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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  January 13, 2019 7:30pm-7:46pm GMT

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three people have been killed... parts of germany, austria and sweden are suffering exceptional amounts of snow, with a number of ski resorts and mountain villages having to be evacuated. now on bbc news, it's time for sportsday... hello and welcome to sportsday — i'm katherine downes. ole gunnar solskjaer passes his first big test — manchester united beat spurs at wembley. a hard fought win for everton over bournemouth puts them in the top ten. and exeter replicate their domestic form in europe, with a rampant win over castres in the champions cup. also coming up in the programme... the champion is toppled at ally pally — mark allen, out of the masters snooker. and just a few hours to go til the start of the australian open — could it be the last we see of andy murray as a professional player? one down the road, he can look back
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and be proud of everything he has achieved. hello and welcome to sportsday. let's start with the big match in the premier league today — tottenham hosting manchester united at wembley in what was billed as ole gunnar solskjaer‘s first real test since taking over as united's caretaker boss last month...and he passed with flying colours, asjoe lynskey reports. come this summer, this could be that picture of united's big decision. could there next permanent manager, who could it be? the new force behind united is getting harder tag north. five straight wins and a
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revitalised attack. players have found the confidence to do passes like these. they found the corner. this, the finish of a man, whose boss that he lost his cool. he has scored goals in three straight games. united goalkeeper is setting out on something remarkable. the second half, there were seven essays one person, to keep them all out. the pick—up them was this point blank adjustment on the goal line. as the minutes went on, there will be more contenders. there was still no breach for the equaliser. a goalkeeper performance to have a went. it brought out one inspired
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performance. bournemouth fans will be disappointed this evening — they faded at goodison in the day's early kick off, and in the end it was everton who took their chances. the two nil win moves them up into the top ten — nick parrott was watching: their recent form would have them in a relegation battle. despite that, they have been currently tabled. this was a scrappy encounter. penalty appeals were turned down. the few first—half chances could not be converted. goalkeeper relieved... the blues had more possession but they cannot get on target. they got closer after the break. not for what followed later, came storming and to claim the first goal bradenton. the
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home side was fortunate to finish the game with 11 men. but that was not bad enough, substitute doubled the disappointment with just seconds to go. staying with football and arsenal lost for the second time this season in the women's super league — beaten 2—1 by reigning champions chelsea. scottish international erin cuthbert headed chelsea into a deserved lead and volleyed them ahead further still in the second half. despite a late tap in from the league's top scorer vivienne miedama, chelsea closed the gap to arsenal to just two points. well manchester city have overtaken arsenal at the top of the wsl thanks to a 3—1win over west ham. wins too today for bristol and liverpool, whilst brighton and everton drew 0—0. the women's championship match between charlton and manchester united had to be abandoned today, after an injury to charlton's charlotte kerr. the game was stopped for nearly an hour while kerr received treatment on the field — an ambulance was called and the game was abandoned. no detail has been given on kerr's injury, charlton say they'll give an update after kerr has had a scan.
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lionel messi has reached yet another landmark... he's scored his 400th la liga goal — in 435 matches. barcelona have beaten eibar 3—0 — they're top of the table. he's already the league's all—time leading goal—scorer, with christiano ronaldo in second place. it was a must win match for the exeter chiefs in ruby union's champions cup — and quite a match—up too, against the french champions castres. but they finally managed to find some form in european competition — and just at the right time. patrick gearey reports. it isa it is a rugby mystery. one of england's strongest sides struggled in continental competition. the alibi for this englishman that he
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has been out since november, and with his return, he did this. the first clue as to the chief problems followed soon afterwards. without a weapon, exeter was out, the strength and skill created this forjoe simmons. johnny hill followed him over. henry slade guided one perfectly down the runway, bonus point in the baggage. any remaining castor holds were slain. how they wish they would have solved the riddle sooner. and there were two other matches today — saracens were successful in lyon, winning 28 — 10 which means they're through to the quarter finals, and glasgow warriors are getting closer to those last 8 places — they beat cardiff blues and will face sarries next weekend to decide who tops the group. it's the first day of
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the the masters snooker, and we've already had a shock. defending champion mark allen is out, beaten by belgium's luca brecel. hazel irvine and the team were watching at alexandra palace. a seismic surprise on the opening afternoon on the masters. mike is out and be in and some styles. afternoon on the masters. mike is out and be in and some styleslj don't out and be in and some styles.” don't think anyone thought he had enoughin don't think anyone thought he had enough in the tank to be mark allen. we saw a more mature player around the table. he is brimming with confidence and he had a calmness. probably the best performance of luca brecel‘s career. probably the best performance of luca brecel's career. mark allen becomes the first defending champion to go out since 2016. it was a match full of wonderful breaks, 140 from
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luca brecel. it was literally no safety play. ironically, it was one of two plays from mark allen... you never want to come back as a defending champion and go out in the first round as he has done. he played well but not good enough. what mind that was a real discussion point actually. the first time, the guys where allowed to go out ten minutes before hand, guys where allowed to go out ten minutes beforehand, and it was only luca brecel who decided to go for it. in what way do you think it gave him the edge? he may not have gotten the right position, he was more straight the damage was after as
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mark allen, when we got he was going to forge ahead, it was a very good performance from a young man and we do not know how good he is going to be. he can use this as a stepping stone. one game going in this evening, john higgins playing ryan day...the score is... 57-0 in 57—0 in the second frame i am told. its world cup year in netball — and the commonwealth champions have one last chance to pit their wits against the worlds best before the tournament injuly. the quad series involving england, australia, south africa and new zealand kicks off today — and england have made a very good start by beating new zealand. our reporter emily croydon is in liverpool... dominant win on paper, does that reflect what happened on court? absolutely, england made an
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incredibly impressive start to this series. they equalled the record victory against new zealand with that 13 goal margin. there was a lot of talk before the match about how much an improved outfit new zealand has been. in september, they got a new coach and new players, it was england who got confident and flew an on court. scratched away in a scintillating second—half. the first half was tight. it was goal for goal. very very tight through the first half, very intense. the one goal in england's favour in the break. an indication that tracy does not know the best side if it was
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spent. both end of the court working really well for england as they stretched away in the third quarter. in the final quarter, the england goal defence was removed from the court forfiling. did goal defence was removed from the court for filing. did before goal defence was removed from the court forfiling. did before — 41 win. a hugely good start. good quad series victory and mike themselves out as the team to beat. and what next for england in world cup year? the quad series heads down to london for a double header next began. on saturday, they faced top africa, a match they are expected to win. if they do so, the match over the number one australia could turn out to bea number one australia could turn out to be a series decider. a rerun of
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the commonwealth games final. a chance for england to prove that it was not a one off. they can actually beat. the next time they will be here in liverpool, it will be for the world cup. brilliant, thank you very much. we are looking forward to seeing that once again on the court. lets take a look at the other sports stories making the headlines this sunday evening... the former leeds united striker phil masinga has died at the age of 49. he played in the premier league for two seasons afterjoining leeds in 1994, was capped 58 times by south africa, and played at the world cup in france in 1998. elise christie's won her second european short track championship medal in as many days...taking bronze in the 1000m. she won silver in the 1500m yesterday, on what was her first solo race since her injury at the winter olympics last year. not so good though for britain's dave ryding. he's out of the world cup slalom in switzerland after failing to finish his first run in tricky conditions. the race was won by the olympic champion marcel hirscher. just a few hours to go now
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until the start of the first grand slam of the tennis season, with seven british players in action on day one of the australian open. but the focus, as you'd expect, remains on andy murray who tomorrow morning may play his last ever match as a professional. joe wilson reports. andy murray words as he has very little left. that is ok because he had given everything, he shared every commotion on the court with some of the greatest players who have ever lived. the fiercest rivals can also be close friends. that is the essence of sport, and that is white andy murray will be missed. notjust for me, white andy murray will be missed. not just for me, but white andy murray will be missed. notjust for me, but all of sport will be sad because andy murray is respected and a likeable guy in the
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locker room. he is a great champion, legend of the sports without a doubt. andy murray's decision to stop is a reality check that even when the best male players seemed ageless, they cannot go on forever. i was shocked to note now that we are going to lose him at some point, we can lose anybody at some point,, it is now definite. sits andy murray has been in pain, he has had time to imagine the and. he admits that he has zero motivation to do anything different. finally — the f1 season may be over, but lewis hamilton is still thrill seeking... turns out he's a pretty handy surfer — here he is at an artificial surf centre catching a few waves....before a fairly spectacular crash...he's not had many of those in his driving career recently.
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and it must be pretty chilly because after that, he's off to the hot—tub to warm up with 11 time world surfing champion kelly slater. it's back that's all from sportsday. now it's time for click.


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