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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  January 31, 2019 6:30pm-7:01pm GMT

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hello, this is bbc news. there has been a big increase in the number of young people contacting a suicide prevention helpline after the case of molly russell, a 14—year—old he took live a year ago. the number of rough sleepers in england has fallen for the first time in nearly a decade. the foreign secretary, jeremy hunt, says that brexit be delayed if enough progress isn't made any coming weeks to pay the impasse. freezing temperatures and snow bring in amber weather warning to parts of wales and southern england this evening. at least eight people have died in the united states after the coldest spell there in decades these temperatures fall as low as —33 celsius. -- -3 —— —3 celsius. soon it will be time for sportsday, although we have been
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looking at how prepared the uk is the brexit, and we will be looking at fruit and veg, and asked whether we can really sell the supermarket shelves after march 29. later, we will get the reaction about whether stu d e nts will get the reaction about whether students will be able to return to warwick university despite making rape threats to fellow students. this later on we have the papers. that is at101i0 and this later on we have the papers. that is at 1040 and 11 thirtieths evening. that is on the head here on bbc news, but now it is time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday — i'm hugh ferris. the headlines this evening: four and a half hours and counting. a little longer in scotland... but who's counting the pennies and trying to do a deal on transfer deadline day? england are counting the cost of losing the toss on a lively wicket in antigua as the batsmen
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struggle again on day one of the second test against wst indies. and a six year wait for a six nations start... but manu tuilagi is back in the england team for their opening match of this year's tournament against ireland. is in great physical neck. i have never seen him in such good physical neck, and he can fit the bill first. also coming up on the programme: wigan begin the defence of their super league title on minus two points. and the temperature at st helens tonight might not be much more. hello again. welcome to sportsday on transfer deadline day. we'll bring you what's happened. what might be to come... and an assessment of why the blockbuster moves might have been thin on the ground... so far. european football expert guillem balague is with me in the studio... hello guillem. we'll come to you in a moment. but first...
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let's head out into the bbc sport centre and the bbc‘s senior football reporter ian dennis. ian what's been making your phone ring today... 7 forget the hype. it has been an extremely quiet day. the phone has not been ringing a great deal, but in terms of the big deals, newcastle united has finally splashed the cash. 0ur moran has come from atla nta. cash. 0ur moran has come from atlanta. they have also brought on antonia baraka, on loan from monaco with an option, so that benitez will be glad that he has got him out of his targets. another of the big money deals is
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johnny. wolverhampton wanderers have put him in from atletico madrid. arsenal have also brought in a player from arsenal have also brought in a playerfrom spain, denis suarez, formerly of manchester city. he has come in from barcelona. 0n formerly of manchester city. he has come in from barcelona. on loan. there he was, denis suarez, and next to iniesta. so he has arrived. the other deals as well, tottenham are very keen to off—load. they are also trying to off—load vincent janssen, as well. cardiff city have signed a player from reading. as well. cardiff city have signed a playerfrom reading. very quiet overall. all right, thank you much. football writer and broadcaster guillem balague is with me. lets start with newcastle. rafael
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benitez has often complained about not having any money to spend, and he has got his man. £20 million.” think what happened today is with newcastle transfer deal today, suggest a bit what is happening in the transfer window. the fact that they have spent £20 million, but they have spent £20 million, but they have spent £20 million, but they have been trying to get him for a yearand a they have been trying to get him for a year and a half, suggest that he is not a desperate measure. denis suarez comes to arsenal, but not a risk. arsenal are desperate for that kind of quality? maybe yes, maybe not. challenge comes from monaco. 0ne not. challenge comes from monaco. one of the bright start of european for football, desperate? 0r one of the bright start of european forfootball, desperate? or not really. i think people are being sharp in the premier league. it has to be used up, so all in all, it is less movement, even though it is 12
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months ago that we were talking about records. perhaps from the more desperate teams. now, if you look at the top teams, they are more or less have got what they need. it is not desperate measures, because they are not desperate teams. johnny making his deal permanent coming from atletico madrid. peter crouch coming back to the premier league. these deals do not make us salivate, but they are teams that are playing there needs to situation. cash applying their needs. but again, it is about a moment. it could have happened at any time. why is it happening now? george mendez, agent, linked to welsh. he is helping atletico madrid, who need to reduce the wage list to be able to bring in morata. so mendez goes to monaco. to
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monaco are known, and gas wells to pay 20 million, forjohnny now. it doesn't have to be now. so it is not representative, when everyone would get talent from everywhere, talent seems to be very well tied up in the collapse. not much available, and they are asking for huge amounts of money. stayed out for a moment. whether it's a case of unrealistic expectations or just a lust for the drama, this transfer deadline day hasn't quite met the former, or satisfied the latter. but it's perhaps understandable why we have that sense of anticipation, because up until as recently as last year the january window certainly delivered. as rhia chohan reports... made fewer big money deals taking place so fire to turn wire, is drama of tra nsfer place so fire to turn wire, is drama of transfer deadline —— there are a thing? whatever happens, surely nothing could surpass the saga of arshavin for ten years ago. he was signed for 15 million, that was a clu b
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signed for 15 million, that was a club record. almost 24 hours after the closure of the window. he derailed liverpool's title bed. then fernando torres, sold to rivals chelsea for 50 million. liverpool splashed much of that on andy carroll on the same day. chelsea backed a handsome sum of 57 million, with diego costa's departure to atletico madrid in 2017. the striker said he had been told by antonio co nte said he had been told by antonio conte that he was not part of his plans for the new season. three refused offers and increased price tag later, £142 million deal was done. liverpool had money burning a hole in their pocket, queue virgil van dijk from southampton, hole in their pocket, queue virgil van dijkfrom southampton, the 75 million, thejoint seven van dijkfrom southampton, the 75 million, the joint seven figure styling in football history. it should be noted that arsenal and manchester city broke their transfer record this time last year, to buy
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aymeric laporte and 0bama he knows that there will be stuck down extra ct a ny that there will be stuck down extract any final minutes. guillem — just last year £140 million for coutinho, £75 million for virgil van dijk but this time very few permanent deals, even fewer major ones. you have just mentioned about talent being stuck where it is. is there any value to being able to extract that talent in the market? know, because you are having to pay a premium. people have been getting clever and clever. the transfer window started, 2003, 2004. you learn that there is not that much consequence of bringing that prayer straightaway. it is good to have him,
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straightaway. it is good to have him,... so that is six months in barcelona, but generally, players don't want to just come in for clubs that are working well. right now, you have got most of the top clubs we re you have got most of the top clubs were the ones involved in those big tra nsfers, were the ones involved in those big transfers, and the top clubs,, with the exception of perhaps psg, they just don't have midfielders, because they are overspending, they have to sell players. all down to another thing that is new, virtually new in the market, financial fair thing that is new, virtually new in the market, financialfair play, everybody has to play and spend not above their means, which means that everybody is cleverer now, and trying to get loan deals on the table. like arsenal, there is a clause that says they could get denis suarez, but they don't have the obligation to buy. female company competitive it gets, the more difficult it is to do a deal.
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but for now, thank you so much indeed. we can keep an eye on everything that is happening on the bbc sport network as ever. this england's cricketers have continued to struggle struggle on their tour in the caribbean. after being thrashed by 381 runs in the first test in barbados last week their batting has crumbled again in the face of some hostile west indies bowling on a distinctly lively pitch in on day one of the second match in antigua. patrick gearey has the latest. antique i can look too good to be true, paradise for holiday—makers, and once run makers. brian lara hit and once run makers. brian lara hit a world record score on this island, but on a different ground. this one is trickier. while lara made 400, rory burns made format. england's effort is keep closing early. 0n debut, joe denly will know that he
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should have left this well alone. joe root had no such choice, as the delivery was so for some, four builderjust to get hold of it, they bounce a lot less predictable than a lot of england's batting. jos buttler also was slept, jonny ba i rstow knew buttler also was slept, jonny bairstow knew he would not last long, so he smashed 50. he could make runs, but not high, no escaping this one from right after lunch, because even when the umpire reprieved jonny bairstow, the technology brew tyre blew his cover. clinging onto ben stokes' edge, after gabriel, but there are most at oui’ after gabriel, but there are most at our worst places, and moeen ali responded to being thrown in the deep and with an energetic paddling. 50, but that must only be the start, if england are to find their way out of trouble in paradise. they are just off the tee in day one
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in antigua. england, with moeen ali have got themselves with 172—6. 55 and not out. so, as ever, the team includes the former player isabelle westbury. the batsmen struggled again? struggle to start off with, better than the last match, 37 all out. certainly, the beginning, joe root, did look a bit precarious, but it seems on this page, that is quite variable, that attack is the best form of defence. we have seen half centuries from jonny bairstow and moeen ali. they have been quite rapid in their place. are we starting to think that 200 might actually be a competitive score? because without those two in
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innings, it would be very precarious? leather absolutely. alastair cooke is now out in antigua at the moment, and he said that 200 is quite a good—looking school. i think it is properly right. and to think it is properly right. and to think of what england were hoping to change in this game, personnel wise, it was joe denly, change in this game, personnel wise, it wasjoe denly, making his debut, how did he do? you didn't last long. he didn't, but he looked pretty good, despite making too much —— not making too much of a school. he came through that t20 route, so —— not much of a score. i think it is the fa ct much of a score. i think it is the fact that he is an experienced head, he has played a lot of cricket, he has got a good record over the last couple of years, and certainly, to keep his eye on the ashes. we can't judge him just on that. hopefully, could this be a solution to england's top order worries? who
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knows. we will have to wait to see a gnat. just very briefly, because of stewart being left out last time, and the conservation at that because, being... murky prosper? jonny bairstow always does really well, we have seen him go 50. stuart broad is the other, so i think he will do well at all. thank you very much forjoining us. can follow the second test on the bbc website, with commentary, and cricket social rate is about and the rest of the team. let's take a look at some of the other stories we've been covering at the bbc sport centre today. starting with something that's not quite a transfer but similar... anthony martial has signed a new contract with manchester united that'll keep him at old trafford until 2024. there's an option to extend the deal for another year. crystal palace winger wilfried zaha has been charged with improper conduct by the fa after his sending off against southampton last night. zaha was given a second yellow card for sarcastically applauding
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referee andre marriner. english pair alfie plant and ross fisher are in a tie for second after the first round of golf‘s inaugural saudi international. fisher's round included five birdies. they're five under overall. two shots behind leader thomas pieters from belgium. but in‘s... but in‘s. .. they but in‘s... they had the quickest time in the visual impaired super g, which helped them also claim a silver any super combined event. fellow g b silver any super combined event. fellow gb colleagues won bronze in bed. bronze in both. new players, a new structure and even new rules. the 2019 super league season provides a new chapter for rugby league.
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and it all starts tonight with defending champions wigan at rivals st helens. 0ur correspondent dave woods will be doing commentary for bbc 5 live on a match that rather strangely need to win just to get to zero points. wa ke wake and dropped two points because a slight indiscretion in 2017. they are appealing against that, so we might see that ascendant. as you say, as it stands, on —2 mac and what a start against saint helens. this is normally one of biggest matches of the season. it is designed that way to... the summer sport, does not look like that behind you, but new beginnings was the theme of lords last week, and you have a piece you have a ten on bbc sport website, using the word pivotal, as well. what does the sport hope to achieve in all these rule changes? we have got the shot clock that has been brought in. you have only got several seconds to get
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away, or you're penalised. you have only got 30 seconds to get on with it, and these are areas where the game had really slow down in the last two matches. you have got fewer interchanges now, only eight instead ten. and that hopefully will make some of the bigger guys tire out a bit quicker, so that some of the more skilful and exciting layers will have more room. it is a theory, a good—looking theory, and were looking forward to the season being a lot more exciting and a little bit quicker this season as a result. there is also transfer deadline day in football. there are some significant imports of the super league. what were that a fact? as you say, there are a lot of australian players, and this is backing the recent try and turn ten. we have seen a lot of australian players in the nrl in australia coming here. at the top of their game, so coming here. at the top of their game, so a coming here. at the top of their game, so a lot of exciting players. lead austin at warrington, is a
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fantastic signing for them. it highlights m is the real contenders. leeds had a dreadful year last year. they bought another five star performer in. a lot of really good english talent and our talent. we have seen invent progress in the last year, so that we know we've got a lot of indigenous super league talent, as well, to look forward to developing this year. thank you very much. significant weekend for both rugby codes because we're just a day away from the opening six nations match of this year's tournament. that'll be in paris with wales the visitors, while saturday brings a blockbuster in dublin. both defending champions ireland and engalnd have named their teams for that one... yes, little over 24 hours to go now and the tournament takes on extra significance with it being a world cup year. so it all kicks off in paris tomorrow but without doubt, the game of the weekend
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will be in dublin... ireland return as grand slam champions from last year. and irish rugby really has been iding the crest of a wave since. leinster went on to win the champions cup and ireland then this welljoe schmidt has only made two changes to his side from that this o his side from that famous night in dublin. conor murray comes in at scrum—half, but the big call is at full—back. he's dropped rob kearney and brought in robbie henshaw — he's a centre by trade — but schmidt doesn't think it's that big of a call at all. it's been an option for us to quite some time, and rob kenny ran out of timea some time, and rob kenny ran out of time a little bit, and we like the taxability of jordan time a little bit, and we like the taxability ofjordan on the bench, covering a number of positions. —— flexibility. we have seen it as an option for quite some time, so
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probably not as much of a surprise to robbie or the team, as it may be as to other people. so what about the visitors? well, historically, ireland has been a torrid hunting ground for the english. they've lost six of that last seven trips to dublin with their last win coming in 2013. so here's the england team. 0wen farrell is fit to play and captain the side, after recovering from a minor injury but the big news is that this man returns. manu tuilagi is back in a starting england shirt for the first time since 2013 and he'll play in the unfamiliar position of inside centre, rather than outside. now, it seems like manu's been around for years — he made his debut back in 2011 — but he's only started 23 times for england. most of that was due to injury but, when he's fit and firing, he can cause havoc for any team this was back in 2012 when he almost single—handledly thrashed the all blacks at twickenham. now england are going to need every inch of that physicality
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against this irish team but eddiejones is quietly confident of his side's chances. basically no one outside our team thinks we can win, and everyone inside our team thinks he can win, but we willjust wait and see what happens on the weekend. to get excited, that when your backs out of the wall, you really come into your own? i am excited every time i get to chase down our coach england. i love the way that the barca coach england. i love the way that we really come into our own. the england head coach with our rugby union correspondent chrisjones there now, scotland also named their team today for their opening match against italy. and the big news there is that sam johnson will make his
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international debut. the australian—born centre has really stood out for glasgow over the last couple of seasons and head coach gregor townsend says. green that you need a body of work behind you. you need to perform at the highest level. ten years ago he played some excellent games, last season he was voted player of the season. and she has also played well this year, when he has had the opportunities. but the action of course starts in paris tomorrow night. wales had their captain's run in the stade de france this afternoon, and they're looking to extend their 9—match unbetean run with a win against france. and you can look ahead to all of the action right here on sportsday tomorrow night, with the first of our special six nations programmes. not long to go now hugh. olympic gold medallist jack laugher and world champion
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tom daley will compete with their new synchronised partners for the first time at the british national diving cup which begins on friday. it's the opening event of the year for the gb team and a key step towards this summer's world championships in south korea. bbc 0lympic reporter nick hope has more from plymouth... the british national diving couple give us a glimpse of what to expect from the gb team this season. it really will be fascinating to see what jack laugher could produce. remember thatjack what jack laugher could produce. remember that jack laugher is what jack laugher could produce. remember thatjack laugher is the 0lympic remember thatjack laugher is the olympic champion from rio 2016, alongside chris mears, who is taking alongside chris mears, who is taking a year out from the sport. he is teaming up with good —— good fellow. they have their debut on friday night here in plymouth. and unlike it is really nice to have something fresh and different. it has been a lot of work, but really fun. it is
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looking really good, and honestly, i am really looking forward to how far i think we will go as i think writing together. you obviously won a bronze medal here, at the 0lympics, do you think you can bet that? i think that anything is possible, and even the russians and the chinese, we can take them out. we know we can. lets not forget tom daley. he is still one of the biggest names in the sport, despite a difficult 2018. he only competed in the commonwealth games any synchronised competition after injury. he has now teamed up with a new synchro partner. whee there have been a lot of things happening. i have got a new partnership, i am fitter and stronger. this is really exciting, moving forward. is time to qualify for the olympic this year. i can't believe it is has come down already. next year as the olympic games. iam really already. next year as the olympic games. i am really excited with what is to come. there will be more of that, and a reminder that all of the
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finals from bbc permit will be strange alive. before we go... let's check in with our senior football reporter ian dennis. four hours to go on transfer deadline day. anything going to happen? a deal has been announced. brighton have signed a slovenian striker from marble. we are still expecting for them to do some business, but don't forget the time sheets. providing thatis forget the time sheets. providing that is submitted, indeed bdo sheet, rather, that will actually buy plus an extra two hours. it has got to be submitted before 11 o'clock, and it is not a legally binding contract, by providing they have got all the releva nt by providing they have got all the relevant signings, it would mean that clubs have got an additional two hours to get a deal over the line. all right, ian, it makes it sound like you are already heading home. but he will be here for the rest of the evening, but we all will
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be. they forget our late programme at10:30pm be. they forget our late programme at 10:30pm tonight. keep an eye on the transport down that transfer deadline day. in the meantime, that is it that now. thank you for watching. goodbye. hello, we have got some disruptive weather across the south—west of england to south wales at the moment. very heavy snow is falling. a number of rows have been closed particularly on this amber warning, issued by the met office and could tell nine o'clock this evening. the heavy snow is likely to lead accumulations to 5—10 centimetres, even down to low levels, it also goes for higher ground, across the southern and south—east england. the snow will tend to ease away from the south—west, through the night, it will push its way northward and
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eastward, affecting parts of south, central wales, through the middle and into the south east. some areas could see quite a bit, others might not see that much by the end of the night, but with the heavy snow, falling snow and lying snow, a risk of ice three tonight and into tomorrow morning. this is the picture tonight, and gradually petering out, and becoming lighter. snow showers affecting eastern parts of the country, and sci—fi and frosty. cash as where cold and frosty. you're watching beyond 100 days. temperatures hit record lows in america's midwest as millions are warned to stay indoors. schools are closed, flights cancelled and the deep freeze has many dreaming of any relief. the polar votex maintains its deadly grip on the midwest. we're in chicago, where the bitter cold is threatening lives. the windy city has become the wind—chill city, and while
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temperatures have risen a little, it is still painfully cold across america's midwest. he was an early backer of president trump. now chris christie has some more advice for the white house. he needs to hit a reset button. he cannot make up the mistakes that we re cannot make up the mistakes that were made before.
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