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tv   Newsday  BBC News  November 8, 2018 12:00am-12:25am GMT

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good morning. in mid—term elections. a "warlike posture" if democrats investigated him. the beleagured attorney general jeff sessions was fired. we'll have more on that in a moment. but first this report from bbc‘s north america editorjon sopel. of defiance at his post mid—term news conference. representatives, he was aglow with his own achievements.
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i think it was a great victory. i'll be honest. was that it was a great victory. but not all the press. oversight role on the white house. in general, and cnn in particular. it was roughhouse stuff. that's enough. put down the mike. mr president, are you worried about indictments from this investigation? working for them. jim is a diligent reporter. i am not a big fan of yours either. i understand.
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play nasty and i'll fight back. than they are actually. white house but was not offering a blank cheque. we will strive for bipartisanship. we must stand our ground. and the first upset, a democrat gain in the house. republicans swept away in a seismic up evil? it wasn't. making net gains.
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like senator ted cruz in texas. a future with more jobs and more security and more freedom. have been. about texas or this country. floral america is what these elections have highlighted. ofjeff sessions at president trump's request.
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dan johnson in washington joins us now. what a busy day! we are ploughing the details of the resignation. the details of the resignation. how did it come about? did it come about? of the presidency picked up once again. again. trump would take a breath was mistaken. mistaken. announcement that the attorney generaljeff sessions was fired. generaljeff sessions was fired. much ever since he had taken the job. job. president saying he was weak and embattled. embattled. allegations that russia medal in the 2016 election.
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2016 election. robert mueller was doing so independently. independently. independence of the investigation will be maintained. will be maintained. and democrats saying they are worried. worried. this resignation, in advance of the results of the mid—term elections. results of the mid—term elections. quite a strategic move by donald trump. trump. it is no surprise that jeff sessions was on the way out. sessions was on the way out. to the elections but surprising that he has done it straight afterwards. he has done it straight
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afterwards. because that will have to be approved by the senate. approved by the senate. to him to do that now that he has more seats in the sand. more seats in the sand. pressure on the robert mueller investigation. investigation. concerns about the investigation previously. this is only temporary. have the funding to go as far as he would like. asia bibi has been released from
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prison. of blasphemy charges. she had spent nearly ten years on death row. and fears for her safety upon release. to leave pakistan. michael kugelman is a leading specialist on pakistan. he explained the significance of asia bibi's release. it is a big deal. have been acquitted and should have been executed. been executed. it is a big deal but it is very risky.
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it is very risky. according to these reports, she has now left the country. now left the country. making a statement, willing to respond to its criticism. respond to its criticism. stop it is true, unfortunately, in many cases. many cases. to be all to leave the country and get asylum. taken place in ukraine. kateryna handzyuk died after an acid attack injuly. who ordered the attack.
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with their parents. one them said they had been held by anglophone separatists rebels. the rebels have denied involvement. from the mounting violence in yemen. which is nowjust metres from the front line. roughly half of them children — are in serious danger. that has derailed in a remote area in the country's northwest. enroute to a key shipping hub. nobody was injured in the incident. about one and a half kilometre of track
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has been damaged. in the mid—term elections. washington and asia? and can we expect tensions over trade to grow? a senior fellow for southeast asia at the council on foreign relations. i asked if trump might now change his approach to china. i think probably a continuation of what the white house has been doing. what the white house has been doing.
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its approach to china has not been a huge wind for the us. huge wind for the us. north korea, a policy which asia is very nervous about. very nervous about. house and its continued engagement with pyongyang. with pyongyang. will we continue to see that? probably. tension is better and shared by the caucus of the democrats. caucus of
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the democrats. visibly absent from that and absent from the apec meeting. from the apec meeting. approach is the south—east asia change? change? suggested he is not that interested which is somewhat true. which is somewhat true. capable staff so it is not necessarily a bad thing. necessarily a bad thing. is a relatively low prey are a key region. region. the south china sea, which cannot be underrated. underrated. perspective, they may actually get more things done.
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you're watching newsday on the bbc. than any other in south asia. a record number of female representatives. has been assassinated. responsibility for the killing. they voted on a historic day for australia. as the results came in, it was clear — the monarchy would survive. of the american hostages,
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there was no sign. should the americans attempt rescue, they will all die. this mission has surpassed all expectations. and itjust seems to keep on going. but from the enduring power of our ideals. welcome back. this is newsday on the bbc. i'm sharanjit leyl in singapore. thanks forjoining us. i'm babita sharma in london.
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but he's clashed with reporters at an ill—tempered press conference. in the 2016 election. heading to vietnam for the first time. time. hanoi, a race, which will be run on a 5. a 5. before the asian race on the calendar. —— will be the fourth. from around the world. no surprise that the us midterms are the dominating the papers. could mean for their country. president trump into a more hardline attitude over trade disputes.
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is following in the footsteps of the allied invasion force. and more online content. mascot who's set social media ablaze. of being fired. body—suit isn't going anywhere. he was saved following a public outcry. and that brings you up—to—date with some of the papers. some of the papers. more and development in the plane crash in indonesia last week. crash in indonesia last week. lion air flight came down shortly after taking off from jakarta. after taking off from
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jakarta. handle data from eight key safety sensor. sensor. angle at which the wind comes off the aircraft. the aircraft. aircraft to maintain speed and altitude. altitude. system puts the aircraft into a nosedive. nosedive. system down to make sure it does not go into a nosedive. go into a nosedive. air flight actually did or did not let them do. let them
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do. recorder has not yet been discovered. discovered. we know that boeing has orders already have 700. orders already have 700. fuel—efficient, you can fit many seats in it. seats in it. that this problem will not re— occur. —— plane. clear success — and that was for women. a record number of female representatives have been elected. elected to congress just 29 years old. nada tawfik has more. a warning: her report contains flash photography. of women and minorities claim historic wins.
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we still believe america... in america. first time. elected to congress. and now she is a prominent progressive voice.
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worthwhile, and capable of lasting change. somali american in congress. minnesota is sending is a clear message. of representatives. a night of firsts for them.
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state's the first woman elected to the senate. the big problems. with the president. the white house. of the first world war. were around 1. whose contribution has often been overlooked.
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in the subcontinent. colonialism and still continues today. today. under british rule, and many joined the army. joined the army. hundreds of years served in the first world war. served in the first world war. this is a gift box. is a gift box. it is a christmas gift box given in 1914. gift box given in 1914. building a collection of local memorabilia. memorabilia. around 50 of his own relatives took part in the fighting. relatives took part
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in the fighting. pays homage to the 460 men who fought in the war. fought in the war. of fighting age is reported to have signed up. —— a plaque. the first world war, the british have awarded them this gun. have awarded them this gun. for many here, it is a source of huge pride. huge pride. —— for those who fought in. in. when the second world war began, hundreds more joined up. when the second world war began, hundreds morejoined up. hundreds morejoined up. memory of his grandfather, who had fought in the first world war. fought in the first world war. different religions fighting amongst us. different religions fighting amongst
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