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tv   BBC News  BBC News  November 27, 2018 6:50pm-7:00pm GMT

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so i got away from him! does he know now that it was you? i don't think so, no! if he's not practising, here at the star snooker academy, adam is likely to be found on a building site nearby. working for his dad's construction firm. as you can see by this magnificent pointing i've done here, i'lljust be running round doing that and making the job look well. i don't want to say i'm learning the trade because i don't want to obviously end up doing this. but i pick up a lot of stuff and i am improving at it. so i am enjoying it. as much as adam enjoys being a builder, he is hoping for an extended break from the trade. beating the world champion would be the perfect start. and that is what he will have to do to get past the first round of the uk championship at york's barbican centre. they don't come much tougher than mark williams. to play mark on centre stage will be another dream come true. world champion. he is in form, he is a great player. so i've got to be at my best to compete and if i lose
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on thursday i will go back to work on friday! that is a massive incentive for me not to go to work the next day! so if adam isn't back here for a while, i think his dad will forgive him. after all, he will have pulled off one of the biggest upsets of the year. dave edwards, bbc news. and finally surfer stephanie gilmore has won a record equalling 7th women's world title. gilmore was confirmed as world champion at the season—ending maui pro when her only challenger, the american lakey peterson, failed to progress past the early stages of the event. while at the same time, in maui 50 to 60 feet waves greeted competitors who were competing in the jaws challenge. after a number of serious wipe—outs including this by south africa's grant baker, organisers were forced to postpone
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the event until tuesday. the good news is that baker was assessed afterwards and wasn't seriously affected. that's all from sportsday. there is champions league action tonight, manchester city in lyon and manchester united host young boys. we will keep you up—to—date throughout the evening. goodbye. scientists at nasa say they're beginning to gather data from mars, after successfully landing a probe on the surface of the planet yesterday. the ‘insight‘ spacecraft has already begun to send its first images back. our science reporter, victoria gill, sent this report from mission control in california. touchdown confirmed! relief and joy at mission control.
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after plunging through the martian atmosphere at six times the speed of a bullet, nasa's insight spacecraft safely planted its feet on the surface of mars. now the science begins. it's going to be a really busy two or three months for us. i am really hoping that the energy and the feeling today is going to carry me through those next few months, because it is going to be needed. when we get our first marsquake we will get a bunch of images over the next few days. and it is incredible to be on this mission and say, "tomorrow when i come onto my shift i will see an image of mars that nobody has seen before." it's already sending snapshots back to earth. insight‘s cameras will examine its surroundings in detail, so scientists can select exactly where to place its scientific equipment. it will listen for martian earthquakes and drill deep into the planet to study its inner structure. as the insight lander studies the deep interior of mars robotically, it will be sending its data back
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here, to mission control nasa in california, and people will work out exactly how rocky worlds like earth, mars and the moon actually formed 4.5 billion years ago. they lovingly call this the centre of the universe. the two—year mission is now under way to build a picture of the hidden depths of the red planet. victoria gill, bbc news at nasa's jet propulsion laboratory, california. dr rain irshad, a researcher at the science and technology facilities council, worked on the nasa mars insight mission, and explained what exactly the spacecraft was looking for. there are a vast range of questions about the universe, the one everyone wa nts to about the universe, the one everyone wants to know is is there life outside of the earth. and we suspect that the is not life on the surface of mars but we may find it allowed the surface. so mars at one stage
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had a magnetic field which would have been on earth the result of movement in the molten aahing over. that is one of the things that we wa nt to that is one of the things that we want to measure with the instruments we have. that magnetic field is what holds our atmosphere in place. so it allows the atmosphere to keep us warm and protects us from radiation from the sun and gives those lovely warm temperatures and liquid water. all the things needed for life to flourish. at some point mars lost its atmosphere, it lost the magnetic field that kept it safe and the solar wind slowly allowed to drift away which meant that the temperatures on the surface rose and it was barred with radiation and that why we think we have not found life on the surface of mars but there is still the possibility that that wife retreated below the surface. that is where the questions that we had to answer. i was part of the uk team, uk instrument is a miniature seismometer that is incredibly sensitive and in the few
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weeks the lander is going to determine where on the surface to place that seismometer and once it is their we're going to be feeling the first vibrations anyone has ever felt on the surface of another planet. we hope we will be able to send myers quakes and ideally impacts from meteorites as well. we do not know what the structure of mars is so those migrations might be coming from shifting tectonic plates oi’ coming from shifting tectonic plates or more likely stresses and pressures in the crust, the top surface of the planet. —— those vibrations. but we will feel vibrations. but we will feel vibrations coming from meteor impact all of the planet and each one eliminates the inside of the planet for us. now it's time for a look at the weather. we started with some fog and then things turned wet and also windy.
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this was the scene in county down earlier on. low pressure has taken charge of the scene. one band of rain moving through today and another to come later tonight. and tomorrow is going to be a particularly windy day. we are likely to see gales particularly in the west and that combined with heavy rain is likely to cause some travel disruption. so here is the first round of rain clearing from eastern areas, more returning to the south west. in between it mayjust turn, enough for the odd mist and fog patch. and temperatures keeping up, 10 degrees the overnight low in plymouth. so tomorrow we have a slightly drier slot and then more heavy rain moving in across northern ireland and southern scotland. it is going to be a mild day with
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temperatures higher than we've seen for some time. but it will also be windy. we will see strong wind in western coastal areas first of all and then later in the day the strongest of the wind transferring towards the north—east of scotland with gas in excess of 70 miles an hour here. going through wednesday night it is not over yet as we see more rain than feeding back into southern areas. that is courtesy of this area of the low pressure which could bring some really strong wind into western areas on thursday morning. some heavy rain as well with that. blustery showers moving in behind that. and it will then start to cool off just a bit and thatis start to cool off just a bit and that is the process that continues going into friday. low pressure still in charge, a lot of isobars on the chart and particularly in the north. but the coming down from the north. but the coming down from the north west so something bit cooler
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as we close out the week but staying on settled and still some rain at times. heading into the weekend. you're watching beyond 100 days. just what friends are for. donald trump causes theresa may a whole heap of problems with his comments on brexit. his remark that the prime minister's brexit plan is good for the eu and not good for us/uk trade comes at a particularly sensitive moment. she is pushing back, but with that critical vote
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