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this is bbc news, the headlines at ten: rescuers in indonesia say they're worried about disease spreading following the tsunami on saturday which has killed more than 420 people. 150 remain missing. actor kevin spacey is charged with sexual assault in america and releases a video addressing allegations made against him. after three days of disruption at gatwick airport, the government says drone detection systems can now be deployed throughout the uk. religious ceremonies get under way around the world to celebrate christmas day. hundreds of people have queued since dawn to see members of the royal family attend their traditional church service in sandringham this morning. and in half an hour, a festive edition of click brings us the latest from the world of technology and gadgets. hello, good morning and welcome to
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bbc news on christmas day. hello, good morning and welcome to bbc news on christmas day. indonesia's disaster agency now say at least a29 people were killed and a further 150 are still missing following the volcanic eruption and tsunami that swept through sunda strait on saturday. more than m00 people have been injured. thousands of people who live on the islands of java and sumatra have been forced to evacuate to higher ground as the tsunami hit coastal areas. charities in indonesia say they're worried about disease spreading as clean water and medicine supplies are dwindling. sameer hashmi gave us an update from banten on the island ofjava. the rescue operations are still on
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and because of the bad weather the national disaster look agency has been finding it difficult. there are huge challenges the agencies are facing. i am standing next to a relief centre where they are getting the humanitarian aid which they are sending two different villages that have been affected. a lot of people have been left homeless because they stayed on the coast, their homes were completely destroyed. they had to flee from here and now they are staying in some of the camps that have been set up. there are concerns about the spread of disease, but the biggest concern for the government right now is to restart the tsunami warning system which failed to give any warning before the tsunami hit this
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place. they have commissioned a new one and they hope it will be in place as soon as the american actor kevin spacey has been charged with sexually assaulting a teenager in 2016. the alleged victim is the son of a us television news anchor. mr spacey has previously said he didn't remember the incident. andy moore reports. here is an interesting tidbit that none of you may know... kevin spacey has been accused of unwanted sexual advances by more than 30 men, but these are the first allegations to get as far as court. i don't make this up... injuly 2016... he's accused of groping the teenage son of a television news reader in a bar. allegations that were first made public in a press conference last year. to kevin spacey, i want to say this — shame on you for what you did to my son. shortly after the charge was announced, kevin spacey released a video in which he adopted the role of his character frank underwood from house of cards. he made no direct reference to the accusations, but he said enigmatically,
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"you wouldn't rush to judgement without the facts, would you?" kevin spacey is the winner of numerous acting awards, but his career has come to a standstill since the first allegation was made. at the time he apologised for inappropriate drunken behaviour. he's since made an absolute denial of all the other allegations. in the uk, police are investigating six accusations of sexual assault dating from spacey‘s time as artistic director at london's old vic. andy moore, bbc news. seismologists in italy have recorded more than 130 earthquakes around the sicilian volcano, mount etna. europe's most active volcano erupted yesterday. volcanic ash has covered surrounding villages, forcing regional airports to close. britain's security forces now have the technology needed to help combat the threat of drones, according to the security minister ben wallace. it follows three days
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of disruption last week at london's gatwick airport. monika plaha has this report. christmas was almost cancelled, with three days of chaos and thousands of flights grounded or diverted, but after the drone disruption at gatwick, ministers now say they have the technology to curb the problem. taking to twitter on christmas eve, security minister ben wallace announced "we are now able to deploy detection systems throughout the uk to0 combat this threat." for the 140,000 passengers whose flights were cancelled or diverted, it's too late. police made two arrests over the incident, but elaine kirk and paul gait were eventually released without charge and cleared of any involvement. but they came home to find their names in some of the sunday papers along with their photos and details of their private lives. as you can probably imagine, we are feeling completely violated, our home has been searched and our privacy and identity
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completely exposed. 0ur names, photos, and other personal information have been broadcast throughout the world. we are deeply distressed, as are our family and friends. and we are currently receiving medical care. their experience has raised concerns about the coverage. the airport has offered a £50,000 reward through crime stoppers to catch the culprits responsible responsible for the drama. monika plaha, bbc news. thirteen migrants were rescued in the early hours of this morning by lifeboats off the kent coast. the migrants, who did not have life jackets, were found in a small boat about two miles off the town of walmer. lifeboats from walmer and dover, as well as the coastguard helicopter, were involved in the operation. the first female bishop of london has presided at a midnight communion service at st paul's cathedral. bishop sarah mullally has been
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speaking about poverty and homelessness, as our religion editor martin bashir reports. in a cathedral that has stood in the city for 11100 years, the first female bishop of london led its midnight service of holy communion. the significance of being the first female bishop of london doesn't pass me by, i hope that is encouragement to people. but what has always motivated me is my faith injesus christ and celebrating that at christmas. god coming amongst us in the messiness of this world as a vulnerable baby says something about god's love for us and also for the world. bishop sarah was installed on florence nightingale‘s birthday, a nod to herformer career as a nurse. and she wants the church to address more than just the spiritual needs of the nation. the church needs to speak confidently about faith in god and jesus christ,
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but also it needs to reflect the compassion we see in god and jesus, which is why notjust across london but also the country churches are involved in social action projects. something like 33,000 social action projects across the church of england — people setting up food banks, credit unions, dementia cafes, night shelters, demonstrating the love of god. the christmas story of a baby born in a stable because there was no room at the inn seems particularly relevant given the record level of homelessness, according to the charity crisis. it also explains why the church is emphasising its ministry from the pulpit to the pavements of this country. martin bashir, bbc news, at st paul's cathedral. christians from across the world have attended midnight mass in bethlehem, widely regarded as the birthplace ofjesus christ. crowds gathered for christmas eve activities at the church of the nativity in the west bank town.
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the palestinian leader mahmoud abbas was among those who attended. the biblical town has seen a boost in visitors this christmas after unrest in recent years linked to the israeli—palestinian conflict. pope francis has urged people in rich countries to seek a simpler, less materialistic life. leading a christmas eve service in saint peter's basilica, the pope said mankind had become greedy and voracious but the birth ofjesus should make everyone reflect on the real meaning of life. he also condemned the huge divide between the world's rich and poor. the pope will deliver his sixth "urbi et 0rbi" address in rome in around two hour's time. the queen and members of the royal family will attend church in sandringham in norfolk later this morning. the queen's christmas message is on radio and tv at 3pm. the duchess of sussex will be enjoying her first christmas as a member of the royal family. she was the first non—married
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partner to be invited to sandringham last year, now she is due to give birth to a royal baby in the spring. oui’ our correspondent charlotte gallaher has been among the crowds at the sandringham estate in norfolk and sent us this update. people started queueing here to meet the royals at 4:30am this morning and there are lots of excited people in the queue. it may be very cold, but it is very christmassy, and there are plenty of young royal fan. how christmassy, and there are plenty of young royalfan. how old are christmassy, and there are plenty of young royal fan. how old are you?” am seven. what time did you get up this morning? three o'clock in the morning. how did you feel? i felt very christmassy and spirited by christmas. have you ever seen the royals before? yes, but on tv. this is the first time in real life? yes.
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and who are you excited to see? meghan. why are you excited to see her? because she normally wears very elegant dresses. and who else? the queen and all the other royals. and big sister, you are ten, how are you feeling about seeing the royals? i am really excited. who is your favourite? meghan. meghan again, what is it about her you love so much? she always wears nice dresses and had her hair is very nice. and how do you feel about being here? normally you are at home eating your chocolate. we decided to come because we thought if we came late we would be at the back of the queue, so we we would be at the back of the queue, so we had to wake up really early. i think you will get a very
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good view, hopefully a quick word with some of the royals. what will you say if meghan comes up to you?” will be really shocked. i think i will be really shocked. i think i will be really shocked. i think i will be speechless. say hello? yes. and we have got a twin here. you are seven as well. who is your favourite royal? my favourite royal is the queen and charlotte. little charlotte ? queen and charlotte. little charlotte? why do you like them so much? i like the queen because she is always wearing her crown and has beautiful jewels is always wearing her crown and has beautifuljewels on it. then charlotte, she is very cute and i like her hairand charlotte, she is very cute and i like her hair and her dresses. you have got very lovely dresses on as well today, girls. you have got your christmas frocks on, you look fabulous. did you put on your best outfits to impress the queen? yes.
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would you like to marry a prince one day? iam not would you like to marry a prince one day? i am not sure. would you like to marry one? have a big wedding and a tiara? yes, my dream come true. prince george is nearly your age. 0. that is something to think about. then i can marry him maybe. we have got some young princesses in waiting here and plenty more people in the queue ready to see the royals. nothing like a bit of wedding planning outside the church in sandringham. that was charlotte gallaher reporting. more from them later. the headlines on bbc news... rescuers in indonesia say they're worried about disease spreading following the tsunami on saturday which has killed more than 420 people. 150 remain missing actor kevin spacey is charged with sexual assault in america and releases a video addressing allegations made against him.
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after three days of disruption at gatwick airport, the government says drone detection systems can now be deployed throughout the uk. japanese markets have fallen sharply after us shares suffered their worst christmas eve performance ever. so why aren't investors feeling the holiday cheer? kim gittleson explains. it started off friendly enough. it is my pleasure and my honour to announcejerome powell to be the next chairman of the federal reserve. congratulations. but it is a relationship that has quickly turned sour. the fed is out of control, i think what they are doing is wrong. now president trump is reported to be threatening to fire his hand—picked fed chair while blasting america's central bank for its decision to continue to raise interest rates. most recently he said in a tweet that the fed was out of touch with markets. the president's ongoing criticism of the fed has worried
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investors and efforts by us treasury secretary steven mnuchin to soothe markets by releasing a letter saying he spoke to six big bank bosses seems to have backfired. we were not worried about the banks and all of a sudden you are telling us we should be worried about the banks and i think that is where we saw an extra downward momentum which was contrary to what the treasury had hoped and unfortunately it added more chaos instead of clarity. now the dowjones is flirting with its worth worst monthly performance since the great depression and the us markets that were once the envy of the world have become a global drag, pulling down indices injapan and europe. but with the us government shutdown and a president that feels increasingly isolated it is unlikely investors looking for a holiday truce will find much to cheer. two fifteen—year—old boys have been charged with the murder of a man who was stabbed to death in tottenham on saturday. wilham mendes who was 25 was a portuguese national and a keen boxer.
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the teenagers have also been charged with robbing mr mendes and will appear in court on boxing day. a us court has ordered north korea to pay almost £400 million over the death of student 0tto warmbier. the parents of the american 22—year—old sued north korea after he was flown home last year in a coma, days before he died. the court concluded that warmbier had likely suffered torture. a mexican state governor only recently sworn into office has died in a helicopter crash, along with her husband, a senator. martha erika alonso, a senior opposition figure and new governor of the central state of puebla, died with senator rafael moreno, a former governor of the same state. their helicopter came down on monday not far from the state capital. earlier this month, mexico agreed to a trump administration plan obliging people seeking asylum in the us to stay in mexico while their applications are processed.
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that's a big change for thousands of central american migrants from the caravan that crossed mexico in recent weeks. they are now spending christmas stuck in the violent border city of tijuana, and conditions there are getting worse. will grant reports. samuel's family imagined they'd be building their lives in the us rather than a tent in mexico by now. but not any more. under new rules, they must remain in mexico in such flimsy accommodation as they wait on their asylum applications. the change was a temporary measure for humanitarian reasons, the foreign secretary said, as mexico is considered a safe third country. how safe though? in recent days, two honduran teenagers from the caravan were killed on tijuana's streets. we saw samuel, his wife and baby madalyn often on theirjourney. they are typical of the migrant families, poor, exhausted and fleeing the threat of violence.
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having risked everything to reach this point, they are reluctant to turn back now, but know they could spend months, if not years waiting in one of mexico's most dangerous cities. translation: we can't go back because i had death threats from the gangs in honduras. they came to the house looking for me several times, so we had to escape. as the weeks of hardship take their toll, food is scarce and conditions unsanitary. the city has opened a second migrant shelter, but it isn't enough. there's now an increasingly large number of people who will be stuck in these conditions and this legal limbo, notjust through christmas, but well into next year. hundreds have already returned to central america and the mexican authorities are encouraging others to do the same — to head home for christmas. this decision on asylum has caught many off—guard. translation: how can you ask for asylum from one
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country and be in another? it doesn't make sense. president trump hated the old system, calling it catch and release. this change is what he wanted from mexico, for those trapped at the border though, this new agreementjust made a bleak christmas even tougher. will grant, bbc news, tijuana. electric scooters have become a multi—billion dollar business, and a familiar sight in cities like paris and los angeles. but they're also increasingly visible on streets in the uk, that's despite being banned for use on public roads. now there are calls for the law to be changed, as joe miller reports. they have been taking off across europe and in the us. equipped with an electric motor, these traffic—beating scooters can zip along at 20 mph. commuter lloyd bennett is a convert, despite warnings about their safety. it's not something that concerns me. i'm not going fast, you know.
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if you're going along somewhere that's really busy, you can turn the power down so you go a lot slower, and just take your time. it's just really easy, really simple. it's no different to a bike. there is one key difference. e—scooters are still illegal in the uk, and are only allowed on private land. yet at this dealership in london, business is booming, and customers don't seem to be put off by the prospect of breaking the law. they have just come from san francisco, they have just come from paris, they have just come from israel. you see everybody on them, it's a very green solution, and easy, and they don't understand why the government doesn't take it to the other step. he wants e—scooters to be treated the same way as electric bikes. so far, the company's appeals to authorities have fallen on deaf ears. the government has committed hundreds of millions of pounds to developing energy—efficient transport, but e—scooters like this aren't part of the mix,
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despite an increase in popularity, and there is no sign of the law being changed in a hurry. enthusiasts say e—scooters are one of the few convenient alternatives to overcrowded trains and buses. but motoring organisations say rules on how they should be driven are desperately needed. fairly rapidly, we're going to need some legislation to clarify where they can travel, how they can travel, and also some guidance in terms of the highway code. the global boom in e—scooters has been fuelled by sharing schemes, and the fear of an avalanche of vehicles might be behind britain's reluctance to embrace them. but this man's boss says better regulation could keep numbers down, and he is convinced, if the uk gets on board with e—scooters, it won't look back. joe miller, bbc news. while stacey dooley took away
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the strictly glitterball trophy this year, it'll be former contestants who'll be back on the dance floor later today, for the show‘s christmas special. breakfast‘s tim muffett went along to rehearsals, to see if they could still tell their samba from their american smooth. what's it like to be back? frightening. everyone's watching you. yeah, nervous. so tell us about your routine — you're peter pan? yes, i'm peter pan, the boy that never grew up. that's about me. i'm flying in. and i've got a dog, going to be part of my dance — he'll probably dance better than i do. that's gatsby. do you like strictly come dancing? barks. there's a bed involved, did you realise that? yes, i always knew there was going to be, but didn't realise it was going to be so big. nervous? well, yeah. somehow i've got to get nadiya onto the bed to do a swivel,
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and swivel off the bed with her, and away we go with a viennese waltz. you're loving the warm—ups, the kind of breaststroke thing. talk us through that. we're flying! we're flying, yeah. we're dancing in the air. semi—finalist 2015. yeah. and when you walk back into this space, how do you feel? at first, the first moment i was really nervous, but then itjust feels like coming home, a little bit. it's so familiar when you've danced week in, week out, week in, week out. that floor and i have got history. there's a lot of anxiety of mine on that floor, and the anxiety came back to greet me. this is anton's underskirt. so this is anton's dress? yeah, that's anton's. that's anton's dress, yeah. no, that's anton's. is this breaking news for you? when do you put on the outfit you're going to be dancing in?
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this is a normal monday for me. it's very good. yeah, i like it. ann and anton — one of the classic strictly pairings, ever. ever. yeah, we agree. some of your routines in 2010, they blew people's minds. that was because i couldn't dance. in the very first two hours of the very first morning's training, anton said to me, i think the less time you spend with your feet on the floor, the better. 0h... what kind of look are we going for here, luca? so today, we're going for pinocchio. well, a girl pinocchio, with hair done. yes. earlier, we saw your stunt down the chimney. so is this going to affect your hair, potentially?
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i didn't think about that. do you know what? it'll make it easier, because i don't like it when my hair's in my face. today is very special, it's christmas day, so everyone is having a nice, magic day. not competitive. not competitive, really? define competitiveness, and everything. not competitive, but we want to win. tim muffet with preparations for tonight's special. and continuing the christmas themed... and continuing the christmas themed... president trump and first lady melania trump have been getting into the christmas spirit by taking calls from children anxious to find out where father christmas was on his journey. in one conversation, mr trump asked a seven—year—old boy whether he believed in santa,
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before saying it was "marginal" to do so at that age. that is very good, you just have a good time. do you still believe in sa nta ? good time. do you still believe in santa ? because at good time. do you still believe in santa? because at seven it is marginal. you just enjoy yourself. the child was one of several callers taking part in the norad tracks santa programme, a christmas eve tradition that started after a child mistakenly called the forerunner to the programme in 1955 asking to speak to santa. now it's time for a look at the weather with carole kirkwood. merry christmas! it's been a cloudy start to the day. as we go through the afternoon it's also going to remain fairly cloudy for most of us. we've had some fog this morning, some of it is still clinging on and some of it will last all day. if that happens for you, it will hold the temperature down.
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but the high—pressure is still firmly in charge. bit of a weather front moving from the west to east across scotland introducing some light and patchy rain. but not much of a breeze today at all. fair bit of cloud this afternoon, some brighter breaks when we lose the rain across north east scotland. we will see some sunshine and parts of north—east england also seeing some sunshine. the same too through parts of east anglia and the south—east, the midlands and north east wales. but for the rest of us, it will remain cloudy but milder than it was yesterday with temperatures between about six and 12 degrees. now, through this evening and overnight it's going to remain fairly cloudy but where the cloud breaks across north east scotland, it could well be cold enough for you for a touch of frost. the other thing happening is, there'll be some patchy mist and fog forming. most of the fog will be in the hills and a weather front it will be introducing some rain across the northern and western isles and also in north—west scotland. so that's how we stop boxing day, with this cloud and rain. but once again, for most of the uk, it it's going to be a fairly cloudy picture.
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the second half of the day starts to see some of that cloud break—up, particularly across southern counties and we'll see some sunshine developed. but here, temperatures about ten to 12 and in the north, ten to 12 so a milder day than christmas day. as we head into thursday, we still have wednesday's front moving round the north of scotland. moving into the west at times, introducing some light, patchy rain. hardly an isobar in the charts, that means it's not going to be windy. so thursday we start off once again with a fair bit of cloud around. we have a weather front producing some patchy rain across northern and western scotland but you can see more breaks developing on thursday, meaning we will see more sunshine. but not quite as mild, temperatures in the south nine to about 11, tens and 11 as we push further north. into friday and the weekend, still a lot of settled weather to be had. now, overnight friday into saturday, we'll have some rain which will clear, leaving us with a mostly dry day on saturday and mild. hello this is bbc news.
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the headlines: rescuers in indonesia say they're worried about disease spreading following the tsunami on saturday, which has killed more than 420 people. 150 remain missing. actor kevin spacey is charged with sexual assault in america and releases a video addressing allegations made against him. after three days of disruption at gatwick airport, the government says drone detection systems can now be deployed throughout the uk. religious ceremonies get under way around the world to celebrate christmas day. hundreds sturn out to see the royal family attend their traditional church service in sandringham this morning.
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