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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  December 19, 2018 6:30pm-6:51pm GMT

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hello this is bbc news with lu kwesa burak. conservative mps accuse labour leader, jeremy corbyn, of calling therasa may a ‘stupid woman' during prime minister's questions , but he denies it. i did not use the words "stupid woman" about the prime minister or anyone else and am completely opposed to the use of sexist or misogynist language in absolutely any form at all. the government sets out its immigration policy for the uk after brexit. ministers say it will be skills that matter from now on. labour mp fiona onasanya is found guilty of lying to police to avoid a speeding charge. millions of customers who don't shop around are being charged much more than they should be, says the markets watchdog. in a moment it will be time for sportsday, but first a look at what else
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is coming up this evening on bbc news. at 7pm beyond 100 days will be talking to democratic congresswoman karen bass, about president trump's announcement that he's withdrawing troops from syria. at 8pm, we'll bring you the latest on the row over jeremy corbyn allegedly calling theresa may a stupid woman at prime minister's questions. and later on we'll bring you a first look at tomorrow's front pages in the papers, with our guest reviewers the broadcaster david davis, and kate andrews, associate director of the free market think tank the institute for economic affairs. that's all ahead on bbc news. now on bbc news, it's time for sportsday. hello, i'm olly foster. here's what's coming up on sportsday tonight. look who's back. manchester united say ole gunnar solskjaer will unite the fans and the players.
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arsenal were winners a few weeks ago, but who'll come out on top in tonight's north london derby in the league cup quarterfinals? and we hear from adam peaty, who's making a stand against world swimming's governing body. i don't care, if they have to, i'm not bothered but at the end of the day they will have the backlash from that. good evening. 2a hours after sacking jose mourinho, manchester united have their caretaker until the end of the season, ole gunnar solskjaer. he says the club is in his heart and it's brilliant to be coming back. united fans love him for his injury
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time winner against bayern munich in the 1999 champions league final. he was their super—sub, nicknamed the baby—faced assassin. he scored 126 goals over 11 seasons. after a knee injury ended his playing career he coached the united reserves before he was tempted back to norway by his former club molde. he won the title with them, then cardiff came calling at the start of 2014, but they were in trouble, he couldn't keep them in the premier league and a poor start in the championship saw him get the sack. he's now back at molde. they say they have lent him to united for the next five months. he'll take training tomorrow, ahead of the trip, coincidentally to cardiff on saturday. let's hear now from his former international and club team—mate, henning berg. he knows everything about the club,
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what is expected, the history, he has played with the best players, he has played with the best players, he has been one of the best players, he is popular with fans and he will bring more of a feel—good factor to the club and of course he will also need to change a bit how they want to play but i think he should be able to handle it. he has the experience as a coach and manager but of course not at this level, but the way you work as a manager in molde is similarfrom a the way you work as a manager in molde is similar from a football point of view to the premier league, the biggest difference is the level of players you have and the level you play against, but in terms of how you work as a manager or head
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coach, it's some other. what will help is having mike phelan alongside him, sir alex ferguson's former assistant. solskjaer‘s return to old trafford has made massive headlines in norway. emile gukild from the norwegian state broadcaster nrk joined me earlier. people in norway are excited, this is the biggest piece of news we have had definitely in sport ever in norway so people in norway love him already and now they love man united and when these two come bank people are going crazy. even our prime minister tweeted last night. tell us about him as a manager, how he developed at molde, relative success in his second spell and the club say they have only lent him. he won two league titles in his first spell
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then went to cardiff, that didn't go well, then he came back to molde, they have not won anything but they did decent in europe and this part of the season that just finished, they were the best team in norway, so they were the best team in norway, so they finished behind rosenberg, who almost always win in norway so they have done good. you have met him several times, on his return to norway, he was always going to say yes to this opportunity. he would never say no, and the board at molde know that this is his all—time dream, he would never not take this job. how do you think he will be approaching this return to manchester? he will give everything he has an more, he cares the most
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about this club so he will give it everything he has. he knows paul pogba, he knows lingard from his time in the reserves, smalling was in the club, so hopefully he will bring some smiles back to the dressing room and pull things together. there's excitement and optimism in norway but is that misplaced? because he was found wanting in his brief time at cardiff in the premier league. a little earlier i spoke to bbc wales's football correspondent, rob phillips. it's a bizarre set of circumstances anywhere and i think it will be intriguing the reception that ole gunner sol ski are gaps at the stadium. i don't think fans will fondly remember his last time at cardiff but to be fair to him he arrived when the club was in a device the state, there were
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tensions between the merger and in came ole gunnar solskjaer, 20 of goodwill but i think the sport has quickly turned to him but the results were poor under him, there we re results were poor under him, there were some scatter—gun signings and it looked a bit too much for him at the time. since he left cardiff city and went back to norway, he has a good managerial track record so you like to think he would have learned a lot from his time at cardiff but that said, there will be no favours shown to him because cardiff are fighting relegation battle, as the expected when neil warnock took him up expected when neil warnock took him up in the summer, and the cardiff city stadium has turned out to be a real fortress for them, so they are confident when they go into battle at home, especially with the fervent support of their fans and i'm not
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sure that is something that ole gunnar solskjaer experienced when he was in charge the bluebirds. jose mourinho issued a statement this afternoon, saying... merry christmas to you, too. there's a big fight at the manchester arena on saturday night. josh warrington makes the first defence of his ibf featherweight title against the former two—weight champion, carl frampton from northern ireland. warrington is from leeds where he took the title
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from lee selby in may. tanya arnold has been to meet him in the city. the reigning and defending ibf heavyweight champion of the world, —— featherweight champion of the world. josh "leeds warrior" warrington! top of the bill, just another reminder ofjosh warrington‘s status as the world champion. i love the journey we're on and i don't want these nights to end so that keeps the fire burning, you work hard to get to this stage, i've been pro for nine years and i'm going to give it up, work hard to win the world title, just like that. carl frampton is a former wo—weight world champion himself and the bookies favourite for this fight. for both, victory opens the door to even bigger contests. the desire is there definitely, i want to win this title and go on and unify my second division and i've still dreams and aspirations to become ireland's greatest ever fighter and beating guys like josh warrington and unifying the division will put me in good line to do that.
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knowing i could go on and go to vegas and fight another world champion and unify the division is exciting, something that drives you on during training so you don't try to block too much out of it, i have to concentrate on saturday but that can be a motivation. saturday's fight is live on bbc radio 5live and they're expecting a good one. it could be one of the fights of the year and i don't say that just because we're covering it on the bbc, i think it's a wonderful clash of styles, the clinical precise boxing of carl frampton and this all—out aggression, but not madness from josh warrington, like kind of aggression he showed in measured style against lee selby. fight has fight of the year written all over it and people can throw that around but we have got two fighters in the peak of their career fighting for the world title so that makes it exciting and it will be some night for british boxing this weekend. also coming up in the programme...
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the holiday season is almost upon us, but many people in sport won't get much chance to celebrate christmas. it's my first year away from home at christmas but i'm spending it with the horses. i just love christmas but i'm spending it with the horses. ijust love it, i love being around them. olympic champion adam peaty has joined forces with some of the world's best swimmers to lay out their plans to transform the future of the sport. they are backing a new international swimming league and the formation of a swimmer‘s union. it follows months of fall—outs with the sport's international governing body, fina. bbc olympic sports reporter nick hope was at the event at stamford bridge today. over 30 of the world's best swimmers
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we re over 30 of the world's best swimmers were here to discuss the launch of a new international swimming league being funded by a ukrainian energy tycoon who was forced to cancel the inauguration event after the sport's governing body threatened to ban athletes who competed. after two days of talks here, the swimmers aren't worried about that any more. if they have to, i'm not bothered but they will have the backlash for that so they cannot get away with it, you cannot bully athletes into racing. legal proceedings have already begun against fina in the united states, in europe they want to avoid all out war but insist the monopoly over sport is over. you cannot post them to work so we have to recognise each other because i
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support two main principles, one, there should be no monopoly on sport, of course it's better to arrange and respect each other and those who interfere with each other. one of the major draws is the prize fund, £10 million, more than double the price for any of fina's international competitions but athletes insist it is notjust about them but future generations. it's really important for future generations of swimmers coming up through the ranks, their careers could be different to ours. fina are yet to respond to the latest developments with the isl but the organisers of the new competition are adamant that they will launch it in august next year and it will culminate in a grand final in las vegas in september.
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last night, manchester city and league1 burton albion made it into the league cup semi—finals. tonight sees the other quarters, both taking place in the capital. let's start at the emirates, where we have a north london derby, arsenal against spurs. showing emotion is very important because i think that football is emotion and any wonder this emotion is maybe more great, and when you win some, when you lost this control, but the rest of it is very important. to learn from a few weeks ago that we will play, it's a different game, different approach, the competition is different and maybe i surprise you and don't say too much. mauricio pochettino there is one of those being tipped to get the manchester united job
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permanently next summer, for more on that and tonights game at the emirates, here'sjohn murray and dion dublin. the carabao cup quarterfinal, north london derby here tonight but will the manager of tottenham hotspur be the manager of tottenham hotspur be the next manchester of man united?” think it will happen at some stage, when, i don't know, i would like to be done as soon as possible but he's with his team and possibly the best man for thejob. with his team and possibly the best man for the job. how do you think ole gunnar solskjaer will do in the short term? i think he will do 0k, the fans love him and he will get the fans love him and he will get the players on site, i was thinking to myself that maybe ryan giggs and mickey phelan would be a good way to go. 17 days ago, such a good game,
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can we expect that again? six goals, a bit of intimacy between the two players, i'm expecting it to be the same, it's arsenal versus spurs, they don't like each other so i expect fashion and goals. also obviously a great deal of focus on riggio pochettino. the other quarter—final this evening is at stamford bridge. another all—premier league tie as chelsea take on bournemouth. we have a massive hurdle to overcome so we have a massive hurdle to overcome $03 we have a massive hurdle to overcome so a really tough challenge ahead, one i want my players and staff to relish and try to rise to that challenge, i think they are capable but we will have to perform very well. there are also a couple of significant games in the scottish premiership tonight with both old firm sides in action. celtic, who are third, take on motherwell and could go top if leaders rangers slip up at hibernian. plenty more to come on sporsday
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but let's give you some of the day's other headlines. two former wales captains have been named as assistants to the incoming head coach wayne pivac. stephen jones and jonathan humphreys willjoin the set up when pivac takes over from warren gatland after next yea r‘s world cup. the gloucester fly—half danny cipriani is out for up to six weeks with a small tear to a chest muscle. that's also a blow to his hopes of being included in england's squad for the six nations that starts on february first. the adelaide strikers got the big bash season under way with victory over the brisbane heat. they successfully chased down their target of 147 with five balls remaining. christmas is one of the busiest times of the year for the horseracing industry. there are eight meetings on boxing day alone with a0 across the country between now and new year's day. around 6500 stable staff will be working over christmas, looking after more than 111,000 racehorses. dave edwards has been
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to a north yorkshire yard with high hopes for a big win. as dawn breaks on christmas morning, most of us will awaken to presence and time with the family but at sta bles and time with the family but at stables across the country, staff will be street to work on some riding out, others cleaning up. i'll be getting up early and working and normal day, mucking out, feeding. it's my first time away from home at christmas but i'm spending it with the horses. i love being around them. these horses are trained by ruth jefferson in them. these horses are trained by ruthjefferson in north yorkshire, who took over from her father who died in february. being in charge might be new but she's used to a packed festive period.” might be new but she's used to a packed festive period. i started working for dad when i was 12 and i
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have had two christmases off since then. any industry when you're working with something that needs ca re working with something that needs care for, you work every day of the week and we cannot stop on christmas day. this horse waiting patiently is a ptly day. this horse waiting patiently is aptly named, he hasn't raced for almost a year and has won his last seven. he is among the favourites for the prestigious king george vi chase on boxing day. we had the king george race at the back of our minds


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