubs, many can be stored in seed banks, and we do so successfully. but the problem is that you cannot drive them, but you cannot freeze them. if you freeze seeds but high water content, ice crystals will immediately kill them. what sort of trees and other plants are they talking about, in that category? helen mentioned the oak, which is familiar to everyone. and in tropical moist forests, high proportion of palms are sensitive to
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drying, their seats. we cannot store them in conventional seed banks. another of other species, ebony, tropical rainforest trees from southeast asia, monkey puzzle tree is, we cannot store those seeds. what are the options? this is one thatis what are the options? this is one that is obvious they attracting... are there other options that could be explored further? there are some other options. 0ne be explored further? there are some other options. one possibility is specimens and but hanging gardens. you could do that in a similar way to zooms will stop it involves a bit of coordination, the problem with britannic specimens, particularly of large trees, is the number of individuals and forced the limited genetic diversity that you can keep
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in an individual botanic garden, said he would need to be moving pollen around the world the time to make sure of gene flow. the frustrating thing i suppose if that some reports suggest quite a large proportion of the plants that are most in danger include was that cannot be stored in seed banks. yes, it is roughly about a third. remember these are best predictions. we‘re always needed to predict what the likelihood of individual species being amenable to conventional seed banking at deepfreeze tebbutt, like you saw, so we can banking at deepfreeze tebbutt, like you saw, so we can target our collecting is so become play to the strength of conventional seed banking and at the same time no great species we need to boot
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different effort into different techniques, like fire as they, that is the one with significant amount of promise. it is an encouraging prospect, at least if something of this kind can be achieved. john becky, thank you for talking to us and giving as grounds for hope. the supreme court this week decided asia bibi was not guilty and released her. a deal has been done after three days of protest to bring those protest to an end, the government, but it is not clear what the details are. let‘s get more on this now from wilson chowdhry, who chairs the british pakistani christian association and knows the family. a certain amount of fear of the
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consequences. "1 a certain amount of fear of the consequences. in essence, the initial gut feeling was immense joy, but there is was the fear that the rightward break—out and the predictions came true. it does seem as ifa predictions came true. it does seem as if a statement has gone out by the government, which would suggest asia bibied name will be put on a controlled exit list and also opt that she will have a verdict positioned. for those who do not know the case, may not be familiar with pakistan‘s strict blasphemy laws, what was she accused of? is its independence in a faith or a particular thing she had done that had outraged those who support the law? asia bibi was passed, she went
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toa law? asia bibi was passed, she went to a well, pumps water into a bowl was placed there. she took a sip, quizzed her first i was placed there. she took a sip, quizzed herfirst i decided to was placed there. she took a sip, quizzed her first i decided to share some of her colleagues. they threw the goal that her. because she was a christian? yes, they say she had contaminated the bowl and the water from the well. during the argument, she said, my christ died for me, what did mohammed do for you? this resulted in an allegation of blasphemy, she was beaten, some say worse happened. more will be revealed. she was placed under trumped up blasphemy charges and remained incarcerated for ten years with a death sentence hanging over her. it seems extraordinary in a week when we have been reporting ireland‘s referendum scrapping its blasphemy law, never has he used against anyone, but blasphemy law in pakistan remains an important part of the legal system and the
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politics? indeed, do not forget these were introduced by the british, but they were a public order offence with a small fine and small sentence. now they are used as a tool for discrimination. pakistani christians are always fearful that they could be used against them in a small petty argument. her lawyer has said that he is leaving the country 01’ said that he is leaving the country or has left the country because he does not feel safe. are you worried about her safety while she remains in pakistan? it is untenable that asia bibi could remain. if you look at the animosity, we talking about hundreds of thousands of rioters, not protest is, and attacking each other, killing themselves, in further and anger that this woman has been set free. if she set foot outside of our home and is recognised, she will be killed instantaneously. no doubt about that. if anything, western nations should be jumping at the chance to save this woman. it is, shouldn‘t
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just be lip service when governments across the globe state that she should be given a human rights. do you have any optimism with the new prime minister, of a fresh face in government if not in pakistan‘s politics? he was supported by extremist. he cannot calm them down any situation where he called for calm and promised aggression. he has backtracked already. he has no different to any previous prime minister. almost a year ago, whenever arise over a change to the host for lawmakers, so to all intents and purposes the status quo remains the same. thank you very much for coming in. now, the weather.


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