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tv   World News Today  BBC News  December 16, 2018 9:00pm-9:31pm GMT

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this is bbc world news today. i'm karin giannone. our top stories... a huge explosion at a restaurant in northern japan leaves at least 41 people injured — the cause is still unclear. jubilation after two weeks of climate talks finally result in a deal over how to put the paris accord into action — environmental groups though — say it ‘lacks ambition'. thousands march in hungary's capital budapest, in more protests at the government of viktor orban. what makes this one look and feel different is the sheer unity of the people here. protesters from the left and right of the political spectrum in hungary. sworn in — again. two months after he was sacked, sri lanka's ousted prime minister is back in thejob. hello and welcome to world news today.
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more than a0 people have been injured in a huge explosion and fire at a restaurant injapan. at least one person is believed to be in a critical condition. the blast spread debris across the streets, and damaged surrounding buildings. the cause isn't yet known, though reports suggest a gas explosion. map firefighters were called to the scene in the early evening in the city of sapporro onjapan's north island of hokkaido. gemma coombe reports. bright orange flames and thick black smoke. the immediate aftermath of a huge explosion in a busy japanese restaurant. it happened at 8:30pm local time in sapporo, the capital city of the northern main island of hokkaido. the japanese news outlets said the force of the blast was so strong, a number of nearby buildings collapsed.
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translation: the shock was like an earthquake. firefighters battled the flames, warning people there could be further explosions. still, dozens of people gathered on the street which was filled with debris and shattered glass. authorities haven't revealed an immediate cause but witnesses have reported smelling gas in the area. a lot of smoke came round and it smelt strongly. police say 42 people we re smelt strongly. police say 42 people were hurt but no one was killed. an investigation is under way. gemma coombe, bbc news. there's been a mixed reaction to the agreement finally reached at the un climate change talks in poland late on saturday. nearly 200 hundred countries overcame their differences — eventually — to support measures which will put the 2015 paris agreement into action. it aims to limit the rise in average global tempeartures to "well below" two celsius.
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some are satisfied with the outcome — bur environmental activists are still warning that not enough is being done. here's our science editor, david shukman. applause and relief that two long weeks of negotiation were over. and a deal to try to tackle climate change has at last emerged. there we re change has at last emerged. there were many disagreements among countries, but a consensus to fight global warming is very good news. most significant is a set of rules for how countries cut their emissions of the gas warming the planet. that was sorted. 0n finance for developing countries, to help them adapt and go green, some progress, but they say not enough.
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0n promises of much deeper cuts in emissions which many say are needed, that will have to be discussed later. many diplomats are relieved to have made it this far. but some developing countries faced with the threat of rising sea levels say that the deal does not go nearly far enough, and bolder steps are needed. if you have 12 years, this today does not really solve anything. i think we have to do practical things, cutting down emissions drastically in terms of emissions. sol drastically in terms of emissions. so i think working together, i think we can achieve what we really want. the real test is whether the deal actually leads to less of this. warming gases entering the atmosphere. so far, all of the talk over the last 25 years has not managed to achieve that. david shukman, bbc news. north korea has condemned the trump administration for imposing new sanctions on its officials, warning of a possible permanent block on any denuclearisation. us sanctions were imposed on three north korean officials on monday for alleged human rights abuses. it comes during a pause in talks between the two countries. 0ur correspondent dan johnson says
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this stalemate is getting serious. there does not appear to have been a great deal of progress in the last six months. apart from the significance of these new sanctions imposed by the us state department at the beginning of this week. now, we have a very angry reaction to those sanctions from the north korean foreign ministry, talking of this being america's greatest miscalculation which will block the path to denuclearisation on the north korean peninsula forever. a result desired by no one, the foreign ministry says. it accuses the state department being intent on bringing relations back to the status of last year, which was marked by exchanges of fire, frequent missile tests that we saw from north korea. it was expected that there would be further progress, at that meeting that was
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meant to take place between secretary of state mike pompeo and north korean dip mats and officials but that has not happened. now this escalation with new sanctions which the north koreans have reacted badly to. we will see where we go from here. let's take a look at some of the other stories making the news... a fifth person injured in tuesday's gun attack on a christmas market in strasbourg has died. the gunman, cherif chekatt, was killed in a shoot out with police on thursday. on sunday, several hundred people gathered in the city to honour the victims with a candlelit vigil. the traditional minute of silence was replaced by a minute of noise, where people shouted and applauded to express solidarity with the victims. thousands of demonstrators in brussels have marched against a un migration pact — signed last week in morocco. police used water cannon and tear gas as clashes broke out near major european union buildings. the protests were called by right—wing groups amid fears the non legally binding pact would lead to an increase in immigration. around 15 thousand people have
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marched through the hungarian capital budapest, to protest against two controversial laws, pushed through parliament by the government on wednesday. the demonstration was the largest so far, of almost daily protest actions against viktor 0rban's national—populist government. the government says the laws are in the interests of working people and will streamline the judicial system. nick thorpe sent this report from budapest. dubbed the happy christmas prime minister event, this has been the largest and noisiest of the almost nightly protests here in beautiful, since the two controversial laws we re since the two controversial laws were pushed through on wednesday. there are two main groups in the crowd, workers concerned by the law which will almost double the number of hours in overtime their employers can ask of them, and students angered by what they see as a
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consistent attack on democracy, and by the partial closure of an american credited university here in budapest. clashes have been here almost every evening between police and protesters. what looks different this time, and of course price tests between the government over the last eight years, but what makes this one look and feel different is the sheer unity of the people here. protesters from the left and the right of the political spectrum in hungary, and the determination of the people here indeed pest tonight. —— in budapest tonight. hq trivia, a live game on mobile phones, became hugely popular but the popularity faded this year. georgia has its first female president. french born salomay zura—bish—vili has been sworn french born salomay
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zurabishvilli has been sworn in in the eastern city of telavi. she was elected in a run—off last month. a new constitution is due to come into force, making the role of president largely ceremonial. rayhan demytrie in tbilisi told us more about the reason for the new president's choice of inaugural venue. she chose this city because she said the people here did not vote for her. in her inaugural speech, she spoke about her desire to be a unifying president, that would unite the whole nation. georgia is quite a divided country over this election as well. she also addressed the issue of russia. she said that if russia, which neighbours georgia, if it wants to be friendly with its neighbours they have to start by respecting the international law. that was a reference to the two regions of georgia under russian
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control. she also said that she would continue the pro—western and pro—european democracy for her country. she also said, in reference to her ancestors who were banished by stalin, their famous georgian intellectuals that emigrated to france in the early 20th—century, she said it was symbolic that she was standing today, having been elected as the first female president of georgia. and made full circle. she is ready to serve her country. here in britain, there's a growing debate over whether a second referendum should be held on britain leaving the european union. a leading brexit supporter in the cabinet has suggested that parliament will have to look at other options if the government's withdrawal plan is rejected by mps. but a key minister has dismissed suggestions of another referendum, on the grounds that it would deepen divisions in the country. here's our political correspondent, chris mason. it is not hard to find divisions
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over brexit outside parliament. protesters with different views fight for attention. and it is not much different inside. at least the prime minister has found someone willing to play ball today. and yes, she still hopes she will get her deal through parliament, but many are now discussing what happens if she fails, with growing talk of another referendum. the international trade secretary, liam fox, campaign for brexit and hates the idea. supposing we had another referendum, supposing the remain side won it by 52—48, but it was on a lower turnout — entirely possible. let me tell you that if there is another referendum, which i don't think there will be, people like me will be immediately demanding it is best—of—three. where does that end up? today, two of the prime minister's closest allies denied they were toying with another public vote, her chief of staff said he wasn't planning one and her effective deputy said he has long thought it was a bad idea and would be divisive. those hoping for another
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referendum say it might eventually be the only option. if parliament is gridlocked and there is no way of resolving the impasse and no consensus can be met parliament, then how else do you resolve this other than referring it back to the people? but many senior labour figures are deeply uneasy about asking the people again, and don't know on which side they would be if it happened. look, we're going to have to discuss tactics if and when we come to that. you don't know. andrew, policy is decided by our members in a democratic and open way. in the last month, the prime minister has spent more than 12 hours on her feet in the commons defending her brexit plan, and there will be more of the same tomorrow. what we are now witnessing here is a noisy conversation on all sides exploring other possible options. or to put it another way, working out what on earth to do next. stay with us on bbc world news,
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still to come: liverpool are back at the top of the premier league — after a 3—1win over manchester united. after eight months on the run, saddam hussein has been tracked down and captured by american forces. saddam hussein is finished. he killed our people. i will women. 0ur children. gray signatures took minutes but they brought a formal end to 3.5 years of conflict. conflict that has claimed more than 200,000 lives. the foreign audience of world leaders, the presidents of bosnia, serbia and croatia put their
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names on the peace agreement. the romanian border was sealed and silent today, rumania has cut itself off from the outside world in order to prevent the details of the presumed massacre from leaking out. from sex at the white house to trial of his political life, the affair guaranteed bill clinton his place in history as only the second president ever to be impeached. this is bbc world news today. the latest headlines... a huge explosion at a restaurant in northern japan has left at least 41 people injured. environmental groups have criticised the deal agreed at the un climate conference on saturday, saying it lacks ambition. the family of a seven—year—old guatemalan girl who died while in the custody of the us border patrol says she had left the country with her father
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to escape grinding poverty. jakelin caal suffered a cardiac arrest earlier this month, hours after she and her father handed themselves in to us border agents in new mexico. katie silver reports. ina in a small rural hamlet in central guatemala, a family is in mourning. after making the 3000, to journey to the usa, seven—year—old jakelin died of liver failure. the cause of which is unknown. translation: i'm not doing well. herfather is unknown. translation: i'm not doing well. her father is is unknown. translation: i'm not doing well. herfather is in a bad state too. because jakelin died in front of him while he was in hospital. she died and he could not do anything. her mother says they left in search ofjobs. farming their smallholding was getting hard as much of the land was being turned
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over to palm oil plantations. she says there had been a mass exodus of families from the area. translation: she was so happy to leave because she heard she would have a better life over there. the us defended jakelin caal‘s treatment and have launched an investigation to find out what happened. the family is one ofa out what happened. the family is one of a record number of parents taking their children across the us mexico border in recent months. last month, 25,000 family members made the journey, making it the highest number on record. protest against jakelin ‘s death erupted in el paso, with calls for a swift and thorough investigation. translation: we know she lost her life due to the policy of zero tolerance by trump that prevents these people, who cannot ask for political asylum, to come in through the bridges. these people
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resort to extreme measures and go through the desert. the family hope that the father can stay in the us and work hard to send money home. sri lanka's ousted prime minister ranil wickremesinghe has been sworn into office again, two months after he was sacked by president maithripala sirisena. the move plunged sri lanka into a political crisis, which saw mr wickremesinghe replaced by the former president mahinda rajapa ksa. it is the remarkable comeback for ranil wickremesinghe, weeks after his surprise sacking by maithripala sirisena under controversial circumstances. ranil wickremesinghe has never completed a full term as prime minister and was reappointed for the post for the fifth time. maithripala sirisena repeatedly said that he would not reappoint him as prime minister but with setbacks in parliament and in the judiciary, he had to come down from his stance. reinstated ranil wickremesinghe promised to end that tussle that had paralysed the nation. translation:
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today, we commit to bringing normality to the country. and restart our development work. back in october, maithripala sirisena had replaced his predecessor, but he could not get their parliamentary majority. sri lanka faced a government shutdown and could not approve a 2019 budget. mahinda raja pa ksa approve a 2019 budget. mahinda rajapa ksa resigned on approve a 2019 budget. mahinda rajapaksa resigned on saturday. given the bad blood, it was not easy for these men to work together in the new government. time for the sport with damien. hello and thanks forjoining us on sport today... liverpool have gone back to the top of the english premier league with a 3—1win over fierce rivals manchester united. swiss international xerdan shaquiri came on as a sub for liverpool
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and scored two deflected goals to take his tally to five in seven league appearances. sadio mane had given the home side the lead in the first half before jesse lingard equalised for united, but shaquiri's goals mean that jurgen klopp's side are a point above manchester city, and 19 points ahead of united who stay sixth. a fantastic game. the whole 93, 95 minutes, our boys were in charge of the game and dominated it. playing football against a physically unbelievably strong side. we had to stay in the game, which is what we did, and in the second half, be kind of annoying. do it, and do it. then shaqiri came and scored these two goals. it was just brilliant. everyone of their players is fast. is aggressive. their transitions are
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phenomenal. we had difficulties in coping with it but we managed to balance the game after 1—1. in the second half, that was when the game was progressively dying. when i think a percentage of those in the stadium would feel that this was going to end 1—1. ralph hasenhuttle guided southampton to victory in his first home match in charge. substitute charlie austin scored the winner in the 85th minute to end arsenal's 22—match unbeaten run. the victory takes southampton out of the relegation zone and up to 17th. very, very proud with how they showed today. how focused they were, and uncompromising. when we had the chance, also, how merciless they we re chance, also, how merciless they were to get those three points. i think it was a fantastic moment, at
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3-2. the think it was a fantastic moment, at 3—2. the shot was unbelievable. it was a fantastic atmosphere. it's a special feeling, to win a match. meanwhile along the south coast, chelsea beat brighton 2—1. they were two up at half time thanks to goals from pedro and eden hazard. solly march pulled one back for brighton but it wasn't enough. chelsea stay fourth — they're now three points ahead of arsenal. a century from india's captain virat kohli couldn't stop australia getting the edge in the second test in perth. kohli's 123 took his side to 251 for five but they lost five wickets for 32 runs and were all out for 283. nathan lyon took five wickets. the aussies are 132 for four in their second innings — a lead of 175 going into day four. india are one up in the four match series. i thought that has bowlers, we had a
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map today and performed pretty well. this afternoon, it was good and hard cricket. exciting and what as players we would want to be part of. asa players we would want to be part of. as a spectator of the game, that is what the fans want to see. good, hard, exciting test cricket. in my eyes, i'm confident, ifeelthat hard, exciting test cricket. in my eyes, i'm confident, i feel that our team will try and minimise the total as much as possible. geraint thomas has been voted the bbc sports personality of the year. the team sky rider became only the third briton to win the 21 stage race after sir bradley wiggins in 2012 and the four—time tour champion chris froome. formula 1 champion lewis hamilton finished in second while england captain harry kane was third. that's all the sport for now. in spain, hundreds of mothers are looking for a son or a daughter, decades after they say their child was stolen at birth and given up
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for adoption or sold. over a period of more than 30 years under the dictatorship of general franco, babies were frequently taken away from political opponents, single mothers or the poor, and given to other families. here's the story of adelina, who had a son in madrid in 1975, and has been looking for him ever since. thank you for watching bbc world news today. hello there. what a difference a day makes. i don't think we will see a return to the snowy and icy
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conditions, once storm deirdre swept into the cold air we were brought dangerous conditions yesterday but that has now pushed away. cold air has left our shores and everything else is coming in from the atlantic. some cloud with areas of rain as well. we do have one area of rain across the uk right now. not really troubling central and northern scotland, where we had a beautiful sunsetin scotland, where we had a beautiful sunset in the highlands but it is a different story here in warwickshire, in the midlands, wet weather for the drive during the evening. the rain moves away from wales, heading eastwards and clipping southern scotland, heading into the north sea in the early hours. aside from some showers, clearing skies and light winds. chilly overnight. temperatures not farfrom chilly overnight. temperatures not far from freezing. some frost in rural areas. some icy patches. tomorrow looks to be decent, in the east of the uk. some snowfields in scotland. when speaking up in the west was increasing through the afternoon, in particular. some arriving. southerly winds. mild air. that rain is going to feature in the weather, as it moves in overnight
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and into tuesday. low pressure comes into play later in the week. let's focus on this rain, moving slowly eastwards a cross focus on this rain, moving slowly eastwards across our shores. the winds picking up overnight. a windy start on tuesday. gales on the western coasts. this rain moves eastwards with heavy rain and snowmelt. there could be flooding issues by the end of the day. improving later in northern ireland. it takes all day for the rain to reach east anglia and temperatures mild. ten or 11 degrees. that weather front takes the rain eastwards through the evening and overnight. moving away. low pressure wonders in towards our shores. there will be sunshine on wednesday. some showers clipping the south—east for a while. mostly arriving into northern ireland in western scotland and over the irish sea into western ireland and wales. temperatures lower on wednesday, highs of seven to 10 degrees. this is bbc world news. the
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headlines. a huge blast at a restau ra nt headlines. a huge blast at a restaurant in northern japan has left 41 people injured with one of them ina left 41 people injured with one of them in a critical condition. the cause is not yet known but reports suggest a gas explosion. environmental groups have criticised the agreement reached on saturday at the agreement reached on saturday at the un climate conference saying it lacks ambition. the deal lays down the well to implement the 2015 paris accord. thousands of hungarians have taken to the streets of budapest for the latest demonstration against the government. critics have dubbed the president's new labour laws as slave —like. and sri lanka's ousted prime minister has been sworn back into a political crisis after he was sacked by the president.
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