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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  November 30, 2018 5:00am-5:31am GMT

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rawls of this is the briefing. i'm victoria fritz. our top story: touching down in buenos aires — world leaders arrive for tough talks at the 620. diplomacy by rail — a south korean train crosses into north korea, for the first time in a decade. and romania's disappearing forests — how one group is trying to protect some of europe's most ancient woods. in business: global trade faces the worst crisis since 1947, the head of the wto tells the bbc. a warm welcome to the programme, briefing you on all you need to know in global news, business and sport. and you can be part of the conversation: a diet of soups and shakes that can reverse type 2 diabetes is to be trialled in england. 5,000 people will take on this
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ultra low calorie diet for three months. could you restrict your intake in an attempt to battle diabetes? tell us what you think. the stakes are high as world leaders prepare to sit down in buenos aires for the first 620 summit to take place in south america. they're expected to discuss the trade war between the united states and china but also issues like russia's seizure of ukrainian ships and sailors near crimea. the incident has already prompted donald trump to cancel a planned meeting with vladimir putin. from argentina, here's our diplomatic correspondent, james landale. throughout the day and night they arrived. more than 20 world leaders
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gather in the supposedly agree new plans to improve global trade and protect the environment but this summit is likely to be defined by as much by what divides as unite them. donald trump has launched a trade war on donald trump has launched a trade waron china. he donald trump has launched a trade war on china. he will meet president xijin zhang. war on china. he will meet president xi jin zhang. president war on china. he will meet president xijin zhang. president putin is likely to face tough questions of russia's seizure of three ukrainian vessels. donald trump said he would not meeting until the situation is resolved. crown prince mohammed bin salman is also in town, looking to repair his reputation after the murder ofjournalistjamal khashoggi. the world is still looking for answers. translation: khashoggi. the world is still looking for answers. translationzli hope the investigation is carried out both in turkey and saudi arabia and it can continue, bringing clarity to jamal khashoggi's family
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and also the international community. theresa may is yet to bang the drum for her brexit deal, to win international support and reassure her counterparts that britain will still be open to trade come what may. this is the first jeep went the summit in south america and many argentine kin to shine spotlight on their own economic plight. protesting loud and clear about the government ‘s performance. it was ten years ago that world leaders came together to revive the 620 selected tackle the 6lobal revive the 620 selected tackle the global financial crisis in one united body. a decade on, such unity may be hard to find. the head of the world trade organisation, roberto azevedo, is also at the 620 summit. he's told the bbc that the trade war between the us and china, and president trump's america first policy, amounts to the biggest crisis since current trade rules were drawn up just after the second world war.
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i would say this is the worst crisis not for the wto but for the whole multilateral trading system since the gatt. in 1947. this is the moment when some very basic principles of the organisation, principles of cooperation, principles of cooperation, principles of cooperation, principles of non—discrimination are being challenged and put into question. and i think that is very serious. joining me is nina trentmann from the wall streetjournal. quite striking comments. yes but also not surprising given the situation. from a wto perspective expectation was that tensions between the us and china would have come down but we have seen they have not. with the us about to heighten its tariffs on china injanuary, we
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are ata its tariffs on china injanuary, we are at a crucial point in time. do you think we will see a cessation of hostilities while they meet and then it is business as usual when they leave buenos aires? it depends on the outcomes of donald trump and xi jinping on saturday. mr trump has been making comments both ways of this week, that he was hoping for a deal but that the current deal is not too bad. both underlining that they are interested in resolving the issue but not at all cost. what you think is the likely outcome?” issue but not at all cost. what you think is the likely outcome? i would assume they agreed to have talks and then continue to have talks but there will be some initial agreement on something and then more talks over the coming months. that is what pa rt over the coming months. that is what part of the administration is preparing because of the issues that the us and china are talking about are not to be resolved in one
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conversation between xi jinping and donald trump. there are multiple issues the us wants china to a dress and vice—versa. there will be much more conversation about this. this is the beginning of the dialogue. thank you very much. let's brief you on some of the other stories making the news: donald trump's former lawyer has admitted misleading congress about the president's business activities in russia. michael cohen admitted making false statements about a project to build a skyscraper in moscow in a surprise court appearance in new york. president trump has accused him of lying. the current outbreak of ebola in the east of the democratic republic of congo is now the second biggest ever recorded, according to the health ministry. a26 cases and probable cases are now confirmed in and around the town of beni. only the west african epidemic, between 2013 and 2016, was bigger. unicef is highlighting what it calls a neglected
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and escalating crisis in the central african republic. the un children's organisation has released a report, which says that two out of every three of the country's children are now in need of humanitarian aid. for the first time in a decade, a south korean train has crossed into north korea to begin a joint survey aimed at reconnecting the north's railway lines to the south. a study team from the south will spend the next 18 days travelling with counterparts from the north through the country inspecting the run—down lines. joining me now is our seoul correspondent, laura bicker. it is very early for me. i am only on my first copy of the date! this seems like good news. these has been
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pa rt seems like good news. these has been part of a project that resident moon has been pushing. —— president moon. north korea is under strict economic sanctions say they have had to ask the un foran sanctions say they have had to ask the un for an exemption to allow this survey to take place so 28th engineers from the south and chatswood officials are making their way into north korea, that will examine thousands of miles. —— south and north. they want to bring it up to international standards. the north railway it is a single track whereas elsewhere it is not so it will require a lot of work and right 110w will require a lot of work and right now these engineers can look but they cannot touch this railway and thatis they cannot touch this railway and that is a cause of those sanctions. any further work required, which we know there will be, it will require
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difficult conversations with both the un and the trump administration which has so far said that no sanctions exemptions will be made until the north gives up its nuclear weapons. difficult conversations but surely it looks like they are laying some of the groundwork for some investment in the future. what we haveis investment in the future. what we have is two different tracks going on, if you excuse the pun. 0n the one hand, north and south korea had increased the pace of corporation and once moon jae—in increased the pace of corporation and once moonjae—in wants to see is irreversible progress between the two. this is what this project is about. they are also doing things at the heavily guarded border. they have been taking landmines out, removing soldiers so slowly that the two koreas are moving together
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however the progress between pyongyang and washington seems to have stalled lately and no talks going on between the us and north korea over denuclearisation and note second summit planned between president trump and kim jong—un. washington has voiced some concerns about the cooperation between the two koreas. they want it to continue but they do not want to upset one of its allies. they want to try to give up its allies. they want to try to give up its weapons and also continue talking to the us. a new study in romania suggests that the country's forests, including some of the most ancient in europe, are disappearing at an alarming rate. the national forest inventory suggests that 38 million cubic metres of trees, that's about 36 times the volume
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of empire state building, are being cut every year. more than half of that are cut illegally. nick thorpe sent this report from the country's south—west. agent 6reen have been investigating the forest. the river valley, one of the last great beech forest of europe. the wilderness home of brown bears and wolves. but more than half the trees in this national park face the chop. this footage was shot by agent 6reen, this footage was shot by agent green, the remaining environmental group campaigning to stop all
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logging in the national parks. the film this confrontation with forestry workers with a hidden camera. some years ago that was an emerging forest... for this trip, my guide is alex, a volunteer with agent 6reen. areas are strictly protected by unesco do exist but everywhere else logging continues at a frenetic pace. tractors, cuts, and there is no tourism possible any more. this was an old for us, beech forests, a beautiful one. it will be cleared in the next ten years and will be no more for us. the deeper you get into this national park, the more science blogging. it seems to bea more science blogging. it seems to be a whole logging area. we have stopped to see these large beech cut
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recently, this must be at least 200 yea rs recently, this must be at least 200 years old. this note covers some but exposes the rest. these were cut illegally. trees cut near the base so illegally. trees cut near the base so they dry out. the huge swathe all will axe. but the forestry authorities say it is under control. transaction mac the logging inside the park is done legally. the forest is cut progressively which allows the forest to rejuvenate. illegal logging at this level means that the cancer has spread to the whole country. the result of the new forest inventory, ordered and paid by the state, shows that illegal logging has not been stopped but even more than doubled. the lies between legal and illegal logging
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and between private and state ownership blur in the mists of the mountains. each new track will do is through the forest opens up another slope. it is a race against time to harvest or save the trees. still to come: cliff divers attempt to conquer one of the most isolated national wanders in chile. —— national wanders in chile. —— national wanders. it's quite clear that the worst victims of this disaster are the poor people living in the slums which have sprung up around the factory. i am feeling so helpless that the childrens are dying in front of me and i can't do anything. charles manson is the mystical leader of the hippy cult suspected of killing sharon tate and at least six other people in los angeles.
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at 11am this morning, just half a metre of rock separated britain from continental europe. it took the drills just a few moments to cut through the final obstacle. then philippe cozette, a minerfrom calais, was shaking hands and exchanging flags with robert fagg, his opposite numberfrom dover. you're watching the briefing. 0ur headlines: president trump and british prime minister theresa mayjoin world leaders in argentina for talks on security, trade and climate change. for the first time in a decade, a south korean train has crossed into north korea, to begin a joint survey aimed at reconnecting the north's railway lines to the south.
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russian writer tamara cheremnova has cerebral palsy and as a child in the soviet union was wrongfully diagnosed with learning difficulties. she spent half a century trying to overturn this diagnosis by writing fairy tales, and thanks to her writing, eventually did. at 62, she finally became part of a family and is now known as the storyteller of siberia. what an amazing story. tamara cheremnova there, the storyteller of siberia. here's our briefing on some of the key events happening later. a verdict is due in the retrial of naser 0ric, a former bosnian military commander who's charged with war crimes. known as the defender of srebrenica and celebrated among many bosnian muslims, he's charged with killing three serb prisoners. later in berlin, the three candidates in the running to succeed angela merkel as cdu party leader will present their proposals to supporters. and also taking place today —
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india's so—called wedding of the year, as the bollywood actress priyanka chropra and the american singer nickjonas tie the knot injodhpur. now it's time to get all the latest from the bbc sports centre. hello, i'm holly hamilton, and this is your friday sport briefing. 0n the way... it's a big weekend of football in the 2018 africa women's cup of nations. the countdown continues to deontay wilder against tyson fury. and defending champions australia take on the irish in the hockey world cup. cameroon and mali will contest friday's third place play—off at the women's africa cup of nations with a world cup place on offerfor the winners. mali had already made history by advancing to the semi—finals for the first time thanks to a 3—2 victory over algeria. south africa's women's national football team will challenge nigeria's super falcons for the 2018 african women's title. also on friday, tyson fury
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and deontay wilder weigh in ahead of their world heavyweight fight in la. now, it's set to be the biggest bout of the year, and has already had its fair share of drama after wednesday's press conference descended into chaos when the two fighters posed head to head. both men have been warned about their behaviour. on saturday, wbc champion wilder will be putting his title on the line and look to defend a perfect a0 fight record, while fury is also undefeated in 27 contests. following that violence ahead of the original fixture on saturday, the second leg of the copa libertadores final has been moved to the home of real madrid — over 6000 miles away from buenos aires.
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a number of boca junior players were injured when river plate fans attacked their team bus en route to the monumental on saturday, prompting the game to be postponed. river has been fined $400,00 for the incident. 0rganisers have announced the game will now take place at the bernabeu on the 9th of december, in front of fans from both boca and river. if the match is going to be played in bernabeu, we know of course it will be a sell—out. no possibility of one ticket because everybody of river and boca, even in europe, is just calling the spanish federation to get a ticket still right now, fa ns to get a ticket still right now, fans of river and boca. in india, australia begin the defence of their title when they take on ireland on day three of the men's hockey world cup. on thursday, there were important
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wins for both new zealand and the olympic champions argentina, who beat spain 4—2, while the black sticks overcame a strong challenge from france, which ended 2—1. now, some people it seems will go to all lengths and heights to find the best spots to dive from. this is cliff diving world series champion, mexico's jonathan pa redes, in patagonia, cliff jumping in chile. he was joined for some double dives by rhiannan iffland of australia. theyjumped off the 20 metre high take—off spot, called the marble cathedral. the new season of diving world series will start in 2019. i think ithinki i think i will give that one a miss. you can get all the latest sports news at our website. that's but from me, holly hamilton, and the rest of the sport team, that's your friday sport briefing. we were all waiting for a bellyflop but the perfect dive, a perfect ten
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from holly and the rest of the team. there have been celebrations in jamaica and that unesco meeting in mauritius after reggae music was put ona mauritius after reggae music was put on a list of global, intangible cultural treasures. this was the moment that the announcement was made. unesco said that reggae and committed to the international discourse on issues of resistance, justice, and humanity. tell me what you think about our talking point today. it is this liquid diet being trialled for type 2 diabetes sufferers here in england. let us know what you think of that, we do have a few tweets coming in already. someone in london saying yeah, he would do it, if they are tasty but if they taste like wallpaper paste, not so much. stay with us.
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hello there. yesterday was a really dramatic day of large crashing waves and also some very powerful gusts of wind. the top gust was recorded in the western side of the isle of wight, at the needles — 82 miles an hour reported here. plymouth and capel curig, in conwy, north—west wales, 72. there were a number of place that had gusts into the 60s. the area of low pressure that brought those strong winds was this onejust heading to the western side of norway. the main parent low though still remains anchored to the north—west of scotland and indeed it's edging closer to the northern isles. so those winds are still pretty strong and we're going to see further heavy rain or plenty of showers floating in on those strong winds over the next few hours. there will be showers elsewhere, particularly north—west england, northern ireland, and some still affecting southern wales, southern coastal counts of england, but it's the brisk winds that, if you're heading outside, are keeping temperatures up — 4—7 degrees celsius.
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now, the winds are still going to be pretty strong for the first part of friday morning as our low gets close to the northern isles, where gusts, i think, could reach around 50—60 miles an hour, maybe even a few gusts a bit stronger than that. and it's those strong winds that will continue to feed the showers in. they're always going to be most frequent across the north—west of the country. showers to start the day across western england, southern england and across wales. but through the day the showers will probably ease off later across south—east england, with the weather becoming a bit dry here. mild in the south. highs of 12 degress. single figure temperatures for scotland and northern ireland, fairly close to normal for this time of the year. 0n into the weekend, we've got another area of low pressure moving in. this one is targeting england and wales. and it's particularly in the south where we're going to see persistent and fairly heavy outbreaks of rain. with the rain reluctant to ease off. that rain belt curls back across northern england where, for some, it will also be quite a miserable day. to the north of this, for scotland and for northern ireland, some brighter skies, that's where the cooler air is, compared with the milder
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conditions further south. temperatures 13 degrees in cardiff and in london as well. more rain comes through saturday night into sunday. should tend to clear through but there will be some rain pushing northwards at the same time. a bit of uncertainty how far north that will get. but with the winds generally coming in from the west or south—westerly direction, for many of us it will be mild, with temperatures potentially reaching 1a, maybe 15 degrees celsius if we see some brighter spells. that's your weather. this is the business briefing. i'm victoria fritz. 6lobal trade faces the worst crisis since 1947, the head of the wto tells the bbc. that's one of the dark clouds looming over the world economy, as leaders gather for the 620 summit. and on the markets, a mixed day on wall street — and very much the same picture in asia, as investors get some mixed messages about the trade showdown between president trump and president xi. will it be the end of the trade war, or the start of a new escalation in hostilities? we start in the argentine capital buenos aires, where world leaders gathering for the 620 summit
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