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this is the business briefing. the nissan president is gone as this is the briefing. i'm maryam moshiri. our top story: shareholders appoint the renault chairman as the new director. the biggest democracy appears to go to the polls. how much for the economy striving for clean—air and the city street, london becomes the first in the world to charge drivers of where on the ballot box? 0n the markets asian stocks polluting vehicles to use its roads. have moved higher. there was a huge sigh of relief president trump announces around the world on friday he is replacing the woman in charge when the us payrolls of his border policy. report showed a strong the secretary for homeland security, rise injobs in march. kirsten nieljsen, says she has resigned with immediate effect. a british woman could face two years imprisonment and dubai for insulting her ex—husband ‘s new wife on facebook. an extraordinary meeting for an extraordinary situation. shareholders agree to remove the jailed former boss. i'll be speaking to our correspondent in tokyo to get the latest twist in the on—going saga.
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welcome to the programme. you need to know in global news, business and sport. you can be part of the conversation. tell us what you think. we're asking you about the ultralow emissions and in london, what does it mean to you? and what happens in the city you live in? let us happens in the city you live in? let us know. the world ‘s first ultralow emissions and has come into force in london. seen as one of the most radical antipollution policies in the world. polluting vehicles from motorbikes to lorries what they are
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charge to drive into the existing congestion zone at the centre of the city. but from 2021 the emission zone will expand — covering pretty much all of greater london. victoria gill has more. the dangerous reality of city life stop these images filmed for the heat sensitive cameras show the pollution from vehicles being pumped into our streets. it's invisible but on busy streets i as we are all breathing it and long—term exposure to air pollution from traffic can damage our lungs, our hearts, and it reduces our life expectancy. that's why london is embarking on a bold venture. the world ‘s first ultralow emissions. from today, the most polluting vehicles will have to pay to enter the city centre. the idea is to discourage people to drive a dissenter london to encourage them to walk, cycle, use public transport. to use a cleaner form of
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vehicle. hybrid a hydrogen powered, if you are going to drive in with a more polluting vehicle, you have to pay for it. so what is a more polluting vehicle? it's based on a standard emissions test. actual vehicles registered before 2005 and likely to be subject to this charge. most diesel vehicles registered before 2016 will be liable. what will it cost? if you include the congestion charge, it could cost £24 per day to drive a car or van into central london. for small business owners like alex who runs a house clea ra nce owners like alex who runs a house clearance at recycling company, it's meant upgrading his van to anyone thatis meant upgrading his van to anyone that is compatible with this ultralow emission rules. i haven't been paid in two months. really? that's because of the due vehicles? entirely due to this, the vehicle itself is 19,000, we had to pay for the box on the back so the total was
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nearly 30,000. you bought that for the new regulations? yes, i had no choice. it's been really tough and it had to borrow money left right and centre. alex supports the effort to improve our quality. but the timing of this regulations has left him unable to invest in new, clean the technology. i would much rather have fully electric but then the infrastructure is not there yet and also the electric vehicles are not quite there yet. similar schemes are planned in leeds and birmingham next year. the national experiment to clea n year. the national experiment to clean up the air we breathe will begin on the busy streets of sentinel —— central luncheon. —— london. the president thanked herfor her service, but gave no immediate reason for the change. mr trump said kevin mcaleenan would take over the job in an acting capacity.
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cbs correspondent errol barnett sent us an update from washington. president trump confirmed the ouster of his secretary of the department of homeland security sunday in a series of tweets, and rumours of kirstjen nielsen's ouster had percolated many times before. this time, though, it's serious, and it seems to follow a weekend in which president trump has bolstered his positioning on immigration issues. in fact, the outgoing secretary, kirstjen nielsen, was side—by—side with president trump in calexico, california late last week as the president highlighted newly renovated border wall fencing, some two miles of it. the president also, over the weekend, said the us is full, its immigration system overloaded. one other thing the president has threatened to do in recent days is scrap the united states' asylum system along the southern border altogether. now, while it's unclear if that will even happen, it would need congressional
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approval, it is part of a tougher direction for the president when it comes to immigration and border security issues. kirstjen nielsen, in fact, was grilled by the house homeland security committee in march for a perceived poor treatment of migrant families at the border. democrats, newly emboldened with their oversight responsibility, have put a spotlight on kirstjen nielsen and her action as the secretary of the department of homeland security. president trump announcing that, for right now, she will be replaced by the commissioner of the customs and border protection entity, kevin mcaleenan. he becomes acting secretary of dhs. let's brief you on some of the other stories making the news. the un—backed libyan government says more than 20 people have been killed in four days of fighting around the capital, tripoli. rebel forces under the general
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trying to seize the city in defiance of international calls for restraint. the un has called for an urgent truce while the us has demanded immediate halt. as the final day of campaigning in israel before citizens go to vote before one of the toughest general elections. the right—wing party is ina tight elections. the right—wing party is in a tight race with the centre—right loo and white alliance led by the for my —— form armature. authorities in crete are trying to clea n authorities in crete are trying to clean up after the flash flooding over the weekend. numerous cars are swept away and homes flooded for some authorities to lodge rescue operations. these are the third wave of fresh floods in less than two months. it's another busy week ahead in the house of commons and across at the european commision as the uk government struggles
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to get a deal agreed to leave the eu. today we might get an update on the british goovernment‘s request to extend its departure untiljune 30th and the papers are full of speculation about the next steps. i'm joined byjonathan charles the managing director of communications at the european bank. lovely to have you in the programme. that's boil this down to the bare minimum. as things currently stand, on a the 12th, believe the eu with no deal. absolutely right. this is the crunch has devolved the crunch weeks, we've had so many crunch weeks in the last few months. it's hard to remember there is a key deadline which is this friday. if the default position is, if there is no extension, if there is no deal, you can leaves. however, having said that, what's going on right now, we will see the resumption of these talks. they have
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been going on at a technical level last night as well between labour and the conservatives and we had that key meeting, i think it's inconceivable they will not agree and extension. i suspect they will go the longer and for a year with the ability to agree earlier to break it off if the some sort of deal in the united kingdom. no—one really wa nts, deal in the united kingdom. no—one really wants, despite the hardtalk that vesting in france and spain and belgium, no—one in the eu wants to see if you can leave with no deal. it's disruptive. even if it's worse and the united kingdom, it's disruptive for everyone. the french have been saying that don't particularly like the idea of giving the uka particularly like the idea of giving the uk a longer extension. they don't. they worry, there are number of big decisions coming up in the european union in the next few months. including the new budget rounds, the new agreement of a new european commission, as long as it stays in the eu, it should have a vote on those things. you worry the
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uk will use its position to make life difficult, especially as we see in comments from some of the hard supporters in the body. they said the uk should be difficult in order to get its way. the president worries about that. i suspect the german leader will prevail in this discussion. she normally does. and she will persuade macron that the right thing is to do is to give the uk time. thank you very much. a british woman is facing a possible prison sentence in dubai for allegedly breaking the emirate's cyber crime laws with comments she wrote on social media in the uk. laleh sharavesh was arrested when she flew to dubai in march. ben ando reports. 0n the 10th of march, laleh sharavesh travelled to london. she
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was arrested and detained because of something she'd written years ago. she logged onto facebook and had seen unknown to her, shortly after the divorce was finalised, her ex—husband has remarried. she posted, he married a horse, you idiot. this was reported to the police and under cybercrime laws she was potentially a criminal. her daughter was allowed to fly home but the passport was confiscated and she was put on baler rates —— awaiting trial. she was quite distraught and in tears to the conversation. the anguish of being separated from her daughter and the reasons they went over to pay respects to the ex—husband and the father of her daughter, and it's kind of shocking that no—one would expect that having posted something on facebook several yea rs posted something on facebook several years ago could possibly lead to such a traumatic experience. the foreign officers is in contact with
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authorities and its staff are providing support for the family. u nless providing support for the family. unless devise ruler intervenes, the next court date for laleh sharavesh is on thursday which is expected to plead not guilty. if convicted, she could be jailed for up to two years. still to come, wall stung by the hornets as watford fight act to reach the final next month. 25 years of hatred and rage as theyjump up on the statue. this funeral became a massive demonstration of black power, a power to influence. today, it's about the promise of a bright future.
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a day when we hope a line can be drawn under the bloody past. i think that picasso's works were beautiful, they were intelligent, and it's a sad loss to everybody who loves art. you're watching the briefing. 0ur headlines: london has become the first city in the world to charge polluting vehicles to use its roads, no matter what time of day you travel. president trump has announced is the woman in charge of his order policy.
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secretary for homeland security kirstjen nielsen has said she has resigned with immediate effect. turkey's president, recep tayyip erdogan, will meet his russian counterpart, vladimir putin, in moscow for high level talks. questions have been raised whether democracy in the former french colony of madagascar has been fatally compromised. madagascar, among the poorest countries in africa, recently stage one of the most closely contested elections. this wealthy businessman emerged as the winner, but clear signs of russian meddling in the polls threaten to undermine democracy here. we have been investigating claims of russian interference in the elections in madagascar, at
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least six presidential candidates we re least six presidential candidates were offered money by russian teams in what was a systematic and co—ordinated operation by dozens of russians who have been based here over nearly a year. among those the tea m over nearly a year. among those the team targeted, this man, the influential presidential hopeful. and away from the campaign trail, a clear view of who the russian visitors were. this man, who has strong political connections, a businessman, and vladimir, who has history the diamond trade. —— a history the diamond trade. —— a history in the diamond trade. but there were apparently strings attached.
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the visitors were also spotted at mock demonstrations outside the french embassy. yeah, no him. what is his name? back in the election trail and is his name? back in the election trailand a campaign is his name? back in the election trail and a campaign managerfor another presidential candidate also suggests russians had a hand in the polls. identifying this well—known russian pr man as having offered potential assistance. it is like they decided what we should do, and we just they decided what we should do, and wejust had to they decided what we should do, and we just had to do they decided what we should do, and wejust had to do it, like to execute. so it is like i have the feeling that we were more like
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suppliers, rather than a candidate campaign team. maxim is a veteran political spin doctor back home in russia. he did not respond to bbc requests for comment. it is not known who is behind what appears to bea known who is behind what appears to be a well orchestrated campaign, in a country where election funding laws a week. however, according to unconfirmed media reports, this man ‘s financing teams of russian technical specialist in several african countries. he is close to president putin and has been indicted in the us for alleged criminal interference in the 2016 presidential election. —— he is. charges which he denies, along with influencing elections here. the
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president was eventually sworn in. he denies taking any money from the russians. but with further elections across africa later this year, will the hidden hand of russian again be revealed ? —— russia. gaelle borgia, bbc news, antananarivo. a small animals rights protest in cuba has made history as the first independent march authorised in the communist state for decades. the unprecedented event had activists calling for animal protection laws, while carrying their pets through the capital, havana. georgina smythe has more. small steps towards bigger freedoms. that is the message a small protest in cuba is sending as 400 demonstrators walked peacefully to the cu ban
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demonstrators walked peacefully to the cuban capital, havana. they called for the implementation of animal protection laws, carrying signs and their 4—legged friends, chanting note animal mistreatment. it is an unusual site in the country. for nearly 60 years, every aspect of life has been controlled by the cu ban aspect of life has been controlled by the cuban communist government and the state still clamps down on unapproved political speech. the significance of the match was not lost on those in the crowd. translation: is not really common but it is a step, it is an achievement, it is an opening. it is an initiative and in a manner of speaking, it is an historic event. 0rganisers say it is the first independent match authorised in the 1—party independent match authorised in the 1— party state independent match authorised in the 1—party state in decades. cuba has been changing fast in the last few yea rs been changing fast in the last few years and their hopes this relatively tame demonstration will not be the last time its citizens can not be the last time its citizens ca n ex press not be the last time its citizens can express themselves in public. georgina smythe, bbc news. he was a briefing known some of the
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key events taking place later. —— here is our briefing now on. turkey's president, recep tayyip erdogan, will meet his russian counterpart, vladimir putin, in moscow for high level talks. that's amid a controversial missile deal, that is threatening turkey's relationship with the us. the europen commission is due to unveil its artificial intelligence plan, after committing 2 billion euros towards development over the next two years. later, the eu's chief brexit negotiator, michel barnier, will arrive in dublin for talks with the irish prime minister, leo varadkar, as the possibility of that no—deal brexit looms. now it's time to get all the latest from the bbc sports centre. hello there. i'm tulsen tollett and this is sport today, live from the bbc sport centre. we start with the news that a south korean golfer has won her first major title after finishing on ten under—par. the 23—year—old was a three stroke winner, beating south korean
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compatriot lee mi hyang. despite two bogeys in the final six holes, she finished strongly with a birdie and became the fifth korean to win the event, after picking up the lpga rookie of the year award last year. to football and the cause of the much changed when delafeu came on the watford to inspire his team to win the match. trailing 2—0, the spaniard scored one 11 minutes from full time, before troy deeney‘s penalty took the game to extra time. delofeu scored the winner in extra time, sealing a first appearance in the final since 1984. —— delofeu. madison keys defended her title after victoria azarenka was forced to retire with injury. —— victoria aza renka to retire with injury. —— victoria azarenka was forced to retire with injury. elsewhere, madison keys claimed
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the first clay court title of her career, defeating caroline wozniacki 7—6, 6—3 to win the charleston 0pen. the american, who lost out in the final here four years ago, hadn't reached a wta final since losing to sloane stephens in the 2017 us open decider. i definitely think today was some of my best tennis. i think i served really well, i returned really well, there was not a whole lot that i was not really happy with, so i'm really happy that i gave myself the opportunity to do that. arsenal lost everton 1—0 in the premier league on sunday, while later on monday, chelsea can move ahead both arsenal and tottenham into third place if they can account for west ham in a london derby at sta mford for west ham in a london derby at stamford bridge. maurizio sarri has seen the pressure ease on him of late, but he's not underestimating a hammers team who are 11th in the table. they are really very dangerous team because in the season, they were not
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able to have consistency, but they area team able to have consistency, but they are a team with high quality, and so ina single are a team with high quality, and so in a single match, they can be very dangerous. in the nba, the philadelphia 76ers head to the miami heat later, with a third placed finish all but guaranteed in the eastern conference. for the heat, they need to stop the sixers and win their last two matches, including this one, if they're to have any hope of sneaking through to the post season. 0n on sunday, double 0lympic on sunday, double olympic champion james cracknell helped cambridge make it consecutive boat wins over 0xford. the 46—year—old said he's missed the sport, while the women's team also won and afterwards, the tradition of the coxes being thrown into the river thames continued. you can get all the latest sports news on our website. but from me, tulsen tollett, and the rest of the team, that is your monday sport briefing.
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thank you. earlier, we told you about london's attempt to stop the worst polluting vehicles from being used in the city. but there is an alternative to petrol and diesel fuel. the world's longest electric car road—trip has just come to an end in sydney, australia. the bbc‘s tim allman has more. when you've been on a long journey, this must be quite a sight — a convoy of electric cars crossing the sydney harbour bridge. leading the way, the blue bandit — a vehicle thatjust keeps going and going and going. i wanted to do my bit to promote this technology and do something which really speaks to the imagination, which is driving electric car from amsterdam to literally the other side of the world to show it can be done and why, if i can do it, why can we not use electric vehicles for daily use?
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# 0n the road again. # just can't wait to get on the road again.# the scale of this trip was immense. wiebe wakker travelled more than 95,000km — that's twice the circumference of the earth. he visited 33 countries, in a journey that lasted more than three years. along the way, he relied on the kindness of strangers, who offered him food, shelter, and the occasional use of an electrical socket. quite a journey, quite a car. toots horn but one imagines the trip home is likely to be a lot quicker. tim allman, bbc news. do stay with me on bbc news. i'll be back with the business briefing in just a few moments. we will have plenty more on the latest twists and turns in the mounir soliman saga. of course,
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carlos ghosn there injapan. stay with us to and bbc news, plenty more to come. goodbye. —— here on. hello there. it was a weekend of contrasts in terms of the weather. we had a lot of cloud around but saturday and sunday bought some dry weather in the west. this was the picture of the west. this was the picture of the sunset in barnstable and devon on sunday night. as we had today on monday, still mixed fortunes. there will be some rain across southern parts of the uk and that is because we had this weather front, which parts of the uk and that is because we had this weatherfront, which is quite stubborn. it is going to hang around over the next few days, in fa ct around over the next few days, in fact bringing some spells of rain. low pressure sits towards the south south—west of the uk, that will drive one or two showers into the likes of the isles of scilly, the channel islands too. the most of us,
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we start off anniversary note, low cloud, frost and misty fog around too. a murky morning, the mist and fog should break up quite nicely in most places. it is here in northern ireland that we could see a few showers, sunny spells elsewhere, just a little bit murky and cloudy abound parts of north—east england and eastern scotland. temperatures will struggle at about 10 degrees but most places 13 to 17 celsius, we have got the shales to watch out for in the south. as we moves the monday night into tuesday, we keep that band of cloud in a similar zone. 0nce band of cloud in a similar zone. once again, southern england, into wales as well, showers here, looking like another reasonably mild night as we head into the early hours of tuesday morning but again, we have some mist and fog patches. some cloud lingering around north sea coasts once again. it is looking like a largely dry and sunny day, thatis like a largely dry and sunny day, that is away from southern england, anywhere up towards southern wales, more showers here, some of them on the heavier side. temperatures
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between nine and 10 degrees, they are starting to dip down, certainly compared to the relatively warm levels we saw on monday. that is because we have a cold air system on the way, you can see the blue colours returning to the map is an easterly breeze begins to set in, bringing cold air down from scandinavia. still fairly cloudy as the remnants of that sunset somewhere towards the south—west of england and south—west wales. a little murky around those eastern coasts again but it will feel that little bit cooler temperatures of around eight or nine in north—east, 14 in the south—west. goodbye.
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