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tv   The Papers  BBC News  April 12, 2019 10:40pm-11:01pm BST

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this is bbc news, i'm vicki young. the headlines at 11:00: hello. sweden considers reopening this is bbc news. an investigation into rape we'll be taking a look at tomorrow allegations made against wikileaks founderjulian assange mornings papers in a moment — after his arrest over first the headlines. hello and welcome to our look ahead conspiracy charges in the us. to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me arejoe twyman, director at the opinion poll the chancellor, philip hammond, deltapoll and benedicte paviot says the uk taking part the president of the foreign press in the upcoming european parliament association and uk correspondent elections, feels like a "pointless for france 24. many of tomorrow's front pages exercise" and hopes that a brexit deal can be agreed to stop the uk are already in. from having to take part. former ukip leader nigel farage launches a new brexit party, headline, facing a tug—of—war and says it aims to change between the united states and british politics for good. thousands of children sweden. swedish prosecutors are in england are going to illegal, unregistered schools, considering reopening a rape according to the regulator ofsted, and it says the conditions in some investigation into the wikileaks co—founder while the us wants to of them are "appalling." and at 11:30 we'll be extradite him for leaked government taking an in—depth look at the papers with our reviewers secrets according to the guardian, joe twyman, director at the opinion political pressure is intensifying poll deltapoll, and benedicte on sajid javid to allowjulian paviot, the president assange, and it could be
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overshadowed by the us charges. the leads on the news revealed today that personal information about millions of new mothers and their babies was sold illegally by bounty, a pregnancy and parenting company that operates in dozens of hospitals. the telegraph reports that home secretary sajid javid drew up that home secretary sajid javid drew upa that home secretary sajid javid drew up a detailed technological plan to avoid a hard border and ireland, but it was stopped by the treasury and it was stopped by the treasury and it also claims that the shadow brexit secretary is being obstructed and cross party brexit talks. the authenticity of the role's most expensive painting has been thrown into doubt, it comes after the national gallery fails to mention suspicion before it was sold for $450 million. let's start with the
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telegraph and of course, a little bit of brexit. we have all read the story, not that it was cynical, that sajid javid drawn up this fantastic plan to avoid a hard border in ireland, causing so much trouble of course, but it was turned down by the treasury apparently, what do you make of this? potential leadership candidate and occasional home secretary, he came up supposedly with a solution to the irish backstop which has been this thorn in the sight of all of the brexit negotiations but it was stopped by the treasury, it was based on a system they use in switzerland, which merely raises questions and is this the same as for questions about that, but certainly it also goes on to mention that sajid javid will also be giving a speech about his
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visions on monday and kiss some babies later on in the week and perhaps an easter egg hunt. it is an interesting story. but it then leads on to other areas of their discussing which i think are more pertinent to reason they will stay on until brexit, exactly that might be, even if it takes until october. even until it takes to pass that. he has not given a date just yet and then this big thing about pierced armour, reported to being obstructed on talks. he wants another referendum that is really pushing for that which dozens of labour mps would want, butjeremy corbyn seems to be pretty reluctant about going
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down that route, so could be that the armour is not that good with the conservatives. one can wonder in the context of these leadership bids and challenges, ministers, senior ministers, all kinds of things saying on ministers, all kinds of things saying on camera. ministers, all kinds of things saying on camera. extremely well pleased with all your interviews, inside the house of commons, it is quite extraordinary to see this. and so, is this founded or spinning against the labour party? well i think is interesting is the party talks are going to continue next week, despite mps now being allowed to go on holiday and i think back to stand up to 2am the other day and watching the presidents, and when president tusk said did not waste this time to our british friends. what will they do at this extra time? it seems to me... the question
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is are they serious about it at all? it also the way to actually go to cap in hand for the united kingdom and to brussels to say, look, we are reaching out. but it is notjust in the uk when you corner and election, you lose a majority, you are a minority party. at the united kingdom does not have the experience and the reality of the coalitions. because backbench mps have been working together, it's one of the striking things around the house of commons stop loosing these different groups working together but that two front is much harderfor them. groups working together but that two front is much harder for them. they came together before they're even a party. there is a real serious question about whether these talks are simply going to the motions or anyone involved actually wants to come to a conclusion or whether it
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is just come to a conclusion or whether it isjust practical to come to a conclusion or whether it is just practical to the process and then say, we tried our best but you know, we just could then say, we tried our best but you know, wejust could not. then say, we tried our best but you know, we just could not.|j then say, we tried our best but you know, wejust could not. i think of voters like parties working together. if there is an insurmountable problem in politics that voters elect, of course they should be working together. people say we would like for politicians to work together to achieve what i want them to achieve. my compromise. coalitions are seen as a good thing. without trying to rain on your parade on the polling, but we know, we know that brexit cuts across all parties. there is more loyalty to being a remainderora parties. there is more loyalty to being a remainder or a lever than there is belonging to a political party and that is quite an extraordinary thing. i think there is the quote about people who are livers don't want someone in the family marrying a remainder and vice ve rsa . family marrying a remainder and vice versa. sojust shows how it's family marrying a remainder and vice versa. so just shows how it's cut across and i will project into the
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eu elections on how this may redraw. we know the elections in the united kingdom have actually been a protest vote and sometimes in other countries they are as well. but it will be interesting with the story about to head onto. which leads us to the photograph, the photograph there and this is. you can pronounce. she served as a conservative because she didn't want to sounds of posh with her name. and she has left the conservative party andjoin she has left the conservative party and join the new one with nigel fa raj and join the new one with nigel faraj and she was unveiled as the secret weapon and she is the secret weapon. returning to the picture of nigel faraj launching this new party, the brexit party, he is back. how will people feel about this? strongly. one way or the other.m is no more mr nice guy, he says. i
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am sorry, is no more mr nice guy, he says. i am sorry, people have a number of views about nigel faraj, but i think you'll be ha rd—pressed views about nigel faraj, but i think you'll be hard—pressed to find even amongst his own supporters that there goes nigel faraj and you know what, he's a nice guy. and so, an interesting position to take. group thatis interesting position to take. group that is been described as various variations is entering the fray not to get on board for the european elections, should they take place. is there room for this party, obviously ukip exists but seems to be on the slide. but is this going to work? is a going to work? the proportional representation, constituencies, you just need to win those votes. could it be enough for nigel faraj to return to the european your parliament if only for four weeks, remains to be seen. he saying that ukip is gone too far to
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the right and he provides, he and his new party provide a real alternative for those who just want to get out of the eu. and that very solid and consistent message certainly place them above the conservatives and indeed labour if you want to leave. people align more closely with the brexit identities than they do their party identities and what could be a consequence free election for the european elections this time around, that could be huge. not for the brexit party but also for the independent group. this one will not be consequence free, if they do go ahead and it is interesting that nigel faraj is saying this, they must go ahead. and given that three years after the referendum, they do go ahead, it will absolutely not be consequence free. what is happening in this
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country and the whole context cannot be undone and we are not presuming. they will view that. they will view that. they are witnessing a whole redrawing of british politics, where it is going to fall, i do not know. a repeat of the referendum?” it is going to fall, i do not know. a repeat of the referendum? i think the smaller parties will benefit, i think the conservatives and the labour party are just going to really find it hard, we know already that some people are refusing, whether it's giving money, leaflets, activists, there is going to be a real backlash. against west this could be the one thing that makes them think we need to do it. neither of those parties wants to run in the election. but would they
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adopt? in terms of reputation, both are going to take a massive hammering and could provide huge money and power to groups like both sides of the argument, there want to avoid it at all costs but i guess it depends on how you define at all costs. may be, but actually a lot of people have come to realise that they do feel they are eu citizens and they wish to register that. so the turnout will be key and there may be an unexpected manifestation of people actually being safe. hold on, second. ido of people actually being safe. hold on, second. i do care about being an eu citizen and i do want to burden you election. let's move the guardian. julian assange, giving priority, urging the home secretary
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to give priority to the rape claim. a letter from mps and to give priority to the rape claim. a letterfrom mps and peers, you follow the story from the beginning and this is sensational this week what happened to him being taken out. so many times i've been called, i was there the first time he was there at the scotland yard interested, he was supposed to bail, the banks closed and he spent the first night in jail. the banks closed and he spent the first night injail. so every saga, igo first night injail. so every saga, i go back to thinking, i did not remember him, describing himself as a journalist at the time, i think is much more about publishing and the fa ct much more about publishing and the fact that you could press, something like 100 channels, and to the street, it had to be moved towards the court and of the time, he said he would trust the government and british legal system he lost his
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appeal in the high court, he lost in the supreme court and then he jumped to bail. that's the reality of it, very often that doesn't get. the labour party, jeremy corbyn and the interviews that we've seen, speaking to the media and this is a letter by mps, saying just the second, you should prioritise actually the rape and they are allegations. i think some of them have a statute of limitation and i gather that they actually think that they may resurrect one because there is a time limitation of 2020. we have to quickly go through these, the newborn market is a company bounty who goes into the wards, all of us have been in these wards but it was a nice freebie, nice little bag of stuff, they've been taking people's data and syndicate on.|j
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stuff, they've been taking people's data and syndicate on. i have no idea what you're talking about to be honest with you. but i do know about data. and yes, this company has sold millions of this two different companies and they have received one of the biggest fines of information from the commissioner. i think this is only the beginning, i would guard our personal data is, the big personal questions particularly for those who are growing up and being born in the circumstances who have grown up born in the circumstances who have grown up with social media in view of data and personal information in a completely different way. a free lunch or free goodie a completely different way. a free lunch orfree goodie bag. the time, very quickly, very expensive painting, the national group has suspicions that this was not actually the sole work of leonardo da vinci and so it about $450 million. and some will to tell us.
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it was sold for $1175 so that is a 383,000% increase. as i referred to it, a really good investment. on last, and yet, they did not listen to the fact that the paintings authenticity. and it was a bit of a clue. and had to be heavily restored for sending their hoarding for 2011 and yes, it may have been described as an autographed work, because a lot of his work was done with the help of others were somewhere like solely his work that will be worth a lot more. an awful lot more. so it was due to go and be shown at abu dhabi last year, but its appearance was cancelled without explanation.
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wow. maybe this is the explanation. bullets only between like 1000 and $450 million. i wonder what is going to be happening now. someone's going to be happening now. someone's going to be happening now. someone's going to be very upset. that is it for the papers. joe twyman and benedicte paviot will be back at 11:30 for another look at the papers, but for now, thank you both and goodbye. good evening. sumptuous sunsets to close out our quiet working week. it looks as though that theme into the weekend continues along a similar pattern. it will be on the chilly side for the time of year, with a good deal of dry weather around and some sunny spells to look forward to as well. we are still stuck in repeat with this area of high pressure sitting across scandinavia, feeding in this cool air across the north sea. and preventing these weather fronts from making too much of an impression. so over the next few hours, we can keep this clear skies across much of the country,
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with the exception of southwest england, wales and maybe northern ireland. here, a little more cloud. and temperatures should hold up above freezing, but elsewhere it will be a chilly start. love is a potentially down 10—3, minus four degrees in some rural sheltered areas. so frosty first thing in the morning. but lovely spells of sunshine. a risk though, perhaps essex down into the southeast corner, seeing a few showers. those of soft hail, may be some sleet mixed in there as well. a rather breezy day. feeling colder in the east coast with gusts of wind in northern ireland in excess of 40 miles an hour through the afternoon. so with any exposure, it will feel pretty chilly, 7—9d. a little bit of shelter with some sunshine. we might, if we are lucky, see temperatures up to 12 celsius. on sunday, it looks as though there will be a little more cloud, still feeding in off the north sea. and at the same time, some cloud spilling and ahead of this weather front that is trying desperately hard to move in. maybe thick enough for the odd spot of drizzle as well. so a cooler field today day, 7—10d, the high. now that whether front
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could potentially bring some showers now that weather front could potentially bring some showers into the southwest for the early half of the week, and then it weakens off as high pressure again establishes itself across the country, but the winds will swing around tomorrow the southeast direction. that's going to have quite an impact as we move through the week towards the easter weekend. because we could see warmer air starting to slide back across the country. so it's all looking a little bit more optimistic. we start off with a potential for a few sharper showers, but look at the temperatures. up to high teens, maybe as high as 20 degrees as we move towards the easter weekend. so it's looking pretty good. if you've got plans to go out or are going to visit friends and family, then have this in mind. warming up for the easter break. take care.
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