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this is bbc news. i'm simon mccoy. the headlines at one o'clock. rescuers in indonesia say they're worried about disease spreading following the tsunami on saturday which has killed more than 420 people. 150 remain missing. hundreds turned out to greet the royal family for church at sandringham but prince philip and camilla did not attend the service this year. actor kevin spacey is charged with sexual assault in america and releases a video addressing allegations made against him. japan's main stock market index has plunged amid us uncertainty after wall street suffers its worst christmas eve on record. in his christmas message, pope francis has appealed for fraternity between individuals, nations and religions, to help solve the conflicts of the world. and in half an hour, robert hall looks back on how people marked 100 years since the end of the first world war. good afternoon and merry christmas.
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indonesia's disaster agency now say at least a29 people were killed and a further 150 are still missing following the volcanic eruption and tsunami that swept through sunda strait on saturday. more than 1,400 people have been injured. thousands of people who live on the islands of java and sumatra have been forced to evacuate to higher ground as the tsunami hit coastal areas. charities in indonesia say they're worried about disease spreading as clean water and medicine supplies are dwindling. from the scene, sameer hashmi sent this report. it was supposed to be a busy christmas for tomy, but it's turned out to be empty. his beach facing resort, were shattered when a strong wave from the sea powered its way through these doors on the night of the tsunami.
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in this muslim dominated country, tommy is from the christian minority. and on a day he should be celebrating, he's busy picking up pieces of his retirement plan. translation: i was with my guests when i saw a huge wave that went over the yard. i shouted, "this might be a tsunami". i asked the people to move up to the second floor and then the next wave came in so quickly, the guests who were in the lobby, were dragged all the way to the road. the government has now turned its attention providing relief for thousands of people who have been displaced. several such centres have been set up to collect food and clothing. leading the relief and rescue operations in this region is this commander. he says progress has been difficult. the challenge will be mostly because of the water right now. it's rainy season, the end of the year. we try hard to still keep searching the shore. the special forces have been jointly conducting rescue operations
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with the national search agency across all the affected regions. we have been following the rescue team for the last hour and they have been going from one beach to another, trying to sift through the debris to look for more survivors. there are still many people that are missing. the team are still optimistic and hopeful, even though they realise that this has been a year of disasters for indonesia. the president has ordered the installation of a new, advanced tsunami warning system. if 2018 has shown anything, it's that in a country as seismically active as indonesia, all help is needed to quell mother nature's fury. sameer hashmi, bbc news. rosemarie north is from the the international federation of red cross and red crescent societies and has just arrived in banten province. thank you forjoining us. good of
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you tojoin us on a busy thank you forjoining us. good of you to join us on a busy day. i know the pressure is now on avoiding disease and that's principally is done by freshwater? that's right. we know after a tsunami, infrastructure is damaged and people are displaced. that means they are living away from their homes, in this case we note 16,000 people have moved away from the coastline and are living or pale with families or neighbours or in masks. that means they don't have access to normal water supplies. they might have overcrowding. the red cross is concentrating heavily on providing fresh drinking water as well as the relief materials. medical supplies are important, given the number of people who have serious injuries some of them. that's right. what we're seeing is a mixture of things. we are seeing injuries like broken bones and
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scrapes, sometimes head injuries where people have been slammed against a wall by the waves. we're also seeing people with long—standing conditions that haven't been helped by this disaster, diabetes and someone. then we are worried about waterborne diseases like dengue fever because the conditions are not great. it is 110w the conditions are not great. it is now the rainy season. to add to this all, it is quite cool and it has been raining so it is tougher people who are sleeping rough. presumably, that always fears of another tsunami. that's right. you have to remember, is not even three days since this terrible tragedy. people are jittery. the red cross teams was in a village today where there was a rumour about another wave coming and people just ran. also today, the government asked us to pause in the
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search and rescue because it is still extremely high tides because ofa still extremely high tides because of a combination of the moon. it was just too dangerous. there is a real sense that something else could happen and are we safe to return to this coastline? this is something we have seen from other disasters, you have seen from other disasters, you have after—shocks after earthquakes. it will take a while for people to feel confident in their surroundings again. indonesia is disaster prone and this coastline is as well. given the sudden nature of this particular tsunami, presumably a lot of people are still in shock. shark is a medical term, no doubt they are disturbed when there environments changes dramatically. the other thing that is quite disturbing to me as well is the waves we re disturbing to me as well is the waves were relatively low, they were
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30 centimetres to 90 centimetres height that they came on the top of the high tides. they came with this enormous power. you can't imagine some towering wave, it was this low, powerful surge of water. to have that invading our environment, your home, your road, very disturbing. very good of you to join us. thank you very much. the queen and members of the royal family have attended church in sandringham in norfolk. prince philip did not attend the christmas day service but a palace spokesman said he was in perfectly good health. also absent was the duchess of cornwall who is recovering from a heavy cold. the duchess of sussex is enjoying her first christmas as a member of the royal family. she was the first non—married partner to be invited to sandringham last year, now she is due to give birth to a royal baby in the spring. joining me now from among the crowds at the sandringham estate in norfolk, is our correspondent charlotte gallagher. looking rather lonely, actually!”
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promise there are some people here. earlier on there were hundreds and hundreds of people here to see the royal family. somewhere here from half past four in the morning, even though it was dark and freezing cold. there were still people are queueing up waiting to see the royal family. there were two high—profile people missing, the duke of edinburgh and the duchess of cornwall. there were plenty of the royal family members for people to meet as i am joined by a family who have come from london but from the are from pittsburgh in america originally. this is yourfirst christmas in sandringham. originally. this is yourfirst christmas in sandringhamm originally. this is yourfirst christmas in sandringham. it was really, really exciting. how was it? it exceeded all of our expectations. we didn't think we would get shake their hand, we had conversations with them. it's like a dream come true. you've not left in the uk that
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long, so for yourfirst true. you've not left in the uk that long, so for your first christmas, to meet the royal family, you can't get better than that.” to meet the royal family, you can't get better than that. i don't know how we're going to top this next year! joshua, i saw you talking to a lot of the royal family first how much did you speak to? for. i met harry, william, william and megan. what did they say to you? kate said,,i what did they say to you? kate said,, itold what did they say to you? kate said,, i told it was my birthday. she said eu like lego? who is your favourite? they are all the same. who did you meet? i said hi to william and to kate. did you ever think he would meet british prince? no. it was exciting. i never thought
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i'd meet them. how did you find it? it was amazing. i never thought we'd meet them. we all saw the queen last summerat meet them. we all saw the queen last summer at windsor for them i didn't think we would see her today, she was only 20 feet away. so you're a regular at a royal functions! was only 20 feet away. so you're a regular at a royalfunctions! how are you going to top this next year? it was a wonderful day. we got to see the royals, but experienced this english tradition. it is worth everyone coming out. come next year. henderson hundreds of people enjoying the day here, simon. people from all over the world, america, australia and canada, and people from around the corner as well. most of them have gone home. the royal family are enjoying a traditional christmas lunch at sandringham. then they will gather round to watch the queen's speech at three o'clock.
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charlotte, thank you very much. the pope has appealed for brotherly love between people of all races, nations and religions to help solve the conflicts of the world. in his traditional christmas message, he said differences were not a danger but a source of richness. the archbishop of canterbury, justin welby, used his christmas sermon to speak of peace and unity at a time of challenge and discord. here's our religious affairs editor, martin bashir. with the basilica bathed in sunshine, pope francis began his address by asking what is the universal message of christmas. it is, he said, that god is a good father and we are all brothers and sisters, common humanity, despite our ethnic and cultural differences. translation: by his incarnation, the son of god tells us that savaltion comes from love, acceptance and respect of this poor humanity of ours, which we all share in a variety of languages and cultures.
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he followed this with a litany of nations at enmity, from syria to the ukraine. the korean peninsula to the middle east, where he pleaded for israelis and palestinians to resume dialogue in a place, he said, was chosen by the lord, but torn apart by conflicts. translation: may all of us receive peace and constellation from the birth of the saviour in the knowledge we are loved by the one, heavenly father. realising you, that we are brothers and sisters and come to live as such. at canterbury, justin welby also emphasised that the gospel of christ is not divisive but unifying, and said that god's language of love must replace the language of conflict. people will rejoice and celebrate other things that christmas today. they will carry on with their lives, they will do good things
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and bad things. they will cause trouble and they will bring joy. although he did not mention the political challenges that lie ahead for the nation, justin welby, like other religious leaders, had used his christmas sermon to speak of peace and unity at a time of challenge and discord. let's speak now to our correspondent in rome, james reynolds. the pope, as he has throughout his papacy, placing that divide between rich and poor. this was a message that he began with his address to the christmas eve mass in the same basilica last night. he warned people against the access of materialism. a lot of people will
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remember the pope decided several yea rs remember the pope decided several years ago not to live in the rather palatial papal years ago not to live in the rather palatial pa pal palace, years ago not to live in the rather palatial papal palace, instead he lives in room 201. his message is something that people come his supporters, feel he lives. today in that message from the balcony he went through a list of the world's conflicts calling for a resolution and in particular he called for solidarity with christian communities. in order to reinforce that law, the pope has said his senior official to iraq for the festive season to hold services there. on this day from the pope, a message about materialism. yes, it is something the pope has talked about again and again. he believes that is something people fall prone to, they could spend much more time giving alms to the poor
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and looking after the poor. in recent days, the pope has opened a new clinic for homeless people, he has opened a laundry service for them, he has made a cardinal of one of the priests who was looking after poor people. he sees that as one of the themes of his papacy. here is the themes of his papacy. here is the wider point, you just don't get to pick the things of you people seek, offence choose those themes for you. 2018 isn't necessarily remembered for the pope ‘s call for the stop of materialism as it will be remembered for the scope of the clerical child abuse crisis which has washed against the vatican and called in question a lot of the pope'sjudgment. a very merry christmas to you. the headlines on bbc news... rescuers in indonesia say they're worried about disease spreading following the tsunami on saturday which has killed more than 420 people. 150 remain missing. hundreds turned out to greet the royal family
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for church at sandringham but prince philip and camilla did not attend the service this year. in his christmas message, pope francis has appealed for fraternity between individuals, nations and religions, to help solve the conflicts of the world. the american actor kevin spacey has been charged with sexually assaulting a teenager in 2016. the alleged victim is the son of a us television news anchor. mr spacey has previously said he didn't remember the incident. andy moore reports. here is an interesting tidbit that none of you may know... kevin spacey has been accused of unwanted sexual advances by more than 30 men, but these are the first allegations to get as far as court. i don't make this up... injuly 2016... he's accused of groping the teenage son of a television news reader in a bar. allegations that were first made public in a press conference last year. to kevin spacey, i want to say this —
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shame on you for what you did to my son. shortly after the charge was announced, kevin spacey released a video in which he adopted the role of his character frank underwood from house of cards. he made no direct reference to the accusations, but he said enigmatically, "you wouldn't rush to judgement without the facts, would you?" kevin spacey is the winner of numerous acting awards, but his career has come to a standstill since the first allegation was made. at the time he apologised for inappropriate drunken behaviour. he's since made an absolute denial of all the other allegations. in the uk, police are investigating six accusations of sexual assault dating from spacey‘s time as artistic director at london's old vic. andy moore, bbc news. two 15—year—old teenagers have been charged with the murder of a man in tottenham, north london at the weekend. 25—year—old wilham mendes, a portuguese national,
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was stabbed to death during an incident on saturday night. after a series of recent attempts by migrants to cross the channel by boat to reach the uk, there's been another incident overnight. it's understood three vessels were intercepted off the kent coast this morning. the border force and lifeboats have been involved. the first boat stopped early this morning was carrying 13 people. asian stock markets have fallen sharply in response to fears about the us economy. yesterday, us shares suffered their worst christmas eve performance ever. kim gittleson explains what's behind some of those market fears. it started off friendly enough. it is my pleasure and my honour to announcejerome powell to be the next chairman of the federal reserve. congratulations. but it is a relationship that has quickly turned sour. the fed is out of control, i think what they are doing is wrong. now president trump is reported to be threatening to fire his
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hand—picked fed chair while blasting america's central bank for its decision to continue to raise interest rates. most recently he said in a tweet that the fed was out of touch with markets. the president's ongoing criticism of the fed has worried investors and efforts by us treasury secretary steven mnuchin to soothe markets by releasing a letter saying he spoke to six big bank bosses seems to have backfired. we were not worried about the banks and all of a sudden you are telling us we should be worried about the banks and i think that is where we saw an extra downward momentum which was contrary to what the treasury had hoped and unfortunately it added more chaos instead of clarity. now the dowjones is flirting with its worth worst monthly performance since the great depression and the us markets that were once the envy of the world have become a global drag, pulling down indices injapan and europe. but with the us government shutdown and a president that feels increasingly isolated it is unlikely investors looking for a holiday
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truce will find much to cheer. britain's security forces now have the technology needed to help combat the threat of drones, according the security minister ben wallace. it follows three days of disruption last week at london's gatwick airport. monika plaha has this report. christmas was almost cancelled, with three days of chaos and thousands of flights grounded or diverted, but after the drone disruption at gatwick, ministers now say they have the technology to curb the problem. taking to twitter on christmas eve, security minister ben wallace announced "we are now able to deploy detection systems throughout the uk to combat this threat." for the 140,000 passengers whose flights were cancelled or diverted, it's too late. police made two arrests over the incident, but elaine kirk and paul gait were eventually released without charge and cleared of any involvement.
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but they came home to find their names in some of the sunday papers along with their photos and details of their private lives. as you can probably imagine, we are feeling completely violated, our home has been searched and our privacy and identity completely exposed. 0ur names, photos, and other personal information have been broadcast throughout the world. we are deeply distressed, as are our family and friends. and we are currently receiving medical care. their experience has raised concerns about the coverage. the airport has offered a £50,000 reward through crime stoppers to catch the culprits responsible for the drama. monika plaha, bbc news. earlier this month, mexico agreed to a trump administration plan obliging people seeking asylum in the us to stay in mexico while their applications are processed.
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that's a big change for thousands of central american migrants from the caravan that crossed mexico in recent weeks. they are now spending christmas stuck in the violent border city of tijuana, and conditions there are getting worse. will grant reports. samuel's family imagined they'd be building their lives in the us rather than a tent in mexico by now. but not any more. under new rules, they must remain in mexico in such flimsy accommodation as they wait on their asylum applications. the change was a temporary measure for humanitarian reasons, the foreign secretary said, as mexico is considered a safe third country. how safe though? in recent days, two honduran teenagers from the caravan were killed on tijuana's streets. we saw samuel, his wife and baby madalyn often on theirjourney. they are typical of the migrant families, poor, exhausted and fleeing the threat of violence.
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having risked everything to reach this point, they are reluctant to turn back now, but know they could spend months, if not years waiting in one of mexico's most dangerous cities. translation: we can't go back because i had death threats from the gangs in honduras. they came to the house looking for me several times, so we had to escape. as the weeks of hardship take their toll, food is scarce and conditions unsanitary. the city has opened a second migrant shelter, but it isn't enough. there's now an increasingly large number of people who will be stuck in these conditions and this legal limbo, notjust through christmas, but well into next year. hundreds have already returned to central america and the mexican authorities are encouraging others to do the same — to head home for christmas. this decision on asylum has caught many off—guard. translation: how can you ask for asylum from one country and be in another? it doesn't make sense.
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president trump hated the old system, calling it catch and release. this change is what he wanted from mexico, for those trapped at the border though, this new agreementjust made a bleak christmas even tougher. will grant, bbc news, tijuana. while we may all sometimes feel alone, chronic loneliness can be difficult to escape, especially at this time of the year. mike nile is a man on a mission, tackling the issue in his home town of doncaster. alison freeman has been to meet him. it was loneliness that inspired mike to set up this club, but notjust the loneliness of the older people he is helping. living in a city like london, where it's so fast—paced and there's always something going on, even though you've got mates around you, it can be quite isolating, and i did feel quite isolated at the time. aged 31, he gave up a busyjob in london and moved back in with his parents in doncaster so he could set up the charity b:friend, which links older people with a younger buddy.
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he had the idea after volunteering for a similar charity in london, where he made friends with a woman in her 70s. it allowed me to have, like, a connection to the community, a rock that was always there. and she was able to provide me so much, like, reassurance, and wisdom and guidance. it's a really mutually beneficial thing. while obviously the person who is isolated is getting company and companionship, and being valued by someone, the friend is often getting something of value, as well. two years on, mike employs five staff, and has created almost 120 friendships. how are you? i've been watching all the children telling father christmas how good they've been on telly. like 27—year—old harley, and jean, who is about to turn 90. i'm just so happy that i've been able to have such an impact on her life, and take her shopping, and do the things that she would not be able to do without me here. it cheers me up no end.
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at first i didn't think i would want it, but i wouldn't want to stop now. i don't see it as volunteering now. i definitely don't see it as coming in every week, one hour. i always stay longer than an hour. mike's charity has had some good news. b:friend is to get a slice of £11.5 million the government is using to tackle loneliness. so we've decided to invest £100,000 in b:friend, because it is a fantastic one—to—one befriending service, which can be scaled up. and that's part of the package of £11.5 million which we're putting out across england to make changes in loneliness and isolation. this additional funding from the government really allows us to take this model that we have built and reach more people. # we wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year... this week, mike put on christmas parties for more than 200 older men and women who attend his groups, and today he is hosting a christmas
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lunch for more than a0 older people who might have otherwise spent the day alone. now it's time for a look at the weather. it is mild. why would you say it is called? does this look old? does give us the weather! i completely lost the plot for a second! it is not cold at all, it is mild. it was cold in the north—east of scotla nd mild. it was cold in the north—east of scotland today, first thing this morning. it is minus eight celsius, which is on the cold starts to christmas day for many, many years. this is what the weather looks like this afternoon. we've got
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temperatures of around 10 degrees in belfast, he is an area is about 6 degrees. tonight, not an awful lot changes. we've got some clear spells here on that but it is pretty much the same, mild, not particularly cold. in the north—west of the country, in scotland, we've got spots of rain come 10 degrees. the weather is changing message on boxing day. temperatures might dip a little bit by thursday but the next speu little bit by thursday but the next spell of wet and windy weather potentially heading our way into the weekend across northern areas. at the moment, it is quiet. hello, this is bbc news.
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i'm simon mccoy. the headlines: rescuers in indonesia say they're worried about disease spreading following the tsunami on saturday, which has killed more than 420 people. 150 remain missing hundreds turn out to see the royal family for church at sandringham — but prince phillip and camilla did not attend the service this year. actor kevin spacey is charged with sexual assault in america and releases a video addressing allegations made against him. japan's main stock market index has plunged amid us uncertainty, after wall street suffers its worst christmas eve on record. in his christmas message, pope francis has appealed for fraternity between individuals, nations and religions, to help solve the conflicts of the world. now, as we near the end
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of 2018, events to mark 100 years since the end of world war one have come to a close. for this special programme, the bbc‘s robert hall has been finding out people across britain commemorated those who fought and died a century ago. last month, europe marked the end of the terrible conflict. the first world war cost millions of lives and ruined millions more. a century on from the armistice, this generation paused to remember tragedies both global and personal. you just cannot believe what man can do to man.


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