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this is bbc news. i'm carrie gracie. the headlines at 10... dissident republicans are being blamed for the killing of journalist lyra mckee during violence in londonderry last night. this is a horrendous act, it is unnecessary, it is uncalled for. it is totally unjustified. but not only is it the murder of a young woman, it is an attack again on the people of this city. as 500 climate change protestors have now been arrested across london, police promise a "robust" response if they target heathrow airport. local authorities are accused of the "social cleansing" of people who rough sleep, beg or loiter by misusing council powers to issue fines.
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chelsea and arsenal are through to the europa league semifinals. and this week's victoria derbyshire interviews include one with a girl who was put in a school isolation booth 216 times and tried to kill herself. that's in half an hour here on bbc news. good morning and welcome to bbc news. a journalist has been shot dead in londonderry in what police are treating as a "terrorist incident". dissident republicans are being blamed for the death of 29—year—old journalist lyra mckee in a shooting during rioting after police searches in the creggan area last night. a murder inquiry has been launched.
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our ireland correspondent emma vardy reports. disorder broke out following police raids in the city. footage on social media showed petrol bombs being thrown at armoured police vehicles. officers said that, after shots being fired, a 29—year—old woman was killed. she has been named locally as lyra mckee, a journalist who had been on the scene of the rioting. unfortunately, at 11 o'clock last night, a gunman appeared and fired a number of shots towards the police, and a young woman, lyra mckee, 29 years old, was wounded. she was taken away from the scene in a police land rover to altnagelvin hospital, but unfortunately she has died. the police have described it as a terrorist incident and say a murder enquiry has been launched. political leaders in northern ireland have condemned the violence. the deputy leader of sinn fein, michelle o'neill, calling it an attack on all the community. and the leader of the democratic unionists, arlene foster,
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saying it was a senseless act. creggan is an area which is a housing estate so this is outside peoples houses was where the rioting was happening. so they had come out, there were young people, there were children on the street, there were teenagers milling about and a gunman just fired indiscriminately up the street. tributes on the social media have described the killing ofjournalist lyra mckee as heartbreaking. dissident republicans are being blamed for last night's violence which led to her death. emma vardy, bbc news. the prime minister has reacted to the incident. she tweeted. .. "the death of lyra mckee in last night's suspected terrorist incident in londonderry is shocking and truly senseless. my deepest condolences go to her family, friends and colleagues. she was a journalist who died doing herjob with great courage." that was the message from the prime
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minister. the climate change protests in london are entering their fifth day, as more than a thousand police officers are deployed to cover the demonstrations over the easter weekend. campaigners from the group extinction rebellion are continuing to block sites in london including oxford circus and waterloo bridge. since monday, more than 500 activists have been arrested, with some roads in the city still blocked. our correspondent sarah walton is at waterloo bridge in central london. what is going on there? the protesters here a re what is going on there? the protesters here are going into a fifth day of locking waterloo bridge and speaking to people this morning they say they are still in good spirits and have no intention of leaving the site soon —— blocking waterloo bridge. there are around 100 people here, some of whom have been camping out overnight. we have heard that a group of extinction and rebellion processes had gone to heathrow airport, at one of the perimeter roads and people have
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moved them off that —— extinction rebellion. they are not disrupting traffic but police have promised a reaction if they do try to disrupt the traffic. i have been here for an hour or so the traffic. i have been here for an hourorso and the traffic. i have been here for an hour or so and there are police here patrolling but i have seen no sign of them moving in to make any arrests. but we do know that more than 400 people have been arrested since the protests started on monday. i was talking to one protester who said they were arrested at oxford circus yesterday and were released within a couple of hours and they have come back and intend to stay. the protesters have been criticised by the home secretary, sajid javid, for disrupting commuters' movement through the city but also from taking police away from their core duties. the police have cancelled all rest and leave for their bank holiday, a bank holiday for many of us holiday, a bank holiday for many of us but not the police. they say they have 1000 officers deployed on the
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streets. no sign of them moving in to re m ove streets. no sign of them moving in to remove people from this site at the moment. the protests are still blocking several locations including 0xford blocking several locations including oxford circus, parliament square and marble arch and police are asking protesters to move to that site at marble arch and reopen the roads here and at oxford circus. speaking to protesters, they say that would bea to protesters, they say that would be a de—escalation of the action and they're not prepared to do that because they have not yet achieved theiraim because they have not yet achieved their aim which is to get the government to take more urgent action to address climate change and they say they plan to stay here for they say they plan to stay here for the foreseeable future, or as long as they can. and what about the conversations taking place between members of the public who are trying to get from one place to another and the protesters? what is the nature of them? are they friendly, getting a bit edgy? we have seen in the last couple of days a number of moments where there have been run—ins
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between commuters and some of the protesters. i have been on waterloo bridge on some of the days and particularly at rush hour, people walking through this protest have shouted there have been moments of conflict between people. i think what you are finding today, it is a slightly different because it is a public holiday so there are far fewer people trying to make their way into work in central london. i can see the end of the bridge and what we hope we do not have is queues of traffic trying to get past pulse of many people are getting used to the fact that the bridge has been shut and fewer people are trying to get to work. there is a slightly less tension between the public and protest today i think. in fa ct, public and protest today i think. in fact, a public holiday today and a lot of people are off work and quite a few people have just been coming to see what is happening. thank you so to see what is happening. thank you so much for that.
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as sarah mentioned, the organisers of a climate change protest at heathrow airport say that they have created what they call an ‘emotional disruption'. a smalll group called extinction rebellion youth — mostly aged under 17 — have been standing by the entrance to terminals two and three, but all roads have remained open. simon calder, travel editor at the independent, is there for us now. what is the situation? it has been really interesting here since very early this morning. an extraordinary police presence with offices being brought in from as far away as south wales and there are also a couple of tow trucks are standing by in case any obstructions were brought in, particularly to the tunnel which goes beneath the northern runway. i have been into the terminals and there is no disruption so far. what we have is a small group of protesters, four teenagers between the ages of 13 and 17, and they have been holding up banners, they have been holding up banners, they have been warned by the police, this was
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about an hour been warned by the police, this was aboutan hourand been warned by the police, this was about an hour and a half ago, that they would be arrested unless they moved away from this area. unlike the protests you have been covering on places like waterloo bridge and 0xford on places like waterloo bridge and oxford circus, this is covered by some very strict bylaws and there is also anti—terrorist legislation. therefore, the metropolitan police and the heathrow airport authorities have promised a robust response and they have not been taking any chances. you say they have not been taking any chances but you said they we re taking any chances but you said they were told to move away and they have not? yes, and i think probably the police are taking the view that these are schoolchildren and that they are protesting peacefully and that it might be disproportionate to actually carry them away. certainly there is no disruption to the normal flow of traffic here. but elsewhere around the airport they are very
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concerned about possible intrusion into the perimeter of the airport. they have set up special cameras. there are patrols around the perimeter and also within the terminals themselves there are some very high—profile security patrols going onjust in case i guess protesters might ta ke going onjust in case i guess protesters might take advantage of the fact that you can get into the so—called land site of the areas without a ticket and they might plan a protest. this is the busiest airport in europe, heathrow works at full tilt all the time and in previous occasions, as we have seen with the occasional drone flying here, when operations start to unravel, the whole thing can very quickly deteriorate. at the moment, people are getting away on time, on holiday, and here we havejust a fairly gentle protest, certainly not causing anything like the disruption in central london. while i have got
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you, let is look at the wider easter getaway seeing as everything is moving 0k at heathrow. what about road and rail at easter? 0k, where to begin?! not far away from here, the m25 is expected to be particularly busy on the western side of london, particularly during the middle of the day today. also the middle of the day today. also the a a303 towards devon and cornwall and also in the lake district, the m6 and the western end of the m62 are looking busy on the roads. if you are travelling on rail, trying to travel on the west coast main good luck. euston station, the hub for virgin trains, is closed all weekend. they have established a temporary hub at harrow and wealdstone, which is an underground station. just seeing
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what is happening, it appears that the protesters a re what is happening, it appears that the protesters are voluntarily walking away. they have been told that they can continue their protests away from this area. that seems to be what is happening. you got rid of them! yes! it seems to be ending fairly quietly and i can see them disappearing up the ramp from here and i guess that means that they have decided that but hang on...i they have decided that but hang on... ican they have decided that but hang on... i can describe what is happening, there is a ramp coming down which carries the normal traffic going into the airport. what you can see is the normal bicycle lane, which happens to be closed at the moment, they appear to be moving away from the airport entrance itself, going up to the areas which are actually public roads rather than covered by the heathrow bylaws, and that seems to be happening out.
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i guess they have decided, perhaps in discussion with the police, that discretion was the best policy. these are young people, from oxford, south london, east london, north london, and i think they probably decided that they had made enough of a protest. just a few officers are here at the moment with security staff from the airport and you can see the tow trucks just next to the model of the airbus a380 which have been here since early this morning just encase people put vehicles to disrupt people going in and out of the tunnel. it appears that the protest here has disappeared but meanwhile, it is possible of course that this is a well coordinated group and there may be action planned either here at heathrow or one of the other airports which are
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expecting, many of them, gatwick, sta nsted, expecting, many of them, gatwick, stansted, luton, manchester, edinburgh, the busiest bank holiday easter friday that they have had. simon, thank you very much. meanwhile, hundreds of protesters have blocked the entrance of the headquarters of the societe generale bank in paris. greenpeace activists are campaigning against the investment and financing of fossil fuels. french police have used pepper spray to try and disburse protesters who are have barricaded themselves both inside and outside of the building. there is a live shot of the scene as the protest goes on by greenpeace and outside the bank, as they protest against investments. we will keep an eye on that this morning. it
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is now fairly calm at heathrow and all is proceeding normally at the airport in terms of flights. lets return now to londonderry and the death of the journalist lyra mckee. the irish taoiseach, leo varadkar, has condemned the killing and said, we cannot allow those who want to propagate violence, fear and hate drag us back to the past. we can go and speak to our report in derry, julian fowler. people forming fairly swift conclusions, both the police and the irish taoiseach, about what is going on and what was responsible for the death of lyra mckee. yes, the police are blaming dissident republicans, particularly a group known as the new ira. they work response 01’ known as the new ira. they work response orfor known as the new ira. they work response or for a car known as the new ira. they work response orfor a car bomb known as the new ira. they work response or for a car bomb outside the courthouse here in the city at the courthouse here in the city at the beginning of the year. the
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police say they were acting on strong intelligence in carrying out the searches in the creggan area last night that an attack was planned on monday. the commemoration events at this time of year commemorating the easter rising in 1916. during those searches in creggan last night, the police came under sustained attacks, more than 50 petrol bombs were thrown at police vehicles. two cars were hijacked and set on fire and just before 11 o'clock a gunman was seen crouching down with a handgun and firing shots indiscriminately at the police. we now understand up to ten shots were fired. the journalist lyra mckee was standing near one of the police vehicles. she was hit. the police brought her to hospital where she later died. lyra mckee has been described by the national union ofjournalists as one of the most
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promising young journalists here in northern ireland, and her death has caused widespread shock. there has been condemnation from politicians throughout the political parties here in northern ireland and a short time ago the prime minister condemned what she described as a shocking and senseless killing and paid tribute to a lyra mckee, a journalist, she said, who died doing herjob with great courage. journalist, she said, who died doing herjob with great couragem journalist, she said, who died doing herjob with great courage. it is a very sad story and a very sobering indication of how serious things are getting. yes, the threat level remains severe here, despite the signing of the good friday agreement 21 yea rs signing of the good friday agreement 21 years ago. there remains still a small group of people who are opposed to the good friday agreement, dissident republicans who are prepared to use violence in an attempt to further their political aims. the vast majority of the
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community here condemn their actions. people want to just get on with their lives and in a way, that is what has caused even more shocked here. most people hope and believe that the violence has become a thing of the past following the good friday agreement, but there is still a group of people who are committed to using violence to further their means. julian, thank you forjoining us. two people have died after they got into difficulties in the water off aberdeen beach. the emergency services were sent to the scene at around quarter to one this morning after reports of two women in the water. they were picked up by the lifeboat service and taken by ambulance to hospital but both women later died. 0ur news correspondent rachel bell is at aberdeen beach for us. what can you tell us about the
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weather and the sea conditions in the early hours of the money? as you said, the alarm was raised in the early hours of this morning around a quarter to one and it was following reports of two women in the water just off the beach in aberdeen. emergency services attended, lease, fire, coastguard teams and the rnli inshore lifeboat. we know the lifeboat was able to pick up the women from the water and they took them ashore and they were transported to aberdeen royal infirmary. police sadly confirmed today that, despite their best efforts, they were not able to be saved. we do not know the exact circumstances of what happened here early this morning. the emergency services are expected to give us more details in the next hour or so. we do not know how the women came to be in the water. it has been very warm in aberdeen but the sea temperature is around seven or 8 degrees so still very cold. the sea here in aberdeen this morning is
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calm and still. there has been a lot of activity with it being the holiday friday, a lot of people going about. as you can see, a police cordon remains in place, blocking off part of the esplanade at the beach. in the past half hour orso, at the beach. in the past half hour or so, officers have arrived and they have been examining the beach you can see behind me, walking back and forth. we should be able to get more detailed in the next while. a lot of people going about here this morning, dog walkers and joggers and even surfers out enjoying the warmer temperatures but perhaps unaware of the tragedy that occurred here in the tragedy that occurred here in the early hours of this morning. thank you. sport, and for a full round—up from the bbc sport centre, here's mike bushell. good morning. anybody busy on social media this morning checking their phones might have noticed a lot of pictures like this, the hashtag on the red background just saying
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enough. footballers across england and wales are leading a 24—hour social media strike which started at nine m in protest of how racism has been dealt with by football authorities and social media companies. they want a lot of people to get involved. among those taking pa rt to get involved. among those taking part is spurs defender danny rose who was abused in england's qualifier in montenegro in march. the boycott kicks off the professional footballers‘ association antiracism campaign which is entitled #enough. we want them to deal with the situation a lot quicker, impose stricter fines and punishments and obviously the perpetrators need to be dealt with also. we would like to think that government and everybody would get involved in this with stronger legislation. footballers can only do what they can do, they have to be professional and focus on the game. but nobody should be put through the amount of abuse they have to put up with, whether you are a celebrity, regardless of how much money you
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earn. it is before, during and after, whether you have played well or not and the abuse is there. they have a family and friends, foundations and charities, footballers do a lot of good work. 0n footballers do a lot of good work. on their timeline, footballers do a lot of good work. 0n theirtimeline, a footballers do a lot of good work. on their timeline, a lot of people they work with, young people and children, they are having to view all this vitriol and it is not acceptable. former premier league starjason lee talking to us earlier. it will not be good news for kilmarnock fans but their manager steve clarke is the early favourite to take over the scotland job after alex mcleish‘s second speuin job after alex mcleish‘s second spell in charge was ended after 14 months. he was in charge forjust 12 games of which she won five and lost seven but came under increasing pressure after a poor start to the euro 2020 qualifiers, most notably a 3-0 euro 2020 qualifiers, most notably a 3—0 defeat to kazakhstan. david moyes is also in the running but steve clark, a former international for scotland has many supporters. steve clark, a former international for scotland has many supporterslj would be making a beeline for steve clarke, currently kilmarnock manager. 0bviously at a successful
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time is eight number two at a variety of english clubs. he has had a fabulous season with kilmarnock and their fans will be devastated if he went but looking around, for me, names like david moores had been shouted about. they would do a decentjob —— shouted about. they would do a decent job —— david shouted about. they would do a decentjob —— david moyes. anyone better than steve clarke? not that i can see. for the first time in 35 yea rs, can see. for the first time in 35 years, four english clubs will play in european semifinals this season after liverpool and spurs jumping clique of oaks and now elsie and arsenal have raided that the semifinal of the europa league —— champions league heroics, chelsea and arsenal. pedro forced this bizarre own goal. they considered two almost identical goals but went through still. arsenal beat napoli to progress with this stunning free
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kick from alexandre lacazette the only goal of the second leg. they will play valencia in the semifinals but not all good news. could this be the last time we see aaron ramsey in an arsenal shirt? he limped off with an arsenal shirt? he limped off with a hamstring injury and will be leaving forjuventus in the summer. jarrell miller says he has done nothing wrong and will appeal the decision to deny him a licence to face anthonyjoshua. he returned an adverse finding in a drug test and has asked for his b sample to be exampled. former world champion paulie malignaggi says whatever the outcome, boxing has a problem. there area outcome, boxing has a problem. there are a lot of fighters in this sport that are dirty and the drug testing does need to be more strict and stringent and more often and capable. you will see more guys getting away with it. you fact that you catch one does not mean you are catching all that she does, it shows you that it is there. it needs to be more strict and more regular. that
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is the sport, i will see you again at 11:15am. campaigners have accused local authorities of practicing "social cleansing" by misusing powers that allow them to issue fines for rough sleeping, begging and loitering. the charity liberty claims councils are using public space protection orders to unfairly target vulnerable people as sangita myska reports. public space protection 0rders, or pspos, were first introduced to the home office in 2014 to tackle anti—social behaviour in specific areas. campaigners have accused local authorities of practicing "social the orders can be issued to ban activities as wide—ranging as sleeping rough, leaving belongings outside in public, begging, and even urban games such as free running. prosecution can also include a fine of up to £100. civil rights groups now claim the orders are being used far too widely by cash—strapped councils, keen to remove the poorest people from their neighbourhoods.
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new figures suggest that in 2016, the number of fines issued by councils stood at 1,906. by 2018, that number had jumped. the body representing local authorities says pspos are used selectively and subject to scrutiny and that they are one of a number of ways councils can tackle anti—social behaviour raised by local communities which can ruin people‘s quality of life, harm businesses or mena people are scared to visit public places. the home office in the statement said pspos should be used proportionately to tackle anti—social behaviour, and not used to target specific or vulnerable groups. it added, it had given councils clear guidance on how orders should be issued. sangita myska, bbc news. some of france‘s richest companies have vowed to give hundreds of millions of euros to help rebuild paris‘s notre dame cathedral after it was partially destroyed
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by fire earlier this week. but the generosity is raising questions about what the real motives are behind such donations, notably because of the sizeable tax deductions attached to corporate gifts invested in philanthropy. caroline rigby reports. it‘s an image that shocked a nation and has stirred generosity in many beyond france‘s borders. whether encouraged to donate on websites or during the daily shop, french citizens are reaching deep into their pockets to give what they can for the restoration of one of paris‘s most iconic landmarks. translation: we saw there are a lot of donations flowing in, large donations. i think people should give what they are able to. even a small donation will allow for the rebuilding of notre dame. translation: it's a paris monument and it has so much history so the faster we gather the money, the faster it can be rebuilt. among the highest offers, 100 million euros pledged
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by the family behind the group that owns gucci and yves saint laurent fashion brands. a donation of $200 million by the head of a business empire which includes louis vuitton. and that was matched by the family that controls french cosmetics giant l‘oreal. some big donors have said they would forgo the fiscal favours, including tax rebates, attached to giving, but questions remain over whether such vast sums of money could be better spent elsewhere. because, for months now, the french capital has been the focus of the yellow vest movement. their protests against economic injustice have, at times, turned violent, and these mega—donations for a church rather than society could further fan the flames of discontent. translation: when you see this money in this country, there are billionaires
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with lots of money. look, in a click — 200 million, 100 million. it also shows the inequality in this country. the french president, emmanuel macron, says he hopes the catastrophe of notre dame will enable the country to come together but any sense of national unity in the wake of the fire remains agile. caroline rigby, bbc news. let‘s look at the cathedral, a beautiful day in paris. you can see the two towers and scaffolding with firefighters. oh, that is bad timing! iwill get firefighters. oh, that is bad timing! i will get back to that live shot later. now it‘s time for a look at the weather with alina jenkins. yesterday was the warmest day of the year so far with highs of 23 celsius. this time last we had a high of 29 celsius in central london. we will not see that today,
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but it will be another one day. the sunshine is hazy at times with areas of high violet and a noticeable insta nt of high violet and a noticeable instant north—easterly breeze. away from the coasts, values are quite widely between 19 and 21 or 22 celsius. a couple of degrees higher. it england so even warmer than yesterday. this evening and overnight, mostly dry with clear skies, the exception being northern ireland, northern and western scotland. more cloud here, patchy light rain and drizzle. for most, tomorrow is another dry, fine day with plenty of sunshine. cloud across northern and western scotland and northern ireland, you can‘t rule out the odd spot of light rain and drizzle. most will be dry and, again, a very warm day. goodbye. hello, this is bbc news with carrie gracie. the headlines... dissident republicans are being blamed for the killing of journalist lyra mckee
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