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he had a knock up, today on court at melbourne, with grigor dimitrov, as he warms up for his opening australian open match, against roberto bautista—agut, on monday morning. it is so significant because it could be murray's final match because of the pain he has been talking about although if monday goes well, he could cling onto hope of bowing out at wimbleodn. of bowing out at wimbledon. a shocker for me, honestly, because we are the same age, the same generation. it is kind of sad to see him going through what he has been going through in the last couple of years with his injuries. as someone who has been through a major injury with my elbow in the last couple of years, i can definitely empathise with him and relate to what he's going through. obviously, probably the extent of his injury is even worse than mine. seems like he had not a very long career, because today, players are playing that long.
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31. ten years ago, if he retired at 31, we would say that he had a great and very long career. all the best for him. we will miss him. but today, it is him, tomorrow, another one. we are not 20 any more. 0ur generation, everyone is more than 30, and these kind of things happen. well, cameron norrie, who's 23, has been doing his best in the country where he grew up. he made his first atp final in new zealand, and although lost overnight to tenys sandgren, his progress in auckland will see him rise towards the world's top 50. she won the ladies open in abu dhabi
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bya she won the ladies open in abu dhabi by a single shot, it is only her second win in the rest in the european tour. it's bragging rights to ireland ahead of the opening 6 nations weekend, after munster took a big step, towards the quarter—finals of the champions cup with a 41—15 win at gloucester. munster fly—half joe carbery, scored 26—points to outshine the returning danny cipriani, on the other side. he also set up tries for rory scannell, and this one in the second half for andrew conway. the result ends gloucester‘s chances, of qualifying from pool 2 for the next round. australia have beaten india, by 3a runs in the first one day international in sydney. the hosts reached 288 for 5, from their 50 overs, after winning the toss. peter handscomb, top scored with 73, there were also half centuries for usman khawaja and shaun marsh. rohit sharma hit 133 off 129 balls as india tried to stay in the contest. it was also a landmark day for ms dhoni, who became only the 5th indian player to go past the 10 thousand 0di run mark. those efforts were in vain though,
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with india only reaching 254 for 9 and allowing australia to take a i—0 series lead. that's all the sport for now. don't forget you can keep up—to—date on all the stories on the bbc sport website. the latest score from west ham, arsenal, has just website. the latest score from west ham, arsenal, hasjust kicked off, it is 0-0. it ham, arsenal, hasjust kicked off, it is 0—0. it is now time for click. this week the big hitters for 2019, starring bed rockers, skintight suits, the new click intern and queen... well, sort of. 2019 starts with the consumer
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electronic show in las vegas. this is where you come to see all the big new tech, the crazy new ideas and the occasional polar bear. anything to get attention basically which is vegas all over. but what does it all mean? what will the coming year look like? what is the important tech that you need to look out for? we're going to try and tell the story of ces 2019 by bringing you 20 bits of tech in 19 minutes. blimey, that's a lot of stuff in not a lot of time. we better crack on. quick tip: ces is always a mix of big trends and stuffed with nonsense. i'll leave you to work out which is which. so, reset the counter, reset the clock and we'll start with something that is always big here. tvs .
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the big screen technology here is 0led, and lg display is the only company making large 0led screens. now the tech has several advantages. it can be curved, it can do really black blacks or it can be transparent. it can also be very thin and of course it can be 8k which is all the rage with four times the resolution of 4k. the simple structure of 0led also means you can attach these things called exciters to the back of the display. now those are really, really thin things that turn the whole display into a speaker. now there are about five exciters, i think, on the back of the screen i have to say it really does sound like the audio is coming from the right part of the picture and that's basically because it is. and finally this year we've seen actual practical uses of possibly
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0led's coolest feature. it can be bendy. flexible displays, what will they think of doing with them next? anyway, good, 0led is up and running. here comes lara with number two. well if you've been meaning for a while to getting around to having an eye test but haven't quite had time the solution could be best. this device attaches to a smartphone and you can test your own eyes. now what you do is you look through one eye at a time and there is a green line and a red line. and you need to get them to move closer together. you just tap this button on top to do it and... there we go. i hope i'm not going to learn anything surprising. repeat the process on each eye and from there, if needed, you'll be told your prescription so you can order glasses online but you probably also want to know what the numbers it comes up with actually mean.
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this one means you have slight near—sightedness. 0k. not too bad but you might want to go to a doctor and just check out your eyes. ok, so the job hasn't actually been totally done with this? no. well, at least it's a start and each time i tested the device it did come up with consistent results. a new year, a new me. so around the suit are various sensors that are analysing my motion and the idea is that they will be able to tell me if i'm using the correct posture or not when doing various exercises. so if i am not doing my lunges correctly it gives me a ruddy good telling off. front leg angle too shallow. accelerometers, gyroscopes and e compasses inside the suit measure what i am doing and how i am doing it which allows its accompanying app to suitably berate me.
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hip osition too high. arm angle too deep. you have to wirelessly charge it up but it is machine washable. thank goodness. well, there is something we can't unsee. right, number four. self driving cars and we are nowhere near having fully autonomous cars on the road yet but here is a demo where i can use an app to make a fairly autonomous car reverse out of its parking space and drive to a preprogrammed pick—up spot. you have to have driven the route first so it can learn it but it can deviate from the route enough to avoid hitting things or people. there is loads of self driving car tech here at ces but there are other exciting things going on in car too. dave lee is one of them, here he is. so audi thinks it has come up with an idea to keep us more entertained while we are travelling in the back of a car.
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i'm going to check it out. how are we doing? all right, enjoy the ride. i'm ready. this vr was made in collaboration with disney and it monitors data from the car's actual movements. so when i pull away i really feel it because the car is moving. what we have created basically is completely new category of content because it is the first time that it is something that works best in the car. i'm shooting in the game, i am looking around, obviously the movement is determined by where the car is moving so i don't feel in control of where i'm going but it does make it feel very physical. but i don't know. something about the combination of virtual reality and whizzing around a racetrack didn't feel too good. it said it wouldn't make me nauseous. that was a lie. but it's ok because on the ces
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show floor i found a different approach. this is a effort by intel and warner brothers to imagine how we might entertain ourselves when cars are self driving. hello sir. here we go. the monitor is coming up in a very, you know, dramatic fashion. this is very futuristic. yes. there's also this safety tablet which displays data on what is happening around the car, in the real world. that was dave in a car, now how are we doing? five down. plenty more to go but we are going to stop counting for a few minutes to bring you some of the big announcements from ces this year. this place is full of weird and wonderful stuff. some, you may think is slightly over engineered though. everybody needs a smart light sabre obviously. definitely.
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you can track your success on a smartphone. yeah. every year thousands of companies, big and small flock here to show off their wares but usually the big three are notably absent. google broke the tradition last year though, attending for the first time and this year it really went to town. unveiled here is the google assistant‘s new interpreter mode. 0k google, be my french interpreter. je parle un petit peu de francais. i speak a little bit of french. first—time. i will speak to myself. ok, maybe it doesn't get it every time but it is pretty slick. merci beaucoup, au revoir. thank you very much, goodbye. amazon is showing off its echo auto, making alexa available to most cars. meanwhile apple may not be here but it is still making some noise. we are thrilled to
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share a true first. samsung customers in over 100 countries will be able to enjoy itunes movies and tv shows. this itunes app tie—up is unique to samsung but other manufacturers are also getting something apple and that is airplay, which would built into some lg, sony and video tvs. and as usual the stands are full of bright tv. samsung is showing off a micro led display which delivers extra high colour definition. the screen is made up of many tiny micro—leds tightly grouped together which can light up independently. this feature allows for very high contrast and extra bright images, and it is modular so this can be added to change its size and make for different viewing experiences.
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here is a 200 inch one. most tvs on show here are 8k but most of the content we have isn't, and this is where ai comes to the rescue. manufacturers are building artificial intelligence into tv sets to up res the content they received. and it's all about al in these halls this year. beyond voice activation for everything, even your toilet, ai is featuring in many smart devices. and i no longer need to worry how much energy my smart device is using because i found a treadmill that will harness the power of my work—out. i mightjust need to go a little bit faster. that was lara and now time to restart the clock and it turns out nick is not the only one who has been to the gym recently.
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i'm facing up to a very unusual opponent. truth be known i'm not a skilled boxer, more into unboxing if you know what i mean. but although the bot boxer here is successfully dodging most of my jabs, it is letting me land the occasional hit. its infrared sensors keep track of me and its reaction times can be set to match the scale of the opponent, along with how tired it gets overtime and how many mistakes it makes, to give one a fighting chance. 52. now at the moment for some reason they have got this set to amazon mode. but you can turn the sensitivity all the way up, at which point they say no human can actually punch fast enough. let's do that now. ok, now it is impossible to hit, even in slow motion. all right, let's get
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a professional in here. step back. yeah, shut up. this is alex, national middleweight champion and marginally better than me. he's playing the bot boxer in knockout mode. and he's doing all right. johnny's gym has been here in vegas for 70 years and the most famous boxers in the world have sparred here. george foreman, muhammad ali, mike tyson and maybe alex will be among those names one—day. we've asked him to try out something that is on show at ces for the first time, something that helps to detect a massive problem boxing and in sport generally. concussion. eyesync uses a modified vr headset to track how accurately alex's eyes can follow moving points. same deal, follow those target positions.
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the system can then tell whether there may be an and underlying brain injury to be concerned about. here the results show that alex's left brain responds better than his right, nothing to worry about in the moment but something which can be worked on. it in use already by the golden state warriors basketball team here in the us and eyesync‘s creators say the system could also help look for early signs of dementia. meanwhile nick has met a different alex who has created something to prevent injuries in the first place. not in boxing, in cycling. today we know the main areas impacted during an accident are the head, the thorax and the neck. so this is why we decided to develop this where it is able to protect the thorax, the neck and the impacts. ok, let's put it to the test.
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ouch. let's see that in instant replay. you all right? yeah. embedded sensors follow the riders motion so when the speed or angle doesn't add up it inflates in one tenth of a second, cushioning impact. now, does this act as a flotation device? what do you mean? thank you. health tech is always big at the show but this year there are a few companies offering medication free pain relief. hypno vr is one with what they describe as medical hypnosis, although the pain i was subjected to testing it was pretty minor.
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that didn't really hurt but i'm not sure how much it would have hurt if ifi doesn't have these on. there was no doubt that was relaxing. the idea is that some procedures could possibly be done with local anaesthetic instead of general anaesthetic, if people were feeling calm enough. it's hard for me to judge because obviously all i had to do was lie here, nothing was being done to me apart from somebody pinching my hand. thanks for that. but hey, i feel relaxed. how clean is your drinking water? well here we have six cups of america's finest filter water and if i get the lishtot testdrop pro and move it slowly towards this plastic cup it gives me a blue light which tells me it's ok to drink. the accompanying app gives me a chance of contamination of 40%. but if i do this to each of the other cups, you can see that one is clean as well. what it is actually doing is measuring the differences in the electric field for water that's
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contaminated and not contaminated. now, what we haven't told it is this last cup of filtered water has been spat in by the boss. and look. red light. the app says the chance of contamination is 90%. feels a bit like witchcraft, doesn't it? but it does seem to work. 0k, next up its chris fox who has been out in the sun, cheers. this is no ordinary suncream spray, my body and the droplets have been electrically charged to give me a flawless coating. here i am putting on suncream by hand in front of a uv camera. the suncream absorbs uv light so it shows up black here and makes it easy to see if i have missed a bit. could electrically charged spray offer better protection? so, here is how it works.
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on the spray bottle there are two metal pads and when you squeeze them it puts an electric charge into your body. the droplets it sprays are attracted to your skin. it is a bit like when your hair is attracted to a balloon with static electricity. the company that has made this is called wagner, they are a german company known for their industrial sprayers so they are more used to coating car parks. the prototype sprays factor 6 and factor 10 suncream so it doesn't look as dark on camera but when i pull back my top i was really surprised, it did give me a smooth coating of suncream. there are still a few problems to iron out with the prototype. one of them is that after using it, if you touch anyone you give them quite a nasty static shock and the second one is you are not really supposed to use it on your face. the company did warn me that those statically charged particles will stick everywhere on your skin. they find their way up your nose, they go into your ears, the find their way into your eyes, even if you have
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got your eyes closed. now it is notjust for suncream. the company also plans to offer things like body oil. you can appreciate the applications where this might be useful, as with the suncream or perhaps with a spray tan. where getting an even coating is absolutely crucial. despite the surplus products on show there has been a lot of talk about sustainability this year and that includes how we run our smart homes. what i have here is a smart socket. the idea is you can charge your devices through this and as soon as they are fully powered it will automatically switch itself off. not only does this make things safer but it will also mean that you should use less electricity. the one right here is the european version so it looks a little bit messy with all of the adapters we have attached but later this year, there will be versions released for the rest of the world. whilst right now the main use of this may be for laptops or for phones the company hopes that in the future people are going to be using it for electric bikes or cars. or there is this smart home switch
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which once it is set up doesn't need any leads or any recharging, and with the touch of a button it can operate your sonas or your phillips hue lighting. the new click has energy harvesting technology which claims to provide enough power byjust doing this to make it work. but for those who are more interested in convenience this infrared charging transmitter is hoping to help. the light signal is transmitted to the wide charge receivers that can either be in the form of plug—in charges or actually embedded in the company's home devices. but whilst this kind of charging may prove less energy—efficient, the company does hope it will be used as part ofan ecosystem which makes it simple to turn this whenever it is not in use. ok, that is sustainability. item 12 of 20 done. right, let's rattle
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through some more. now, if you do come to see us don't forget to check out eureka park. this is where all the new, new ideas are being formed, including this, a fully customisable keyboard. with an electronic ink display behind which means you can have qwerty, you can go azerty, chinese, japanese, whatever you fancy. this is also where you will find your new companion robot, another big thing this year. this one is on the japanese external trade stand. in the french area you can have a drink and a stack from the butler bots known as the fresh geoffrey of france. that is the fresh geoffrey of france. this a desktop dishwasher. you don't need to plug it in, just fill it up with a gallon of water, hit the button on the control, bosh, does the dishes. the bumpy roof looks cool but it also disperses the water for a more even clean. next, take some coloured plasticine, make a model, scan it with the clone app
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and then hit the ar animate button to bring it to life and rejoice as your monstrosity hops its way across the floor. that is augmented reality, number 16, done. pretty cool, eh? not as cool though as nick. away from the show floor i'm going subzero to test out a nifty new wearable. better crack that up to 11. this is the ember wave wristband and but instead of air acts like your own personal air—conditioner unit but instead of air it uses a thermal electro module as a heater. it sends you regular pulses of heat to apparently change your body temperature, up to 5 degrees. i certainly need it in this baltic environment. ok, so it's not really suitable for such harsh conditions.
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it is intended more for the sudden temperature changes during the morning commute or to improve your individual temperature in communal areas. heaven forbid you should open a window or put on more clobber. may be warming up my wrist but my toes are absolutely freezing. time to get a little warmer me thinks. getting a bit too hot now. that's better. the show floor can get really exhausting. i think i need a lie down. wow, that feels a bit strange. there is a motor inside moving it from side to side and actually this was the creation of someone who had been on a cruise and enjoyed the rocking movement so much they wanted to recreate it, and then hopefully you'll sleep like a baby. it's weird. it feels awkward when i close my eyes. it feels better to have my eyes open which is no use whatsoever for sleeping. maybe the bigger problem
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right now is that it is a bit noisy to sleep around here but luckily, i have got these. some active noise cancellation plugs which are specifically for sleeping. so, you put them in like this. the microphone in them will pick up the sound around you and will create some anti—noise so it feels like you can't hear anything in them as it drowns out the sound. now, of course i can still hear. there is something going on here because this is a very loud environment. obviously no one is going to sleep in a noise like this. but it is definitely quieter. sound feels a lot flatter. but the question is, can you get used to sleeping with these in your ears and are they going to stay in? let's have a little fidget around to see. and a huge round of applause for lara with number 19. the big clappers here make it 20. we've done it and that's worth a big hand too. these things are from
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japan, enough said. and that is ces 2019 all wrapped up, 20 things in 19 minutes. these are the only things you need to bother about in the next year. unless i'm wrong, in which case we'll see you next week. hello, are mild and increasingly windy weekend across most parts of the uk. the doubt weather we have seen the uk. the doubt weather we have seen so the uk. the doubt weather we have seen so far the uk. the doubt weather we have seen so far across the uk. the doubt weather we have seen so far across other parts of london wales uses the way across most of the afternoon, lotus in the channel islands. a bit brighterfor the second half of the day and we could see some sunshine times, it is
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not under and could see some sunshine times, it is not underand in could see some sunshine times, it is not under and in particular. so spots of rain in the west, most persistent in the afternoon across the highlands and islands by the tab just the most 10—12d. the wind strength is a bit more north—westerly with some patchy rain south, some of the dampest conditions will be across scotland, northern ireland and later in the far north of england but noticed the temperatures barely dropped. 8—10d as we start tomorrow morning. tomorrow be another day, the outbreak of cloud, some rain southwards. there be a lot of dry weather and a bit more sunshine developing, especially during the afternoon. showers in the west. the most prominent in the west of scotla nd most prominent in the west of scotland but still mild for many of you. good afternoon. the ministry ofjustice says it's considering proposals to abolish prison sentences of less than six months in england and wales. ministers say short sentences are less effective
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at cutting re—offending than community penalties. it's thought about 30,000 offenders would avoid jail every year under the plans. ben ando reports. at any one time around 3,500 people are behind bars in england and wales serving sentences of six months or less for crimes like burglary or shoplifting.
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