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tv   BBC Business Live  BBC News  November 22, 2018 8:30am-9:01am GMT

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this is business live from bbc news with samantha simmonds and victoria fritz. driven out. nissan is expected to oust carlos ghosn as chairman following his arrest for suspected financial misconduct. live from london, that's our top story on thursday 22nd november. nissan's board is meeting to decide whether to remove carlos ghosn as chairman after he was accused by the firm of under—reporting his salary and using company assets for personal use. and dolce and gabbana have cancelled their biggest ever fashion show in shanghai after complaints of racism over an ad for the event, featuring a chinese model trying to use chopsticks to eat a pizza. and the markets all opening in the
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red this morning. plenty more on that coming up. and from looking after big companies to protecting your home accounts, we get the inside track on how best to protect yourself online from cyber criminals. today we want to know, would you like a nap at work? there's a growing trend for some firms in japan to encourage their employees make use of strategic sleeping rooms. so is sleeping on the job good for productivity orjust a bad idea? let us know — just use #bbcbizlive hello and welcome to business live. welcome to the programme. we start with car industry boss carlos ghosn. as head of the alliance between nissan, mitsubishi and renault he was one of the world's most powerful business leaders, until his arrest injapan on monday over allegations of financial misconduct. he's suspected of under—reporting how much he was being paid, to the tune of more than $40
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million, and misusing company funds. in the next few hours the board of nissan are expected to announce whether they will remove him as chairman. his arrest has seen the share prices of nissan and mitsubishi fall sharply on the tokyo stock exchange. it's been the same story for renault‘s shares in paris, although the french company says it wants to see evidence before deciding whether to oust him from his role there. mr ghosn‘s removal from nissan would bring to an end more than 18 years in charge. he's widely credited with turning the company around. but nissan's japanese ceo this week described it as a regime, underlining tensions with the company's local management. that's partly because of this. renault, whose biggest shareholder is the french government, controls nissan with a 43% stake. in return, nissan, a far bigger company in terms of sales,
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owns just 15% of renault with no voting rights. joining us from tokyo is janet lewis, head of industrials and transportation research at macquarie. described to the bbc as a hatchet job — fair assessment? reference to a hatchetjob is a little bit extreme. if a whistle—blower reports something like this in turn away the company is obligated to investigate it. the two whistle—blowers is obligated to investigate it. the two whistle— blowers a ppa re ntly is obligated to investigate it. the two whistle—blowers apparently have gone to the prosecutor in order to get immunity from personal prosecution and so i do not think nissan had any choice but to report at themselves and the company itself could end up being prosecuted as well. is this all in a bid to reset the power balance in this alliance
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between nissan, renault and mitsubishi? or is that far—fetched? the alliance is very necessary to all three companies and so they need to figure out how to make it work going forward. some news reports have said that he was pushing hard for a full merger and i know from my conversations with nissan management that they were reluctant to pursue a full merger. with carlos ghosn out of the picture you will probably see the senior management of nissan want to work with renault for a more equitable shareholding arrangement thatis equitable shareholding arrangement that is not a full merger but that enables them to pursue the not inconsiderable benefits that they have already accrued through working together and the much greater benefits that they have laid forward in their multiyear plan. carlos ghosn was viewed by many not that
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long ago as a bit of a hero in saving the company from bankruptcy. how has he gone from hero to zero in such a short space of time? certainly i believe he was instrumental in bringing nissan back from the brink. he was very actively involved in the company on a day—to—day basis that that time. you have to wonder just day—to—day basis that that time. you have to wonderjust how much one person can be stretched. currently he is ceo and chairman of rennell as well as chairman of nissan and mitsubishi is about as a lot for one person to carry and when someone has beenin person to carry and when someone has been ina person to carry and when someone has been in a position for that period of time you perhaps become a little less open to ideas, you tend to work with the smaller circle of people, andi with the smaller circle of people, and i believe there was some frustration within their son that he was less involved than perhaps didn't understand all of their concerns. how representative is that
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sort of corporate structure in the car world? he seemed to yield a huge amount of control and power over an enormous group. there is nothing quite like the renault nissan mitsubishi alliance right now so it is an incredible amount of power for a corporate lead to have. at the same time you have two of the companies in japan same time you have two of the companies injapan and one in europe so you also have some pretty big geographic challenges. it is very unusual. thank you. if we get any updates on that story with a board meeting we will update you. let's take a look at some of the other stories making the news. online retail giant amazon has reversed its unpopular decision to block australians from shopping on its us site. the initial decision, announced injuly this year, came after australia introduced a 10% tax on imported online purchases worth less
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than 1,000 australian dollars. tesla is cutting the price of its model x and model s cars in china by between 12 and 26% in a bid to boost sales. the move comes amid rising trade tensions between china and the united states, which has seen extra tariffs slapped on us imports into the country. an abu dhabi sovereign wealth fund is suing goldman sachs over losses it made in the imdb scandal, where billions of dollars went missing from malaysia's state development fund. the fund is accusing goldman sachs of a massive global conspiracy, but goldman sachs says it will challenge the suit. dolce and gabbana has cancelled its shanghai fashion show last night, over allegations of racism in its latest campaign. the italian label has not apologized for the video but expressed regret at having to cancel the show. stephen mcdonell is in beijing with more. it is not the first time that doll
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ca ba na have it is not the first time that doll cabana have had a run—in with the people of china. tell us about the issues with this campaign. this has been a public relations meltdown for dolce and gabba na been a public relations meltdown for dolce and gabbana in china. somebody at their company thought it would be kind of funny to have the chinese looking model attempting to eat italian food, spaghetti and other things, using chopsticks, but online many chinese observers thought this was kind of cliched and belittling chinese culture. there are also these smutty references like, do you like the size of that? they have had to cancel the dolce and gabbana catwalk event and there is a lot of work to be done to be billed this brand's image here because people
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are going ballistic online criticising the company for being racist and insensitive. when the globalfinancial racist and insensitive. when the global financial crisis hit it is the chinese market with its massive buying power that kept brands like this afloat so it a prize ebay have not found need to point blank apologise to the people of china and move on. instead they have tried to fudge it and say we are all part in this situation. that is not going to cut it for most people in china. we will see how this develops. investors remain on edge over trade tensions, over rising interest rates and weakening global growth. china's main stock indexes ended lower extending a lengthy slump tied to the fractious trade war with the us. few analysts expect either the dispute or market weakness to end any time soon.
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there's increasing caution ahead of high—sta kes talks between chinese president xi jinping and his us counterpart donald trump at a g20 meeting in argentina at the end of this month. in europe all are down at the moment. a fairly flat day so far. we will keep an i want those for you. your tummy is will keep an i want those for you. yourtummy is rumbling. will keep an i want those for you. yourtummy is rumblinglj will keep an i want those for you. your tummy is rumbling. i should have had breakfast! centrica shares down 8%, the owner of british gas, they have lost 372,000 home energy companies, customers in the last few months due to more competition. we
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have thanksgiving going on in the us. us markets are closed. traders around the world not so worried about what is going to happen today but thinking ahead to the weekend. absolutely. if you think about the last six to nine months the bright spark has been the us economy which has had an astonishing burst on the back of the tax cuts at personal and corporate level. over the course of the last month or so those concerns about the us economy have started to mount. it may just about the us economy have started to mount. it mayjust be that it is a fly in the ointment and it will be back to normal again. what it means is that people are going to focus this weekend on black friday, the biggest spending weekend in the us. if there is any sign that retail sales are going down or are moderates to what people are expecting that might be a signal we have reached the peak for the
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economy in which case people are going to think about what the us federal reserve is going to do, whether they will back off or hike interest rates. market volatility has been pretty low. explain what that tells us about the markets and looking ahead. one of the things you very often see, when things are benign you quite often get low volatility and markets because there isa volatility and markets because there is a natural death. that tends to encourage people to perhaps take more risk than they should do because things are not moving around that much. what you therefore tend to see as a result of that is that when things go bad people are overexposed to risk and you end up with high volatility which is exactly what we have seen over the last month. sharp moves developing in the equity markets and currencies. that is usually a sign something is untoward. it feels as though we are going to find out
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whether this is a bump on the road or something more serious over the course of the next little while. profits down 76% because of so little volatility over the summer. almost the perfect measure of how extreme markets work. whenever you end up with low volatility usually the next 12 months you see a spike to very high levels, you select in 2000 and 2008. let us or we are not getting that kind of story now. we will see you again later. still to come: looking after big companies and home online accounts. we get the inside track on how best to protect yourself from cyber criminals. you're with business live from bbc news. the baby goods retailer mothercare has posted its latest results,
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reporting losses of £6.2 million. the brand is undergoing a huge cost cutting excercise, and the chief executive says it's been a challenging year for the business. live to investment manager at redmayne bentley in leeds. is this going to do the trick? they are debt stands at £21 million. is this going to do the trick? they are debt stands at £21 millionm is going to help. when they put through this restructuring earlier in the year they had to close down unprofitable stores and reduce debt and by doing this is one day of getting the debt down. one of the things that seemed curious was the chief executive saying it was to do
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with negative press and the press had hurt their sales. this sounds like problems we hear with donald trump screaming fake nose. is there any credibility to those comments? no. it is tough in the high street. you cannot blame the press. look at online companies like asos, they are trading well and unfortunately players in the high street, some of the well—known names that are still around 30 years ago, life has changed. it is notjust the high street. their online sales are down as well. don't 81 million. why is that? that is disappointing. for mothercare to recover and improve their profitability the online offering has to improve and that has not happened. where are people going
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because mothercare used to be the place to go if you were having a child? there were not that many options. our people searching online? online, and also the major supermarkets doing ba bywear. online? online, and also the major supermarkets doing babywear. a combination of factors not just affecting mothercare but other high street operators. thank you. stay with us. plenty more coming up. you're watching business live. our top story, nissan is expected to oust carlos ghosn as chairman following his arrest for suspected of financial misconduct. a quick look at how the markets are faring. now, the threat from cybercriminals
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is ever present and growing. according to one study, there's a cyber attack every 39 seconds in the us alone. almost two thirds of companies have experienced an attack but firms and individuals aren't taking this lying down. the total global spend on cyber security from 2017 to 2021 is expected to hit $1 trillion. our next guest was a lieutenant colonel in the british special forces and has formed a company to make us more aware of cybersecurity. you served in the military, uk special forces as well. how do you make the leap from that into cyber security? were you working on security? were you working on security? i was, focused on national security? i was, focused on national security and our defence and security and our defence and security policy. at that time we
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spent a lot of time looking at not just groups of men to do our nation harm but also how they managed to do what they were trying to do and how to stop them. one of the ways we identified information was to use innovative technology, as do the cyber criminals and the terror groups meaning our nation harm. that was an important step in understanding this. what makes your cyber security different? we are focused on the human aspect helping organisations understand cyber risk and that means helping people be more secure, using technology to solve problems but using it securely ina solve problems but using it securely in a sustainable way using innovative technology, artificial intelligence, based on psychology and behaviour change. what does that mean in practice? a lot of these cyber programmes that people offer
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are quite boring and you just click through them just to be done with them so that you are data compliant and you can do yourjob. how is yours more engaging and how does it change the risks associated? when we think about cyber security it does not feel relevant to most of us, it is in the way and it is imposed upon us. we are helping organisations ta ke us. we are helping organisations take a different approach. that means helping people see it as releva nt for means helping people see it as relevant for them so our training which is gchq certified is focused on engaging people, helping you see why it is relevant in your personal life, helping you see how easy it is to be secure. we then measure that can be sure organisations they are making a difference. is it a purely online offering or do people go into companies and teach people like us how to do things differently in all
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areas of our lives and notjust at work? we are a software company and we provide to organisations who are sometimes all over the world with thousands of staff or some only have a few so it is delivered online and through other mobile devices which is important because we want to make it easy for you to be better but there are a lot of other ways of doing it. it is very effective. the big banks, where a lot of the money is, your clients, but people at home, can some of the learning you ta ke home, can some of the learning you take from the programmes that you do for them for the financial conduct authority, what kind of things can people be doing at home? they can be taken home and i would be as an organisation if you are not helping people be more secure outside of the workplace you are missing a trick because none of us have good password practice at home and bad password practice at home and bad password practice at home and bad password practice in the workplace.
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making sure you have secure passwords, ensuring you are not putting too much information up on social media, stuff you do not want people to use to trick you, backing up people to use to trick you, backing up your data, basic things people can do. do we not know these messages? do we not see those all the time? learning them through massive hacking attempts, we surely get that information by lots of different means will stop the truth is asa different means will stop the truth is as a collective we do here at this a lot and not everybody takes it into practice. there is a difference between knowing and doing. social media, do you have any accounts? yes, twitter. facebook? i think i do have one although it is not very active. social media is a good thing connecting the world. using it securely is important. thank you.
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thee us is preparing to celebrate thanksgiving and the start of the holiday shopping season. the strength of the us economy means consumers are expected to spend more this year. but with a big shift in how people shop, the retail business is scrambling to adapt. michelle fleury reports from new york. a big show to get you to buy things, this is the holiday windows at saks fifth avenue. to grab people's attention retailers and malls are increasingly relying on experiences to drive traffic. but shoppers are growing tired. they want something fresh. more than ever you have to offer the customer an experience. they want to be able to eat, they want to be able to experience, health and wellness is important to them. they want all of that at one time. they are notjust coming in to make a transaction. if they want a transaction they go online.
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so if brick and mortar stores want customers to open their wallets this holiday season they can't just rely on sales, they will have to include a show. it is not just it is notjust sales in the states. they are everywhere. have you bought anything? not yet. i object to black friday starting a week before. simon is back to look through some of the papers. we as to what you thought about sleep debt, whether we should be sleeping at work. this is what japanese firms are encouraging people to do. apparently so. i had not realised it was not allowed! a p pa re ntly not realised it was not allowed! apparently they are developing these special areas where people can go and get 30 minute naps. sleep pods, which is what i've got my office was. you are partial to that. the point is there is an issue of sleep
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deprivation and more and more people are reporting this, in part that we work long hours, more people do not do nine to five anymore, we are more switched on when we're at home through social media, email accounts, whatever. not necessarily dealing with the key issue because if it is about still being engaged when we're at home may be that is the issue. maybe turning off our phones and email when we wrote of the officers that is the issue. maybe turning off our phones and email when we are out of the office is the best approach we can take. not being contactable. i was once caught on a night shift by my boss napping on his sofa! alice says she has sleep pods that work for employees to rest. alexandra says she loves power naps at work,
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sometimes without permission. rob says if you have to nap at work maybe you are spending too much time there. yes. someone says people have been power napping for years. april on the desk. maybe just in the city. lots of people are concerned about this. cumulative sleep debt and the fa ct this. cumulative sleep debt and the fact that as a result of all these extra devices and all the rest of it we have a problem when it comes to lack of sleep. that does not just extend to the working week, it takes owns two weekends, vacations. the idea of having a holiday when you are simply completely ice isolated from work seems to be something that does not happen. i have been up since 3am so i think i am allowed to go home for a nap! it has been called and frosty this
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morning. temperatures down to minus three to minus six max. that is where we have had clear skies. you can see from the satellite imagery there is a bit more cloud across eastern parts. that kept temperatures above freezing. the cloud and rain continuing across the east. sunshine for northern ireland and western areas of wales, south—west england and central and southern parts of england. generally eastern part of england is going to remain quite cloudy through the afternoon with the chance of some showers from time to time. maximum
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temperature is seven — nine celsius. quite a bit of cloud overnight. unlike last night it is going to be largely frost free. temperatures staying above freezing, three — five celsius. those showers in the southwest associated with low pressure. this weather front clipping south—west england and the far south—west of wales. throughout friday you are likely to see some rain at times. otherwise looking dry on friday with quite a bit of cloud and only a few breaks developing across northern parts of england, southern scotland and northern ireland and a few breaks across the southern coast. temperatures on friday higher than today, 7—10dc. into the weekend with low pressure is still with us. that is going to bring that weather front pivoting into the english channel. along
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southern coastal counties on saturday there is going to be some outbreaks of rain. otherwise plenty of dry weather into the start of the weekend. some sunshine to be found across northern england, southern scotla nd across northern england, southern scotland and northern ireland and temperature similar to friday. sunday remains largely dry. like a bit of cloud and we keep those cloudy conditions as we go into the new working week. it will feel fairly chilly with that cloud around as well. the prime minister says she'll return to brussels on saturday for last—minute negotiations to clear the remaining hurdles on the final details of her brexit deal. the board of the carmaker nissan meets to decide whether to sack its chairman, carlos ghosn, who is accused of financial misconduct.
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