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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  November 21, 2018 10:30pm-10:45pm GMT

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ordinary people a voice on this all important issue. victoria gill has been speaking to david attenborough about it. we have been hanging on about it for decades now and no—one is doing anything because no—one in power actually cares. it is either too hot or too cold and we can't grow anything. the world is a place where we all live together and, if we don't take care of it, we will have nowhere to go. the monsoons are sometimes coming too early or too late, like nothing is on time. translation: of course, but what can i do about that? concern and confusion over climate change. it's a global conversation. and now the un has turned to a very familiar figure to take messages like these from people all around the world to the crucial climate talks in poland in less than two weeks‘ time. the people's seat is meant to represent the hundreds of millions of people around the world whose lives
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are about to be affected or have already been affected by climate change so that it will sit there to remind politicians that this is not a theoretical enterprise. this is our opportunity to collectively make a difference — to have our voices heard. we saw how the response to blue planet with the issue of plastics in the environment caused such a huge response. how would you convince people that they personally can make a difference and that they should be part of the conversation? it is what i have been spending my life really trying to do, making clear what the natural world is, how complicated it is and how it works and how it affects the way in which we live. and making it clear that we human beings depend upon the health of the natural world for every breath of air we breathe. what would you want to say to the politicians, notjust
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being a conduit for other people but what would your message be? my message is that the people of the world know that the world is changing and they are behind politicians taking action. that is what the people's seat in this new conference that's just coming up is representing — that people want to stop climate change. the people's seat. while the seat might remind leaders at the talks what is at stake, any agreement or action will be in the hands of the politicians who are in the room. victoria gill, bbc news. that's it from us. newsnight is coming up on bbc two. here on bbc one time for the news where you are. hello and welcome to sportsday, i'm john watson.
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martin o'neil quits as the republic of ireland manager. didier drogba finally bows out calling time on his playing career. and gb women beat portugal to guarantee a spot at next year's eurobasket finals. hello and welcome to sportsday, i'm john watson. welcome. without a competitive win this year and relegated from their nations league group, martn 0 neil and his backroom team have left their roles with the republic of ireland. he said it's with a heavy heart he leaves following a run of poor results. joe lynskey reports. one was the tactician, the other
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hand of government, it was the blend of personalities that ireland hoped promised so much. here he comes now. the republic of ireland scores in the place is going on. this was the high point of o'neill and keys revolution. a win against italy to come to the knockout stage at the euros, but the next cycle brought harder times, and key players retirements were exposed in world cup qualifying where ireland's hoped that my clothes were ripped apart by russia. —— hopes were ripped apart by russia. you are asking about roy's criticism of players. the tv tell you, this is my responsibility.
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—— let me tell you,... tell you, this is my responsibility. -- let me tell you,... relegation from the nations league was confirmed injust one from the nations league was confirmed in just one goal in four games. the new manager will go straight into qualifying for euro 2020. the results have not been good enough, and when the results aren't, they're always under pressure. ultimately, the fai said these were mutual concerns. o'neill spent his career ina mutual concerns. o'neill spent his career in a top divisions of england and scotland, but at 66 years old he could not choose to walk away. it was thejob of could not choose to walk away. it was the job of the characters that once kept this nation excited, but now irish football faces another rethink. in a career which saw him win four premier league titles with chelsea and a champions league crown, didier drogba has announced his retirement at the age of a0. hejoined the london club in 2004, but finished his career playing in the united states.
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the only player to score in 4 separate fa cup finals, he also scored the winning penalty for chelsea in their champions league final victory over bayern munich in 2012. he's been paying tribute to the club. the chelsea fans changed me, improved me, and always said the more i scored goals of the more support was coming. and really, but we have been chasing this trophy for eight years? to win it the way that we did to suffer the way that we suffered in the final i think there was nothing more than this kind of relationship that i share with the chelsea fans. it's a special bond between them. professional football association chief executive gordon taylor has called for a "full and open review" into the organisation's structure. taylor's been in charge for 37 years but has come under recent criticism,
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including from the union's chairman ben purkiss. more than 300 current and former players have also reportedly signed a letter calling for taylor to resign. taylor said criticism "must not be swept under the carpet". fifa should prevent nations from hosting major tournaments if their fans are guilty of racism. it's one suggestion to come out of a survey of over 27,000 supporters. kick it out and forza magazine also found half of all football supporters in the uk have witnessed racism at games, only 40% say they would know how to report such incidents. ?while globally, 60% of fans would support points deductions for either national or club teams whose fans are responsible. great britain's women have qualifed for next year's eurobasket after an impressive 83—10 win over portugal in manchester. rachael vanderwal was the top scorer for the brits with 21 points. here's her first
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of 5 three pointers. gb needed to win the match to seal top spot in their qualification pool and guarantee their place at eurobasket in latvia & serbia next year. meanwhile london 2012 olympian aza—aa stewart played her last game before retiring on 101 caps. i've been playing since i was 12 or 11 years old, so it has been a long—time play overseas and in america. euro basket is my wedding weekend, sol america. euro basket is my wedding weekend, so i am not sure if they can weekend, so i am not sure if they ca n force weekend, so i am not sure if they can force me to apply, but we will see. for now, i'm happy with my decision, and i'm just really, see. for now, i'm happy with my decision, and i'mjust really, my whole career is being celebrated over the weekend, it was really wonderful. now a look at the some of the other stories around today. charlotte bankes, one of the world's leading snowboard cross athletes, has defected from the french national team and joined
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the british set up. born in hemel hempstead, she moved to france at the age of four. she claimed three world cup medals for france last season. gregor townsend has made 8 changes to the scotland team for their match with argentina at murrayfield on saturday. finn russell moves into inside centre, with adam hastings, son of scotland great gavin, starting at fly half. josh strauss is given his first start since last year's summer tour at number eight. and england and arsenal'sjordan nobbs says she's "heartbroken" after rupturing her anterior cruciate ligament seven months before the women's world cup. she said on social media she was grateful for the support she's received admitting she has been truly overwhelmed. jonny bairstow is back in the england team for the third and final test against sri lanka which starts on friday. he replaces injured all—rounder sam curran and will play as a batsman, with ben foakes remaining as wicketkeeper. stuart broad also returns in place of james anderson who's rested. anderson's played a relatively minor role in their two wins so far, taking only one wicket, on pitches more suited
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to spin than seam bowling. he steps aside for stuart broad, who's yet to feature in the series, which england have already won. i understand the reasoning behind it, you know the series has been ramped up, and as an opportunity, andi ramped up, and as an opportunity, and i think with the winter we've got ahead, it makes sense for stewart to get some cricket. was going to be able to tour of the west indies, you know, it could be a long period without him bowling, so to have him get a game under his belt, it's good for him and the team. and there's a big match to come on friday, england face india in the semi finals of the women's world 2020 on friday. they lost narrowly to hosts west indies on sunday and finished second in their group while india topped group b. our reporterjo currie has been with the team out in antigua.
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england is one day away from the world cup semifinal. forget the beautiful location, english players have not had time for palm trees and sandy beaches. their eyes are firmly fixed on the game ahead, and that is because india are being spoken about as potential champions. this is a rematch of last year. this is a different format of cricket. better tommy bowman said that england will have to be at the very best that they have any hopes of reaching the final. i think they're a really threatening team. you would not think they were a t—20 outfit, but they have themselves really well organised over there. we played them ina warm—up organised over there. we played them in a warm—up game, and we are here today to try to come up with some great countermeasures to come up with that i think there and improve
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skype. can't expect both semifinals —— but expect semifinals to be held on thursday. the house and semi champions west indians are taking on australia before india takes on tonight you might have to set an alarm clock for england though. that's all from sportsday. coming up in a moment, the papers. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be
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bringing us tomorrow. with me are polly mackenzie, director of demos, and lynn davidson, the sun's whitehall correspondent. many of tomorrow's front pages are already in. we're living a nightmare, writes the daily mail, the words of the wife of british student matthew hedges, who's been jailed for life for spying in the uae. on the financial times, a picture of theresa may and jean claude juncker after their brexit meeting in brussels, in which they made "good progress". that photograph is also on the front page of the daily telegraph, alongside a warning from the foreign secretary to the prime minister that her brexit plan could leave the uk in a "turkey trap", linked to the eu for years to come. a shocking rise in child diabetes claims the daily express, quoting new figures that almost 7000 people with type 2 diabetes
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are now under the age of 25. and the i leads with the advice from the education secretary, that children should climb trees, cook and sleep outdoors, to build resilience. that's the gloves of the papers, and let's start with our front page. —— glimpse of the papers. a pretty shocking case of a student arrested in dubai given life at a five—minute hearing where he did not have a lawyer present. he was in dubai doing research for his phd, and because he was interviewing people in the government related to issues that they claimed to deal with national security, that counts aspiring to them both up what's tricky is the security service doesn't comment on who and is not ——
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who is and is not a survival that they cannot say who is a spy. it does not help, and so the foreign secretary as they have it here in the mail say he is creating retaliation. it is not clear that much can be done, and this poor guy is potentially locked up for life. pressure efforts will now go on on a diplomatic level in he can serve that sentence or part of it back at home in the uk, and we have to be, i think gratefulfor the home in the uk, and we have to be, i think grateful for the protections of basic rule of law and human rights. that means you cannot be locked up for five minutes of access toa locked up for five minutes of access to a lawyer. while we could retaliate, we do sell arms the way —— we do sell arms the uae. retaliate, we do sell arms the way -- we do sell arms the uae. we could stop selling them weapons. i think


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