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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  December 21, 2018 6:30pm-7:00pm GMT

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have a number of lines of enquiry and persons of interest, and we are working through those without best investigators, and there is a huge amount of intelligence we are trawling through. the us defence secretary james mattis resigns, a day after president trump announces the withdrawal of troops from syria. a remembrance service has taken place in lockerbie to remember the 270 people who were killed when pan am flight 103 was destroyed by a bomb over the town in 1988. in a moment, it will be time for sportsday, but first a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news. we'll have the very latest on the situation at gatwick and on the investigation to find who is flying the drones. as measles cases in europe this year are set to be the highest this century, we'll find out why numbers are on the rise. and we'll take a look at tomorrow's front pages after10:30, and at 11:30. joining me tonight will be michael booker, deputy editor of the daily express, and the daily mirror columnist susie boniface.
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that's all ahead on bbc news. now on bbc news, it's time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday. i'm lizzie greenwood—hughes. here's what's coming up on tonight's show... ole, ole, ole... united's new interim manager tells the world's media how he's going to turn things around. first game, think about getting my principles into the boys, get the players to understand how i want them to play, how we want to play as a team... we look ahead to a big weekend of british boxing — with two fights on the same night at the same time! and ben stokes‘s boss says the england all—rounder can still be a role model. so what a show we have!
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and we're starting with this man — ole gunnar solksjear — the new, albeit temporary face of manchester united. their old super sub is of course now their interim manager, and it's fair to say his first media conference couldn't have been more different from those of his predessor, jose mourinho. his debut game is away at cardiff tomorrow, ironically the only other premier league side he's managed, but solksjear knows united inside out and he sounds more than ready for the challenge. first game, think about getting my principles into the boys, get the players to understand how i want them to play, how we want to play as a team work together, and then take
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the results later on and see how many points we can gather, but this clu b many points we can gather, but this club has made up many, many points before, but i am not going to set a target now, because you've got to go game by game to start with. at manchester united, there are a set of demands and standards we set, and one of them is to be a team player, andi one of them is to be a team player, and i don't think anyone has been on the bench more than me! so that's a lwa ys the bench more than me! so that's always my come back to players. you never know, you might come on, make an impact, that is your chance, grab the opportunity when you get it, and they will all get a chance. no matter what team you are coaching, and what players you are coaching, they will want to have a picture of how you want to play, but these are quality players. it will be easier to get these players expressing themselves. you play at manchester
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united, you play without fear, you play with courage, you get out there and you express your skills with absolutely no... because i've had the best. go out there and express yourselves, take risks. the last game, the 5—5 game against west brom, you don't want to concede five goals, but that was almost the perfect end for him as a manager, the way he played football, i want the way he played football, i want the players to be similar, to be the kids that loved to play football, and go out in front of the best fans in the world. good players are easier to coach them bad players! well, someone else who knows united inside out is the bbc‘s bill rice, who's spent more than his fair share watching and commentating on the club. did you see this coming, ole gunnar solskjaer? no, i don't think it can bea solskjaer? no, i don't think it can be a surprise thatjose mourinho has gone, because of how bad the last
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six months have been in terms of the atmosphere combined with the poor results that leave them so far behind in the premier league, but the appointment of ole gunnar solskjaer is fascinating, especially as it is just for six solskjaer is fascinating, especially as it isjust for six months. he has the opportunity to impress and maybe push his case for a permanentjob, but everything he said today suggests he's got six months to steady the ship, try and improve the atmosphere and then leave it for somebody else. do you think they should have waited until the summer? ideally the club would have waited to wait for the end of the season, but unfortunately the atmosphere around the club was so toxic, it wasn't just about the results and being 19 points behind the leaders, it was about the constant sniping in press c0 nfe re nces it was about the constant sniping in press conferences towards players and the owners, that ultimately forced their hand. jose mourinho was blamed for their poor form, but a lot of people, especially some well—known former players, are criticising the squad, and of them is roy keane. shame on some of them
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for how they have portrayed the club and you don't get pride by looking at your manager, because they come and go but the comes from within you are playing for your club, your team it's come your family, your history, whatever it might be, and this idea that you hide behind a manager because you are not getting on with them or not playing in the position you want or whatever nonsense them or not playing in the position you want oi’ whatever nonsense comes into you want or whatever nonsense comes into your head... a lot of the modern players are weak players and wea k modern players are weak players and weak human beings who live in cuckoo land. do you agree? the performances have not been good enough and several players need to be a lot better, because they are fighting for their careers. unfortunately, it's long been a fact of football, but it's much easier to sack one manager and 20 players. ole gunnar solskjaer said he's already been in touch with alex ferguson, which i thought was fantastic food how can
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he turn things around? his first game is at cardiff, a good fixture, one may have a chance of winning. fascinating to see what reaction he gets from cardiff, having being a manager there in the past. the important thing is, how can he get the best out of three players who have been signed for big money, paul pogba, romelu lu ka ku have been signed for big money, paul pogba, romelu lukaku and alexis sanchez, that sanchez is injured, we know lu ka ku will sanchez, that sanchez is injured, we know lukaku will not play this weekend, because he is on compassionate leave, so the first job is to get paul pogba back in the tea m job is to get paul pogba back in the team and playing in the way he is capable. what the fans think? there are excited that they form a legend coming back to the club, the fans are excited, but he is saying the right things, a stark contrast to the way mourinho has been speaking. here is a man saying how good the players and the club are and how good it will be for them in the next six months. let's see if he can pull it off. he said some of these things when he took over cardiff, and they
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remember what happened then, and they were relegated. he came in when we we re they were relegated. he came in when we were struggling and there was a lot of turmoil in our club regarding the players he bought. i don't think they were right for the club, and it didn't work out. he's too nice. personally i didn't think he was a good appointment he struggled here. he had a bit of success, but he's not really shown that he is capable of managing a premier league club, i'm not sure it's a good appointment for them. brilliant guy, and a couple of conversations with him, really nice guy, but he didn't seem to be the premiership manager, and i don't think he has proved himself an initially, they will do well. thank you for your contribution, bill rice, and time will tell if he's abides beyond the summer. —— if he
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survives. there's premier league action tonight, with top of the table liverpool traveling to the in—form wolves. liverpool will be keen to increase their one—point advantage over manchester city, and the wolves manager is expecting a tough game. they are on the top of the league, so that says a lot. we know we will face one of the best teams in europe. i look forward to it. i think everybody can see what klopp doing and the way liverpool plays, and what they are building and achieving, so it's amazing. it's going to be tough. that game is on bbc radio 5live this evening, and our commentator alistair bruce ball looks ahead with the former liverpool defender steven warnock. welcome to the molineux stadium, where liverpool arrived this friday evening still unbeaten in the premier league, still the only unbeaten team in league football in england's top four divisions, and a chance tonight a win against inform wolves to be top of the table at
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christmas. stephen warnock is a former liverpool and england defender and he will be commentating with me. i think it's going to be a cracking game, both teams in great form. how important do you think it is for liverpool and this title challenge to be top of the table at christmas? is huge for the players psychologically to know that they are in and around it at christmas. if you look at the fixtures at the beginning of the season, and looked at the teams, you'd have said the players and the squad, you are going to be top at christmas, they'd have bitten your hand off. and all we have been talking about is how good magister city have been, how well they are playing, and liverpool could possibly sit at top come christmas. they have passed every test, iii wins and three draws, but this will be a real test. a lot of people looked at manchester united and said, if they can win that at home, it shows where they are put up these are the tough games. you look
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at wolves, claimed the likes of chelsea, united and city, only lost against tottenham, this is huge for liverpool tonight. they don't need a result, they need a win. they've got to win. how impressed have you been with balls? they won championship last year but they have a chance to go six. massively impressed. they haven't added to many players to the ranks, they bought a sprinkle to add. they are by far the best team in the championship last year, they have improved, getting stronger.‘ quick start to finish, the last four teams that were top of the premiership on christmas day went on to win it, and eight of the last nine. i think that almost becomes irreleva nt nine. i think that almost becomes irrelevant with manchester city, because they are different creature. i couldn't agree more. it will be there or thereabouts most years, a point or two on the calendar around
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christmas time for points, but with manchester city breathing down your neck week after week, liverpool need to go this season near enough unbeaten if they can. dejan lovren said, ahead of this game, liverpool could repeat the feat of the arsenal tea m could repeat the feat of the arsenal team 2003—4 when they were invincible, and stephen says, they may need to do it but they need to win tonight, and it is in full on bbc radio 5 live. unusually this season, the scottish premiership is also very tight, with the prospect of a three—way title fight. celtic are back on top of the table but onlyjust ahead of rangers and kilmarnock. our reporter chris mclaughlin takes a look at what could be an exciting weekend's action. usually by the time the christmas lights go up here at celtic park, the writing is usually on the wall, with regards to the likely destination of the scottish premiership title. not this year
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though. in fact, premiership title. not this year though. infact, last premiership title. not this year though. in fact, last weekend, the name at the top of the table changed three times injust name at the top of the table changed three times in just two days. let's look at what's happening. just six points separating the top five clubs at the moment. this weekend at celtic park, the champions take on bottom of the table dundee, there is fourth against fifth, aberdeen hosting hearts, rangers are way to johnstone on sunday. it's the turn of the year and there is a long way to go, but given what's happened here in scottish football recently, with celtic dominating at the moment, in a competitive sense, because it's so close, it is giving scottish football reasons to be cheerful. it feels like the sport of boxing is riding a crest of a wave, and this weekend we have another feast of fighting with two big matches, both here in the uk, both on the same night. i'm joined by the bbc‘s boxing team, mike costelloe and steve bunce. mike in manchester tonight,
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england'sjosh mike in manchester tonight, england's josh warrington against northern ireland's carl frampton. this is a clash between two of the most popularfighters this is a clash between two of the most popular fighters in the country, and last fight out each of them fought in a stadium, elland road forjosh warrington, where he is official president of the leeds united supporters club, and for frampton it was a long held ambition to box outdoors at windsor park in belfast, and both of them did that in front of crowds in excess of 20,000, an indication ofjust how popular they are. one reason is the kind of style they bring to the wrinkled tomorrow night, it's a fascinating clash of styles. we'll see a lot of volume from josh warrington. what does that mean? a lot of aggression, throwing punches in clusters, more punches than carl frampton, but we expect carl frampton, but we expect carl frampton to be more clinical and accurate and possibly more hurtful. josh warrington has had 27 straight wins, but only six of them have been
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inside the distance, and this might well be one of those controversial nights where, at weighing up, judges at ringside and the officialjudges, how much does the greater volume of josh warrington count against the more clinical, precise but fewer punches of carl frampton? how do they decide what is better, position or volume? quality over quantity? the three judges at ringside will work that out, in theory, but it's about what you like and what you favour, if there was one judge that is their likes lots of punches, he is their likes lots of punches, he is their likes lots of punches, he is the man you want if you are in warrington's camp, and if you like somebody who fixes punches, one big shot, that is the guy you want for the net is why i am convinced, but mike isn't sure, but i think the drawn verdict is a terrific prediction. nobody wants that! let's talk about the other fight 200 miles
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away, at the same time, which we will come onto, we have an all english heavy white contest between dereck chisora and dillian whyte flip that will not be a draw, surely? it was really close to years ago, and dillian whyte was the winner, but it was a split decision. thejudge who winner, but it was a split decision. the judge who voted in favour of dereck chisora did so by a single round the two judges who did it did it by one run and two rounds and it was very close. signs are it looks like it could bejust was very close. signs are it looks like it could be just as close again. i get the impression that dillian whyte has improved more than dereck chisora in the intervening two years. but they were both relatively light on the scales today, and that could be a factor. hasn't dereck chisora been whipped into shape by david haye? apparently he's moved in next door! he's moved in next door, changed his diet, stopped dereck chisora to go out to nightclubs with an orange juice, so
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he's changed the way he lives, but dereck chisora isn't a guy, a heavyweight that needs to be whipped, he doesn't happen and we joshua white riedewald it looks like a lot of heavyweights, it's not a six—pack. well a lot of heavyweights, it's not a six— pack. well not a lot of heavyweights, it's not a six—pack. well not sure how this new body on the new dereck chisora is going to work, but david haye could bea going to work, but david haye could be a factor, and what would be a massive shock is if he beat dillian whyte. these potentially amazing fight are going on at the same time in the same country on the same night. what is going on? frank warren called it sabotage. he announced the warrington and frampton fight first, but he said at the beginning how boxing is flourishing, and one issue is that there are so many good fighters in big fights, that the number of free weekends, where television companies can put the fight on, and when there are arenas big enough to house the
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expected turnout, they are free as well, getting those factors in place isn't easy. this is pay-per-view, isn't easy. this is pay-per-view, isn't it? there are not another 100,000 fans hiding in the wings! it's possible they will earn more, even it's possible they will earn more, even though its cut—price, and they would have done were it not on pay—per—view. would have done were it not on pay-per-view. when are you on the radio? villa we hope road 10pm, depending on the —— radio? villa we hope road 10pm, depending on the -- we hope around 10pm. now, it's been a tough yearfor ben stokes. the england all—rounder may be back playing well again after being cleared of criminal charges, but after then pleading guilty to bringing the game into disrepute, his reputation is still yet to be restored. the chief executive of the england and wales cricket board believes stokes has learnt his lesson and that he can still be a role model. joe wilson reports. the lord's pavilion has stood witnessed over a century sport. 28 was a cricketing year of individual
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achievements from england's senior year, a year when the test team triumphed in trafalgar, and when england's star player stood trial for affray. ben stokes was acquitted but found guilty of bringing the game into disrepute by a disciplinary committee after a fight ona disciplinary committee after a fight on a bristol street. it's an incredibly negative episode. it's a tough moment for the game. i also think that that's why we have the processes in place that we do, because we are a high—profile sport. do you think he can still be a role model? i do think he can. i think he's been through a year that will serve as a constant reminder of how quickly things can go wrong if you allow them. ben is a leader in that team. he's got great people around him. he's got good support structures. and i'm sure he's learnt
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a lesson. in 2019, england invites the world to watch cricket. the acc cricket world cup is coming here in 2019! who is in? we host the world cup, england widely expected to win, with live coverage on subscription tv, but the ecb insists their plans to ensure the tournament makes an impact. is the chance to grab a generation. yes and for the first time you sense there is a gilt—edged opportunity to take people from the white ball game directly into test cricket through the ashes series after the world cup. next summer it is the ashes, currently held by australia, so a year when technics and tempers might be pushed to the limit. -- and tempers might be pushed to the limit. —— techniques and tempers. meanwhile two of stokes'
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england teammates have been making their debut in australia's big bash. captainjoe root and his vice—ca ptain joss butler are playing for sydney thunder in the twenty20 league. buttler started brightly before losing his wicket for 20. root went for even less, making 18 in sydney's total of 181—5. despite that, they still beat melbourne stars. the former australia cricket captain steve smith won't be playing in the big bash — he's still banned for his part in the ball tampering scandal back in march, but whilst helping promote the league, he admitted to journalists the last nine months have been hard for him. i've had a tough days and ups and downs, but i've been fortunate to have a close group of people around me that have helped me through those difficult times. there have been dark days when i haven't wanted to get out of bed and things like that, but i've had a close group of people around me that have helped me to know that it's ok, you know, i've made a big mistake, and from now i'm
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trying to move on from that and improve as a person, and yeah, really grateful that i've had a close group of people to help me through. i'm pretty content where i am at, and the next three months is about preparing as well as i can to hopefully be a part of the world cup and the ashes. as i said, i think tim payne has done an exceptional job, and aaron finch taking over the one day side, he's had a tough start with the performances of the team, but if i get back playing for them, i'll do all i can to help them out and help australia have success. let's have a quick look at some of the other stories making the headlines today. the australian open will allow final set tie—breaks for the first time next month. it means, if the match reaches 6—6 in the final set, the winner will be the first to ten by two clear points. now the only grand slam not to allow final—set tie—breaks in singles matches is the french open. the football association's new technical director is les reed. the 66—year—old will be in charge of england's elite
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men's and women's teams, as well as the development sides and fa education and coaching. it's his second time in the role. and the six—time olympic sprint champion allyson felix has revealed her new baby was born eight weeks prematurely. the american sprinter says her daughter camryn has been in a neonatal intensive care unit since her birth at the end of november, but she's "doing well". earlier this year england rugby union player anthony watson was on the top of the world — a successful british & irish lion and enjoying premiership stardom with bath. but it all came to a juddering halt in march when he ruptured his achilles tendon. he's almost set for his comeback and damian derrick went to see how he's getting on. he's got support from watson. watson is hurt. thinking how long he's going to keep me off for, and i was already thinking about the summer
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tour. it's been a long and sometimes frustrating path for anthony in the last nine months. the gym work can be gruelling, up to eight hours a day, six days a week but, no matter how hard that is, he's clear about what is getting him through. it's the mental side of things. if you come in every day with a good mindset and ready to put in the work, and no at the end of the day that you've done everything you can, at the end of it you'll be sweet, there's no two ways about it so, from that point of view, that's the most important thing. anthony gives a lot of credit to his mind coach, don macpherson. their work in the last few years have helped his performance and now his rehabilitation. he knows what makes him happy, so it is to remind him there still things he can do that will re balance the there still things he can do that will rebalance the brain chemicals, so will rebalance the brain chemicals, so he'll feel a bit better or as well as he can in the circumstances,
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and a bit of visualisation about getting back there. is mental strength was never more important then when he ruptured his achilles again in the summer. anthony dealt with it well. he had a down couple of days but bounced back. in end, it was one complication of that procedure and he was one of a small percentage that can happen to. he has had a different procedure, leaving him make better place, and he is feeling good. rugby fans have come to expect explosive power and pace from anthony, and he is determined the injury will have no impact on that. eating a strong as i can, in my quads and hamstrings and cough, my feet even, and no issues getting back to where i was before, andi getting back to where i was before, and i want to be a better player and faster, so if i put in as much work asi faster, so if i put in as much work as i know i can, no issues. faster, so if i put in as much work as i know! can, no issues. when anthony returns in the new year,
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expect a new player. that's all from sportsday. azi farni will be back with more at 8:15pm. that includes the latest score from wolves against liverpool. can liverpool increased their lead at the top of the premiership? from all of usa the top of the premiership? from all of us a good night. we've seen quite a bit of rain today, especially in the morning, but that's cleared out. showers have followed but, in between, some glimpses of sunshine. this is the scene at the end of the day in newton abbott. overnight, we've got a bit of rain left, pushing away from northern england, with showers continuing on and off through the night for west scotland and northern ireland, becoming dry further south. mild for most but turning chilly
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with patches of frost in the north—east of the country from saturday, not a bad day, a day of sunshine and showers. the majority of showers will be in the north and west but, because they are aligned with the winds, some of those showers could be lengthy. in the sunshine, not feeling too bad, highs of9 sunshine, not feeling too bad, highs of 9 degrees in edinburgh and 12 in london and plymouth, so on the mild side. for the second side of the weekend, an area of low pressure spreading outbreaks of rain across the uk and bringing some enormous temperature contrasts. cold air flowing in in the north, but the air in the south is coming from a long way south, so some enormous contrasts as we go through sunday be wet in england and wales, some rain might get into northern ireland and southern scotland, some uncertainty how far north or south it will be, but for the moment it looks like scotla nd but for the moment it looks like scotland will have the best dry weather, but the air is getting colder, about 6 degrees in aberdeen
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in stornoway compared with 13 in london and plymouth. for christmas eve, we will see the rain returned across southern counties, but it will tend to ease as pressure builds, but some damp and drizzly weather here for a time on monday. further north and east, some sunshine, the best of it in the north—east, some low cloud in the west with mist and fog patches for the quite chilly air getting in across the north of the uk, with temperatures struggling, around 4 degrees in aberdeen, and turning cooler in the south will stop for christmas day, this warm air pushing back northwards across the atlantic and, as that tries to move in to the uk, quitea and, as that tries to move in to the uk, quite a lot of low cloud developing, especially in western areas, with patches of drizzle. this is bbc news i'm carole walker. the headlines at seven. more disruption at gatwick — flights have now resumed following an earlier suspension, caused by a suspected drone sighting in the area.
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we are left to the wolves basically, we're left here. i can't go see my grandma, i can't go to the wedding, it is just not acceptable and it is deplorable. donald trump threatens a "very long" government shutdown if democrats don't fund his long—promised border wall. 30 years on from the explosion of pan am flight 103, people gather in lockerbie to remember the 270 people who died. the two towns separated by thousands of cancellations on the one train line between them.
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