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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  November 20, 2018 1:45am-2:01am GMT

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we talk exclusively to the two most powerful officials in european football. new zealand produce one of the great comebacks to win the first test against pakistan. hello, and welcome to the show. the netherlands are through to next years uefa nations league finals in portugal after a dramatic finish to the match saw them draw 2—2 with germany in gelsinkerchen. virgil van djik was the dutch saviour, slamming home a 90th minute equaliser, the netherlands coming from 2—0 down to rescue a point which sees them, and not world champions france, into the inauguralfinals injune. they join england, switzerland and portugal in the last four. it was not our best performance. still, we have a point. and i remember in holland, the people said, it is always the germans who
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will score in the last minute. maybe now we have to understand. it was holland who was the most lucky team tonight. stating with football. plans to breakaway from the champions league in favour of a new tournament featuring europe's top teams are fiction, according to two of european football's most powerful officials. uefa's president and the chairman of the european club association have told the bbc they are working together to reform football. richard conway has more. it's the spectacular. it's gareth bale! the champions league, the pinnacle of club football, but the future of the competition has been in doubt in recent weeks. leaked documents suggested real madrid, who won their 11th title in may, were part of a plot to create a new super league with the continent's top sides. but any breakaway plan is now dead, according to two of the european game's biggest power brokers, speaking exclusively to me in a clear display of unity. the super league is,
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in a way, a fiction now, ora dream. super league will not happen. this is out of the question. and i think clubs can confirm it. do you agree with that? we are fully engaged with uefa in shaping the game going forward. big european nights of football are already lucrative but many teams want significant growth. any format changes would only come into force in 2024, with the possibility for more international fixtures between europe's biggest club sides at the expense of domestic league and cup matches. we want a rebalancing of international games versus domestic games, and this is something we have been debating with uefa. it's notjust about english clubs or spanish clubs or italian clubs but it's also polish, dutch, scottish, finnish, latvian. they all want to see more international games because it's about building brand equity. a0 years ago, when nottingham forest won their european titles,
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the focus was all on football. the fear amongst fans is it is now all about the money. what lies behind some of these proposals is clearly corporate greed and wanting to make more and more money for a small number of companies, but it's a real contempt for football supporters because, without football supporters, none of those clubs, none of those companies, would be anything. but the man at the head of european football says supporters have nothing to worry about. there shouldn't be any fear from the fans. the competition will only be more interesting and more inclusive. trophies are not football's only reward these days. clubs are increasingly commercially minded. the real prize is to ensure the game holds onto its heritage while all of football prospers. richard conway, bbc news. there are three new names on the five—man shortlist for this year's bbc african footballer of the year award. one of those newcomers is senegal‘s kalidou koulibaly.
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the 27—year old was a key figure in the napoli defence as they finished runners—up in serie a. he also played in all three group matches at the world cup, before senegal were knocked out. my my most important thing is that i a lwa ys my most important thing is that i always improve and show everybody that i can be one of the best defenders in the world. for me, when i scored this goal, i was really happy. i scored this goal, i was really happy- i i scored this goal, i was really happy. i really, really want to win something with napoli. they gave me a lot of love, a lot of confidence, andi a lot of love, a lot of confidence, and i want to give them back something. and i hope it will be the scudetto. last year, we were not in
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the end. juventus was ahead of us. i am very grateful. i like this sensation. i was born in france, but i have two cultures. i have the french culture, i also have another french culture, i also have another french culture, i also have another french culture at home, that was senegal. i see the french team in ‘98, andi senegal. i see the french team in ‘98, and i wanted to be a football player. we played good in the world cup. for me it was a good experience. i wanted to show that senegal is one of the best countries in africa. i want to write the story of senegal football. i in africa. i want to write the story of senegalfootball. i hope in africa. i want to write the story of senegal football. i hope to do it in future. i remember he was a good player. he was a good boy. he was always quiet, working hard. you know, always calm. and, at yeah, he had a great season last year.
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know, always calm. and, at yeah, he had a great season last yearli know, always calm. and, at yeah, he had a great season last year. i am kalidou koulibaly, from napoli, and vote for me for the bbc african football player of the year. 0h, oh, well, kalidou is nominated alongside: mohamed salah, medhi benatia, sadio mane, and thomas partey, and you can vote for your favourite right now via the bbc sport website. that's, and follow the link to the bbc african footballer of the year voting page. voting closes at 2000gmt on sunday second of december. test cricket is alive and well, if events in abu dhabi are anything to go by. let me set the scene, it's day four of the first test between pakistan and new zealand. pakistan have two days to score just 139 runs to win and they've got ten wickets in hand. can the kiwis pull off
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mission impossible? here's sanjeev shetty with the answer. don't get too comfortable, lads. in cricket, they say there is an ball waiting for everyone. imam found that out the hard way. spin can ruin you in abu dhabi. pakistan losing another two wickets and falling to 48- another two wickets and falling to a8— three. sometimes attack is a better form of defence. a8— three. sometimes attack is a betterform of defence. shafiq a8— three. sometimes attack is a better form of defence. shafiq and ali on the march and suddenly the victory target was less than 50. and even when neil wagner ran rings around shafiq, the game still felt like the game was headed in the host's direction, but this comical run out seemed to suggest new zealand would have the last laugh. bilal asif‘s decision saw him return
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to the stands as new zealand lost seven wickets for 41. the last of which was that of ali, fittingly to the debutante patel, facing 290 deliveries to that point, but then you never know which one will be lost. —— be your last. manny pacquiao has revealed he's spoken to floyd mayweather about a possible rematch. talk of another super fight came up at a press conference to promote pacquiao's next fight with adrien broner, much to the annoyance of the american. pacquiao said, "when i met up with floyd injapan, we talked and he said he wants to come out of retirement to challenge me." to which broner interjected with a sprinkling of choice words: "you've go to get past me first." mayweather scored a unanimous victory over pacquiao in the so called ‘fight of the century‘ in 2015. and finally, how often have you said to yourself, "today i'm going to the gym," before finding a myriad of reasons or excuses for why there's always tomorrow to work out?
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well, we've got someone who is going to put you to shame. meet five—year—old chechan rahim kuriev. he completed a staggering 4,105 press—ups without a break! it took him two hours and 25 minutes to complete the feat. why on earth would he do that, i hear you ask? well, he dedicated his staggering show of masculinity to the chechen leader, ramzan kadyrov. in return, kadyrov presented the chechen schwarzenegger with a brand new sports car, which, sadly, he will not be driving for some while. and that is all the time we have left. you can get all the latest sports news at our website. that's but from me and the rest of the sport today team, we have more sports news for you in the next hour. bye— bye.
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hello there. if you thought it was cold yesterday, today is going to feel even colder. all the mild air that we had over the weekend has been pushed away by these easterly winds, and, with stronger winds, it will feel colder today, and we're also drawing in colder and colder air as the day goes on. now, probably not a great deal of frost to start the day, too much wind for that, there may be some early sunshine. i think fairly quickly the cloud will build and all these showers in the east we will get blown that bit further westwards, some of them heavy and maybe a touch wintry over the higher ground as well. a closer look at the showers in the afternoon. frequent showers coming through the english channel and into the south—east of england. we've got the winds on there. those are the mean winds, but around the coasts of england, they could be gusting a0 miles an hour or more. and some frequent showers, even longer spells of rain, coming into northern england, perhaps some wintriness over the high ground.
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because it's an easterly wind, most of the showers will be in the east. north—west scotland seeing some sunshine and fewer showers, and that's a similar story really across northern ireland as well. let's focus on those temperatures, though, disappointing reading. and if you add on the strength of the winds, because the wind is strong, it will feel colder. there will be a significant windchill, especially for the eastern side of england. there'll be some more wet weather around during the evening, and perhaps a little bit more sleet and snow over the higher ground overnight, especially across wales, northern england, and then later into scotland. as the cloud begins to break later, and the winds drop further south across the midlands, into southern england, even here there's the risk of some icy patches, with temperatures not far away from freezing. but on wednesday, more of a south—westerly breeze will tend to push the wetter weather further north into northern ireland, into scotland. again, some wintriness over higher ground. a few showers coming into the south—west. but on the whole, england and wales will be dry,
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with a good deal of sunshine this time. it is still cold, temperatures number—wise not changing. it probably won't feel as cold, because it will not be as windy, there should be some sunshine around, too. wednesday and into thursday, we've still got low pressure to the south—west of the uk, high pressure to the north. the breeze is continuing to ease down, but we are going to drag in what looks like being much more cloud on thursday. still some showers from that, likely to be rain. it should be a dry day for scotland and northern ireland. and these western areas likely to see some sunshine. temperatures beginning to creep up as well, so temperatures eight, nine, maybe double figures in the west. so it's the right way forward, if you like, those south to south—easterly winds coming in towards the end of the week. it shouldn't feel quite as cold. a warm welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. my name is mike embley. our top stories: a blow to peace prospects in yemen, as fighting breaks out in the port city of hudaydah. millions are facing the world's worst humanitarian crisis. it is often called the forgotten war
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but everyone i have spoken to here is crying for help, pleading with the world to finally take notice. one of the world's most prominent business leaders, nissan's carlos ghosn, is arrested injapan, accused of financial misconduct. more central american migrants reach the us—mexico border. many are claiming asylum. we report from the border town of tijuana. and in our ‘100 women' season, we hear from australia's first female prime minister on the pressures of being a woman at the top.
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