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tv   Asia Business Report  BBC News  April 9, 2019 1:30am-1:45am BST

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britain follows australia and announces a new crackdown on harmful content on the web. firms that carry child abuse images or terrorist propaganda could be fined and even have their content blocked. senior managers could be held criminally responsible for breaking the rules. in just a few hours‘ time, israelis head to the polls with prime minister benjamin netanyahu fighting for his political survival. he's facing criminal corruption charges and his toughest challenger in years — the former israeli military chief benny gantz. and this story is trending on in a huge american scandal over college entrance exam cheating, prosecutors say actress felicity huffman and 13 others have agreed to plead guilty. that's all. stay with bbc world news. and the top story in the uk. mps and peers back a new law to extend the brexit process,
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requiring theresa may to seek a delay to prevent leaving with no deal. now on bbc news live to singapore for asia business report. belts and road to brussels. the master plan pitched a donald tusk. nissan severs the final tie up with his former chief, his family's legal representative speaks to the bbc. welcome to this visit —— tuesday edition of asian business report. we begin with trade tensions not between us and china, we are talking
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about the eu and china. as european council president donald tusk and european commission president jean—claude juncker are hosting china later today. so what is on the agenda? our business reporter tells us. agenda? our business reporter tells us. we keep talking about the us and china but the european union and china but the european union and china are two of the world's biggest trading partners with over $1 billion in commerce each day, this covers everything from industrial and consumer goods to clothing, cars and consumer goods to clothing, cars and chemicals. but the eu wants beijing to open up even further by negotiating an investment treaty but here is the thing. europeans concern about what it calls china's lack of transparency, industrial practises that it says discriminate against foreign companies and lack of respect for intellectual property rights, very similar to the issues that the us is concerned about. and
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china plans to invest tens of billions of dollars in the next decade in the economy plan called bells and road to promote chinese trade and infrastructure across asia and into europe and that weighed eu to call china a systemic rival for the first time last month. with the eu follow the us and slap tariffs on goods worth 2050 point dollars, and beijing retaliated as well. the eu said it would not follow the us but hopes that there might be some concessions from the us talks with china that could also benefit the eu. thanks for that. the us trade representative office has threatened to slap tariffs on a list of european union products. including the large commercial aircraft as well... the european aircraft subsidies also and colludes dairy products and one. the agency
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estimates the harms of those subsidies to be $11 billion in trade year. at this time yesterday, nissan was preparing to oust ghosn from its board. now the japanese car maker has severed the final tie with its once all powerful chief. after being rea rrested last once all powerful chief. after being rearrested last month mr ghosn remains ina rearrested last month mr ghosn remains in a tokyo prison on financial misconduct charges as he awaits trial. in an exclusive interview, mr ghosn‘s where has told the bbc has health has deteriorated. it was good before he was rea rrested. it was good before he was rearrested. he was very keen to prepare his defence with his lawyers outside ofjail which he could not do at all injail outside ofjail which he could not do at all in jail even though he has limited access but it was a shock the second rearrest, extremely brutal. what reports -- warty things going on including in some reports where japanese authorities are
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competing against him? he strongly thinks that the succession of events shows that some people inside nissan, not nissan as a general entity, but some people within nissan together with the prosecution and to help with the prosecution are trying to get rid of him and undermined him and now have put him in that situation where he is pressurised by the justice system that we know to be a hostage justice system called by human rights ngos, by international observers. that aside, do you see a problem generally with the japanese legal system which ever you can be kept in custody for 23 days without your lawyer. they can interview him again at night, on sundays without the presence of their lawyer. they ask him to sign documents injapanese, a link which he doesn't speak. he doesn't have any access to the case file, he can't speak to his family.
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he cannot leave cell during the weekend. basically everyone we have been describing is made to force people into confessions of crimes they have not committed to. surely they have not committed to. surely they have not committed to. surely they have gotten what they want, he has lost all power. it's a better price for the prosecution to win their case. that's how it works in japan. asi their case. that's how it works in japan. as i said, there is only 1% of cases where the prosecutor loses and they don't want to lose their case. that was carlos ghosn's lawyer. india's election campaign is in full swing voting due to start on thursday as divina goofed up reports with millions of people now connected to the internet, political parties are trying to capitalise on the social media boost in the world's largest democracy. he is
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fighting to win. this is his first road show as a candidate for a regional party. but to reach the voters, a rally is not enough. his supporters are simultaneously shooting videos and taking pictures to create a buzz online. if 2014 was india's first social media election... 2019 is on another level. would go party advertisements like this have been made specifically for social media. this election has become all about trending hashtags and dedicated apps that do things like lifestream little speeches. parties are pumping money into cells like this targeting voters in social media. social media can bea voters in social media. social media can be a determining factor in the poll results. the lot of new slings and slings and images and texts
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before. now, it has shifted heavily in the favour of videos. but this element of the elections comes with its own set of problems. fake accou nts its own set of problems. fake accounts and fake news. in an effort to combat this, whatsapp has launched a service in india that allows users to report messages and forwards that look fake. for some photos, the political buzz online can get confusing and tiring. and so social media influence are like this man try to help them understand the compact selection issues through means and six ertl vehicles. we would get around 1,000 shares within the first hour which would be 20,000 views than on youtube in the first 48 hours, such a video would go out to 150,000 use. 0n whatsapp, it organically gets spread. as india prepares for the world public largest democratic exercise, its not clear whether social media is helping or hindering voters
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capturing the particle noise. —— cut to the palooka noise. but with 460 million people online, it is certainly adding another element to us certainly adding another element to us certainly already colourful election. let's look now at the global energy market because oil prices have hit five—month highs essentially driven by expectations for tactical supply from the conflict in libya, 0pec wet cuts and us sanctions against both iran and venezuela. this is where the decline continues in asian trade. the cost of crude has risen around 30% alone this year with optimism about the us china trade talks also bullying the outlook for demand. i asked resource a nalyst outlook for demand. i asked resource analyst david lennox whether the latest rise is just a knee jerk reaction. if you have a look at the market, those are five month highs was up but at the end of 2018, the oil market was in freefall. we had
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concerns over supply, concerns oil market was in freefall. we had concerns over supply, concerns over demand and that really led to the oil price falling away quite quickly. while now we are nearly one third away through 2019 and those concerns are standing to be alleviated. 0pec has continued to apply with his cut and about 3.5 million barrels of oil per election day. that has helped press recover. it is sewing but in oil terms we have seen demand starting be more concrete around 99, 100 million barrels a day. and with that supply constraint, we see that recovery in oil. when you throw in the geopolitical factors we have going at the moment, libya and also iran with the sanctions and venezuela, that's put a bit of a concern on the supply side and with demand remaining stable, we certainly are seen remaining stable, we certainly are seen that recovery in the oil prices. that was david lennox there. in other news making headlines, shares in boeing have fallen by more
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than 4% in us trade after claim makers aside it will sharply scale back production of the 737 max aircraft. 0n back production of the 737 max aircraft. on friday the chief executive said that two separate fatal crashes involving an easy and that she can open airways flight and hawaiian airjetand that she can open airways flight and hawaiian airjet and indonesia have been part —— work because of anti—start technology. looking at the markets, shares of sony are rising on reports that an activist investor is keen on taking estate, up investor is keen on taking estate, up about 7%. 0rdinaries also gaining. that is it for the show. this is bbc news the top stories this hour. britain follows australia and announces a new crackdown on harmful content on the web. in just a few hours, israelis head to the polls with prime minister benjamin netanyahu
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fighting for his political survival. a minute's silence has been observed at the start of a fatal accident inquiry into why a police helicopter crashed into a bar in glasgow in november 2013. the pilot, two crew and seven people in the clutha bar were killed, as our scotland editor sarah smith reports. this was a shocking event that stunned the city, when a police helicopterfell out of a friday night sky onto the roof of a packed pub, killing everybody on board and some of those inside. the bar has reopened, and ian comes back to the place his son died with questions about what happened to him after the crash. he wouldn't have survived anyway. he lay there for at least two and a half hours. perhaps he could have been removed. they were obviously walking over him to get to the other victims, because he was at the door.
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it took them until the sunday morning to get him out, eventually. today the inquiry began with a tribute to the victims. those of you who are able to, please stand now and observe a minute's silence. ten people were killed that night, including the helicopter pilot, two police officers on board and seven people inside the pub. for bereaved relatives it has been a long wait, five—and—a—half years to try and get some answers about what happened here. today that process began with eye witnesses describing hearing the helicopter‘s engines spluttering in the sky before it fell into the roof of the clutha bar. there was a thud on the roof. and then the whole roof came crashing in. and very quickly the pub went dark, very, very dark, very dark. mary kavanagh was inside the pub that night with her
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partner, robertjenkins. she managed to get outside, he didn't. are there specific questions you are hoping to find the answers to? no, there's just one question i want to find the answer to, and that is why i walked into a pub with my partner one night, and walked out and never saw him again. you know, that's basically it. the fatal accident inquiry will now try to find out why the helicopter crashed, and will make recommendations to try and prevent another similar tragedy. sarah smith, bbc news, glasgow. a lot more on that and all of our stories on our website. you can get in touch with me and some of the tea m in touch with me and some of the team at social media. but now time for sport today. hello, and this is sport today, live from the bbc sport centre. coming up on this programme.
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double trouble as chelsea's eden hazard sends his side third in the premier league. zob ahan beat al wasl 3—1 in dubai to go top of group a in the asian champions league. and 17—year—old caroline marks wins herfirst world surf league title taking victory at the opening round in australia. hello and welcome to the programme where we start with the footballing news that an eden hazard double has ta ken chelsea third in the premier league after they beat west ham 2—0. the belgium captain's first was something to behold, as he weaved his way through the defence evading five players during a stunning run, before the forward calmly beat keeper lu kasz fabianski. a second late on confirmed that maurizio sarri's side move


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