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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  January 4, 2019 6:30pm-7:00pm GMT

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are seeking prisonjobs in order to smuggle in drugs. cheering the couple who hit the jackpot. they plan to share their good fortune — after winning the £115 million prize. in a moment it will be time for sportsday, but first a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news. at 7:00, we'll be live in horsley for the latest developments as a manhunt gets under way for the suspect who fled the scene after a vicious fight. at 7:10, we'll hear from a foreign policy analyst about the implications of the dual american and british national detained on espionage charges in moscow. and coming up later this evening, we'll take a first look at tomorrow's front pages in the papers with my guests. joined me is kevin schofield and
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dawn foster. that's at 10:40 and 11:20. that's all ahead on bbc news. now on bbc news it's time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday. it‘s fa cup third round weekend— tranmere produced a moment of magic in the last round — can they do it again against tottenham tonight. it felt like a cup final — but who's trophy is it now as city blow the title race wide open. i'll continue to go with liverpool. i think manchester city are magnificent and they will push liverpool all the way. and a super day in the superleague in what is a big year in netball.
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hello and welcome to sportsday. cup upsets, shocks and surprises — we could have it all this weekend as the spirit of football's oldest cup competition comes alive as the premier league sides join at the third round stage. tranmere get us under way against tottenham tonight in one of 32 ties played across the weekend — we'll be at prenton park shortly — but before that ben croucher‘s been taking a look at where those cup upsets could fall. he scored! arsenalface humiliation.
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what a goal! what a goal! who's got the taste for an upset? will we see one at goodison park? ever to know about lead to dangers, 2003 shrewsbury. they came unstuck. now the imps looking to cause mischief two years on from that magical run to the quarterfinals. they take the lead at premier league burnley! can they shock again? across the bridge and into wales where newport on the lookout for a premier league ceased. but for harry kane, what fate could befall leicester? to the no doubt to return some silverware in this most difficult of seasons. recent wins over chelsea and man city suggest they could surprise a few. from the girls to the guild. two decades on
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from their finest feet, seeing off premier league strugglers to reach the last eight. where can i find one of those? cardiff perhaps, or will be bluebirds be singing like 2008? unlikely finalists on the championship before portsmouth had the final word. chelsea's final word is often in the final. 1-0 to chelsea. fa cup winners 2018. the defending champions facing nottingham forest. deja vu. last year arsenal went down to the woods that day, they can be sure of the big surprise. going for another! forest caught them unawares and hoping for similar success at sta mford hoping for similar success at stamford bridge. if there is an upset on the cards, how about the cards aka working? they've already played five rounds to get this far, and achievement they managed just twice, never further. although and achievement they managed just twice, neverfurther. although they took commentary to a replay 22 years ago, they've never beaten a
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top—flight team either —— coventry. we'll watch win, harry? —— will watford win? richard askin is at trenton park. what are the chances?” richard askin is at trenton park. what are the chances? i suppose they are what are the chances? i suppose they a re pretty what are the chances? i suppose they are pretty slim. you never know but for league to tranmere, no matter what team morrissey are pocketing a puts out, it's going to be a tall order —— now are all the supporters will pack into this sold—out prenton park. they are delighted to be back competing at that level. the former fa chief executive has built it back up, he was a player here as well. they've breathed new life back into this
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club. is so often at the third round stage when the premier league clubs join we see the top teams shuffle the pack and that can often cause an upset. tottenham likely to do that tonight? we are hearing most of the big guns are here, whether they will start will be on the bench we will see. i'm sure mauricio pochettino will keep a few of the big guns in reserve just in case. what his starting line—up will be, i'm sure it will be a second strip but we know how strong spurs are, going so strongly in the premier league and chasing the title. they will be a strong outfit tonight. they will be looking to do well, it's possibly one of their best chances of silverware this season and i'm sure no matter what team, it will be very strong. the atmosphere in here, i don't know if you've been here but particularly under the lights at
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prenton park, it can be fantastic. it is sold out and it will be a terrific tie. you expect even with that atmosphere, tottenham may have a bit too much for tranmere rovers tonight. thank you. it's expected to be the highest attendance in 22 years for woking — the lowest ranked side, one of two non—league sides in the draw. they also face premier league opponents in watford in their televised game on sunday. a team of part timers, who you might be surprised to learn have commentator martin tyler in their dugout, who works as the team's coach in his spare time. another man juggling jobs, is english teacher come striker paul hodges. and chris slegg's been to meet him. the goal against swindon which puts woking a place in the fa cup third round for the first time since 1997. it's a goal! and another reason to celebrate, when the draw handed them a match at home to premier league
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opponents. waking have a premier league team as well! they have watford. for paul hodges, an english teacher at a school in sunbury, the fa cupfairy teacher at a school in sunbury, the fa cup fairy tale is as magical as anything his year nine pupils are reading. to play against a premier league team, you never think you'll be able to get that chance and we've been blessed to have that chance. watford where semifinalists three yea rs watford where semifinalists three years ago, top stars that reportedly earn £100,000 a week. it's a life far removed from the part—time players of waking. i think they are ona players of waking. i think they are on a bit more than me as a teacher. but i love teaching, i'm excited to teach my students. they are great kids, they are intelligent and funny. when i get on the pitch it's a different kind of energy. it's a chance to really enjoy myself and do something i'm lucky today. i love doing both. who is your literary inspiration and to show footballing inspiration? i'm a big fan of
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charles dickens, as i was growing up reading their stories. 0n the football pitch it was always frank lampard. i always loved his energy and drive. what do the peoples make of their teachers fa cup chances? i'm hoping they will win.|j of their teachers fa cup chances? i'm hoping they will win. i think they are going to do really well. as long as they persevere. i'm really excited for mr hodges to be playing against such a high—level team as watford. when we were sitting in the clubhouse and the draw was made, a couple of fans said we might be able to win this. i said to the lads, that's a bit optimistic. but you actually never know. it's an occasion that will never happen again and! occasion that will never happen again and i think we'll be really disappointed in ourselves if we don't give it our best shot. there will be plenty of support from the school. from cup upset to permanent upset,
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blackpool play arsenal tomorrow evening. supporters trust of blackpool asking them not to spend any money inside the ground to avoid lining the pockets of the club's owners. christine is chair of the blackpool supporters trust. it's fairto blackpool supporters trust. it's fair to say you've been unhappy for a long time, hence this effort tomorrow to prevent fans and supporters lining the pockets of the owners. that's correct. it's a very sad situation but blackpool fans have been boycotting any game that financially benefits the owners since 2015. it's a very long time to do that. we are asking visitors, we don't expect them not to come but if they can spend their money in the pubs and fish and chip shops around the ground that would help the local community that's been badly impacted but doesn't give any money to 0wen 0yston who owns the club. the
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history of the fa cup which makes this competition so special, here you are as a blackpool fan, blackpool supporters on the eve of what should be a monumental day, and yet here we are, you're expecting more travelling fans to be inside the stadium than your own supporters. that is a sad state of affairs. it's an appalling state of affairs. it's an appalling state of affairs. frankly, blackpool fans are angry that we've had to resort to this because there is nobody, and i include the football authorities, who seem unable to stand up to rogue owners. we had to take this decision because we have nojudge, no referee of our reign, to stand in and help us. of our reign, to stand in and help us. are you likely to be at the game tomorrow, and how many blackpool supporters are you expecting? from what we can tell it looks like there is only about 3000 tickets sold for the home stands. that's actually less tha n the home stands. that's actually less than i thought because the draw ofa less than i thought because the draw of a club like arsenal, i would have
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thought would have attracted locals who may not be blackpool fans. it shows that the boycott is holding andi shows that the boycott is holding and i will be outside the ground, as iam and i will be outside the ground, as i am before every single home game as part of blackpool supporters trust, we are a symbolic presence outside because we need people to know that we haven't abandoned the club. we're still here, we are fighting for the future of club. it's very hard when it comes to kick off and we have to pack up and go home. we have asked blackpool for their response to the stance taken by some of the fans and we are waiting to hear from them. stay with us. still to come. building on a big year for england netball — why professionalism in the sport may not be far away. we wa nt we want a full—time professional league. it is the thing we want. we wa nt to league. it is the thing we want. we want to be the same as australia,
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well, we want to be better than australia but we want a full—time professional league. but before that, it's a break for the time being at least in the premier league this weekend after the title race was blown wide open with manchester city's two one victory over liverpool last night. pep guardiola said he doesn't remember a league so tough with so many title contenders. as the champions cut liverpool's lead at the top to four points with 17 games of the season remaining. who then is the favourite now? i'll go with liverpool. i'll continue to go with liverpool. i think man city are magnificent and they will push liverpool all the way, which you would expect because they are trying to retain the premier league, which hasn't been done for many years. you have to give them the credit for winning the game last night because they had to. but i'm going to go with liverpool, because there is a weight of expectation on them, they are under pressure, but i think liverpool can do it and i'll go with them because i tipped them at the start.
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i hope they can do it. it's been a 29 year wait — some have suggested tottenham have been overlooked in the title talk — their manager mauricio pochettino labelled his side intruders in the title race before defeat to wolves over the festive period. but city's victory leaves spurs two points behind the champions and six behind the league leaders. the real contenders are man city and liverpool. i think we are there because we deserve to be there, but we need to show more consistency to be there another season. if we are not able to be consistent the whole season maybe we will be fighting at the end of the season. liverpool, manchester city are a more real contenders than us. let's have look at each of the three teams next six league fixtures.
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liverpool have arguably the easier run, just the derby with manchester united to come that stands out. manchester city meanwhile face arsenal and chelsea at home — tottenham play united in the league before facing three sides in the bottom half. what about against each other. well liverpool and city have both played each other home and away — tottenham have to play both the top two. they travel to liverpool in march and also have to go to the etihad in april, which could prove pivotal in how the rest of the season unfolds. scotland are preparing for a big year in women's football, ahead of the world cup in france this summer. they're competing in the tournament for the first time and announced their squad for two up coming friendlies against norway and iceland today. jane lewis reports. a new year and a new focus for
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sheuey a new year and a new focus for shelley kerr as the scotland women's tea m shelley kerr as the scotland women's team look forward to their first ever world cup. preparations start 110w. ever world cup. preparations start now. shelley kerr may have named her latest squad at the national stadium but for the most part scotland's world cup preparations will take place away from home soil. they head out to la manga in spain where they will take on iceland and norway. that's followed by a place at the algarve cup. in april and may, two more camps for the scotland squad before they take on england in their opening world cup fixture injune. by opening world cup fixture injune. by the time jean opening world cup fixture injune. by the timejean comes around, sheuey by the timejean comes around, shelley kerr is confident she'll have her strongest squad at her disposal. for this month's friendly she's about five players including horsey and lee alexander. —— without five players. she's without kim little who broke her leg in october.
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today, kim little has told the bbc she is back in full training and close to an arsenal return. pin is very, very strong mentally. she came back from an injury, her return to play was excellent, the club did really well especially the arsenal medical team. the same process is taking place for this injury. hopes for a little return soon. this is what she and others are eyeing. france this summer and a first world cup. everyone needs to be at their very, very best. the expectations of a nation are on your shoulders and that's not any different for me as a coach. it's my first time at a world cup as well, we need to make sure my focus is solely on preparing the players and the team to dry and perform to the best of their ability. if they can do that, who
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knows. there could be more scenes like this. let's have quick look at some of the other sport stories in the news today. bournemouth have agreed to pay liverpool £19 million for striker dominic solanke — he'd been due to join crystal palace on loan earlier this week but the deal fell through because of fitness concerns. heading in the same direction, defender nathaniel clyne on loan until the end of the season. the england right—back has struggled with injury playing only five games last season. the fa have asked for information after an unnamed england player was reportedly "kicked out of a nightclub for taking cocaine". the allegations were made in the sun newspaper. the fa can ban players found to have breached its social drugs policy, with a first—time offence carrying a suspension of up to three months. and london 2012 gold medallist katherine copeland is retiring from rowing after an 11—year career. copeland — seen here on the left — competed at two olympics and secured gold alongside lightweight double sculls partner sophie
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hoskings at london 2012. the head of the us anti—doping agency travis tygart has repeated his call for russia to be suspended from competition, after officials refused to grant investigators access to data from a moscow lab. tygart says the situation is a "totaljoke" — and has urged wada — the world anti—doping agency — to reverse a recent decision that would potentially allow russian athletes to compete in international competition. when are we going to wake up, stop getting played by the russians who perpetrated this scheme, and put an end to it and at least give clean athletes a clear message that we have their back, but their decision to compete clean is the right decision and we are sorry the russians did this. make no mistake, it was nobody‘s fault but the russians that they attempted to pull this scheme off to begin with. now
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is the time to hold them accountable, that's what the olympic values demands, that's what the rules when enforced, that's what it demands. let's see if they decision onjanuary demands. let's see if they decision on january the 14th happens demands. let's see if they decision onjanuary the 14th happens but let's not forget, that's just a recommendation. is the committee meeting going to be called on january the 15th, which is what they should do, or are they going to wait until may the next time the executive committee meets? that's up in the air right now and being in limbo asa in the air right now and being in limbo as a clean athlete is what is so limbo as a clean athlete is what is so extremely frustrating about this process. travis tygart, the head of the us anti—doping agency. if you've got yourself a ticket for the start of netball‘s superleague season in birmingham tomorrow you're in for a treat with all five matches played back to back in what is a huge year for the sport, with the world cup in liverpool in july, as it looks to build on what felt like a watershed momenty as england won gold at the commonwealth games last year. emily croydonjoined me in the studio earlier to look
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ahead to what's to come. after a massive year for netball in 2018 in england, the focus on this yea r‘s 2018 in england, the focus on this year's superleague, on the world cup is bigger than ever before. interest is bigger than ever before. interest is atan is bigger than ever before. interest is at an all—time high, participation at an all—time high, there is a world cup coming up in july. it's such a huge moment for the sport and every ball passed between now and july is crucial in terms of deciding which players will be part of that 12 player squad for the world cup. so, england have a really important series which starts next week but before that all eyes will be on the domestic season. despite england's success, at club level the league is still effectively amateur or at best semi—professional. that has seen england's best players move to play in australia and new zealand over the last decade. five live spoke to
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joanna adams this week and she was determined to be superleague will $0011 determined to be superleague will soon rival the australian excel in the future england's best players will want to stay here. we want a full—time professional league. we wa nt full—time professional league. we want to be the same as australia, well, we want to be better than australia but we want a full—time professional league. we want nipple to bea professional league. we want nipple to be a career choice. that's four coaches and officials as well. we need our superleague clubs to have great investment. until we dominate on an international stage, we will continue to limit imports. we wanted to be the best female league in this country across different sports. anyone who wants a nipple correct, let's turn them into full—time athletes, playing in the league and then develop what that league looks like. so that the english players still get best opportunities. —— anyone who wants a career in netball. now they want to see the
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raises playing over here, i think it's really important for the need to develop. what should we be looking out for? despite what was said about australia and new zealand, the big news is some of england's commonwealth stars are returning to play in the superleague. serena guthrie is widely regarded as the best centre court player in the world and after five successful yea rs court player in the world and after five successful years playing overseas she's decided to come home. she wants to play in the superleague and help progress while she's at the peak of her career. also returning is the england captain. she's playing for pulse. it will be interesting to see what kind of season they have. they've got a big focus on youth say will be really fresh on court. it all gets under
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way tomorrow. it's an incredible opening date of the season. it features all ten franchises playing their opening games back to back at their opening games back to back at the arena in birmingham. saracens announced yesterday a partnership with the rugby club in an interesting move for the sport. it promises to be a thrilling opening day of netball. what a series it's turning out to be for india who remain on course for a first series win in australia after dominating day two of the fourth and final test in sydney. chetashwar pujara, who's proved the difference between the two sides fell seven runs short of his double century on 193. caught and bowled nathan lyon. rishabh pant produced his highest
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test score with 159 not out. captain virat kohli declared an hour before stumps — india remain on course for a first series win in australia. australia might be starting to feel the disappointment of a crushing home defeat their captain tim paine certainly wasn't showing it in his press conference at the end of the second day's play. have a look at this. my my goal, as i said... whose phone is that? tim paine speaking. laughter who is it? ok, who are you after? caseyin who is it? ok, who are you after? casey in hong kong? i, martin. he is in the middle of a press conference, cani in the middle of a press conference, can i get him to call you back? all
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right. no worries, i'll tell him to check his e—mails. thanks, casey. check your e—mails. 598 runs behind — that's all from sportsday. we'll have more for you throughout the evening on bbc news. good evening. mixed fortunes in the sunshine stakes today. for some a beautifully bright day. this is how it looked on the coast in dorset. further north in cumbria, cloudy skies overhead. for the majority, cloud will wind out this weekend. stein largely dry but often cloudy. that cloud circulating around this
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area of high pressure. keeping things predominantly dry but these bigger areas of cloud will continue to feed around the high. where we had clear skies in the south—west, generally will see increasing ploughed through the night. it might stay clear long enough to give a touch of frost in places —— increasing cloud. quite mild across the far north—west with winds from the far north—west with winds from the atlantic. we are pushing these lumps of cloud around the chart, the best chance of seeing some sunshine in parts of the west country first thing. for eastern and north—eastern scotla nd thing. for eastern and north—eastern scotland and the north—east of england. those temperatures will struggle, at best getting up to 4-8d. struggle, at best getting up to 4—8d. three saturday evening a bit ofa 4—8d. three saturday evening a bit of a change. we see this band of light and patchy rain moving across northern ireland. this is tied in
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with a weather front which will sink southwards as we get on into sunday. there won't be much rain along this frontal system, the odd spot of drizzle on sunday. the front bending back into northern ireland. likely to cloud over from the south. the best of the sunshine across scotland. something a bit milder developing by this stage, particularly across the far south—west. the weather steps up a gear into the start of next week. this deep area of low pressure pulses just at the north and that is going to give some outbreaks of rain but also strong winds potentially, particularly across northern scotland. we could see 65—70 mph. further south, not as windy, stain largely dry and often cloudy, a bit less chilly. this is bbc news.
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the headlines at 7: a murder investigation and manhunt is underway following a fatal stabbing onboard a train in surrey. police describe a "shocking and violent attack" which took place onboard the train in broad daylight, saying, "we know this was incredibly frightening for passengers travelling on the train." iamat i am at the scene here in surrey and we will bring you all the latest developments. new guidance says there is little evidence to suggest screentime is harmful to children and parents are the bestjudge of how long their children should spend on smart phones and other devices. the foreign secretary, jeremy hunt, warns russia not to use uk citizens as "diplomatic pawns"
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