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tv   Newsday  BBC News  April 5, 2019 12:00am-12:31am BST

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you are watching you stay on the bbc. i'm sharanjit leyl in singapore. the headlines... the man accused of the christ stretch mosque shootings has appeared in court. the pilots and ethiopian airlines crash followed the manufacture‘s instructions but could not stop the nosedive. i'm samantha simmonds in london. also in the programme... suffering i introduced a law to stone gate man but how effective will it be on the small country's economy? we catch up at the harlem globetrotters as a slam dunk their way into singapore's haaretz. live
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from our studios in singapore, and london this is bbc world news. it is needs a. it's 7am here in singapore, midnight in london and midday in christchurch, new zealand where the families of those killed in last month's mosque attacks have had their first chance to see the man charged with the shootings. 28 year old brenton tarrant appeared at the high court in christchurch via a video link from auckland prison. he is charged with 50 counts of murder and 39 counts of attempted murder. in sydney, we have been watching the developments. can you tell us about his appearance? this was relatively brief, the first time he has appeared in the high court since he was initially arrested and charged three weeks ago now following the shootings in christchurch and it was
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relatively brief and he did not speak. he appeared via video link and while the video link allowed him to see thejudge and while the video link allowed him to see the judge in the layers, it did not provide him with a view of the many alleged victims and relatives who sat in the court docket. many wanted to see their first glimpse of this 28—year—old man who has an accused now, charged with 50 murderers and another 39 attempted murders, all those people injured on the day of the attack. during the hearing, thejudge asked for mental health report as a standard procedure but it needs to ta ke standard procedure but it needs to take place before he is given the opportunity of entering his plea to all the stretches. he has been remanded in custody. had in fact, somewhat prompted by the fact that
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the accused live streamed his attack on social media, australia has implemented these tough new laws on the website, saying tech companies could face penalties if they did not remove boring, violent material quickly enough but this move is being criticised, isn't it? this comes in the wake of the attacks as you said, which were streamed online and following the attacks despite demands for the material to be taken down, it was published and republished hundreds of thousands of times and companies such as facebook and youtube have come under criticism in the governing here in australia, particularly perhaps because the accused is an australian have decided to push forward with the laws that make it a personable offence if they do not take it down quickly and it is up tojerry how quickly and it is up tojerry how quickly that should have been but the law society here and groups that
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represent tech companies criticise this as a knee jerk reaction and rushing and legislation that may not be workable or helpful. whistle—blowing sites to find this material and want to bring it to the attention of the authorities could themselves fall foul of the law by doing so and however at the australian government is sticking by its decision and says action is needed and big companies need to be brought to books. so it is legislation that others notjust in new zealand but also in the us and uk mate look at as a potential to follow. in sydney bringing us up to date, thank you. let's take a look at some of the day's other news now, the uk government had a second day of talks with the opposition labour party to break the deadlock over brexit. it has enraged many pro brexit. it has enraged many pro
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brexit people in the conservative party. island and germany want to avoid a situation where they leave without any deal. —— avoid a situation where they leave without any deal. -- ireland and germany. we want to stand together asa27 germany. we want to stand together as a 27 until the very last hour and will do everything in order to prevent a new deal brexit. we will do that with britain and the position they presented with task. in the event of a no deal come out it is not possible to have a tiered plan because there are so many different contingencies and hypotheticals and a lot of it would depend on what the uk decides to do. also making news today, the united states has revoked from the international criminal court, in response to an inquiry and possible war crimes and american forces. they have been investigating allegations link to all parties involved in the
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conflict and afghanistan. congress votes to end us support for saudi military action in yemen. it has been seen as a major rebuke for donald trump and has policy toward saudi arabia. it is expected that donald trump will use his presidential veto to overrule the vote. a number of new corals in the great barrier reef has punished since the unprecedented bleaching eventin since the unprecedented bleaching event in 2016 and 2017. the event which stems two thirds of the largest reef system are being blamed for the class and quell read growth last year. scientist also blamed rising sea temperatures. and take a look at these pictures from just off the south african coast. scientists from murdoch university have strapped cameras to eight great white sharks to find out more about their hunting habits. this sharks eye view helped to overturn a previous theory that they don't enter deep jungles of seaweed to seek out their prey.
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boeing's ceo says he is confident that the 737 max aircraft is fundamentally safe that the 737 max aircraft is fu nda mentally safe after that the 737 max aircraft is fundamentally safe after an initial report into ethiopian airlines disaster was published. it found the pilots were not to blame and they followed all procedures recommended by boeing. it was the second fatal crash involving max 8's in the last six months and boeing has grounded all max 8 planes worldwide. 0ur transport correspondent tom burridge has the details. just seconds after take—off and this ethiopian airlines plane was repeatedly nosediving towards the ground. the pilots wrestled to pull up but an automatic anti—stall mechanism on the new boeing 737 max 8 was pushing the plane down. investigators say the crew followed a procedure outlined by boeing, but it didn't work. it then plunged 13,000 feet in 32 seconds. the crew performed all
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the procedures, repeatedly provided by the manufacturer, but was not able to control the aircraft. on board, 157 people. these are just some of the victims. but five months earlier another 737 max 8 crashed off indonesia in a similar way, killing 189 people. it's the latest version of the popular 737. new heavier engines make it much more fuel efficient but in flight, their weight and position force of the plane's nose up a bit. if the angle of flight becomes too high, a plane can stall and crash, so boeing designed a computer system on the max called mcas, which automatically pushes the nose down. before the max was grounded that system relied on just one of two sensors at the front of the aircraft, which calculate the angle at which the plane is flying. but in both crashes the data
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from that sensor was incorrect. so as we've shown up here, the computer system thought the plane was at a high angle of attack, when in fact it wasn't. look at what happens when the system kicks in. it was designed to do that, but instead, it wrongly caused the plane to nosedive. unaware of what was happening the pilots pulled up. the system was designed to reactivate again and again stop and within minutes they lost control. you can see the aircraft is now in quite a steep dive. that's the effect of mcas. captain chris brady has 18 years of experience flying 737s. that's the stall warning saying the aircraft is about to stall. he says so many issues now need to be reviewed. the level of automation of the aircraft, the behind systems, the risk analysis processes gone throughout boeing, the oversight by the regulator, the conversion training,
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the level of training generally the manual flying skills of the crews, the knowledge of these switches. all of it needs to be reviewed in the light of these accidents. changes are being made to the max. 0n—board a recent test flight boeing's chief executive. tonight in a carefully scripted video message a recognition that the aircraft had malfunctioned. he promised a modified max would be among the safest planes have a fly. we know every person who steps aboard one of our aeroplanes places their trust in us. together we'll do everything possible to earn and re—earn that trust and confidence from oui’ customers and the flying public in the weeks and months ahead. but for now, hundreds are grounded, thousands of orders on hold, and multiple investigations will look at how the plane was signed off as safe to fly. tom burridge, bbc news. 0ur correspondent nick bryant is at boeing's headquarters just outside washington and has this update on how the aircraft manufacturer hopes to resolve current issues surrounding safety
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of their latest 737. i should say he is in chicago. tonight they are continuing to work on defects and that includes updated software and new guidelines for the pilots and crucially and includes the addition of a new sensor to guard against erroneous data. in the video statement, the boeing ceo said it is our responsibility to eliminate this risk, we own it and we know how to fix it. i think the confidence was reflected on wall street tonight where the share price actually ended almost 3% up. the expectation there is that the grounded fleet would soon be allowed to fly again and i think the expectation is shared here as well. a spokesman telling me earlier that the time frame they have is about three weeks. after the plane went
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down off indonesia and it begs the question why urgency was not attached to the project then, of course then the planes were not grounded and why were pilots not given specific warnings? it is notjust boeing under investigation, it is the air regulator as well. boeing once congratulated the federal aviation authority for streamlining the certification process. where safety standards compromised as a result? this week, brunei introduced a slew of strict new islamic laws that, among other things, make gay sex and adultery punishable by stoning to death. the move has sparked international condemnation as well as a boycott by celebrities of hotels owned by brunei's investment agency. but how effective will this boycott be on brunei's economic fortunes. 0ur asia business correspondent karishma vaswani reports. eltonjohn is elton john is doing eltonjohn is doing the boycott. iran is during the boycott. and george clooney started the boycott.
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—— ellen degeneres is doing the boycott. because of the sultan of brunei, a tiny kingdom and asia. at put in place strict islamic laws that got a lot of people angry, and anyone who got caught stealing something could have a hand orfoot cut off. the most high—profile lot of all has to be one concerning gay people, those caught having gay sex could be flogged or stoned to death. george clooney has called for a boycott of the dorchester collection, a group of swanky hotels, on by the brunei's investment agency. 0ther hollywood through comic celebrities are joining. but will this play can't make brunei change its mind? i am not sure. following the backlash, this is what the sultan said. translation:
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will best boycott her at the hotels? iam not will best boycott her at the hotels? i am not sure about that either, when brunei started phasing in the loss, celebrities also protested. my jay leno. but the hotel seem to be doing just fine, according to reports, and since 2014, the annual revenue has gone up reports, and since 2014, the annual revenue has gone up by almost 30%. but what may work as economic pressure. there has been some business backlash to brunei's moves but reality is economic interests trump human rights and most interests. they do not pay attention to what the world thinks of them on my hits them where it really hurts. brunei is an oil—rich country cell some of its biggest customers, japan, south korea and malaysia stop buying from them, that could make a difference. but none of them have
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stepped out to condemn these actions yet so it is highly unlikely brunei will get rid of these new laws, boycott or no boycott. reporting there, you are watching newsday on bbc. still to come on the programme, we are looking at how trade talks between the us and china are going, as they attempt to reach a deal on tariff disputes. and we catch up at the highland globetrotters as a slam dunk their way into the singapore's hearts. 25 years of hatred and rage, they jump up 25 years of hatred and rage, they jump up on the statue! this funeral became a massive demonstration of
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black power. today is about the promise of a bright future, a day where we hope a line can be drawn under the blood he passed. i think picasso's works were beautiful, they were intelligent and it isa beautiful, they were intelligent and it is a sad loss to everyone who loves art. welcome back, you are watching newsday on the bbc. 0ur welcome back, you are watching newsday on the bbc. our top stories... the man suspected of
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carrying out the christchurch mosque attacks appeared in court. is charged with 50 counts of murder and 39 attempted murder. pilots in the ethiopian airlines crash follow the manufacturer's instructions but could not stop the nosedive. belling has responded to the findings saying the plane had a faulty sensor. —— boeing has responded to the findings. we will start with the international edition of the financial times, which says that the preliminary investigation into the crash of ethiopian airlines has found that pilots are not to blame. the paper points out that boeing has been asked to review its anti—stall systems. moving on, the straits times has a story about seizure of pangolin scales worth 52.3 million dollars in singapore. the paper says that the seizure of scales —thought to have come from 17,000 pangolins is the biggest in recent years.
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and finally the china daily which says that scientists have discovered a possible "death switch" mechanism in plant's immune system that triggers infected cells to self—destruct. the paper says that the discovery can lead to a new generation of disease—resistant crops. that brings you up—to—date with some of the papers and what are some of the stories sparking discussions online? the most expensive divorce has been agreed. mackenzie bezos, wife of the amazon founderjeff, will retain a stake in the company worth an estimated $36 billion at today's prices. it'll make her the world's third richest woman. i imagine the lawyers did pretty well out of it also. president trump has said a trade deal with china is very close — and could be reached in four weeks. he was speaking after a meeting
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with chinese vice premier who is in washington for talks. mr trump said progress had been on some issues — but others were still outstanding. we are talking intellectual property, protection and theft and talking about certain tariffs and it is very important that certain elements of the tariff, that is an discussion right now. we have a number of things that we also agreed, we agreed to far more than we have left to agree to. 0ur our business reporter is here with me now. certainly a note of optimism it appears from donald trump but we know these talks have been going on for months and can they come to a resolution? that is what everyone wa nts to resolution? that is what everyone wants to know and the talks are continuing between the us delegation and the chinese premier and the talks were originally only scheduled for wednesday and thursday but we
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understand they will continue talking on friday and possibly beyond. they have been needing a lot lately and last week they were in beijing having the same exact discussion and every time we get told that progress has been made but what we note is that donald trump has not mentioned a date for the summit with xijinping. has not mentioned a date for the summit with xi jinping. they has not mentioned a date for the summit with xijinping. they are helping the president when announce the date during that press briefing but does that mean they are closer to making that deal, the nose? the main sticking point remains the same and that is what the us called intellectual property theft and the forced transfer of tech from american companies to chinese companies. that is difficult and it will take a lot longer than a few weeks. meanwhile beijing wants... washington wants to continue having the leverage but it may be many more
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weeks or possibly even months before they come to an agreement. we will ta ke they come to an agreement. we will take a look at that story on the asian business report as well. with more than 900 million eligible voters, india's elections are the world's largest exercise in democracy. the marathon polls start a week today and countless issues are vying for prominence in pre—election debates. the women's march for change has taken place to highlight what it calls the misogyny and hate of the current government. 0ur correspondent divya arya has been meeting some of the protesters. the air is thick with slogans as more than 1000 women have gathered on the streets for a march they are calling for a change, a change in the government and criticising its policy of. i am here to register against the politics of hate. i think that is the primary concern with this government, although there are multiple other areas, which i have worked on myself including the
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push towards privatisation. have worked on myself including the push towards privatisationlj sometimes push towards privatisation.” sometimes really have to think twice about what a post—because the government, i do not know, they find my address, where i live.” government, i do not know, they find my address, where i live. i am here to implement the lot that was passed in 2014 which recognises our rights, our agency to choose our own gender and the type of discrimination, and implement state—level commissions for transgender. there are students, activists, writers or domestic servants. they are all saying that the current government's policies are not addressing their issues, not making them more safe, not getting them more implement and are all marginalizing and targeting particular communities. world—renowned for their skills
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on the court american basketball team, the harlem globetrotters, are set to slam dunk their way into the hearts of fans in singapore. my colleague rico hizon met up with globetrotters, dragon and ice who are preparing to entertain fans with their unique style of basketball. there is no sport that i love more than the game of basketball. so when i found out that the harlem globetrotters are in town, i wanted to find out if i could learn a trick or two to improve my game. here they are, dragon and ice. how are you guys? pleasure to be here. you have to be the best of the best to be part of the harlem globetrotters. how did you get to join the team? everybody has a different story. i myself got recruited. one day when i was at home, i got a call on my phone, i was kind of surprised, i was like, "the harlem globetrotters called me? no way." and it was just an opportunity.
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i went in to try out, no tricks involved, genuine five on five and i put my best talent on the court and now i'm here, six years, 53 countries later. what about you, ice? how did you get onto the team? i played in the wnba as well as europe. the globetrotters got some footage of me because i'm an amazing dribbler as well as a good shooter. so, they kind of called me like they called dragon and i was surprised myself. what do you think of asian basketball players? there are not a whole lot playing in the united states. can they be part of the harlem globetrotters? of course! i think they do an amazing job, the ones that do play. they do an amazing job. i see some youtube footage of them doing tricks and i think some of my team—mates actually watch them to get tricks from them. so i think they're pretty good. how do you learn your tricks? we practise pretty much before the game, three to four hours, you have to perfect your craft. my first time at a game, i went to a game and i was playing, i didn't know any tricks, so i was a little afraid. what is your favourite trick?
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i can spin the ball 20 feet in the air and catch it on my finger on the basketball court, some of your tricks. of course. i'm going to teach you a few tricks. just like that. 0h oh my god. giving it his best shot bear. you're watching newsday, iam giving it his best shot bear. you're watching newsday, i am samantha stevens watching newsday, i am samantha steve ns a nd watching newsday, i am samantha stevens and mind and. stay with us because still to come on asian business report it is time to upgrade, the five d area —— the 5—g era has begun in south korea as sk telecom launches its fifth generation services. and before we go take a listen to this. as if british politicians didn't have enough to worry about, that's the sound of a water leak inside the main chamber
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of the british houses of parliament. the leak forced the postponement of proceedings in the house for the rest of the day. that's all for now, stay with bbc world news. hello there and welcome to a look at the weather for the weekend had. it felt like winter, better showers and some i would be read down points as we saw earlier in the day however, things are going to gradually quiet down, and this is the area of low pressure responsible for a very heavy showers, hail, thunder, snow and that starts to pull out towards the southwest in the uk. friday looks for some dryer with more sunshine and notably, the weather front pulls across the northern aisles but with low pressure lingering, closeted northern island, western parts of england and wales, here i think we will see further lengthy spells of mostly rain now that we shifted the wind direction
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to come from the south but needless to come from the south but needless to say it is going to feel quite cold and with the gusty winds, from any temperatures will be higher through friday. be creeping up at the temperature is continuous and close to the southwest, we also have easterly winds to contend with through the weekend and is very weak weather front which will produce a little bit of cloud and notably for the north sea coast on saturday and some drizzly rain as well. briefed across parts of eastern and central scotland. western areas are favoured for a good spells of sunshine. still that low pressure is close to the south and west so it is always the risk of more rain here. get in the breeze off the north sea, i think right on the coast, it will be quite chilly but generally speaking temperatures are rising friday into the weekend. we have the weather front around and the shower area rain come sunday and cherry rain may develop ahead of it because it is starting to pick up the strength in
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the april sunshine as well. probably a bit more cloud and a few showers dotted around. still a lot of bright and dry weather towards the last. at low pressure is still very close by and high pressure is starting to dominate from the north and what that will include is a change in wind direction and a change to a northeasterly potentially so while we are seeing a rise in temperature for the next three days, and it is evident temperatures into the teens, probably a bit above average, if we pick upa probably a bit above average, if we pick up a northeasterly, it also pulls and with it some colder air again so although it is getting a little milder, not potentially very warm as we saw in february but by next week we will have lost the heat potentially so we would pick up frost again. the big question how much cloud we will see setting under the area of high pressure. not promising to be completely dry but dryer with drizzly rain as i posted
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the happy april showers. we are pushing through a bit of sunshine but chillier as well and the pressure it may come further north and that is the bay? really, some disagreement within the computer models which we are watching and chillier again next week, you can see it is something to be largely dry and reasonably bright. good news for those starting on the easter break as well. it looks as if the weekend will see a reduction in heavy showers and dryer, slightly warmer weather before the chillier air returns again. there is more on the website. goodbye.
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