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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  November 29, 2018 10:30pm-10:46pm GMT

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the chaotic scenes that overshadowed the build—up to this fight may have been as much publicity stunt as a sign of growing animosity. but there is no doubt that for fury, victory here in la would represent a remarkablejourney for a boxer whose battles have not just been in the ring. i've worked so hard tirelessly to get to this point again. not many people would ever believe that i could come back from 28 stone and mentally unwell to challenging for the heavyweight championship of the world again in only 12 months. this is a miracle, i believe, and i believe it's going to be a fairy tale ending. three years ago, fury ended wladimir klitschko's decade—long reign, but then he piled on the pounds amid depression, drink, drugs and a doping ban. now, he's back in shape and back in the big time. boom! does it give you more determination, more drive, more hunger, because of the ordeal you've been through? i know how to manage all this stuff now. through experience you only learn, and i've had a lot of experience with it and i know what to do for the future. so after i beat wilder, i know to stay training and keep focused. standing in his way, america's best heavyweight, deontay wilder boasts more experience, he is also undefeated,
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and remarkably has won all but one of his a0 fights by knockout. no wonder he's confident. i want england to know he's scared, and he should be! all of them are scared of me for a reason! because of my mindset. because of what i possess. he says you're a fraud. are you going to remember those words? i'm going to remember everything he said to me. and with the winner here potentially in line to face britain's anthonyjoshua, who holds three belts, this is the fight heavyweight boxing's been craving in what's becoming a golden era for the division. tyson fury must try to do what very few british heavyweight boxers have managed to achieve. win, and he'd becomejust the third to secure a world title fight on us soil. but he must do so against a man seeking to restore america's rich heritage as the home of heavyweight champions. dan roan, bbc news, los angeles. newsnight is coming up on bbc two, here's kirsty. emarkable
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tonight, president trump's former lawyers admitted lying to congress about the president's business connections with russia. how damaging is this? join me now on bbc two. here on bbc one time for the news where you are.. hello and welcome to sportsday — i'm sarah mulkerrins — your headlines tonight... celtic are on course for europa league progression — as scott sinclair heads them to victory in norway. rangers remain in the hunt, as they went down to ten men but claim what could be a crucial point against villareal. the time for talking is nearly over — we're live in la as tyson fury gets set for his heavyweight title bout against deontay wilder. hello and welcome to sportsday.
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celtic have moved to within a point of reaching the europa league knock—out stages with victory away at rosenborg. scott sinclair headed home the only goal of the game earlier this evening. elsewhere, 10 man rangers were held to a goalless draw by villareal at ibrox. and there were wins for the two premier league clubs in action, arsenal and chelsea. so to talk us through all the detail — our reporter adam wild is here — celtic now with destiny in their own hands. yes, it is all back in their hands. a good night for celtic, they are a point away from a place in the knockout stages of the last 32 of the europa league. just one goal in
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it against rosendahl, by scott sinclair —— rosen borg. it was a good victory for brendan rodgers's tea m good victory for brendan rodgers's team and this is how the table looks. celtic just need a celticjust need a draw in their final match at home against salzburg to make sure they go through. rangers, things are slightly more precarious. they must win their final game. a couple of great saves in theirgame in final game. a couple of great saves in their game in their battling draw with villarreal. just before half—time, this clumsy challenge, and it led to a red card. on close inspection it did not appear as though he made the initial contact but he was sent off for rangers and
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they had to play the rest of the game with ten men. they stay third in theirgroup but game with ten men. they stay third in their group but a victory in vienna will take them through, so steven gerrard's side still in with a big chance. and for the two premier league sides, adam — a very easy night. chelsea and arsenal were already through and it was a very easy night. though problems for arsenal. —— no problems. however, it was —i2, and the gate was changed to the capital kiev after the political problems —— the game. aaron ramsey with a penalty putting them to— zero in front of —— 2—0 in front before a third goalfrom joe in front of —— 2—0 in front before a third goal from joe were large. another great prospect. chelsea only needed a point in their game. a couple of quick goals from giroud put them on their way, very well
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taken by the frenchman. another teenager with his first goal for chelsea. he then set up the fourth goal by alvaro morata. arsenal and chelsea both through and both topping their groups going through topping their groups going through to the final 32 which means they will avoid the four teams dropping down from the champions league. that might turn out to be very important. thanks forjoining us. sol campbell says he's ready to "roll up his sleeves and get his hands dirty" after taking over as manager of macclesfield town. and it looks like he'll need to. the club are currently bottom of the football league. our sports correspondent david ornstein was at campbell's first press conference today. sol campbell made his name at the top of the game, as a manager he's starting at the bottom.
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campbell is just the latest star of his generation of footballers to take a seat in the dugout, but the journey to get there has not been easy. it has been at least 12 to 15 applications, but this opportunity came along and i said to myself do i want to wait another year, six months, a year to get a job? no, i want to take this with both hands and do the bestjob i can do and look at all scenarios and get this club and get this job done and get this club up the table where they should be and that's for me. campbell's controversial move from tottenham to arsenal was vindicated with a succession of trophies including two premier league titles, and fa cups. he also represented england at six major tournaments. but later claimed he was overlooked for the captaincy because he's black. i still believe that
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i was the wrong colour, i think if i was white, i think definitely my chances of being captain would have been enhanced. it's estimated that 25 to 30% of professional footballers in england come from black, asian, and minority ethnic backgrounds. however, that's not replicated among managers. across the 92 league clubs, campbell has become only the eighth of bame origin. it's a0 years ago that viv anderson became the first black player to represent england's senior team, while many have followed him onto the field, fewer have made the transition into management. the next stage is management. i think the preconception is they make good footballers but they don't make good managers and i think we have to get over that myth. campbell is seen by some
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as a difficult character, while contemporaries like frank lampard and steven gerrard have gone straight into high—profile management positions, campbell takes over at macclesfield with the club routed to the foot of the two. i think for me the colour of your skin is academic for me. it's all about working hard at knocking on doors and waiting for the opportunity. the task may be daunting but at least he now has his chance. let's take a look at some of the other stories making the news today. manchester united have triggered the one year extension on david de gea's contract. the goalkeeper‘s deal was due to end next summer, meaning that he could speak to overseas clubs from the ist of january but united are keen to avoid any uncertainty over the player's future. cardiff blues have confirmed flanker ellis jenkins will need surgery after suffering a "significant" knee injury. it happened at the end of wales' win over south africa at the weekend. jenkins has said his "goal" is to be fit in time for the world cup which starts in september next year.
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some overseas cricketers will be eligible to play for england after living in the country for three years under new rules coming in on ist january. the updated ecb rules mean that sussex‘s barbados born all—rounder jofra archer will be eligible to play for england next year. well, we're starting to think that tyson fury‘s heavyweight title clash against the wbc champion deontay wilder this weekend will be nothing less than a bit wild and a bit furious. tempers flared between the two at the final press conference yesterday. could there be another heated exchange at the weigh in tomorrow? ade adedoyin is in los angeles for us. ade, there's been an announcement following their behaviour at that press c0 nfe re nce . the california state commission say
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they will not punish it a man for what happened in the final press conference but they have been warned about their conduct. they have been told that should there be any repeat of the ugly scenes that we saw at the press conference, the pushing and shoving, they will consider withholding the purses of both men. they save their entourage will not be allowed on the stage and it will just be the fighters —— they say. a strong message that they do not want any incident on the eve of what is a huge fight. tyson fury has been in the building today and i caught up with him. he has a new look. after the mayhem if yesterday, he was a more philosophical mood —— of yesterday. i enjoy ienjoy being i enjoy being in this state and i enjoyed being active and i enjoy this, because this could be over at any time. you have got to appreciate
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the time you have when you have got it because time waits for nobody as we know. time is the most precious thing we have in life so enjoy it, i enjoy everything, every moment, good, bad or indifferent, i've learnt to appreciate every bit of time we have. the fighters will come face—to—face for the last time tomorrow and we are expecting the way into pass without incident. —— the weigh in. some people said tyson fury got the psychological edge because he was more relaxed but then other people said deontay wilder was getting into fight mode, but either way, we are looking at the biggest fight in las vegas for two decades. thanks forjoining us. that's all from sportsday. coming up in a moment, the papers. hello and welcome to our look ahead
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to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are political correspondent for the mirror, nicola bartlett and women's editor for the telegraph claire cohen. many of tomorrow's front pages are already in. the times says armed officers are to patrol on foot in the parts of london worst hit by gang violence, in what would be a significant shift in british policing. according to the guardian, the government is to relax immigration rules to let more foreign doctors come to britain to fill widespread nhs gaps. the daily mail reports that the former boss of network rail was honoured at buckingham palace — on the day the firm was rebuked
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for failing to deliver a "punctual and reliable" service. the metro says talks over a tv brexit debate between theresa may and jeremy corbyn has descended into a farce — as they can't even agree which channel should host it. according to the the daily telegraph, the number of tory mps who have spoken out against theresa may's brexit deal has reached the hundred mark. the i has whips threatening to cut short parliament's festive break if theresa may loses her key brexit vote which could spark a constitutional crisis. the financial times reports that unilever chief executive, paul polman, will step down in january, bringing an end to a decade running the consumer products giant — months after he lost a bruising fight with shareholders over moving its headquarters out of london. and the daily express suggests that government officials have been told to "hang their heads in shame" over what's been described as an ongoing "witch—hunt" against northern ireland veterans. we are going to start with something
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apart from brexit which is notable these days. the police to be armed in crackdown on gangs. notjust on patrol but with visible weapons. visible weapons. the anti—crime task force suggested this to the government early this year the met police now would like to send officers armed with guns to deal directly with violent criminals, the story says. i can't see this going wrong, can you? presumably this isn't more police officers, this is the same overstretched force we already have been armed. fewer than 10% of officers are trained to use weapons so presumably there will be a programme put in place. i can't help but feel this will lead to more bloodshed. shouldn't we be tackling the cause of all of this? we have had 120


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