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tv   Oscars 2019  BBC News  February 25, 2019 9:30am-10:01am GMT

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the vanity fair oscars aftershow good morning. we have to remind hello it's monday, it's 10am, party is one of the most coveted tickets in hollywood — ourselves it is still winter. i'm victoria derbyshire. well we can cross there despite the last few days, the from 2020, all primary school pupils and to our reporter on the red will be taught about relationships temperatures in the high teens, and all secondary students carpet dan johnson. yesterday we got to 19.1 degrees in will learn about sex. wales, beating the all time for it's right that all children growing yes, some major stars celebrating up have the opportunity to... every record. we could see some more here already tonight. lady gaga has to discuss and to records breaking today and tomorrow find out about these important issues in the world gone in, olivia colman, we saw her for northern ireland especially. this morning, a lovely start to the they're growing up in. hello and welcome to our not long ago, she would not stop to day, some frost on the ground, blue oscars results programme speak to anyone, she has a lot to parents who are angry on the morning after the night sky ahead in derbyshire. plenty of that they will no longer be able to withdraw their children from sex before — no one film swept celebrate, but what a surprise, she sunshine. we keep the sunshine for beat glenn close to the best actress education classes are having the boards but we still had the next few days, warm sunshine, their views discussed lots of tears, laughter still some rather frosty nights, in parliament today. and a few surprises. oscar. she has caused a bit of a i'm martine croxall bringing some foggy mornings as well. later could brexit be delayed? british upset but she caused so much you all the highlights of the 91st in the week turning cooler and with that's what some politiicans want. academy awards on this, i°y british upset but she caused so much joy with that speech which has gone hollywood's glitziest night of the year. down well here. a lot of people that unsettled as well. this the film criticjason reflecting on the fact the ocker del solomons is here — morning, some fog in the north—east we'll be discussing the winners michael surprises were spread out of england, clearing away, rain and losers, the stand this year, a lot of films and these two mps, one ex—labour, one out moments and getting all the reaction of the night. moving to the west and north of ex—conservative say they will different performances were rewarded we'll also take a look and spike lee has his first proper scotland, for all looking at blue at the fashion hits and misses do everything they can to stop the uk from leaving with no deal. with anna murphy, fashion director oscar after more than 35 years of skies. sunshine perhaps hazy in the at the times. directing. he is also here at this north and west. widely temperatures what a night for britain's olivia colman — she took everyone and herself party and i caught up with him a around 1a—17d. one or two spots up by surprise winning best actress for her role in the favourite. short time ago. rumours that you turned your back
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this is hilarious! and then when you were asked to 18-19d. this around 1a—17d. one or two spots up what you thought about green book to 18—19d. this evening turning quite chilly, with clear skies i've got an oscar! winning you said, next question. i said, let me take another sip temperatures falling close to freezing into the start of tuesday. of champagne, that's what i said. look. one or two fog patches to contend the academy voters didn't see fit with. those that temperatures in that we were worthy of best picture. towns and cities. 0—3 or 4 degrees. dear dolores. during tuesday, high pressure still green book, and the same, i know, about the african—american pianist dominating the weather, this weather don shirley, took the coveted it's progress, do the right thing front situated to the fat north and best picture award, and also picked even to get nominated. up two other oscars. that award had been widely west, bringing cloud to northern and so i guess, it might take another 20 expected to go to roma, a black—and—white film set in mexico years, to come back. western scotland, northern ireland in the 1970s. as well but elsewhere, as the fog its director alfonso cuaron changed what do you make of history winning best director — clears, it's more of the same. more the first ever director green book as a film? of a foreign—language film to do so. blue skies, more sunshine, warmth, another big winner was bohemian rhapsody. the temperatures getting up to it picked up four gongs — it's, i mean, it seems very similar to driving miss daisy. with rami malek getting best actor for playing the late singer freddie it's changed the driving position. 15-18dc the temperatures getting up to 15—18dc once again. during mercury. wednesday, again we start with fog, it was the same year i may not have been the obvious particularly across parts of south as do the right thing, wasn't it? choice but i guess it worked it was, but it didn't get wales, the south—west of england, out! that disappears, more in the way of nominated for best picture. thank you, queen, thank you, guys, cloud in the far north—west of for allowing me to be the just, got nominated scotland, plenty of sunshine. tiniest part of your phenomenal, for best supporting actor. temperatures coming down a little lost out to denzel for glory. bit during wednesday, 1a—17d. into extraordinary legacy. and had best screenplay nomination, the end of the week we started to
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it was a more diverse oscars have more of an influence of the line—up than ever before lost out to dead poets society. atlantic, bringing in weatherfronts with the black superhero movie black panther winning three awards is there something about from the west, the wind coming more green book that offends you? and spike lee taking his first ever are you british? from the west, temperatures coming down as we go through the week. iam. oscar for blackkkkla nsman. let me give you a british answer. 11-12d. down as we go through the week. the 2020 presidential election 11—12d. by friday, the weekend, the is around the corner! it was not my cup of tea. chance of more cloud, outbreaks of rain at times. before that, we keep let's all mobilise, let's all be the warm sunshine. goodbye. on the right side of history, let's do the right thing! a lot of talk about diversity you know i had to get that in there! reflected in the awards, roma, a it may be the middle of the night but the oscars black and white film, subtitled, a aftershow parties are well underway in hollywood. long film, steady, the pace is slow our correspondent dan johnson is on the red carpet but beautifully made, produced by at the vanity fair party. netflix, a real challenge to the established hollywood studios. it did not win best picture, did not an enviable place to be! yes, it's win up to ten nominations per taking away three oscars is a real have passed one in the morning here achievement and the director alfonso but the after show parties are only cuaron who won the best director is at this party and i caught up with really getting underway. this is the most prestigious place to be if you him. it was highly surprising. the fact of a film that centres have got an oscar, the heaviest key on a domestic worker
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in hollywood opening all the doors. of an indigenous background, that is embraced around the world, a lot to celebrate from this night and recognised by the academy, is absolutely marvellous, fantastic. at the oscars. thank you so much. and made by netflix, more to come? yeah. is that the way things are going? we'll be crossing back to i think things are the vanity fair party in hollywood going into a balance. with danjohnson shortly. a balance needs to be found well, before we look but it is important to start at the films in detail with film creating that balance. criticjason solomons, let's talk through the winners in the main categories so good to have you here. i know greenberg was a big winner taking you've been up all night. away best picture and queen opened best picture went to the film green book about an african american musician who's driven around the us deep south in the 1960s. the ceremony with a storming performance, bohemian rhapsody taking away for prices with best it was britain's olivia colman who caused one of the biggest actor for shocks of the night, taking away for prices with best actorfor rami taking away for prices with best actor for rami malek. taking best actress for playing taking away for prices with best actorfor rami malek. a lot taking away for prices with best actor for rami malek. a lot to celebrate, a warm feeling about the queen anne in the favourite. way the academy ran the show. there had been fears it might have been a bit ofan had been fears it might have been a bit of an embarrassment, they could not find a host, they could not agree how to give out some awards, they had to u—turn on some of them during the commercial breaks, people we re during the commercial breaks, people were nervous but there is a feeling the academy pulled it off and made some positive steps in the right
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direction. dan, thank you so much. so, jason, let s talk through the stand—out moments of the night. olivia colman was so surprised. i did not think she would get out of your seat, i thought she was going to be like queen anne, she needed to be hoisted that i was at the party and the biggest award and round of applause came for her. the favourite, partly irish funded, partly british, a lot of british people in the room had got nothing and suddenly olivia colman who we thought we'd lose out to glenn close on her home turf, seventh oscar nomination for her but no wins, i think some of those bunnies in the favourite will probably get foiled by glenn close tonight. shall we hear what olivia colman had to say.
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this is hilarious! laughter. i've got an oscar! 0k... i have to thank lots of people. if, by the way, i forget anybody, i'm going to find you later and give you all a massive snog and i'm really sorry if i might forget now. but, yorgos, my best director and the best film and with emily and rachel, the two loveliest women in the world to fall in love with and to go to work with, every day. i mean, you can imagine, this wasn't a hardship. laughter. to be... to be in this category, with these extraordinary women and glenn close... you've been my idol for so long and this is not how i wanted it to be. i think you're amazing. laughter. i love you very much. thank you so much! lady gaga!
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and melissa! no wonder people love her. it is the genuine fun of having an oscar in your hand, it is much heavier than your hand, it is much heavier than you think it is, then the shock comes to them. i think the way the brits do it, that self—deprecating way. richard e grant would have loved this, what i so about olivia colman in her debut at the venice film festival, isaid colman in her debut at the venice film festival, i said you had better get ready for an oscar and she said it is never going to happen. she has been so self—effacing all the way through. and let's talk about grammy malik who won best actor for his portrayal of freddie mercury in bohemian rhapsody. let's call that a win for britain, made here, directed by dexter fletcher, embodying a huge british icon. people love bohemian rhapsody, people love the music of queen, they got to open the ceremony
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with big hair. we had angie watts from eastenders. british audiences. from eastenders, anita dobson, the wife of brian may. the film was fairly sort of by the numbers in a musical theatre kind of way but the performance from rami malek, amazing, like a little action man who embodies freddie mercury and when they opened the show with adam lambert doing the role of freddie mercury i thought why don't you just get rami malek to do it. he's so good, he nails it. rami malek won best actor for his portrayal of freddie mercury in bohemian rhapsody. . .. and paid tribute to queen in his speech.... i may not have been the obvious choice, but i guess it worked out! laughter.
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thank you, queen. thank you guys, for allowing me to be the tiniest part of your phenomenal, extraordinary legacy. i am forever in your debt. i am the son of immigrants from egypt, i'm a first—generation american... applause. and part of my story is being written right now, and i could not be more grateful. let's hear how queen opened the event. # buddy you're a boy, make a big noise # playing in the street, gonna be a big man some day # you've got mud on your face # you big disgrace # kicking your can all over the place # singing we will, we will rock you #
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we must talk about best film, greenberg, that will have surprised and disappointed some people. there was a well without bohemian rhapsody would win, it had momentum but greenberg is a surprise. some negative smears about the campaign, saying it had an outdated sort of mode of racial politics as you sort spike lee who directed black clansmen, did not appreciate quite comfy view of the fight experience. look, it's a beautifully modulated movie, fantastic performances from the oscar winner mahershala ali and viggo mortensen who was nominated. place perfectly. such a beautifully modulated path in the music is great. in the end i think it will not because it's a smooth passage. there was a tweet that mentioned exactly what you said, it made it to co mforta ble exactly what you said, it made it to comfortable four white audiences. i don't know whether we can have a look at that tweet.
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that sense of it being a bit old—fashioned, a that sense of it being a bit old —fashioned, a retread that sense of it being a bit old—fashioned, a retread spike lee said of driving miss daisy. old—fashioned, a retread spike lee said of driving miss daisym old—fashioned, a retread spike lee said of driving miss daisy. it feels to me like a film from the 1990s but that said, it's a very well honed example of its crafts over that, it's been recognised and if it makes people go and buy doctor don shirley is albums i can thoroughly recommend them. he's very good on the piano. roma, tipped by many people to be best film and did well, it did when and alfonso cuaron took an award but it did not take the top prize. and alfonso cuaron took an award but it did not take the top prizem was expected by me to win the top prize. i think it's a much more masterful picture and greenberg or bohemian rhapsody but people find it a bit slow. i do not, i think life
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there, revolution, divorce, growing up, everything you want from life in mexico. i think it would have been one of the great films of this centuries oscar winners but it is not, greenberg takes its place, but at one film and one for best director and for cinematography, beautiful. great movie. netflix bought it, they did not make it, it is not telling mr spielberg, the french film are saying this should not be allowed at the cinema, it's a cinematic masterpiece which happens to be available to view a netflix like many other things. the thing that purist view of how a film should be and how it arrives in front of us may be cut in the way?|j saw front of us may be cut in the way?” saw it on the big screen twice before i saw it on the small screen. you could choose to find it in the cinemas. it is a big—screen masterpiece but looks pretty good on the small screen, you have to let the small screen, you have to let the rhythms, they are not as perfect, it is not a hollywood movie, there are other things in the world. as alfonso cuaron said when
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he grew watching foreign films like citizen kane and joe's, sometimes american films are subtitled too and the rest of the world. it is and it's very easy to have that english centric view of things, isn't it? but i suppose it may be signals that views are changing, eventually, it will be a foreign language film, non—english film, should we say, that will take the top prize. foreign language film nominated in many ways, an austrian film was nominated, a polish film, the academy is widening its circle and the votes are changing. it is slow but it is happening and happening today. the most diverse oscars we have always —— michael we have ever seen. let's talk about the structure, there were sorts of problems about finding the host so they dispensed with an id and it had quite an impact. we were here otherwise we would have been doing it. they could have asked. i think it. they could have asked. i think it worked smoothly, it speeded things up, they had a lot of
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different presenters, 52 different presenters from daniel craig, brie larson, helen mirren, all of these people came gliding on and it went so people came gliding on and it went so smoothly. they had a bit of an opening monologue with the girls from saturday night live who gave a great little opening monologue, were so great little opening monologue, were so funny and then went and allowed the ceremony to get on. three hours 50 minutes, the quickest in history, i enjoyed it for that. they did not give out the technical awards in the ad breaks as had been mooted. everyone got on there, the shorts, cinematography, editing, all the things that make up cinema as we know, 2a categories awarded life on camera. that is what it should be. that is what the academy is for, to celebrate the cinematic arts. jason, for now, thank you. the oscars always divides opinions among the fashion critics.
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here now to talk about what the stars were wearing— is anna murphy, fashion director at ‘the times'. who caught your eye? olivia colman looking spectacular in prada, she has made it her thing to wear female designers, created this amazing dress, 300 hours of work went into the embroidery, she looked really fabulous i think. another remarkable diva of the evening was lady gaga looking stupendous in alexander mcqueen. bearing diamonds last worn by audrey hepburn as one does. more brit presence. and another brit who caught my eye was rachel vice. she w0 re caught my eye was rachel vice. she wore an amazing siobhan she dress with a latex top and i think the interesting thing about red carpet dressing it's often quite traditional. fairy tale dresses of your, to put some latex in there by a british designer, claire wade keller, who made megan michael's wedding dress, that was a way to change things up. he spilled
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champagne down there, you just wipe it. i didn't think of that. i like the way your mind works, often the men looked to be restricted in what they can wear. at the baftas we saw some of the men breaking with tradition not going for the black dinner jacket tradition not going for the black dinnerjacket and tradition not going for the black dinner jacket and bow tradition not going for the black dinnerjacket and bow tie. spike lee of course, not going to be conventional. he is not and that was one of the joys of the evening from a sartorial perspective, some men having fun with their moment. spike in his purple get up with a slightly ready mercury camp was certainly channelling a very strong look but not as strong as billy porter what we call this, tuxedo dress? ball gown come dinnerjacket, remarkable concoction and i think that is the future. men having fun. a couple of people i wanted to pick out. one was pink, this pretty in pink fairy tale dressing. we sought from julia
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roberts, helen mirren who absolutely for me got the prize. like an iridescent. stunning. absolutely gorgeous. this pretty princess thing. brilliantly slightly under played by francis mcdormand who wore pink but yellow birkenstocks which i loved. one way to ring the changes. co mforta ble. loved. one way to ring the changes. comfortable. the pink was a nod to the linnell from killing eve. lots of till, lots of pink, conversely we saw this metallic thing, jennifer lopez wearing tom ford, brie larson, emma stone. they were wearing a kind of armour, knight in shining armour, the prince, rescuing the princess is from the tower. two contrasting themes that i think say a bit about where women are at today. on the one hand they want to be the princess and the other hand the prince. emma stone's dress was very structured,
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those wing, capped sleeves. really strong shapes, it is about a strong shape on the red carpet and also, in the posting, i was doing something for the times the other day i had to strike some red carpet poses, it is not easy. they nonchalantly show their back or kick a lake, for us laypeople it's not easy and it's not pretty. hand on the hip, isn't it? they do that, i learned this, they put their hand on the hip to make their waist look smaller. and far less black this year. a lot less black, we went overboard with the meeting movement, talking to some red—carpet stylists they said they are running out of black dresses, who wouldn't have thought there would be a would not be enough black dresses in the world. a lot of colour, so lovely to see. and i, thank you. jason, best supporting actor and actress. took is through those. bigger words. mahershala
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actor and actress. took is through those. biggerwords. mahershala ali won for best supporting actor come up won for best supporting actor come up against richard e grant. greenberg. that powered greenberg to its best picture win, so popular. he won of course for midnight a couple of years ago, carried that on. for me, he is the lead in that film, some people said when i talked about the racial politics, him being relegated to supporting actor when he should be the leader is one of thoseissues he should be the leader is one of those issues the black community have taken up, why is he in the back seat, relegated to supporting? it meant he would win the award because he had more chance to win in that category. it could be a little bit of su btle category. it could be a little bit of subtle horse trading in the politics of it. but he's is superb and he plays the piano, he has that dignity, he is funny, angry, hurt, human, flawed, fantastic performance from him. becoming one of the great actors on screen at the moment. i was delighted for him because he's brilliant. best supporting actress. who did that go to? another black
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actress, regina king, huge night for diversity. in a film called if beale street could tell, playing the mother of a woman whose fiance is in prison, an adaptation ofjames bulger novel, she is superb, she becomes this vengeful lioness of a mother and gives this that is roaring of the screen. ajames baldwin novel. she was wearing this wonderful dress, she nearly fell over and almost revealed a lot more than she would have wanted to. could have been able to malfunction. could have been able to malfunction. could have been able to malfunction. could have been but when she got on stage she cried and it was fantastic. spike lee said without the sulphite campaign that we saw a year or two ago what we have this time would not have happened. exactly. some people may be upset with greenberg being old—fashioned but we saw some breakthrough moments in racial politics at the ceremony. two
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categories, african—american women for black panther, costumes for ruth carter in black panther and production design, the first african—american woman to do so. ceilings broken in the craft categories. that's important, it shows the industry is changing, becoming feminised, more diverse and so becoming feminised, more diverse and so those are very subtle changes that are happening lower down. it won't take long before they filter all the way to the top. and the supporting actor rules that went to african—american actors as well. the changes cheryl introduced a couple of years ago are having such an effect. on the whole, what did you make of the quality of the films of four nomination? interesting, all eight best picture nominees got an oscar, they got something, some of them got four, some three, the
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spread was quite good and what we had was popular films like spread was quite good and what we had was popularfilms like bohemian rhapsody and greenberg up against strong art heist films like roma or vice which is tough. i thought the quality was high. it's up to the audience to find which one they like. i like roma, i like bohemian rhapsody, never the twain shall meet but there is room for all of them and it shows cinema is broadening its subject range and diversity. jason, thank you so much and anna thank you as well. that's it from oui’ thank you as well. that's it from our bbc news special oscars result. we'll have much more reaction to the nominations throughout the day here on bbc news and on the bbc news website. goodbye.
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