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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  April 1, 2019 10:30pm-10:41pm BST

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itsn “a fig; "nit ballot paper for mp5 tonight have been rejected. the closest ballot paper for mps tonight have been rejected. the closest that mps came was on the customs union, which was defeated by three. the nicholas boles motion, common market 2.0 or norway plus, the single market and the customs union, was defeated by 21, largely because his own conservative mps didn't get behind the plan. and in fact, only 33 of them voted for it. the other options, a confirmatory referendum got 280 votes. still not getting a majority in the house of commons. it has never got a majority when it has been put to the vote but it certainly is top of the pile again this evening, as it was in the first vote last week. 280 votes was more than any of the other three options got. and the revoking article 50, brought forward byjoanne cherry of the snp, was defeated heavily by 101 votes. so all four were rejected. we
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will be getting reaction from europe and from our brussels correspondent later. but they will be looking at this and thinking, is there anything, with nine days until april the 12th, is there anything the house of commons can get behind and support? if you are justjoining house of commons can get behind and support? if you arejustjoining us, welcome to westminster. another eventful evening here in the house of commons. lots of reaction coming in what we have seen. let's have a listen to stephen barclay who has been reacting to votes. this is now the second time the house has considered a wide variety of options for a way forward. it has once again failed to find a clear majority for any of the options. and yet the result of the house's decision on friday not to endorse
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the withdrawal agreement means that the default legal position is that the uk will leave the eu injust 11 days. to secure any further extension, the government will have to put forward a credible proposition to the eu as to what we will do with that extra time. this house has continuously rejected leaving without a deal, just as it has rejected not leaving at all. therefore the only option is to find a way through which allows the uk to leave with a deal. the government continues to believe that the best course of action is to do so as soon as possible. if the house were to agree a deal this week, it may still be possible to avoid holding european parliamentary elections. mr speaker, cabinet will meet in the morning to consider the results of the night's vote and how we should proceed.
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thank you, secretary of state. point of order, leader of the opposition, mrjeremy corbyn. on a point of order, it's disappointing that no solution has won a majority this evening. but i remind the house the prime minister's unacceptable deal has been overwhelmingly rejected three times. the margin of defeat for one of the options tonight was very narrow indeed. the prime minister's deal has been rejected by very large majorities on three occasions. if it's good enough for the prime minister to have three chances at her deal... then i suggest that possibly the house should have a chance to consider again the options that we had before us today in a debate on wednesday, so that the house can succeed where the prime minister has failed in presenting a credible economic relationship with europe for a future that prevents us crashing out with no deal.
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welcome back to westminster, where mps have been voting again on a series of alternatives to theresa may's brexit deal in an attempt to break the deadlock here at westminster. yet again, all four alternative options for brexit were rejected by mps. the closest vote was for the amendment to keep the uk in a customs union which was defeated by 273 votes. also in dramatic scenes, nick boles, a former minister, who of course sponsored emotion for common market 2.0. was applauded by some mps after he quit the conservative party after his brexit alternative plan was defeated for a second time. this is how the house of commons speaker, john bercow, announced that all four options were defeated. i can now announce the outcome of the divisions on motions relating
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to the united kingdom's withdrawal from and future relationship with the european union. in respect of mr clarke's motion c, the customs union, the ayes numbered 273, the noes were 276. so the noes have it. in respect of mr nicholas boles‘ motion d, common market 2.0, the ayes were 261, the noes were 282. so the noes has it. in respect of mr peter kyle's motion e, confirmatory public vote, the ayes were 280, the noes were 292. the noes have it. in respect ofjoanna cherry‘s motion g, parliamentary supremacy, the ayes were 191, the noes were 292, so the noes have it.
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the results is read out by the speaker. i'm just reading it with you from conservative mp nick boles, who says, i'm resigning the conservative whip with immediate effect this evening. —— a tweet here. the conservative party has shown itself to be incapable of compromise so i will sit as an independent, progressive conservative. so he's notjoining the independent group, may not be surprising because they did not vote for his common market 2.0 option this evening. here he was speaking earlier. i've given everything to an attempt to find a compromise that can take this country out of the eu while maintaining our economic strength and our political cohesion. i accept i have failed. i have failed chiefly because my party refuses to compromise. i regret therefore to announce that
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i can no longer sit for this party. 0h, nick! nick, don't go! come on. 0ne one of his colleagues, trying to stop him, grabbing him by the hand as he left the chamber. some angry voices tonight in the house of commons. let me read you one from liberal democrat mp norman lamb, he said, he is ashamed to be a member of this parliament and he has attacked mps including his fellow liberal democrats for not being prepared to compromise. he told look east tonight that parliament is playing with fire and will unleash dark forces unless we learn to compromise, he said, across the house. let's cross to the houses of parliament now and speak to our political correspondent there, jessica parker. i'm joined by a brexit supporting conservative mp for stop your reaction to nick boles quitting the
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whip in some dramatic fashion tonight? nick's amendment was heavily defeated, given mathematics in the house at the moment, so i can understand is upset. but leaving aside all political considerations, there is a great deal of respect for him in the house because we all know he fought a long, courageous battle with a very serious illness. he has made a decision, everyone will have to become accustomed to that. i'm not going to criticise nick boles because he fought off cancer and we come all of us, respect that. —— week, all of us. living up to the results of the votes, what you make of the fact that nothing got a majority? best micro—musing on to. what happened was there was basically an attempted coup in the house of commons this evening, whereby a number of prominent mps like 0liver lead to, in cahoots with members of the cabinet and others, attempted to stop brexit, that was
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their sole aim because a customs union is not brexit. they failed. because conservative backbenchers saw what was happening rallied, the cabinet didn't vote, they were out of it, but conservative backbenchers rallied and the overwhelming number of votes against were from conservative mps. so they so that other mps were trying to sell us out to overturn the referendum and the tory backbenchers fought back and defeated the crew. so you're obviously pleased with tonight's results but where does that leave us now? it leaves us leaving the eu in ten days because that is legal default position. but you said that last time, as we approach 29th of march and that didn't happen. the difference now is i believe the eu won't extend article 50 any further because they extend beyond the 12th of april, there have to be european elections in the uk, that would likely come particularly in the
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current climate, deliver large numbers of very eurosceptic mps to the european parliament which com pletely the european parliament which completely ripped up all their plans. so i believe they won't extend article 50, and by the way, importantly, we can stop it anyway. we have a veto. if the prime minister says don't extend it, it isn't extended. we don't need to do that, it's ten days away, let's do what 17.4 that, it's ten days away, let's do million that, it's ten days away, let's do what 17.4 million people wanted that, it's ten days away, let's do what17.4 million people wanted and just leave. but say that doesn't happen say the government present a choice of perhaps bringing their deal back to parliament, while other mps are saying if that doesn't get passed we will try and further delay brexit. what will you do if you feel you are being faced with that choice. mps tried to sabotage brexit tonight. it failed. they tried to launch a coup against the british people. but other mps defeated them to their absolute, eternal credit. that didn't work and in ten days from now we are due to leave the european union which is what17.4 million people voted for. at the end
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