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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  November 22, 2018 10:30pm-10:45pm GMT

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some eight years ago, the formula one driver robert kubica nearly died in a rally crash, in which his right hand was almost severed. today, he announced he's returning to the f1 grid as a driver with the williams team. the polish driver says it's his greatest achievement, as our correspondent, patrick gearey, reports. few know the terrifying risks of racing at high speed better than robert kubica. this was the state of his rally car after it smashed into a roadside barrier in northern italy in 2011. kubica was lucky to escape alive. his right arm was nearly severed. he would never regain full movement in that limb. and yet next season he's back for more, as a driver for williams in formula 1. i know what it took me to get here, and i know what it takes to be one of the top drivers in formula 1, so now the question is to work, to give me a bit of time, and to focus on what is the part which i enjoy more — being a race driver. before the accident which changed
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his life kubica raced for sauber and renault. he was tipped as a future world champion. it was his relentless pursuit of speed which saw him climb into the rally car which he had his crash in. many would choose to leave that high—octane world behind. instead, kubica tried to find a car he could race in with what he calls his limitations. he tested for renault as well as williams, and now drives 70% left—handed, trying not to grip the wheel tight. difficult to imagine in a car that can reach 210 miles an hour. it is incredible, the comeback he's made. it's so unlikely. no—one thought it would happen, really. when you are driving in formula 1 you need all the senses you can get, and these guys are absolute elite drivers. the biggest achievement of my life. it's an heroic story in contrast to williams‘ recent struggles. they're bottom of the constructors championship. they say they're picking kubica for speed, not sentiment. he wouldn't have it any other way. patrick gearey, bbc news.
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newsnight‘s about to begin over on bbc two in a few moments. here's mark urban. tonight, if theresa may's sit deal is to get through, labour will be crucial. we ask keir starmer what would take for labour to back the deal. join us on bbc two. that's it from me. now on bbc one it's time to join the news teams where you are. hello and welcome to sportsday. i'm holly hamilton. we're live in antigua as england's cricketers take aim for the double in their world t20 semi final against india in antigua. nothing is impossible, the words of robert kubica as it's announced he'll return to formula
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one eight years after a life changing crash. he's not going anywhere, sadio mane agrees a new long—term contract at liverpool. hello and welcome to the programme. we start in sunnier climbs in the carribean where the semi—finals of the women's 2020 world cup are taking place. the first one is well underway with australia and the hosts and defending champions the west indies but later it's england who'll be looking for victory to move one step closer to being named double world champions. our reporterjo currie is in antigua. they may paint a picture of
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columnist, but there is a nervous excitement in this the site. they are on the cusp of their second world cup final and the space of a year. but after finishing world cup final and the space of a year. but afterfinishing behind the west indies in their pool, they face the indian team in the semis. we're going to face completely different conditions here. we will have to adjust quickly. sometimes it has been top due to the rain, but the girls will respond better. you are still competing, and you still find ways to be in the contest. —— sometimes it has been tough. england is the prospect of being in possession of both world titles, something they have not achieved since 2009. as someone who knows just how big a moment that would be, if the teams former captain. -- the teams former captain. it would be really special. we just want to get
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through the semifinal because they know we have two massive games of cricket, and the potential to be double world champions. should england advance, they go on to face australia, or the west indies in saturday's final. they know that worse than the hold cup is a huge moment, notjust with the team for the whole of the west indies. they are just lighting up the place. they are just lighting up the place. they are the talk of the town of more than anything else. it should be an inspirational force for the men as well. the energy, it reminds me of the old days. this drama has already broken new ground. it is the first time it has been held as a stand—alone tournament. —— this tournament has artie broken new ground. the players, it is an occasion to save her. —— already
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broken new ground. —— to save her. meanwhile in the first semifinal, australia are closing in on victory against the hosts and defending champions the west indies. another big innings in this tournament for australia's opener alyssa healy helped them reach 142 for 5 in their 20 overs. healy passed a late fitness test after suffering concussion in their win over india. she hit 46 off 38 balls. then the aussie bowlers made quick work of the west indies openers, ellyse perry getting two of the wickets to leave the hosts now on 71 for 9, still 72 runs behind. it will surely be australia going through to the final. we start tonight with one of the most remarkable comebacks to elite sport in recent times. he's called it ‘one of the greatest achievements of his lifetime' but 8 years after nearly losing an arm in a rally accident, robert kubica will be back in formula 1 in 2019... he'll drive for williams, alongside british rookie george russell.
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i know what it took me to get here. i know what it takes to be one of the top drivers in formula 1. so now the question is, to work, to give me a bit of time and to focus on what is the part which i enjoy more, being a race driver. earlier i spoke to former formula one driverjolyon palmer and asked him about the task facing robert kubica, in particular, what it takes to control an f1 car with physical limitations. they have had a woeful season this year. this is a team that back in the day they were champions. they we re the day they were champions. they were running away with it in the mid—905. they were winning races and
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then to thousands. i think they have a chance to turn this around. —— and in the 20005. there is a lot of 5tre55 in the 20005. there is a lot of stress on the body. he can manage with that. the limitations and that he has with his right arm, and formula 1 has power steering which make5 formula 1 has power steering which makes it easier, but it is still very heavy. there are hundreds of different button5 very heavy. there are hundreds of different buttons and different 5etting5 different buttons and different settings of the buttons. he will be working on this i am sure, and finding a way around the limitations, but the old robert was 5uper quick limitations, but the old robert was 5uperquick and super limitations, but the old robert was 5uper quick and super talented. if he can come back with a good percentage of what he had, he can do a good job. rugby union's autmun internationals draw to a close this weekend, with all of the home nations in action once again. england, wales and ireland have all named their teams today... with one or two surprises. austin halewood has more... yes, the final test of the autumn
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are already here and both england and australia will be desperate to end this year on a high. england coach eddiejones end this year on a high. england coach eddie jones has end this year on a high. england coach eddiejones has made a bold selection. first, he has dropped dyla n selection. first, he has dropped dylan hartley who is cocaptain. hartley has got so much more experience. look at this. 96 caps as opposed to george's 31. he has insisted he picked the best sites to face the wallabies. we feel like we're going to come out and jamie is a very good defender he is a very good player of all weather. he sits us good player of all weather. he sits us in the first period of the game. —— 5uit5 u5. us in the first period of the game. -- suits us. another important decision. manatu is back. injuries
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have limited him in the last four yea rs, have limited him in the last four years, but this performance back in 2012 against the all blacks just shows against the english —— shows the illustrates just how good he can be. leon williams here in the corner is the only survivor for the team that thrashed tonga leslie give. he moves the fullback. 1a changes for warren and his side. ireland is fresh from toppling the best side of the world. they have one final test against the usa was gary is the only repairand —— against the usa was gary is the only repair and —— player retained. great britain's olympic gold medal winning women's hockey team have been beaten again at the champions trophy in china. world champions the netherlands scored a goal in each quarter to win 4—0. it was the first meeting between the sides since the rio 2016 final. britain must beat argentina
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in their final group game to have any chance of winning the bronze medal. sadio mane has agreed terms on a new long—term contract with liverpool. talks over the new deal, which is believed to run until 2023, were opened at the end of last season but have only just been finalised. mane joined the club from southampton on a five year contract in june 2016 for £34 million. he's made 89 appearances in all competitions forjurgen klopp's side, scoring a0 goals. the former world cruiserweight champion tony bellew has confirmed his retirement from boxing, 12 days after his defeat by 0leksandr usyk. bellew announced his retirement after his eighth—round loss to the ukrainian, the liverpudlian, who won 33 of his 3a professional fights, said "the only thing you will see me doing from here on in is trying to act sensible and being myself.
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i have had a fantastic career and have realised my dreams." british gymnast ashley watson has leaped into the guinness book of world records with the longest back flip between horizontal bars. watson, who trains alongside 0lympian, nile wilson, sailed 5.87 metres or 19 feet from one bar to the other. this was at leeds gymnastics club where watson is based and he said he was surpirsed no one had ever tried it before. probably because it even took him 8 attmepts to nail it. in the omwen‘s world t20 in antgua — australia have beaten west indies by 71 runs.. coming up in a moment, the papers. hello and welcome to our look ahead
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to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are steven swinford, who's deputy political editor at the daily telegraph, and the talkradio presenter, daisy mcandrew. let's take a look at some of tomorrow's front pages. the daily mail leads on theresa may's efforts to get her brexit deal over the line in the face of rebellious mps, by directly appealing to the business community and the public for support. the guardian says the prime minister is battling on all fronts to save her brexit deal, with mrs may caught between demands from backbench brexiteers for a change of course and a refusal from european leaders for any further concessions. brexit also leads the metro,
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which quotes the prime minister's claim that a deal is within grasp after the uk and the eu agreed on the political basis for a future relationship. the sun front page reads, "black fri—may", and says the deal involves the uk handing over £39 billion to the eu for nothing, or what the paper calls ‘diddly squat‘, in return. ‘brexit exit‘ rhymes the express, which features a rather lonely picture of the prime minister in the house of commons. the paper criticises mps for leaving during mrs may‘s statement in the chamber earlier today. the online independent says mps of all stripes are united by their unhappiness with what they call theresa may‘s ‘blindfold brexit‘, after the prime minister admitted leaving the public in the dark on vital questions over britain‘s future. the i splashes on reports of the education secretary‘s attempts to end a home office
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crackdown on international students to give universities a cash boost. and the financial times reports on nissan‘s decision to oust its chairman carlos ghosn over claims he understated his pay. so as ever at the moment it seems, brexit leading the news in the morning. not surprising really after theresa may‘s statement yesterday, and a p pa re ntly may‘s statement yesterday, and apparently the hardening of opposition to it. daisy, the sun front page there. black friday may. there is no avoiding brexit in this because it is the main story of the day. this is a gag about black friday, and you know they put the


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