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tv   Asia Business Report  BBC News  April 12, 2019 1:30am-1:46am BST

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i'm ben bland with bbc news. our top story. us prosecutors have announced charges against wikileaks founder, julian assange as an extradition battle begins following his arrest. he was taken into custody when ecuador withdrew the protection of its embassy in london after nearly seven years. british prime minister theresa may defended the arrest telling parliament no—one is above the law. huge crowds have taken to the streets of sudan's capital after the military seized power. following months of protest, the country's longstanding president omar al—bashir has been removed from power. and this story is trending on the world's first private moon mission has ended in failure. a remote controlled israeli spacecraft is believed to have crashed on the lunar surface as it was due to land. that's all. stay with bbc world news. and the top story in the uk, jack shepherd, who was sentenced for six years for killing charlotte brown in a speedboat crash on the thames, has been jailed
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for an extra six months, for fleeing the uk. now on bbc news live to singapore for asia business report. tromp‘s man at the welbeck. tromp's man at the welbeck. david malpass at the bbc he want to see china do well and cause more transparency in the global activity. uber one. the ridesharing giants as it may not achieve profitability as a release of the tales of his plan to go public. —— uber warning. a release of the tales of his plan to go public. —— uberwarning. —— release details of its plans to go public. hello and welcome to asia business report. i am saranjit lyl. the new president of the world bank has told the bbc he is looking forward to a constructive relationship with china. david
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malpass took over the role just this week and in his previousjob, and the trumpet ministration he was critical of the worlds second largest economy. speaking to michelle fleury come he struck a more collaborative tone. —— trump administration. we have common goals. we would like to see the world do well. i would like to see china do well. the world's second largest economy, it is going fast, and the more progress china can make in growth, that helps countries around the world. but i do think and i want to stress, that their activities need to be transparent in terms of their activities abroad, full disclosure of the types of debt and trying to have a good quality projects abroad. something that i think they can work harder on and do better on and something that will encourage and work with them on doing. iam encourage and work with them on doing. i am looking forward to a good constructive relationship with china, one that benefits countries
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around the world. is that a message thatis around the world. is that a message that is well received by china when talking about projects like the bill and wrote initiative? say more transparency, better quality projects, will they say hang on and say that is a bit rich coming from america and the world bank? —— bill and road. i think china is really wanting to find and evolve its role within the world come in a constructive way. they are a world leader, they want to be a world leader, they want to be a world leader in terms of development.- the same time, the head of the international monetary fund us of the bbc that further uncertainty over brexit will hinder growth in the uk economy, she added that she opened a deal could be struck quickly. if there was a prolonged uncertainty, we can suspect the impact on confidence would continue because whether you are talking about investors, or talking about
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this essence as to work to expand or set up or how to organise a supply chain, people are going to wonder what comes next. and how will it settle ? what comes next. and how will it settle? in other businesses, and the lassie hours disney has unveiled his new video streaming service, it will be locked in the us early next year, and gradually go international but it is entering an already crowded market. the action be launched in the us. leading the pack is netflix. next up, e—commerce giant amazon, more than 100 million prime subscribers. meanwhile, apple is spending heavily on content and stars including 0prah spending heavily on content and stars including oprah winfrey as he gets ready to launch its own streaming service. uber has filed for its initial public offering taking it a step closer to one of the largest technology stock listings of all time but they are something of a surprise in that
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filing. marika 0i is here to tell us a little bit more about that. that is right. it came with a bit of warning that the company may never make a profit and that it actually lost over $3 billion flash air. even though having more than 90 million users around the world. and of course, this move comes less than a month that is computer to the lift went public and we all know what happened to their shares, down more than 25%. —— their competitors. we will see how much appetite there is but as you say, a lot of hype about the uber ibo. 0nly ten years since it started. —— cooper ipo. the it has done well. the company hasn't said how big the sheer listing will be, but we understand it will likely value of the company at around $100 billion. —— despite all of the scandals, it has well. when of the biggest, since eilidh barbour went public. —— one of the biggest of all time, since ally biba. thank you.
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boeing price motif is a could have had said the company has been quote humbled the trouble 737 mx aircraft. —— boeing's ceo. he promised to build trust in the wake of two deadly crashes in the last six months. earlier, our course mina told us how they see boeing coping with this. what we are is boeing political positions and financial flexibility is quite good. that should enable it to title this problem in the short term for the next two months but let's say if the regulators find issues in this grounding is extended beyond several months, then you would start to see more repercussions. how would they be able to come back from something like this? let me take you back to 2013. there we had the better issues with the 77, now they were able to resolve that. —— battery issue.
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potentially, with this issue as well, they are saying they are coming with some fixes. the good thing is that from what we know, all the air crashes were from a single issue. and if boeing fixes that, it issue. and if boeing fixes that, it is likely that this whole fiasco could end soon. branding -wise, it has impacted them. that is true. you also have to bear in mind that there are not a lot of alternatives. it is boeing and airbus. as indonesia 193 million voters prepared to head to the polls next week, a key issue will be the economy. foreign investment is a driver of indonesia growth, but in recent years, like many other southeast asian countries, much of that money is from china. our correspondent product with the countries investment sheet for next if he is concerned about chinese investments.
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—— caught up with the countries investment. over the last five years, china has gone from being the number13a years, china has gone from being the number 13 a largest international investor in indonesia to arguably numberone. and investor in indonesia to arguably number one. and that isjust a mathematical reality at the chinese economy has gone from being a $3 trillion per your economy in the early 2000 so being an 11 or $13 trillion per your economy, of course, the investment will increase bya course, the investment will increase by a corresponding amount, including indonesia. chinese investment is being seen as increasingly quite controversial. what are your views on it? most countries that i am aware of wish to work closely with china, to continue to fine—tune and evolve investment, to make it less and less controversial over time. same as most countries in the world did that with japanese industries
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and japanese investment. which if you look back to the 19805 and 19905, was similarly controversial in its day. indonesia's tom there speaking to our correspondent. the united nations and also you have come together to tap into these financial sectors they attempt to stamp out modern slavery. —— and also you have. profits generated through the practise are difficult to detect and are calling on banks and investors to help identify the perpetrator. james from the un university told me how they plan to achieve that. -- australia. one of the key tools of the by following the key tools of the by following the money. looking at indicators that there may be forced labour or modestly be in a company supply chain and then encouraging those companies in the financial institutions that bank them to report that activity to the law enforcement authorities. we are seeing a growth for example of
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artificial intelligence tools that help financial institutions, banks, identify when this kind of exploitation it may be occurring. and then provide the information thatis and then provide the information that is necessary for law enforcement to go after it. as another tool we are seeing a marriage is a brown for example the use of digital innovations, to identify which of these people need access to credit. —— we are saying around for example. why people get into exultation in the first place if they did not have access to financial services at a moment of financial services at a moment of financial crisis. a new digital technologies can help them get that access to credit. —— white people get into exploitation. —— why people get into exploitation. —— why people get into. before we go, a recap of our top stories. the new president of the world bank, told the bbc he is looking forward to constructive
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relationships with china. david malpass arise from a job in the donald trump of ministration where he was fiercely critical of how much the world second largest economy still borrows from the global lender. let's have a look at the marcus now. here in asia, some of them are open. they are flat come somejust getting a them are open. they are flat come some just getting a little bit but they are following on from wall street where we saw incredibly flat markets despite some good news in a us producer prices. jobless data as well and showing that jobless us producer prices. jobless data as well and showing thatjobless claims are followed to the lowest since 1969. that is it for the programme. —— i follow them to their lowest since. —— have to lowest. this is bbc news the top stories this hour. american prosecutors announce charges against wikileaks founder, julian assange following his arrest in london, his lawyer says he now faces extradition to the us.
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huge crowds take to the streets of sudan's capital after the military seizes power. a man who fled the country in order to escape trial for the manslaughter of a woman in a speedboat crash on the river thames has been sentenced to another six months in prison. jack shepherd was initiallyjailed for six years in his absence. he returned to the uk from georgia on wednesday night. helena lee reports. charlotte brown's family arrived at the old bailey this morning knowing they would finally see jack shepherd face justice, the day they had waited months for. charlotte was killed when her first date with the 31—year—old ended in a speedboat crash. last night, he was put on a plane back to britain from georgia after ten months on the run. the couple were on their first date when the boat capsized. he had taken her out to try and impress her but he was drunk and the boat wasn't safe.
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today in court, jack shepherd admitted skipping bail. thejudgejailed him for six months on top of his six—year sentence. charlotte's family were emotional outside court. he has not shown any real remorse or accountability for his actions, accusing charlie of being responsible for her own death as recently as this week. his lack of respect and decency continues to astound us. we hope that shepherd's appeal against his conviction will be dismissed, and as a family we can continue to fight for a change in the laws. during his sentencing, judge richard marks said that jack shepherd's deliberate decision to go on the run added to the distress of charlotte's family and was as cowardly as it was selfish. he said, by absconding and instructing his lawyers from his hideaway, he was having his cake and eating it. charlotte's family know that
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jack shepherd is going to appeal against his conviction. for now though, today, they feel they're a step closer to getting justice. helena lee, bbc news, at the old bailey. a woman who was detained in dubaifora month, after she posted on facebook — calling her ex—husband's new wife a "horse", is being allowed to return to britain, according to the campaign group which represents her. 55—year—old laleh sharavesh was ordered to pay a fine of 625 pounds. her passport is being recovered and she should be home by next week. don't forget you can get in touch with me and some of the team on twitter. i'm @benmbland. now on bbc news, sport today. hello, i'm gavin ramjaun — and this is sport today, live from the bbc sport centre.
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coming up on the programme... americans bryson dechambeau and brooks koepka lead the way at augusta. the drama from the first day of the masters to come. aaron ramsey and lucas torreira star in arsenal's victory against napoli. news of that, and the other europa league quarterfinals. "unacceptable". rugby australia say they'll sack israel folau over his homophobic social media post. hello. welcome. let's get started with golf‘s major of the year — the masters — and two americans lead the way, after the first round at augusta. brooks koepka and bryson dechambeau are in a two—way tie for the lead. six birdies, including this at the 12th for koepka. helped the us open and us pga champion to 6—under for the day. koepka posted a bogey free round, as he hunts for a first masters title. dechambeau's late surge, including this birdie at the 17th. gave him a share of the lead.


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